Tuesday, October 9, 2018

To all those who worry


We have 10 months to find a solution to the demise of Google+.

The Adam's law of slowing moving catastrophes states that even if a problem is big and potentially dangerous, the further off it is, the more likely someone will have solved it by the time it arrives.  And ten months is a pretty long time.

Consider me as an example.  Ten months ago I had 37 posts and wasn't within the same neighborhood of having a clue of what I was doing. 

Now, I have over 139 and dozens of people read my posts where before I was excited if  I get 11 views.

And I am by far one of the least original and clever people in this little community/sphere or whatever we are.

So just sit back, relax, and really consider your options.  Don't worry about the collapse of Google+, or how people are going to find your blog.

Everything will work out.         

Monday, October 8, 2018

Random Adventurer Generator

How many of them are there?

1- 1d6
2- 1d4+1
3- 1d4+2
4- 1d3+3
5- 1d2+4
6- 4

What is their Class?

1- Agent.  You have special magic power that slowly evolves over time.  A stand user, if you know what that is.  They need not work for the Company or any organization, so if you want to port them to some other setting, just rip out the fluff and port it to the retro-clone of your choice.
2- Alice.  The iron wall, the one stronghold that can never be taken.  A defensive class, that has abilities that allow you to easily protect your comrades.
3- The Allure.  Alternative name: Flunky.  A face class.  Useful for role-playing as a femme fatale or a Black Widow type.  Completely useless in combat.
4- Boxer.  A light martial class that hits hard but can't take a punch as well as the Fighting Man or Alice.  A Monk without the kung fu or magic.
5- Deep One Hybrid.  A race-as-class for playing as the unwitting spawn of a Deep One.  Can swim well, breathe underwater, and later form your own cult.
6- Fighting Man.  An OSR fighter.  Basic, with its focus on dealing as much damage as possible.
7- Investigator.  Alternative Name: Scholar.  The one who knows stuff.  Mostly for translating ancient runes, identifying mysterious liquids, and challenging the Sphinx to a riddle contest while the Prophet desperately prays and the Fighting Man gets into position.
8- John Doe.  Alternative Name: Jane Doe, Noncombatant.  A class for people who don't want to fight, and want to play a runaway princess, kid sidekick, or normal person suddenly thrust into a dangerous situation.
9- Magic-User.  They cast spells.  You can find all my sub-types of Wizard here, or check out Mr. Kangaroo's excellent, curated list here.
10- Problem.  Like the Magic-User, except with fewer spells, more HP, and you're slowly turning into a horrible monster.  If you really want to play up the fact that meddling with the power of magic makes you into a freak.  The original class lists only one option, being a Deadite from Evil Dead, but you can also be a Toxic, a human corpse with a soul.    
11- Prophet.  An OSR Cleric.  You have six spells, a pissed off God, and the ability to swing a mace as well as a Fighting Man.  Deus Vult!
12- Scoundrel.  An OSR Thief.  The face for dealing with criminals, the guy who has friends in every town, and the one who fights dirty.
13- Vampire.  Another race-as-class, but you're slowly turning into an Undead freak.  Slowly become unable to go out in sunlight, eat food or enjoy peep shows, but gain the ability to suck blood, regenerate and shoot high pressure jets of vampiric essence out of your eyes.  Just be warned, it's not worth it.

How strong is each member*?


1- Dungeon Fodder.  Level 1.  Chance of dying in the immediate future: 90%.
2- Seasoned.  Level 1d3.  Chance of dying in the immediate future: 75%.
3- Veteran.  Level 1d4+1.  Chance of dying in the immediate future: 50%.
4- Dungeon Hobo.  Level 1d4+1.  Chance of dying in the immediate future: 20%.
5- Retired.  Level 1d6.  Chance of dying in the immediate future: 10%.
6- Living Legend.  Level 1d6+2.  Chance of dying in the immediate future: 5%.

*In NPC Adventurer Groups, each Adventurer has 1 HD per level, and they are led by the strongest one of them.

Why are they an Adventurer?


1- They love freedom too much to do anything else.
2- They were exiled from their homeland for a crime.
3- They are in love with someone who would never look at them unless they accumulated massive amounts of wealth, power, or prestige.  And since they were near the bottom of the heap, this was the only way to get that.
4- They are terrible at everything else.
5- They can't string together a sentence without collapsing into a pile of self-pity and nervousness.  They can do whatever their class is very well, but they can't order chicken nuggets at McDonald's.
6- They are insane in some very obvious way.
7- They are an outlaw, living outside the fabric of the law and society, and this is the only type of job they could get.
8- They are too narcissistic to cooperate with other, more sensible people.
9- They were/feel rejected by their original society for some reason outside their control.
10- They have some grand destiny or dream that they want to fulfill.

How free are they?  How were/are adventurers treated in their homeland?

1- Bonded.  They are actually the slave of someone else.  They may love their master, they may hate him, but they are not free. 
2- Dogs of the State.  They work for the King.
3- Guild Adventurer.  They work for a large organization that controls almost all of their life, and takes most of their money.
4- Privately financed.  They have wealthy backers, but the yoke on them is light.
5- Self-Funded.  Their only obligation is to make a profit.
6- Murder-Hobo.  They go wherever they please and do whatever they want.

Is there anything special about them?

