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OSR: Culinary Wizard and Cibopath

To some people, cooking is a vital skill, a necessity and nothing more.  To some people, it is a science.  To others still, an art form.  But to one group of people, it is magic.

                                             from Shokugeki no Souma

The Culinary Wizard

Culinary magic is a field of magic that either begins with the Wood Giants or the Handsome Men.  It is the weaving of magic into food preparation, to create impossible dishes and fantastical foods.  If you ever wondered who was crazy enough to try and saute dragon's meat or make a dessert out of a black pudding, it's these guys.

Culinary Wizards are an ancient, technically Outsider school of magic.  However, due to their ubiquity and fame among the aristocracy, they are a de facto Chartered Wizarding Order, given a lot of leeway by the local authorities, unless they're doing something completely egregious.

The actual Culinary Wizard order is organized flatly.  There is no centralization, rather Culinary Wizards are known to travel far and wide, either seeking out noble patrons to serve or wandering far and wide in search of rare cuisines and ingredients to prepare dishes with.  The world of flavor is vast and who knows what delicacies wait to be discovered.  The former type of Culinary Wizard generally share this sentiment, but simply believe that the best way to advance the field of cooking is in the kitchen and not out on safari.  They instead allow their noble patrons to bring them rare ingredients and fund their research, in exchange for mind-bogglingly good cuisine.

That being said, while Culinary Wizards do not have a central organization they all owe obedience to, they do have hierarchy. Since many Culinary Wizards travel far and wide, they tend to pick up apprentices where they are and train them as they travel or research, schooling the youngsters in cooking and magic.  To be selected by a Culinary Wizard is a high-honor and the competitions to earn the Wizard's favor can be brutal.  Additionally, once the training period is finished, the Culinary Wizard will generally maintain obedience to their former teacher, or at least a sense of duty to obey them.  Thus, their are many small, tight-knit units of Culinary Wizards scattered across the world.

As a Culinary Wizard, you are probably part of one of these networks.  You may decide or roll on the tables below to see what your connection to the rest of your Order is.

My Teacher was...

1- My Father, who was also a Culinary Wizard.
2- An impoverished Culinary Wizard who only trained me to pay his debts.
3- A prodigy who had mastered several types of cooking and more magic than you can shake a stick at.
4- An ancient master who has forgotten more about cooking than you or I will ever know.
5- A normal chef who didn't have a drop of magic to his name.  How my cooking ended up being imbued with magic, I'll never know.
6- a Handsome Man.

My relationship to them is currently...

1- We parted on bad terms.  If I need his help, it's going to take quite a bit of groveling and maybe an apology to get it.
2- He got jealous of me.  I was better than him, so he threw me out.
3- He never believed in me.  He told me I had no talent, so I left.  I'm going to prove him wrong.
4- We work together.  I am currently on a quest to help my former Teacher.  I told him if there was anything he needed, I would do it, and now I am.
5- I owe him everything.  That man was like a father to me.  I will do whatever it takes to help him.
6- Incomplete, as my Master is dead.  He was killed and I am currently looking for his killer, to take revenge and ensure my master can rest in peace.

                                             from Shokugeki no Souma

Playing as One

The following is a sub-class for my base Wizard class.  For more information on the general class, check it out here.  For information relative to this sub-class, see below.
Power: If you cook a meal for someone, you can recover some spellcasting dice.  The amount of dice you recover depends on the complexity of the meal.  If it's a a rat roasted over an open flame, 1 dice.  If it is a five course meal made from the finest ingredients in the world and served on fine ceramics, 1d20 dice, up to your maximum.  Referee's discretion applies, of course.   

Drawback: If you eat uncooked or raw meat, you cannot regain any spellcasting dice until you perform ablutions and prepare a meal of cooked meat for someone else.

