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OSR: Black Science Superheroes

This is an idea that originally comes From The Sorcerer's Skull, I believe.  I couldn't find the original, however.  I was also inspired greatly by a Blasted and Cratered Land's post on the same subject.

by Ryan Ottley

The History of the Superman:

In 1921, a chartered fishing boat loaded with wealthy Americans on vacation and local guides accidentally stumbled upon a floating city in an otherwise empty patch of the Pacific Ocean.  The Americans, though warned otherwise, decided to get off and explore the city.  They found ancient, crumbling temples and water-logged ruins depicting a culture that seemed totally unlike anything else on Earth.  At first, they speculated it might be the lost City of Atlantis, or perhaps the mythical El Dorado.  But then, one of them discovered that not all of the city was just a ruin.  One of the Americans had found a massive door, engraved with reliefs and still shut.  With some effort and the dynamite they had brought along to aid in their fishing, the Americans were able to breach the door and open it. 

Inside they found the door was water-tight, preserving ancient art, architecture and technological devices the likes of which none of them had ever seen.  Before they could explore this any further, however, a monster emerged from within the sealed part of the ruin and attacked the Americans.  It slaughtered the majority and chased the survivors back to the boat.  The surviving Americans plus the natives tried first to fight, then to flee.  The first approach failed, but the second succeeded, and the few survivors managed to make their way to nearest US Navy base, where they reported the incident.  The US Navy then went to investigate and found that, while this strange visitor from another world was indeed resistant to small arms, it coped as well with the destroyer's 5 inch guns as did any other animal.  From there, the US Government took possession of the strange base and all the technology within.

However, it was only in the 1930s that this find went from a scientific curiosity to a national security issue when a group of Jewish Scientists fled an increasingly hostile Germany and warned President Roosevelt of Hitler's secret scheme.  The Germans had discovered a similar site beneath the catacombs of Berlin, a vast stone labyrinth designed by clearly inhuman creatures.  They warned that Hitler was tormented by a persistent delusion that Jewish elites would use the technology within to create their Messiah, who would be a savior to them but a figure more commonly thought of as "The Anti-Christ" to non-Jews.  So he decided to beat them to it, and was attempting to combine this technology with human biology to create a Super-soldier. 

The Bunyan Project was the American attempt to beat the Germans to the punch and create the first Superhumans before they could.  The project turned out to be a success, though it was not without cost.  Most of the early test subjects died within minutes being transformed, but the later ones survived for months or years before expiring from complications.  The first superhumans, on both the Axis and Allied side were mostly insensible monsters, walking mountains of twisted flesh with almost no sense of self-preservation and reduced intelligence.  Most died fighting each other, made some silly mistake that ended up killing them or committed suicide.  Several also had to be put down by their handlers, after it was feared that they were actually much more intelligent than they let on, but also that they weren't considering the interests of humanity or their side anymore. 

The Superhumans were still secret at this time, with rumors of super-soldiers being laughed off by both sides.  Many of the atrocities committed by the early wave of superhumans were covered up, including the devastation of Japan.  The Atom Bomb wasn't actually developed until 1956, as during the War it was considered too far-fetched to be worth the money and effort.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki, along with a dozen other Japanese cities, were devastated by a pack of American supermen given free rein to do as they willed.  They demolished that nation and finally brought an end to the conflict.   

After the war, the surviving superhumans who did not quickly expire or were not dangerously unstable went public as heroes of the war and assistants to the Federal Government.  Comics were initially funded by the Defense Department and later by the CIA as a means of propaganda and convincing the public that these superhumans could be trusted.  Similar efforts were made in the Soviet Union, as by this point they had acquired their own superhumans, mostly from dissecting captured German ones. 

The Cold War leads to the second Generation of Superhumans, who were not only much more stable and far less prone to insanity and psychotic breaks, but also looked much more human.  At this time, most superhumans were still created by the United States or the Soviet Union respectively, and waged war against each other alongside their governments.  Some of these superhumans claimed to be independent but were actually secretly funded by one side or another, allowing them to strike directly at enemy nations without threatening war or nuclear escalation.  However, something strange began to happen at this point.  Superhumans began to emerge naturally, not from government laboratories exclusively.  It turns out this current generation of superhumans could safely mingle with lay-humanity, and their offspring sometimes inherited their gifts.  Attempts were made to control the spread of superhumans in the Soviet Union and the United States, but both failed completely.

After the failure of Communism and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, many of those formerly sponsered Soviet superhumans went legitimately rogue, either carving up a newly "free" Russia amongst themselves or going abroad to claim a Kingdom for themselves.  Similarly, many of the less scrupulous superhumans funded secretly by the CIA tore apart Latin and South America.  This lead to the development of the supervillain and super-crime as we know it today.   

Today there are more superhumans than there have ever been in history.  Some work with the blessing of the government, fighting alongside the police and military.  Their secret identities are known to powerful government agencies, but are generally kept secret.  These superhumans wear colorful costumes and have exciting origin stories, such as how Longsnout claims he was bitten by a Weasel spirit; or how Mother Mars claims to be the only survivor of a doomed Russian space mission to the Red Planet, while the rest of her comrades killed each other when they failed a secret test of character, but she alone was pure of heart and was blessed by the ghost of the last Martian King to inherit the power of his dead race.  Most of these stories are nonsense, of course, but they're useful in convincing the public that the superhumans are safer.  These fictions, along with the official endorsement are what makes a White Cape, as they are commonly referred to.

The capes who use their power for selfish or evil actions, heading up crime rings or perpetrating evil schemes are called supervillains or Black Capes.  They usually aren't as flamboyant as in the comics, and generally don't have the money to build giant space lasers to hold countries hostage or try to replace members of Congress with vat-grown slave clones, but they do commit crimes and do other wicked things. 