1- They have a minor mutation.  Examples include but are not limited to, six fingers, webbed toes, or single finger that's twice as long as the others.  They will likely try to hide this, or at least not draw attention to it.
2- Their eyes are bright blue or white and ultra-sensitive to sunlight and bright lights.  They wear thick lenses to protect their eyes for this reason.
3- They belong to a race the players have never encountered before.
4- They have a magic weapon.
5- They have an exotic pet.  Examples include but are not limited to a Hyena, Monkey, or a miniature horse.
6- They dress in a certain way that most would find inappropriate (overly sexual, overly modest, out of station, dressed like a villain (all black, leather, skulls, etc)).
7- They collect trophies from those people they killed.  They proudly display these trophies.  Depending on the area, this may be thought of as quaint, barbaric, or applauded.
8- They have a talking animal with them.
9- They have some kind of large deformity/major mutation.  They look like Quasimodo or something of that nature.
10- They have horns, fangs and a forked tail.  They may not be evil.
11- They have a halo, white wings that they usually keep folded up, and when they speak, they can make their voice boom and scream like a blowtorch.
12- They are shockingly beautiful, to an inhuman degree.  The type of person who can't walk down the street without getting a marriage proposal.
13- They are quite young.  They may try to make themselves look older, or play up their innocent appearance.
14- They are quite old.  They have grey hair at the least, and look like they should be preparing their legacy, rather then strapping on their armor to go down into another dungeon.
15- They're a strange color.  A Human with golden skin, or a Gnoll with neon blue and violet fur.
16- They constantly cause small magical disturbances around them. 
17- Those who speak ill of them usually find themselves encountering sudden misfortune.
18- They're immortal.  Though you won't notice this until they get stabbed and shrug it off.  But they never seem to age.  
19- They are never seen during the day.
20- They have a terrifying appearance.
Do they have any secrets?

1- They're badly addicted to some kind of drug.  The more illegal, the better.
2- They're actually a serial killer.  Every place they go, they secretly kill someone and dispose of the body.
3- They sold their soul.  They have to constantly sneak away to go meet with a shady character and do favors for this disapproving master.  They refuse to talk about it, and only the most severe censure will make them crack.
4- They are a cannibal.  They eat people.  They are also slowly turning into a Wendigo.
5- They are actually an Undead.  They refuse to go out during the day, never eat, and do not feel pain.
6- They're actually a Vampire.  At this point, they haven't made much progress, so the only noticeable signs are their pale complexion, their strange fixation with blood, and the fact that they try to stay out of direct sunlight.
7- They're actually a Doppelganger.  They killed this person and ate their brains, and are now wandering around, pretending to be this person.
8- They owe a lot of money to some really powerful people.  They will do anything for treasure.
9- They love abusing and demeaning people, and if they see any weakness from you, they will try to bully you into doing what they want.
10- They are being stalked by some kind of monster.  25% chance they know this, otherwise they are completely unaware.
11- They are cursed.  Consult your favorite curse table, or check out these options.
12- They are actually someone else the players might know, but in disguise, acting under a false identity. 
13- They are subtly, but irrevocably, insane.
14- They are a Minion of the Dark Powers.
15- They are evil.  They also have some kind of evil plan that they are trying to implement, and will work at this, and will likely succeed, unless someone stops you. 
16- They are currently wanted dead or alive for a crime.  25% they were framed. 
17- They stole from a Dragon's hoard, and unbeknownst to them, assassins are closing in on them.
18- They are related to royalty, though distantly.
19- They are famous where you are from for something relatively minor they did.  Note that famous may not mean much if you're from a dirt farm in a hick town in the middle of nowhere, so they could only be a local story.  Or if they are higher than level one, they could be famous throughout your whole nation, but somehow they are unaware of this fact.
20- They are on a quest to kill someone very powerful.  This could be an Outsider, someone politically powerful, a strong NPC or another Adventurer.  

Sunday, October 7, 2018

OSR: The Allure

Edit: K Yani suggested a name change, and I agreed with his reasoning.  This is the class formerly known as the Harlot.  He came up with the new name as well.  Check out his stuff here, or in my sidebar below.

You are one of the beautiful people.  Through genetics, good breeding, or raw personality (usually a combination of all three) you are irresistible.  People can't get enough of you.  You're a hit at parties, at social functions, and even just when introducing yourself to people.  You are the type of person people dream about breaking down their door and changing their life.  Sometimes you even do.  But most likely, you don't bother with the peons.  After all, even Kings will tolerate a lowly mortal, if she is pretty.  And you're more than just pretty.  You're ravishing.  You can't walk down the street without someone undressing you with their eyes.  And while you might not mean much to worldly or magical folk, in most places, just by showing up, you are the toast of the town.

You use this to get things from people.  Invitations to parties, access to private clubs, the general benefit of the doubt are all things you could get easily, if you batted your eyelashes and said some appealing things.  You're likely quite jaded by this, and have no idea what it's like not to have such control over people.  The struggles of someone poor, underprivileged or ugly are utterly foreign to you.  Because while you may not come from a high social caste and may be little more than a commoner, barely above a slave, your physical attractiveness is so great even the Sons of God step off their daises and down into the muck to stand beside you.

                                                                          by NikkiNightBloom
This is the Allure class, for players who want to play a seducer, a femme fatale, or something that would be useless in a combat situation but doesn't want to be a Jane Doe.  Being a woman isn't required for this class, but it is recommended.  However, if someone who is playing this does not want to play a woman, there are a couple of options.  Firstly, you could re-skin seduction and name it, "Radical Intimacy" or something like that and make it more of an impromptu feelings-jam than a romantic rendezvous or a conjugal visit, or you could simply play a soft, effete man who can convincingly look like a woman with the right attire.  Or heck, if your setting is one where homosexuality and bi-curiosity are common, then there is no need for such retro-fitting.

Regardless, the Allure is very powerful, but only in situations where violence is not currently occurring.  They possess an incredible ability to manipulate and a blank check from most new people, at least until they do something that makes them suitably unpalatable.  This could be committing a crime, or it could be talking excessively about their previous sexual experiences.  But until then, assume that most people are willing to let the Harlot get away with minor stuff or do small favors for them, and a large majority of compatible NPCs are willing to do large favors for the Allure, if the Allure promises them a kiss or to consider their marriage proposal.

Starting HP: 1/3 Con
Starting Equipment: Fashionable clothing, hairpins, jewelry (worth 100 silver), sword you don't know how to use, snuff box or cigarette holder


Beautiful: You are easily the prettiest person most people have ever met.  You get +1 to reaction rolls, and most people give you the benefit of the doubt, especially if they are attracted to you.  And make no mistake, quite a few people are attracted to you. 

Seduction: If no violence has occurred between you and someone else, you can invite them to come join you in a moment of radical intimacy.  This need not involve sex, though it might.  If you use your Seduction ability on an NPC, they must make a saving throw.  On a failure, they give in to their temptation.

