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HD 12 AC 15 Attacks Claws 1d8/1d8 + Trample 2d8 or Soul Destruction Wave
Mor 9  Saves 9+

Slake Moth Hive - NPCs must make a morale check when first engaging a Psychomaster.  PCs must make a save vs possession (WIS save) the first time the Psychomaster attacks them, and each time a PC is killed dead.  PCs who have killed a Psychomaster get +4 to save against possession (cumulative per Psychomaster killed, until immune).  They also get to write "INSANITY PROOF" on their character sheet.  On a failure, take 1d6 Ego damage per turn as Slake Moths chew away at your ID.  If this damage ever equals or exceeds your EGO score, then you fall under the Psychomaster's influence and are unable to harm it. 

Soul Destruction Wave- Usable every 1d4 rounds.  60' cone, 60' range.  6d6 psychic damage, save for half (CHA).  If you have magical/warded armor, save to resist all damage.  On a failure with magic armor, you only take half damage. 

Infectious Insanity: For every day you spent within 20 miles of the Psychomaster, you take 1 Sanity Damage.  Your Sanity Score equals your total Wisdom score plus your Charisma score.  If the Sanity damage you have taken ever causes your Sanity Score to drop to zero, the Distortion caused by the Psychomaster becomes real for you too.

Reprisal 2 - Up to twice per round, make a 1d8 melee attack against an opponent after they make an melee attack against you.

Mettle 2 - Twice per day, reroll a failed save.  It cannot use this ability when below half health.  It cannot use this ability against physical damage [stabbing, slashing, bludgeoning, ranged].

- Use Soul Destruction Wave as an opening salvo
- Target the strongest one
- Run down any who flee

Psychomasters are formed when Humans dive into pools of pure magic, sell their soul to an incomprehensible idiot God, or bathe in the waters of the Corrupted Tree of Life.  They are idiot demi-gods, autistic starchildren, broken and twisted, yet more powerful than any man who ever lived.  They are superstitious and childlike, cruel and stupid, yet smarter than they have any right to be, possessing true knowledge, knowledge long excluded by man's rationality.

They may not mean you any harm, they may even be perfectly normal, in their own mind.  But a Psychomaster is incredibly dangerous, for several reasons.  First, Psychomasters are very powerful.  They can shake off bullets like a charging bull elephant and flay the souls of those who offend them.  They are also completely mad.  But not only does this madness lead a Psychomaster to go and engage in inscrutable actions, but it also is a danger in itself, as a Psychomaster's madness is contagious.  They distort the minds of those around them, common people or the weak-willed first fall to its influence, but even the strongest souls can only resist them for a short time, before inevitably finding themselves trapped in the Psychomaster's world of Madness.

For that is what the Psychomaster always seeks to do- to take the nonsense notions floating around their heads and implant them into this world.  This leads them to enslave border towns and puppet organizations to carry out their nonsensical commands.  Their spectral servants leave the safety of the Psychomaster's body to whisper nonsense into the ears of those who need to be brought to heel.  These servants are the Slake Moths, beings of pure spirit that prey upon humans.  they drive us mad, then slurp up our souls when we are sufficiently ripened.  They can also induce dreams and visions in those who are unguarded while they sleep.  Many an unwary astrologer or would-be prophet has been tricked into wandering into a Psychomaster's lair through the careful murmurings of the Slake Moths.

And even if the Slake Moths have not selected you for grooming, the Psychomaster's will is so great that it distorts reality around you.  The sky will become a sheet of black velvet, the stars merely holes in the ceiling for the set lights to shine through.  The local governor will be replaced by a baboon in wig, and no one will say anything.  While the world is ending outside, people will continue going about their business, wondering why you haven't shown up like you always do to buy your groceries.  The whole city will slowly begin not just fiddling, but putting together an entire orchestra while Rome burns, while wondering why you think they are the weird ones.

Apperance wise Psychomasters are a mix of beautiful and strange, hideous and powerful, great and terrible.  Psychomasters are based on the basic Human template, two arms, two legs, two eyes, ten fingers and toes, etc etc.  So when you roll for these mutations, just slap them onto the existing Human template, and if something isn't explicitly detailed, just assume it looks like what a normal Human would possess.

Psychomasters all have/are:

Are larger than a normal human.  All Psychomasters are 1d12+1d6 feet tall, and weigh 1d100*10 pounds.

They also have 1d6 extra legs.
- If it has two legs, they are bipedal.
- If it has four legs, it is quadrupedal (like a centaur).
- If it has more than four legs, it moves like a centipede.

Psychomasters also have 1d6-2 Extra Arms.

They also have a unique skin tone.

Skin Tone Table
1- Black, African
2- Black, coal dust
3- White, European
4- White, Albino
5- Gold
6- Blue 1d4 (1= Cobalt; 2= Ultramarine; 3= Navy; 4= Electric)
7- Green
8- Red
9- Purple
10- Roll twice.  The Psychomaster is then Patterned like 1d4 (1= Striped; 2= Speckled/Spotted; 3= Countershaded (bright colors on the belly, darker color on top) 4= has patches of the second color scattered throughout the first, like a deformity)

Finally, roll once for Body Deformity and once for Facial Deformity.