Culinary Wizard Starting Spell List:
1- Animate Food
2- Bad Taste in their mouth
3- Chef's Intention
4- Chocolate Coat
5- Edible Arms
6- Enchant Food
7- Flour Puff
8- Grease
9- Hex Food
10- Palative Panoply
11- Magically Delicious
12- Sugar Splash

13- Bone Meal
14- Diet Bomb
15- Food Poisoning
16- Supersize Me

Legendary Spell: Devil's Food, Food of Life

Animate Food
R: touch    T: [dice] pieces of food    D: [dice] hours

[dice] pieces of food come to life as creatures under the caster's control.  They gain a means of locomotion, the ability to manipulate objects, though this may be limited based on the food's size and initial properties, and the ability to speak one language the caster knows.  They are as intelligent as the caster is, but totally loyal to the caster and will obey any order the caster gives them.  They will also have a personality similar to the caster, with their 'parent's' eccentricities.  For purposes of HP, the caster should distribute [sum] HP among all the pieces of food they are animating.  Each piece of food must have at least 1 HP.  The food remains animate for [dice] hours or until it is killed.  If this spell is cast with four or more [dice], the food golems will persist indefinitely until killed.

Bad Taste in their mouth
R: 30'        T: [dice] creatures        D: [dice] rounds

[dice] creatures within range suddenly taste the worst flavor possible, the sensation flooding their mouths.  They must save each round for the duration.  If anyone fail his save, he loses his action and spends it vomiting as his body instinctively rejects the awful taste.

Chef's Intention
R: touch    T: a dish            D: [dice] days

By touching a dish of food, you may encode a secret message in the food that is up to [dice]+[sum] words long.  Anyone who eats that dish will hear your message played to them.

Chocolate Coat
R: 30'        T: all in the cone        D: one action

You fire a wave of molten fudge in a 30' cone.  All who are struck by it must save.  Those who pass their saves are partially trapped in the rapidly hardening fudge, but must still spend a round freeing themselves.  Until they are freed, they cannot move and may not be able to take other actions, Referee's Discretion.  Those who fail their save, on the other hand, are totally encased in fudge and cannot move.  Additionally, if left trapped for too long, they will begin suffocating.

Edible Arms
R: touch    T: [dice] pieces of food    D: one action

[dice] pieces of food are transformed into usable weapons.  These weapons do 1d6 damage and are still edible. 

Additionally, for each [dice] past 1, select one option from below:
- Your food weapons count as magical for purposes of damaging certain creatures
- Your food weapons do +1d6 damage on a hit.  This option may be selected more than once.
- Your food weapons glow in the presence of enemies or those who mean to do you harm.
- Your food weapons, if eaten, restore 1d6+[dice] HP.

The food weapons remain until broken or eaten.

Enchant Food
R: touch    T: [dice] servings of food    D: [dice] hours

You enchant up to [dice] servings of food.  For every [dice], select one of the effects below and apply it to the food.  Anyone who eats the food receives all the beneficial effects, but they must eat the whole serving.  Additionally, any serving of food that is enchanted becomes incredibly delicious.

Anyone who eats this food:
- Regains +[sum] HP.
- Gains a +[dice] bonus to AC as long as they are at max HP for [dice] hours
- Gains a +[dice] bonus to their senses for [dice] hours
- Can communicate telepathically with the other people who also ate the enchanted food for [dice] hours
- Gains a +[dice] bonus to physical damage for [dice] hours
- Is immune to any dangerous effects this food may cause
- Can transfer any amount of HP to anyone else who has eaten this food for [dice] hours

Flour Puff
R: 30'        T: all in the line        D: one action

A wave of white flour bursts from the caster's hands in a 10' wide by 10*[dice]' long line.  All in the line are covered, head to toe, in this flour.  All hit like this get -[sum] to all attacks until they take an action to brush the flour out of their eyes.  They are also easier to track and if exposed to fire, take [dice] damage, though the fire will instantly clean all the flour off them.

R: 50'        T: object or surface    D:2[dice] rounds

You cause an area 10*[dice]' x 10*[dice]' area or [dice] objects.  To move across the greased area or hold a greased object, one must make a Dex Check.  On a failure, he or she drops the object or fall prone. 

Note that Culinary Wizards use a variant of the base Grease spell.  In their version, the grease is also flammable.

Hex Food
R: touch    T: [dice] servings of food    D: [dice] hours

You hex up to [dice] servings of food.  For every [dice], select one of the effects below and apply it to the food.  Anyone who eats the food receives all the beneficial effects, but they must eat the whole serving.