The Target may receive penalties to their Save if:
- You have bathed recently
- You are wearing something pretty and clinging
- There is a soft surface nearby (such as a bed, cushion, loveseat, etc)
- They come from a sexually repressive culture and do not agree with its moral positions
- They come from a sexually liberated culture and do agree with its moral positions
- They have no reason to suspect you are up to something malicious
- They do not dislike you for any reason
- They like you for any reason
- They previously had a romantic rendezvous with you and it went reasonably well

The Target may receive bonuses to their save if:
- You smell bad
- You are dressed shabbily
- You don't fit their usual preferences (sex, race, body-type, nationality, etc)
- They are a creature that does not breed or reproduce sexually
- They come from a sexually repressed culture and believe in its moral positions
- They come from a sexually liberated culture and do not believe its moral positions
- They suspect you have malicious intent
- They dislike you for any reason
- They previously had a romantic rendezvous with you and it went terribly

Exes and Ohs: If any of your former lovers are still alive, they remember you, and will insist on inserting themselves into their business if they are at all nearby.  This can be an asset, but is usually just a hassle.  These Exes can be former targets of Seduction, but there are also others who happen "off-screen".

It is assumed that the Harlot is off philandering with the locals every chance they get, so assume so unless the Harlot says otherwise, or the Paladin is following them around to make sure things stay "PG".  So whenever the Harlot enters an area they have lived or conceivably could have been to, their is a 1d10% percent chance equal to their level that they have a former romantic conquest here, who would be summon who the Harlot would be attracted to.  To see how their Ex feels about them, roll on the Exes table below.

How do I feel about the Harlot?
1- I despise them, and would do literally anything to make them suffer.  I also might be a little psychotic
2- I hate them a bit, and if I never saw them again, it'd be too soon
3- I still dislike them, and would make their life difficult for them if they came along
4- I don't really feel anything for them anymore.  I'm just glad it happened, but I don't love you anymore.
5- I still have some fondness for them, though I have mostly moved on.
6- I'm heartbroken and desperately in love with them still.  I may be a little obsessive.  I would get back together with the Harlot in an instant. 


Everyone loves a doll: Certain types of people like having you around.  You're fun at parties, your bawdy jokes always make people laugh, and a lot of people probably like the idea of being in a relationship with you, because it would make their parents quite mad, or so they assume.  These people will give you the benefit of the doubt and do small favors for you, for free.  They'll hold the door open for you, warn you if the cops are coming to bust up a place, buy you drinks and always find room for you.  However, even for those who are attracted to you, they don't want you to stick around forever.  They are patient, but they have their limits.  


Prized Booty: If you surrender to an enemy, if they are creatures who are intelligent and reproduce sexually, they will take you captive unless they have very good reason not to.  Additionally, if you are ever in a situation where you are about to be killed or the rest of the party is currently mid-TPK, if you surrender, odds are you will be spared, unless the creature killing them or trying to kill you has no need for reproduction or can see no other use for you.


Memento: Starting at level 4, after you have used your Seduction ability, you can gain one item from your previous Target.  These items cannot be super-powerful, cursed or priceless, and have to be something that the Target could easily access.  For example, a previous Target may give you one of his rings that is merely jewelry to him, but not the gold ring his father gave him years ago that he has treasured ever since.


Kiss of Death: Starting at level 5, if you have successfully used your Seduction ability on someone, you can automatically kill them.  This always works, unless the Target knew that you were likely to do this and took precautions before-hand, or the Target has some kind of passive defense that you cannot penetrate.


Charmer: Starting at level 6, your charm and beauty is so great that even if you are not to someone's personal preferences, that can no longer give them a bonus against your saving throw.  If you are of the opposite sex, you can now seduce someone attracted to the same sex, or if you are of a strange race, you can now seduce someone who would not be attracted to that race. 


Lose his Head: Starting at level 7, people who would be normally attracted to you find it difficult to focus around you,  as you are so pretty it boggles the mind.  People who are attracted to you count as being Charmed as per Charmed Person, and are inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt, do minor favors for you, and are generally inclined to listen to what you have to say.  When negotiating with someone like this, you get +4 to all checks made to persuade, intimidate, or otherwise convince.


Bargain: Starting at level 8, your value is so great that people perceive it to be worth more than jewels or gold.  As such, if you surrender yourself into the power of an enemy, you can make great demands before hand and expect them to be honored.  For example, if you wished for the evil King to spare your brother, you could turn yourself over into his power on the condition that he would do so, and he would, even if your brother was one of the commanders of the rebellion trying to overthrow the kingdom.


Forgive me, Father: Starting at level 9, once and only once, you can reveal the secret paternity/maternity of one younger NPC who could conceivably be your child.  You reveal that you are actually their father/mother.  Expect this NPC to have at minimum, a minor existential crisis, and at worse, a psychotic break.  They may not like you after this, or they may like you much more.

Friday, October 5, 2018

OSR: Matter Baby

Matter Babies are spirits of hunger and growth.  If they found a crevice in a soul to infiltrate and co-habitate with, they might have become Ghouls.  Instead they landed in lumps of metal, or in roaring infernos, or in pools of inconceivable liquid.  This spirit, mere immortality with barely anything left besides that one indefatigable spark at the core of each soul, then began to grow, molding and shaping the lump of raw materials it had been left with.  Soon, the original material was transformed, and a Matter Baby was born.

Matter Babies look like infants, capable of crawling or walking on shaky legs if they have something to grab onto.  Their features are crude, like someone with only the vaguest understanding of what a face was drew them on.  Their hands and lips tend to be more pronounced, and the rest of their body is lacking in detail, with few exceptions.  They also have sculpted bums, for instance, but the rest of their body is smooth, lacking blemish or feature.  And the Matter Babies, while named after newborns, can actually be quite large.  Some are only as large as normal babies, while others are enormous, growing to the size of a cottage.  These large ones are especially known for their brutish rampages, wandering around and breaking things unintentionally, then reacting with hostility when you try to stop them.