Random Psychomaster Body Deformities
1- 1d6 extra mouths, scattered in strange places.  These mouths may speak in unison with it, or babble quietly to themselves.
2- 1d20 extra eyes.  Very hard to sneak up on.
3- Instead of multiple legs, their lower body is like that of a snake or worm.
4- Engorged sexual organs.
5- 1d6 Tentacles, covered in suckers and hooks.  Gets 2 extra d6 Tentacle attacks on its turn.
6- Gelatinous Flesh.  Takes no damage from blunt weapons.
7- A second head.  50% chance the second head has its own consciousness.
8- 1d4 breasts, each one dripping a different fluid.
9- Covered in soft, cuddly hair.  Same color as the Psychomaster's skin.
10- Enormously fat, corpulent.
11- Has no bones, whole skeleton is made of cartilage.  Can squeeze its way into very small spaces.
12- Has wings.  Wings have a 50% of being vestigal (cannot use them to fly) and look like 1d4 (1= Bat wings; 2= Bird Wings; 3= Reptilian wings; 4= Gossamer, dragonfly wings.
13- Covered in open, weeping sores.  50% it carries some contagious disease.
14- Scaled or covered in chitinous armor. 
15- Hands are replaced with crab claws
16- Has bristling antennae
17- A long tail that is 1d4 (1= tipped with a point like a scorpions, poisonous; 2= Prehensile; 3= Has an eyeball on it; 4= Scaly and msucular, like a natural mace)
18- Has a brightly colored crest around its throat.
19- Has translucent skin and/or organs. 
20- Covered in spines that rattle whenever it gets nervous or agitated.  The Psychomaster has a 0-in-6 chance of speaking up on you. 

Random Psychomaster Facial Deformities
1- Beautiful.  Looks like the face of a model
2- Eyeless.  Looks like a human, but with no eyes.  They have either been pulled out or there is only smooth skin where there might have been eyes.
3- Feather-haired.  Instead of human hair, has brightly colored plumage that moves on its own.
4- Medusa.  Living snakes growing from its scalp.  They will try and bite you if you get close enough.
5- Deformed Jaw. 
6- Shark mouth.  Every single tooth in its mouth is pointy.
7- Glasgow smile.  When it opens its mouth, its mouth extends from cheekbone to cheekbone.  Can shove a whole watermelon and a human skull into its mouth with room to spare.
8- No mouth.  Skin is smooth there or its lips have been sewn shut.
9- Enormous tongue.  About ten feet long, and shoots out like a chameleon's.  This sin't noticeable until it tries to grab a lizard on the cave wall, or strangle the wizard with it.
10- Third Eye.  Growing in the center of its forehead.
11- Serpent-like slit pupils.
12- Has a beard.   

Then, in terms of their Psychology, all Psychomasters have an Insanity, Goal, Tao, and a Distortion.  The Distortion is what spills from their diseased minds, infecting everyone around them.  The Insanity is what they believe, whole-heartedly.  Contradicting a Psychomaster's madness is the fastest way to earn its displeasure.  The Goal is what the Psychomaster wants to achieve.  And finally, the Tao of the Psychomaster is its philosophy, its way of looking at the world.  After its Insanity, this is the primary lens through which it interprets events. 

Random Distortions caused by the Psychomaster
1- You encounter God on the road.
2- Every time you go to sleep, you suffer the same recurring dream.  The dream is weirdly prophetic.  Maybe it is?
3- All doors lead to illogical places.
4- All windows display places they could not possibly be connected to.
5- All spells/Semblances now change to some other similar form.
6- People start turning into monsters under the light of the sun/moon/etc.
7- Everyone starts worshiping a random person as a prophet.
8- All money becomes worthless in the mind of the people connected to the Psychomaster.  The newest valuable thing is something weird, like giant stone heads.
9- Everyone wears masks now.  You have always worn this mask, haven't you?
10- The Devil is in town.  We must find him and get rid of him, before he tempts us to sin.  No, it isn't the man all in black with the goatee, he's too smart for that.
11- Everyone believes that the World is going to end soon.
12- Everyone believes the World ended, just like they said it would.  Any evidence to the contrary is ignored.
13- You are charged with some monstrous, illogical or silly crime.  Everyone seems to think this is a very big deal.  Example crimes can be found here.
14- According to the locals, no one around here can be injured by one specific type of weapons (knives, guns, frying pans).  The locals don't understand why, but they think its hilarious and strange.  Pointing out that this doesn't appear to be the case would be quite rude.
15- Every day, one random person is elected Prince of the City/Town you are in.  They have unlimited power as long as they are alive or until they abdicate.  The Princes usually last for a couple of days, maybe a week or two at most, before being forced to abdicate or disappearing mysteriously.
16- You are told by a bureaucratic body that you are dead.  You no longer have any civil rights to these people, as dead people don't have rights.  Either that, or you are a Zombie violating your parole, and need to report to the nearest cemetery for immediate extradition to the land of the Dead.
17- Every time someone dies, a random inanimate object comes to life.
18- There is some obvious catastrophe about to befall the town.  No one notices this obvious fact or seems to cares.  Even those that do notice are denying that there is any problem.
19- Everyone is frantically cleaning and working very hard because a near mythical figure is coming to review everyone's performance, and everything needs to be perfect.  This person is never referred to by name and is appropriate to whatever setting they are in.  They are addressed by their title, such as "The Auditor" or "The Inspector".  What exactly this person is going to do when they arrive is unknown, but everyone seems quite terrified of them. 
20- Today is the day of a minor civic event, such as street cleaning day, a block party, or the anniversary of the town's founding.  Everyone is running scared, hiding in their houses or fleeing through the streets in mass panic.  Their are reports of monsters or inhuman things or gangs of psychopaths armed with cleavers and shotguns running around attacking people.  Flee, flee for your lives! 