Anyone who eats this food:
- Takes 1d6 damage.  This option may be selected multiple times.
- Must save or obey a verbal command shouted at them, no matter what it is.  This effect lasts for [dice] minutes. 
- Gets -[dice] to all physical checks and saving throws for [dice] minutes.
- Gets -[dice] to all mental checks and saving throws for [dice] minutes.
- Receives a -[dice] penalty to all damage rolls for [dice] minutes.
- Must save or immediately fall asleep.  If anyone fails their save against this, they fall asleep for [dice] hours.

10- Palative Panoply
R: touch    T: [dice] creatures        D: [dice] hours

You conjure armor around up to [dice] creatures.  This armor is made of food and edible, while also providing protection equal to 10+[dice].

Additionally, for each [dice] above one, select one of the options below:
- Your suits of food armor can glow as a torch as long as they are intact.
- Your suits of food armor have a store of hidden magic in them, giving anyone who wears them +[dice] FS (Fighting Spirit).
- Your suits of food armor give anyone wearing one a +1 damage bonus for the duration.
- Your suits of food armor can be imbued with extra power to reduce any elemental damage of a specific type (e.g. fire, ice, etc) by [dice].  You may select this option multiple times, but each time you must pick another element.
- Your suits of food armor are edible, and if eaten before the duration ends, heal 1d8+[dice] HP.

The suits of food armor remain for the duration, after which they fall apart and return to being normal food.

11- Magically Delicious
R: 30'        T: creature            D: [dice] minutes

One creature becomes irresistibly delicious.  All creatures near them, including the caster, must save with a penalty equal to [dice].  On a failed save, they must immediately begin trying to consume the creature that is magically delicious.  Creatures who already eat the same kind of creature as the targeted creature get an additional -4 penalty to their save.  Creatures who do not eat that kind of creature or who have a strong connection with the targeted creature get a +4 bonus to their saves.

12- Sugar Splash
R: 30'        T: creature            D: one action

You blast a wave of liquid sugar at someone.  This automatically hits, unless the creature targeted has superhuman speed or some other ability that could let them evade a wave of sugar slurry.  The person struck must save with a penalty to their save equal to [dice].  On a failure, the person's teeth and bones begin crumbling, causing them to take +[sum] damage from blunt sources until he can drink some milk or rinse out his mouth with water. 

Bone Meal
R: touch    T: [dice] seeds            D: one action

[dice] seeds you are touching instantly grow to their full, mature size.  If these seeds would produce some sort of food, you may instead choose for these seeds to instead grow into the food item, instead of a full plant.

Diet Bomb
R: special    T: all within range        D: one action

All within range of this spell take [dice]+[sum] poison damage if they have consumed a specific food item in the past 24 hours.  For example, if you say "wine", then anyone who has drunk wine in the past 24 hours will take damage.

As for the range, at 1 [dice] the spell only affects one room or anyone within 50 square feet.  At 2 [dice] the spell affects one whole building or anyone within 100 square feet.  At 3 [dice] the spell affects [dice] buildings or anyone within 100*[dice] square feet.  At 4 or more [dice], it affects a whole city or anyone within 10*[dice] miles.

Food Poisoning
R: touch    T: [dice] servings of food    D: one action

[dice] servings of food that you touch become infused with a disease.  Anyone who eats this food becomes infected with this disease.  However, from there, the disease spreads naturally, as a normal disease.

You may consult here and here for odd diseases, or roll on the table below.