But just like their strange, featureless bodies, their minds also reflect this lack of attention to detail.  Matter Babies are very dumb, driven by pure emotion and base desire.  They do not plan or think.  If hurt, they lash out violently at the person they believe responsible, then once that person has stopped resisting, they immediately forget about that person and return to what they were doing before.  They also like to touch and eat things that might be tasty, shoving them into their mouths or hugging them against their bodies.  Sometimes, this is merely uncomfortable to those hugged, while other times it is painful or worse.

Matter Babies don't mean any harm though.  Or at least, in some cases they do.  But they don't really think of anyone else as having any sort of existence.  They regard other living beings as mere distractions, colorful, moving toys, or nuisances to be swatted.  They can be given over to violent rage if one of these beings dares to defy them, or worse, keep them from eating.  Woe onto this person, if the Matter Baby catches him, as it will likely do something hideous to the person.

                                                         by Marc Quinn

Base Matter Baby Statblock
HD Varies AC Varies Atk varies
Mor 12  Saves 8 or less is a success

Hug: When you see a Matter Baby of any form, you must save.  Every round you spend looking at it, you must save again unless you have already failed your save.  Averting your gaze means you do not have to save.  If you have failed a save, every round you spend looking at the Matter Baby, you take 1d6 WIS damage.  If this WIS damage ever equals or exceeds your WIS score, you immediately walk over and hug the Matter Baby, no matter what.  This charm effect lasts for 1d10 minutes, but after that, characters will no longer be compelled to hug the Baby and be free to do as they please, as long as they still cannot see the Matter Baby.  However, if they see the same Matter Baby or another one that day, they will immediately begin taking WIS damage as if they had failed their initial save.       

Variable Size: Matter Babies, when hurt, have bits of them torn off and shrink.  Then, if they are below their max health and they come into contact with their element, they can absorb it and grow regenerate 1 HD per time this occurs.  This also causes them to grow a corresponding amount.  However, they cannot heal past their initial HD or grow larger then they originally were.

Elemental Immunity: Matter Babies cannot be hurt by things made of their element.

- Seek out your element and consume it
- Only attack those who hurt you
- Want to hug things

Types of Matter Babies:
1- Lava/Fire.  HD 3, AC 10.  Atk: Burning Touch.  1d6 + You take 1d6 fire damage per round this Matter Baby touches you or until you get away and put out the fire.  Immune to fire damage. 
2- Stone.  HD 4, AC 8.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  Cannot be hurt by non-magic weapons or things that could not hurt a giant boulder.  Doesn't absorb Stone unless hurt, but can also phase through it.  Cannot travel through worked stone, but can absorb it, or hust smash through the wall.
3- Water.  HD 3, AC 5.  Atk: Drowning 1d6 + Drown.  Drown: You must save.  On a failure, the Matter Baby grapples you and shoves you inside it.  Every round inside it you take 1d6 CON damage.  If this CON damage ever equals or exceeds your CON score, you die.  If someone pulls you out before then and you get some air, the CON damage instantly heals.  This Matter Baby cannot be hurt by non-magic weapons or things that could hurt a lake. 
4- Acid.  HD 3, AC 10. Atk: Acid Touch 1d6 acid damage + 1d6 acid damage till you wash the acid off.  This Matter Baby is damaged by water.  Immune to acid damage.     
5- Steel.  HD 2, AC 8.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby cannot be hurt by whatever the most common type of melee weapon is, whether it be steel or bronze. 
6- Gold.  HD 3, AC 13.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby smells gold and looks for it, to eat it and get bigger.  It loves adventurers for that reason.  If you kill it, it's corpse is worth 1d8*100 gold pieces. 
7- Wood.  HD 4, AC 10.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby is flammable. 
8- Flesh.  HD 5, AC 8.  Atk: Claw 1d6 + Absorb.  Anyone hit by this baby is attached to it by a cord of flesh which buries itself in the person's flesh.  This cord steals the person's flesh, mummifying them alive.  This does 1d6 damage a round.  The Cord can be cut, but doing so hurts both the person and the Matter Baby.  The Baby can also give flesh back, though it is loathe to do so.   
9- Bone.  HD 3, AC 13.  Atk: Claw 1d6 + Calcium Theft.  This Baby's attacks cause you to take 1d6 STR damage and makes your bones weaker.  If this damage ever equals or exceeds your STR score your bones turn to cartilage and you cannot walk, though you will be an amazing swimmer.   
10- Textiles.  HD 2, AC 11.  Atk: Towel Whip 1d6 + Strip.  This Baby's attack cause you to lose one piece of clothing.  Armor is also destroyed, as the baby eats all the little bits that keep the defensive parts in place.  This Baby is very annoying, and super flammable.  Immune to blunt damage.  
11- Occultum/Magic.  HD 2, AC 14.  Atk: Death Ray 1d10 magic.  This Baby eats not just Occultum, but magic spells, magic weapons, and anything enchanted.  It can teleport when no one is watching it and turn invisible when not in sunlight.  It cannot be hurt by non-magic weapons.  Its corpse is worth 1d20*1000 gold pieces.  There is no way you will be able to keep all of it, this is more money than some nations make in a year.  The Thieves are already on their way. 
12- Lightning.  HD 1, AC 18.  Atk: Electrical Touch 2d6 lightning.  This Baby is super-fast, glows purple, and cannot be hurt by anything that is not magic.  The Baby can also travel through metal like it wasn't there, but cannot do this to non-conductive things, such as dirt, wood, and plastic.  Immune to lightning damage.
13- Ice.  HD 3, AC 13.  Atk: Claw 1d6 + 1d6 cold damage.  This Baby can also create snowmen as a full action.  These Snowmen have 1 HD, AC 10, and attack with Fist 1d4.  It starts with 1d6 Snowmen body-guards.  This Baby and the Snowmen are immune to cold damage.       
14- Law.  HD 1d6, AC 1d6+10.  Atk: Cast Spell.  This Baby is a spellcaster, and knows 1d6+1 spells it can cast at will as level X spells, where X is equal to the number of HD it has.  This Baby cannot be hurt by a Servant of Chaos or any item given to someone by a Chaotic Deity, organization or religion.   
15- Chaos.   HD 2, AC 12.  Atk: Judgement.  Anyone who has broken a Law and not suffered legal punishment for it instantly suffers that punishment if they attack the Law Baby.  This Baby cannot be hurt by an Agent of the Law or any item given to someone by a Lawful deity, religion or organization. 
16- Fear.  HD 1, AC 10.  Atk: Courageous Aura.  Anyone within 100' of this Baby feels no fear, and automatically pass all saves to resist fear.  This Baby is immune to fear effects, and nullifies them. 
17- Death.  HD 1, AC 10.  Atk: Anti-Thanatos Field.  Anyone within 100' of this Matter Baby cannot die.  No matter how badly they are hurt, they will continue living as long as they remain close to it.  This aura does not dull pain, cause regeneration or prevent madness.
18- Life.  HD 5, AC 10.  Atk: Smash 1d6 + Life Thief: Target takes 1d6 damage or can choose to fail a save against the Life Leach Field.  The Baby is also surrounded by a field of energy for 100' called Life Leach.  Whenever you enter this aura for the first time, save.  On a failure, you take 1 damage per round/minute/day you are in the Life Leach field, depending on how close you are to the Life Matter Baby.  This Baby also receives double HP from healing spells or regenerative effects applied to it.
19- Memories.  HD 3, AC 11.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby makes you forget it was there.  Every time you stop looking at it, you forget it exists.  Every time this Baby is forgotten about, it forgets the damage it took, so is back at full health.   
20- Time.  HD 3, AC 15.  Atk: Smash 1d8 + CHA save.  On a failure, age 1d20 years.  This Baby is immune to Time Magic, and can move in Stopped Time. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