Random Psychomaster Insanity Table
1- Thinks you are his childhood friends from his past
2- Thinks it is normal and their is a Psychomaster nearby
3- Thinks you are its children and it is your Mother/Father
4- Thinks that sunlight and bright lights hurt it
5- Thinks there is a Wizard nearby, and this Wizard is planning on hurting it
6- Thinks that the ghost of someone dead is lurking around, tormenting/haunting them
7- Thinks that they see patterns in the Stars that foretell present and future events
8- Thinks that it is a genius artist, and invites you to see its works.  It's works have a 2-in-6 chance of being mildly okay. But even the good ones are completely weird and virtually incomprehensible.
9- Thinks they were expecting you, and you have a package for them
10- Thinks that it is currently being stalked by some kind of monster.  This monster seems to change from telling to telling.

Random Psychomaster Goal Table
1- Cover half the things in town in invisible paint.  The paint is either invisible, or it makes anything covered in it invisible.
2- Build a rocket ship out of rusted-out cars, duct tape, sheet metal and Bibles. 
3- Arrange the "marriage" of ones of its "daughters" to a suitable "man".  The girl may not be its daughter, and the marriage may use a ceremony that the Psychomaster got from the mad ocelot God that lives in its skull.
4- Build an impossible fortress.  The fortress may defy logic, or may be impossible to build.
5- Arrange a performance of the Psychomaster's favorite play.  It will give you some details about the play, but will always leave out key information and no matter what, will never be sufficiently satisfied with your performance.
6- Destroy a secret cult that is performing evil rites that endanger everyone nearby.  The cult may not exist, or it may be totally benign.
7- Rescue its "child" from an "abusive" "marriage".  There may be nothing wrong with this marriage, or it may not be a marriage at all, or the child might not be the Psychomaster's, or there may not be a child at all.
8- Prepare for a massive attack that is coming to happen against either this place or the Psychomaster itself.  There is probably no attack coming.  But do you want to be the naysayer who laughed at Noah while he was building the Ark? 

The Psychomaster's Tao
1- I am awaiting the man who will kill me.  I will see him when I know him, and eagerly await his arrival.
2- "Every man is born with a murderer, destined to one day slay that man.  Are you him, and am I me?  Or is this a mirror, looking backwards through time?"
3- "My Mother always told me that there was no such thing as a free lunch.  Was she correct?  What price will be paid for the delicious sweetmeats trapped beneath your spiral staircase?  What can I offer you for the key?"
4- "We all wear masks, no man truly knows another.  We all lurk in the shadows of our own hearts, playing at love and friendship.  Do you truly know who your friends are, or are those hyena grins?  Come, strike at me, and let us see if they weep crocodile tears!"
5- "We all die alone, for death cannot abide the thought of sharing you with anyone.  How fortunate of you, that this is not the case for you."
6- "Tears I offer the dead, blood I gift the unborn, while I bestow the sweat of my brow on the living.  Come, admire my wares, and learn the truth about what you can truly offer this wretched world."
7- "Dream a little dream of me, he said.  We'll frolick in the Cerebrum and dance through the Amgydala.  I will weave for you a belt of neurons and carve a palace for you out of the brainstem.  You and I can dive off the bridge into the water.  Once we leave the sun behind, we'll reach the Safe Place, and they will crown us with fiery laurels in Oblivion."
8- "Father, please, forgive me!  I'm sorry I couldn't do it, I never could!  She was so beautiful father, I had no choice.  Her hair, her skin, she kept me up at night.  I couldn't resist.  No, wait, please.  No Father, please, don't leave me!  Father!" 
9- "This world is a rotten, festering corpse, we are maggots eating the harvest left by people stronger than us, more worthy of these spoils.  We are unworthy of this abundance.  There were giants in the Earth in those days.  Now this world is filled with sheep, patrolled by wolves, and run by pigs."
10- "My Mother, she was a great, strong woman.  Her sharp eyes and swift hand kept me in line.  She straightened me out with her innovative system of rewards and punishments.  Whenever I was bad, she might give me a swat across the nose.  But when I was good, she would give me these wonderful kisses.  She never kissed me on the lips though, but with her lips.  I hated that bitch."

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