1- Spicy breath.  Anyone infected by this has no symptoms for a week.  During this week, anyone they come into physical contact with should save.  Those who fail their save are infected.  After the week, those who are infected come down with a fever.  Their breath starts to stink, as well.  Soon they begin to exhale smoke with every breath, their breath unnaturally  warm.  A few more days later, they start uncontrollably breathing fire.  Anyone who doesn't have fire immunity at this point dies soon after as the fire cooks them from the inside.  The cure for spicy breath is drowning then recusitation or serving a Nogard for a month.    
2- Chowder Blood.  Anyone infected by this has their blood slowly thicken over 72 hours.  This thickened blood strains the heart, until it cannot continue and the person dies.  This disease spreads through the infected's blood.  Avoid contact and you'll be fine.  The treatment for Chowder Blood is the keep doing more and more ridiculous stunts.  The cure for Chowder Blood is drink the blood of a Griffon or to throw yourself off a cliff.  Of course, if you choose the latter option, you'll still have to survive the fall.    
3- Fun Size.  Anyone infected by this disease begins shrinking.  They get smaller and smaller, losing 1d6 inches in height each day, until they vanish from view.  The cure for Fun Size can be found in the kiss of one of the Sovereigns of the Folk or in drinking giant's breast milk.
4- Lasangaface.  Anyone infected by this disease has patches of their skin begin falling off.  They also take +1 damage a day they are infected.  This continues for about a month, after which the infected all die, unless they can regenerate their lost skin.  This is assuming they haven't been killed by something else before this, of course.  Lasagnaface is cured by descending into the Womb of the World or training with the Terracotta Men.   
5- Sweet Tooth.  Anyone infected by this disease has all their teeth fall out one by one.  It is non-lethal, but immensely inconvenient.  The cure for Sweet Tooth is to murder a dessert-maker or eat nothing but vegetables and fruits for a month. 
6- Jellied Brains.  Anyone infected by this disease has more and more difficulty moving delicately, until their brain turns to jelly and melts out their ears.  This is non-fatal, but it makes it much harder to make complex movements.  You'll still be able to walk and talk, but you'll be hopeless at threading needles or carrying plates.  Something like dancing is no forever beyond you, unless you manage to find another brain. 

Supersize Me
R: touch    T: [dice] pieces of food    D: one action

[dice] pieces of food grow larger.  If this spell is cast with 1 [dice], the food items grow to the size of watermelons.  If cast with 2 [dice], the food items grow to the size of a man.  If cast with 3 [dice], the food items grow to the size of horses.  If cast with 4 [dice], the food items grow to the size of houses.  If cast with more than four [dice], Referee's Discretion.

This spell can also be cast on plants.  If so, all the fruits, seeds or other products the plant produces will be much larger than normal.

                                                          from Chew

Chaos and Corruption of the Culinary Wizard:
When you roll doubles, roll on the Chaos table.  The spell still goes through.  You receive 1d3 Doom Points.
When you roll triples, roll on the Corruption table.  The spell automatically fails.  You also receive 1d4 Doom Points.
At 10 Doom Points, you invoke the Doom of Fools.
At 20 Doom Points, you invoke the Doom of Kings.
At 30 Doom Points, you invoke the Ultimate Doom.  

Chaos of the Culinary Wizard
1- Nothing happens at first.  However, the next object you touch turns into a pie.  Whatever you touched, the pie tastes like a pie filled with that object.  For example, if you touched a wooden chair, the pie tastes of splinters, nails and varnish.
2- Nothing happens at first.  However, the next food item you touch grows to the size of a pony.
3- Nothing happens at first.  However, the next creature you touch gains a terrible taste in its mouth and must save or spend their next action vomiting.
4- Instead of what spell effect your spell normally has, your spell instead conjures a delicious meal from the ether and places it nearby.  Nothing else happens.
5- A wave of spicy powder ejects from your hands in a 30' cone.  If you touch any part of your body that is sensitive (eyes, ears, genitals, etc), you suffer intense pain and must save to do anything besides being in pain.  Anyone sprayed by the spicy powder must do the same.
6- One food item within 100' randomly comes to life, rising as a Food Golem.  This Food Golem has [sum] HP and no loyalty to anyone but itself.  It will remain for [dice] hours before dying naturally, reverting to normal food.  This Food Golem has   the personality of: 1dX [1= Completely amoral; 2= Completely evil; 3= Virtuous and Saintly; 4= Mad as a hatter.]

Corruption of the Culinary Wizard
1- All creatures within 100' must save.  The first one to fail his save loses their next action as they vomit all over their shoes.
2- All creatures within 100' must save.  The first one to fail his save transforms into a pastry, cake or delicious pie.
3- Instead of what spell effect your spell normally has, your spell instead conjures a delicious meal from the ether and places it nearby.  The food is deadly poisonous, anyone who eats it must save or die.
4- The next time you cook anything or cast a spell, a pack of 1d20 wild beasts appear and try to devour your food, or if you cast the spell, you.
5-  A wave of flammable powder ejects from your hands in a 30' cone.  If you touch, take daamge from or are otherwise near fire or something super-heated, save or burst into flames.  Anyone hit by the flammable powder should do the same.
6- All creatures within 100' must save.  The first one to fail his save becomes Magically Delicious as per the spell for 1d4 hours.