OSR: Deep One Hybrid

This is mostly stolen from the fabulous Joseph Manola, who first wrote this class here.  Go check out his stuff, he's brilliant.

                                                               How to go from this...
                                                                 by SarmaiBalazs

You probably come from an ancient, reclusive clan who lives along the sea, out on the frontier, far from more civilized, land-locked folks.  You likely come from a closed community, where fraternization with outsiders was prohibited.  You were likely not very wealthy, though not poor either.  Your family have been impoverished, surrounded by relics of its past glories while they prayed to catch enough fish to be able to make it through the winter storms, or you may have been a rural merchants who seemed to have an embarrassing amount of riches, especially for the lowly fisherfolk that you were.  In either case, your clan was strange.  You likely suffered from some form of hereditary disease, mutations that were carefully concealed, and many rumors.

But while the rumors were scandalous, there was no truth to them.  No one is your family ever made sacrifices to some terrible aquatic deity or invited dolphins into the bay to couple with them, as far as you knew.  The only strange things about your family was the webbed toes about half your relatives seemed to possess, the fact that your marriage was arranged, and the fact that an inordinate amount of your immediate and extended family seemed to drown or be swept out to sea, never to be seen again.  And of course, there was the locked door in the basement, which all who did not have the permission of the Matriarch of the clan were forbidden to enter.  It was unsafe, Grandma Tolly always said, and that had seemed reasonable enough to you.  At least, at first.

But one day, you realized something odd was going on.  So you set out, in search of the truth.  Unfortunately for you, the truth is about to find you.

                                                                      ...to this...
                                                                  from Pathfinder

This is a class for playing a Deep One Hybrid.  It has a wide range of situational abilities, and would be very useful in a pirate game.  However, if your players want to play a Deep One Hybrid, make sure there is something for them to do.  For while they are not helpless out of water, they would be infinitely more useful near or in it.  So use with caution.

Additionally, a word on the status of Deep One Hybrids in Nukaria.  They are monsters.  If any group of peasants or educated folk saw a Deep One Hybrid past level 5, they would regard it as a monster to be drive away with pitchforks or torches, or an interesting specimen to be captured and studied or shot and dissected once it perished.  Deep One Hybrids before that would just be regarded as strange folk with weird faces and mutations.  To be pitied, but ignored.  However, if anyone saw how well they swam or breathed underwater, any educated folk would begin asking some very pointed questions.  Most smallfolk would just declare it an abomination against God and the Law, and try to fish the Hybrid out to skewer them.  Even Neutral people who understand that you can't always follow your principles in a rough neighborhood, metaphorically speaking, still have to draw a line somewhere, and when they see a person capable of breathing underwater with a deformed face and a jaw that can crush a coconut is usually that line. 

Deep One Hybrid
Starting HP: 1/3 HP
Fighting Spirit: You get +5 FS at Level 1, +5 at level 3, +5 at level 5, and +5 at level 9.
Starting Equipment: Dagger, memento from your reclusive, mostly deceased family, strange jewelry, beach wear, sturdy boots 


Natural Swimmer: You have webbed feet.  This gives you a swimming speed equal to your running speed, and you can even swim in armor, though you'll still sink like a stone in plate.


Water Breather: Gills open on the side of your neck.  You can breath underwater.


Innsmouth Look: Your eyes become huge and bulging.  You can see in all but perfectly in low light, though not in perfect darkness.  Assume that if there is light, you can see.


What Big Teeth: Your Teeth become long and sharp, and your fingernails burst their beds transforming into claws.  You do 1d4 damage unarmed, and you can bite through anything one could cut with an axe.


Ocean's Consort: Your skin becomes rough and scaly, and you expand with the masses of muscle and blubber needed to sustain oneself in the depths of the Sea.  You deal +1 damage due to the increase bulk, and get +1 to AC unarmored.  It is now clear that you aren't anything remotely close to human, and you will be treated as such.  Expect angry mobs, priests rambling about prophecy, and Witch-Hunters and Paladins sniffing after you.  Of course, there will be those who are attracted to your transformed body, but whether or not this attention is a blessing or a curse is up to you.


Call the Cult: You intuitively reach out through your dreams to nearby unstable individuals, calling them together to form a cult of which you are the leader. Over the next few weeks, 3d6 crazy people (a mixture of 1st-level Fighting Men, Scoundrels, and Magic-Users) will arrive, and serve you with fanatical loyalty. Whenever one dies, an equally crazy replacement will turn up 1d3 weeks later. Each time you go up another level you gain another 1d6 cultists.


Lord of the Seas: You can communicate with aquatic and amphibious creatures and as a full action, charm up to X HD of them to do your bidding, where X is equal to your level.  You may do this until you have charmed up to X HD of creatures, after which they do not need to accept further orders.  Creatures that are charmed by you must obey any order you give them until you abuse them, or they are given an order they believe to endanger their own lives.  If you do either of these things, the creatures get a save to break free of your control.  However, if you do neither of those things, then your charm merely wears off as soon as you go to sleep. 


Command the Formless: As Lord of the Seas, but you can now also charm Water Elementals, Slimes and Oozes.  However, charming these creatures also counts against the X HD, so you can only charm up to X HD of such creatures per day.


The Song of the Sea: You hear a song in your dreams that calls you to a holy place in a sunken city at the bottom of the sea. If you follow it, and complete the hazardous journey successfully, you undergo a final metamorphosis in which you shed the last remnants of your humanity. You cease to age, become immune to disease, and will live forever unless killed by violence.

                                          ...to this in just 7 to 20 game sessions (results may vary)
                                                        by BorjaPindado

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OSR: Abberations: Doppleganger

We first thought they came from the Land of Reflections, or the Floating Realm.  Some still believe these notions.  Others repeat stranger tales of how they are actually our Reflections, or they are all spawned by us.  Smallfolk will tell you with total sincerity how they take on the forms of harlots of seduce young men, even when they also claim that the very same creatures only ever target virgin maids, cloaking themselves in amiable skins and slipping into their bed-chambers at night.

As with all comforting tales, this is not the case in reality.  The truth is far stranger.

The Doppelganger

We know nothing of where they come from.  The most common belief is that they come from some other world, though one not like ours.  It is believed that this is the same world that other oddities come from, but this unsure.  The Doppelgangers themselves are reluctant to speak of their origins, or of their past in general.  They loathe not just their own origin, but anything that distracts them from the current moment.  They care nothing that might remind them of their past, for that is nothing but a wound in of itself.  Sometimes they carry small mementos with them, but eventually even these precious memories drain away, and the Doppelganger is left holding some small, insignificant treasure, mourning something they didn't know they had.

For Doppelgangers can never remember what they are supposed to be.

It always starts the same.  The Doppelganger attacks someone, or comes across a freshly slain corpse.  It feasts on the corpse, but most importantly, it cuts open the head of the person and eats their brain.  This allows it to absorb their memories.  For a little while, the Doppelganger is that person.  If your wife died and a Doppelganger ate her brain, for a while, she would essentially be your wife, in terms of memories, personality and appearance.  She would know everything your wife would, and feel the same as your wife did when she did.  If she loved you, so will the Doppelganger.

But then, slowly, things change.  First the Doppelganger begins to forget unessential things that your wife knew.  When was your anniversary was, or what her favorite type of wine was.  Then her memory loss accelerates.  The Doppelganger will soon find it difficult to recall even basic facts about your wife, and eventually, you will realize that this thing is not actually your wife.  It is something else, impersonating her.

The Doppelgangers know this.  Some try to stave off this inevitable memory loss with rhyming tricks, memorization techniques and other such things.  Others merely skip town the second they can't remember what "their" brother's name is.  Either way, this wounds the Doppelganger.  They feel just like the person whose brain they devoured.  Even as they tell themselves that what they feel can't be real, they still feel it, and the heart is much more persuasive than the head.

Sometimes it doesn't last that long though.  Sometimes the husband finds his wife corpse which was quickly disposed of by the Doppelganger.  Sometimes he assumes the Doppelganger did, and kills it.  Sometimes the Doppelganger even did do it.  How the Doppelganger reacts is always different.  If the Doppelganger is hardened by years of this, and the wife was not particularly fond of her husband, or the Doppelganger has already forgotten most of what it "remembers" about the husband, it may just kill him.  On the other hand, it may still feel some sort of love for this man, and may simply flee, or even try to explain itself.  This rarely goes well.

Other Doppelgangers find this whole cycle too depressing.  They reject brain-eating and the consumption of other's memories, and instead try to live their own lives.  They use their Shape-shifting powers not to impersonate others but to craft elaborate personas for themselves.  They borrow a nose from the beautiful man next door, the hair of the maiden who ruled the hearts of the village where they grew up, and the King's shapely chin to become their own person.  They attempt to create their own memories and reject their own alien nature.

This doesn't usually work either.  Though the Doppelganger is usually spared the negative effects with this path.  For upon death, a Doppelganger reverts to their previous form, a hideous, alien freak.  This reveals the deception, and often scars all of those involved.

For this reason and for others, most people who know they exist hate Doppelgangers.

Fear of the Other

We don't understand Doppelgangers, and even if you do, they are still strange and odd.  The idea that your loved one was actually a shape-shifting monster, it is scary.  People are burned not just for illegal magic or necromancy, some are accused of being Doppelgangers and beaten with axe handles until they confess to being a "skin-wearing devil", then are dragged off to be burned.  Very few of those killed like this revert to being a Doppelganger upon death.

However, these victims being killed by a mob rarely calm things down.  This usually just leads to more blood, more corpses and more innocents fed to the flames.  Discovering someone you knew, especially if they might have killed the "real" version of that person, is a monster can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  But the idea that anyone around you could actually be a Doppelganger, that is enough to make you never trust anyone ever again.       


Doppelgangers are not from our world.  They do not obey our laws, but like a citizen of a wealthy and powerful nation, carry their privileges with them like an invisible force-field.  This subtly warps the fabric of reality.  For one Doppelganger, this effect is minor, and barely noticeable.  A large group on the other hand, is all but impossible to not notice.

How their Distortion works is this: they cause objects to change shape.  Your sword suddenly changes into a feather-duster.  It feels like a feather duster to you, weighs as much as one, and looks like on.  It still possesses the same qualities, not that you might realize this.  This means that areas around Doppelgangers are slightly weird, and Dungeons full of them are madhouses, where Goblins attack with mops and brooms and hurl jack-o-lanterns, and Ogres dressed in ball gowns and rainbow silks throw glittering chandeliers at Fighting Men clad in pajamas and wielding pillows and an enormous stuffed bear.  This Distortion never affects people.