Doom of Fools- For one day, everything you cook comes out as flavorless grey mush that no one enjoys.  For the rest of the day, your Special Power does not work.  You may only cast the spells Bad Taste in their Mouths or Grease for the rest of the day, even if you do not have those spells. 

Doom of Kings- As above, except it lasts for 1d6+1 days and the only spell you may cast is Bad taste in their mouths.

Ultimate Doom- As above, except it is permanent and you lose your ability to cast spells, permanently.

This Doom can be avoided by sacrificing part of your soul and embedding a piece of your soul into a piece of food, then having someone eat it, or by preparing food that brings tears to the eye of a God.

                                                         from Chew

The Natural Aristocracy

All Wizards hate Sorcerers.  They are those gifted among the ranks of mortals to be able to grasp magic almost intuitively.  Rather than the Wizard, who has to spend years of his life training and struggling to cast his first spell, the Sorcerer accomplishes that by accident, most likely.  Furthermore, a Sorcerer's natural gifts allow him or her to pick up and then excel at magic far easier than anyone else.

But there is a type of person even rarer than the Sorcerer or the Paladin, a type so rare that barely anyone even knows they exist.  They are a secret, often from themselves.  If a person is part of this elite group, they might believe that they are the only person like this in the world.  He or she is not, but it might not seem that way.  This group is called the Cibopaths and among mortals, they are near the top of the heap.

Starting HP: 1/3 Con
Fighting Spirit: +X FS per Cibopath Level, where X equal the highesr HD of creature cannibalized, up to Will
Starting Equipment: Paring Knife, Shortsword or Bow and Arrow, Evening wear, embroidered napkin


Cibopathy: When you eat something, you receive psychic impressions of what you ate.  For example, if you ate a piece of bread, you could learn what type of wheat it was made of, where that wheat was grown, what, if any, chemicals the farmer used to help it grow, and how healthy the wheat plant was when it was harvested.  Depending on the amount eaten, you may ask the Referee a number of questions based on what you ate.

If you eat the flesh of a creature, you may ask these questions about the creature: who it was, how strong it was, what it did while it was alive, and etc.  To see how many questions you may ask, consult the table below.

You are what you eat: As a Cibopath, you can absorb the powers, talents and knowledge of a creature you consume.  Whenever you eat the flesh of a creature, if you wish, you may roll 1d10.  You have a 1d10% chance of absorbing one of the creature's abilities, skills or piece of knowledge.  For example, if you ate a Wizard, you could try to absorb the Wizard's spellcasting ability.  Or, if this Wizard was really ripped, you could try to absorb his strength.

If you choose to absorb knowledge, such as another skill, language or etc, simply store the information in your Memory, having it take up a memory slot as per the rules here.

If you choose to absorb a superior stat, such as a higher STR, add the difference between your stat and the stat you are trying to absorb.  However, this increased STR counts as one of your abilities.

If you choose to absorb an ability, such as a class ability, you should add the ability to your character sheet, as if you gained it naturally.  However, you may only possess a number of acquired abilities equal to your level.  Additionally, you may not acquire any ability that your biology would preclude, such as the ability to breathe fire or fly if the creature who had those abilities had them based on their unique biology. 

Glutton's Curse: Whenever you eat another creature, attempting to absorb its abilities, knowledge or power, roll again, with the same odds as per the absorption table.  However, if you succeed on this roll, you instead inadvertantly gain one of the creature's weaknesses as well.  Note that this roll is independent of the Absorption roll.

Cibopaths are a secret from almost all people, but not intentionally.  It's simply the case that when Cibopaths find out how weird they actually are, they tend to keep quiet about their abilities.  This, coupled with their rarity, means most people have never even heard the term.  However, there are two exceptions to that general rule.  Firstly, other Cibopaths.  They are rare, certainly, but they obviously know about Cibopaths.  Secondly, the Culinary Wizards.  The Culinary Wizards have a general blood feud with the Cibopaths, going back to time immemorial.  The Culinary Wizards claim it is because some ancient Cibopath devoured half their Council of Elders, shattering their central hierarchy and scattering them into isolated kitchens and lone wanderers.  They also usually claim that all Cibopaths are descended from this first aggressor, so they are justified in hunting down his descendants.

Most people who here this reason think it's total nonsense, which it probably is.  

                                            from Chew

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