These aren't hallucinations, by the way.  They look and feel real to everyone, and only a magic spell can reveal the truth.  The distortion ends if the Doppelganger dies or either of you get more than 1 miles away.  This is how a Fighter can be standing over the corpse of a Doppelganger, panting after a hard fight, only to realize that instead of their magic sword, they are actually holding a broken broom handle dripping translucent viscera.

                                                                  from Depravity Falls

Doppelganger Madness

Doppelgangers don't have a society.  Their seems to be no kinship between them, and they seem to work independently of each other.  There is no Doppelganger society.  There is certainly no secret Doppelganger order bent on controlling our world through subversive means.  That would be crazy.

Entering the Doppelganger Conspiracy: You encounter a Doppelganger or see one revealed.  If the Doppelganger is in disguise, it doesn't count.

Aware: You are now aware that Doppelgangers exist.  You likely develop a new caution bordering on paranoia.  Anyone around you could be a Doppelganger.  The Referee should call for you to roll on the Doppelganger Encounter Table whenever you are in the presence of a Doppelganger (disguised or otherwise). 

Note for the Referee: Each session has a 3-in-6 chance of the afflicted being near a Doppelganger.  However, there is also a 2-in-6 chance that this is a false alarm.

Involved: You are now aware that the Doppelgangers are working together.  They want something.  You trust less and less.  Strangers could be spies, presents could be traps, invitations could be snares meant for something.  Nothing is at it seems.  The Referee should call for you to roll on the Doppelganger Encounter Table at least once a session.

Collaborating: The Doppelgangers are not just working together with each other, you now realize.  They have friends, other people who are not Doppelgangers working for them as well.  You trust nothing now.  Even close friends are suspected.  You see conspiracy in every side-long glance, and daggers in the dark haunt your dreams.  The Referee should call for you to roll on the Doppelganger Encounter Table at least twice a session.

The Doppelganger Encounter Table

1- One person here is secretly a Doppelganger.  You saw them transform when they thought no one could see them.
2- One person here is secretly lying about something.
3- Two people here are lying about their relationship.  They may be allies when pretending to be enemies, hate each other when pretending to be lovers, etc.
4- One supposedly good thing is actually a trap.
5- One seeming trap is actually a double-bluff, it hopes you think it is a trap so you won't try and use it.
6- One enemy here is actually also aware of the Doppelganger conspiracy, and could be recruited if you told them about your secret knowledge.
7- You become aware of the fact that someone is secretly observing you right now. 
8- One ally here is plotting something.  Their smile seems a bit forced, and you swear you saw them conceal a knife in their boot.
9- You find a sign that indicates a Doppelganger was near your location.  Examples include but are not limited to mysterious corpses, footprints, human brains left lying around, the fact that your helmet now looks like a coonskin cap, etc.
10- One object you possess changes to look like something else.  It still keeps its same properties, but you don't know that. This has a 2-in-6 chance of being a "False Alarm" and no Doppelgangers are actually within range.
11- The next person who dies, no matter who they are, transforms into a Doppelganger upon death.                       
12- You suddenly encounter yourself.  This other version claims it is the real version, and that you are actually a Doppelganger.  You have a 50% chance of secretly being a Doppelganger, and this version of you being the "real one", and vice versa.  Additionally, if you roll this option, advance one stage in the Doppelganger Conspiracy and increase the amount of times you roll on the Doppelganger Encounter Table by 1.  If you are already at Stage 3, you instead become a Doppelganger and start forgetting everything about who you once were.  Now, instead roll on the Descent of the Doppelganger table whenever you would roll on the Doppelganger Encounter table.

For the Descent of the Doppelganger table, roll 1dX, and add +1 for each previous time you've rolled on the table.  When you reach 10+, you have forgotten everything.

Descent of the Doppelganger

1: You forget your place of origin
2: You forget some minor fact about yourself (favorite food, color, song, myth, etc)
3: You forget some minor person from your past
4: You forget a trinket or other unimportant possession
5: You forget an important someone's name
6: You forget a very important person from your past
7: You forget what your goal is.  If you didn't have a clear goal before, you suddenly get one, as you were sure you had one up until now. 
8: You forget some of what you know about a skill (lose access to a class level)
9: You forget what your face looks like- it slowly begins to change over the course of a few days, until you look like someone totally different
10: You forget your own name.
11+: You forget everything about who you once were.  You know nothing of what you were.  Your character becomes an NPC Doppelganger, under the control of the Referee.

Nuts and Bolts

Doppelganger Statblock
HD 2  AC 14  Atk as Weapon
Mor 8  Saves 9 or less is a success

Shape-shifter: Doppelgangers can change themselves to look like any type of medium or small Humanoid.  Their stats do not change, no matter how they look.

Brain Eater: If a Doppelganger eats someone's brain, they can absorb their memories and personality.  For a time, they are that person, in all but technicality.  But soon they forget, and return to as they were before.

Sneaky: Doppelgangers are very sneaky.  They get +4 to all stealth rolls, and +4 to attack rolls during surprise rounds.

Distortion: As long as they are within 1 mile, Doppelgangers cause objects to change their shape.  This doesn't change their actual properties, but they look and feel like something else.  Ex: A sword that looks like a feather duster looks and feels like a feather duster, yet it can still cut you.  A skull that looks like a pillow will cold, dry and hard, no matter how nice it looks.  These Distortions last until the Doppelganger dies or one of you gets far enough away. 

- Impersonate someone
- Lie effortlessly
- But is it a lie if I believe it?
- Run if confronted with serious resistance

Doppelganger Encounters/Plot Hooks:

1- In a dungeon, a Doppelganger waits for a player to wander off alone, or lures them away, then beats them up and throws them down a chute or off a cliff down to a lower level.  Then it pretends to be that player.
2- If you left a body behind, a Doppelganger finds the corpse, eats its brain, and dresses itself in the corpse's clothes.  They come back to you and pretend to be that person.
3- A Doppelganger approaches the players as someone they do not know and tries to befriend them.  It wants to manipulate them for some sinister purpose, probably.  Or maybe they just want to be loved.  Who knows?
4- A village hires the PCs to investigate a missing girl.  However, just a little while into their search, the PCs find the girl.  However, she seems odd and not quite normal.  Is she a Doppelganger, or just confused?
5- As you enter a village, you see everyone crowded around the courthouse.  Apparently, a local has been accused of being a Doppelganger and is being tried.  The evidence is ridiculous and laughable, but the whole town has been worked up into such a frenzy that this seems reasonable.  You might be able to talk them down, or you might be accused of being a Doppelganger yourself.
6- When the players return to a certain place they have already been, one of them is accused of committing various crimes.  This is because unbeknownst to them, a Doppelganger stalks the players for a certain amount of time.  Then it returned to this place  to do crimes, using the PC's face as a mask.
7- A small group of Doppelgangers is working to take over a small city.  They have stable identities not based on brain-eating, and use their brain-eating and  stealth skills to eliminate any challenge to their rule.  They know everything, and since they know everyone's secrets, no one dares moves against them.
8- A city recently discovered a Doppelganger in their midst, and is currently tearing itself apart as it searches for the rest of them.  Armed inspectors are going door to door, interrogating any strangers, ethnic minorities, or practicioner of small, possibly heretical sects.  The whole city is perched on the edge of violence, and one spark could ignite the powder keg and plunge the whole city into open revolt.

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OSR: Scoundrel

                                                            by YoungGirlBlues

I honestly hate reading other people's retro-clones, because they're all so similar.  We all have the saem goal and we're all drawing from roughly the same sources, so perhaps it should be no surprise they're all so similar, but it still makes it a bit annoying.  So I won't waste your time rambling about mine.  This is the Scoundrel Class.

Scoundrels are my versions of Thieves or Rogues.  They have no powers relating to traps, locks or climbing.  Everyone can do those things.  Instead, I'm adapting the Dark Heresy class of Scum for D&D.  Scum in thhat system are kind of grab-bag of abilities, but they generally focused on 1) being the face in criminal or illict arenas, 2) being very hard to kill, and 3) being able to get in a good hit if they set things up properly.  That's what I tried to capture with this class, a hard-bitten survivor who comes from a rough neighborhood, metaphorically.  Scoundrels don't necessarily have to be bad guys or steal stuff, but they are familiar with the underclasses and criminality, and know how to deal with rough men who have rejected society's script in favor of loose women, quick cash and street cred.

Starting HP: 1/3 Con
FS: +1 per Scoundrel level.
Starting Equipment: Leather Armor, Lockpick, Dagger.


Contact: You start the game knowing a guy.  For a favor, he can answer any of your questions, and maybe do something minor for you.  For every new place you visit, you can make a WIS check to gain a new Contact there.  Example checks: 5 for a seedy city, 10 for a respectable city or town, 15+ for a small town or nice neighborhood.  On a success, you gain a new contact in this area.  At level 3, when you try to find a Contact, you can instead look for a Fence.  Fences have less knowledge then contacts, but they buy stolen goods, no questions asked.  At level 5, you can try and find an Enforcer.  Enforcers are the hired muscle who work for crime bosses and syndicates.  Knowing one is the first step to joining such an organization.  Additionally, Enforcers can get you access to information, goods and favors that no one else has.

But a word of warning.  To get anything out of these guys, you have to promise them a favor.  And if you fail to ever make good on your word when they contact you and ask you to do something for me, word will spread, and no one will want to help you.

Criminal Encyclopedia: You grew up around crime and criminal activity, and thus know it pretty well.  You automatically know anything someone raised in a rough neighborhood would know, such as local gangs and rackets, crime bosses, how to steal a coin-purse without getting stabbed, etc.  Most of this knowledge is automatic, so if the Thief is about to do something dumb, you (the Referee) should tell them about the mistake they're about to make.  Additionally, unless failing to know something might have dramatic consequences or there's no way the Scoundrel could know, answer any questions the Scoundrel might have on criminality.  If in doubt though, call for a check.


Knife Fighter: When you make a successful attack against someone with a dagger or knife, you can wrestle them to the ground and automatically do damage to them next turn.  However, you will be opening yourself up to retaliation, with each round you cling to them giving the enemy +1 to hit you.


Sense Motive: You can make a check to try and determine someone's motivation while in conversation with them.


Fast Hands: When you attack an enemy and successfully hit them, you can, instead of dealing damage, do something else to them, such as pick-pocket them, cut their swordbelt so they drop their sword, or plant something on them.  However, this does not work on something someone is actively protecting.  For example, if they are currently tightly holding onto something, Fast Hands could not take it from them.  But if it was hanging from their belt, it could.  When in doubt, the enemy gets a saving throw.  On a success, the Thief cannot do what they asked.


Escape Artist: You are slippery like an eel.  If you can think of no way out of situation, no clever way to escape the clutches of a foe, 1/Day your criminal mind can suddenly reveal an escape route.  The Referee should immediately point out a weak-point in the enemy's defenses, a potential chink in the armor, or some other vulnerability you overlooked.

Note to the Referee: This is not where you just let the players go.  All you should do is tell the players about a weak point and give them an escape route.


Smash and Slash: When you use Fast Hands, now you may also deal damage if you choose to.


Great Escape: You may now use your "Escape Artist" Ability 2/Day.               


Clean Cut: Whenever you strike an opponent with a successful attack, 1/Day you may make your attack count as a critical hit.


One Last Job: If you are ever trapped in a desperate situation with no way out, Once and only Once, you can suddenly reveal how this was all according to your unforeseen master plan.  Suddenly the tables turn in your favor, and your comrades achieve victory, but your fate is left ambiguous, such as you were last seen wrestling Moriarty and tumbling off a ledge, or you were accidentally shot by your own allies at the last second, or something equally tragic.  However, there is no chance this actually killed you, and you'll be back.