There are also so-called "Grey" capes, who use their powers to help people but do so without registering with the government.  Some of these are mere Good Samaritans, while others are vigilantes who feel that the current system is too flawed to promote real justice.  By the standards of the government, these superhumans are just more Black Capes, but in some countries, Grey Capes are beloved by the citizenry, who secretly support them, sometimes even to the point of lying to police and sheltering the Cape if they are fugitives.  When Iron Patriot "allegedly" killed one of the men responsible for the lie about WMDs in Saddam's Iraq, despite the fact that it was in public in front of at least 30 witnesses, only 5 of them claimed to have seen anything, or even that it was Iron Patriot at all.   

from Guarding the Globe #2

Gods and Kings:

Superhumans are ranked by strength and placed into one of four tiers: Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.

Jacks are low-tier heroes.  They have 1-3 Ability points and cannot have any individual Power over Rank 3.  Jacks can be faster than a sports car, agile enough to dodge normal punches like they're moving in slow motion, strong enough to lift a person in a Vader chokehold, hard enough that knives glance off their skin or survive an attack that would slaughter a mundane, sensitive enough to notice all the bugs in a room and smarter than a room full of scientists in a modest lab. 

are mid-tier heroes.  They have 4-6 Ability points and cannot have any individual Power over Rank 4.  Queens can be fast enough to catch a high speed train, agile enough to dodge an arrow or a moving car, strong enough to lift a car in one hand, tough enough to survive an attack powerful enough to destroy a car, sensitive enough to find a specific person in a crowded concert hall, and smarter than an entire research department.

Kings are high-tier heroes.  They have 7-10 Ability points and cannot have any individual Power over Rank 6.  Kings can be fast enough to catch an airplane at full speed, agile enough to evade a rocket and the ensuing explosion, strong enough to lift a house in one hand, tough enough to survive an attack that would level a building, sensitive enough to find a needle in a haystack and smarter than every attendee at a national conference simultaneously.

Aces are the gods walking among us.  They have, at minimum, 11 Ability points.  Aces can be faster than a speeding bullet, agile enough to dodge the shockwave from explosions, strong enough to lift container ships one handed, tough enough to tank anything short of a nuclear weapon, sensitive enough to count the angels dancing on the head of a pin and smarter than anything on Earth.  Up until the late 90s, they were entirely theoretical.  You cannot play an Ace, and with any luck, you'll never fight one.

Jokers are Superhumans with powers too weak to put them on this scale- or they have powers that escape easy classification.  An otherwise normal human or superhuman can also be considered a "Joker" if they have a power that enables them to punch above their weight class, but only in specific circumstances.

Depending on the Tier your Referee has chosen and his or her fiat, you start with X Ability points, which you can use to purchase Powers.  You can also use your Ability points to purchase skills, resources or other talents, as determined by your Referee (see below).

You can also choose to gain a Weakness.  If you do so, you gain 1 additional Ability point, up to the maximum Ability points per your Tier (Referee's Discretion applies). 

A Weakness can be anything agreed upon by you and the Referee, but it is a permanent disability that cannot be overcome permanently, only mitigated or avoided. 

Ex: Superman is always damaged by green kryptonite, but he is smart enough to take counter-measures against it, such as wearing a lead suit.  The only time that Superman became immune to green kryptonite was in All-Star Superman, when he was super-charged with solar radiation to the point where his cells started dying, a fact that would inevitably lead to his own death.  

What a Weakness is NOT is a limitation set on a power itself, such as "My Heat Vision requires a round to cool down after I use it."

Basic Rules:

1.  Powers are grouped into 6 Tiers, 1-6.  1-2 are Jack Tier powers, 3-4 are Queen Tier, 5-6 are King Tier.  Each Tier costs 1 Ability point.  No refunds.

2.  If a Power grants a flat numerical increase, consult the Physical Enhancement chart below:

Physical Enhancement
Tier        Bonus
1        +1
2        +2
3        +1d6
4        +1d6+1
5        +1d6+2
6        +2d6

3.  I'm not making a list of every conceivable power, that is a waste of my and your time.  But I will include some likely Powers your players will probably want and you can use those as a guide or example to build others.

from Man of Steel #2

Common Superhuman Abilities:


Tier 1: This player does not have HP, but instead starts with a Damage Threshold equal to 1d4+2.  Whenever a source damages you, if it equals or exceeds your Damage Threshold, you lose 1 SHP.  You have SHP equal to your Damage Threshold.  If this reduces you to 0 SHP, the Referee should treat you as if you were a normal creature that ran out of HP.

Tier 2-6: For each Tier up you go, roll 1d4 and increase your Damage Threshold and SHP by that much. 

Superhuman Strength:

Tier 1: You have a bonus, as determined by your Tier on the Physical Enhancement table, added to any roll based on lifting, holding, carrying or anything else based on physical strength.  You also add said bonus to your Damage rolls, but only after the hit is confirmed.  You do not include them in the initial Attack or Defense rolls.

Tier 2-6: For each Tier you go up, increase your Physical Enhancement bonus as per "1".

Superhuman Speed:

Tier 1: You add your bonus on the Physical Enhancement Table, as determined by your Tier, to any roll based on evasion, speed, fast movement or anything else relevant.  This includes checks or saving throws that could be more easily done if the creature attempting the feat was super fast.

Tier 2-6: For each Tier you go up, increase the bonus added to your roll as per the Physical Enhancement table.


Tier 1: You can move an object or person with your mind, as long as that person weighs less than or equal to 10*[COG modifier] pounds.  You can also make attacks and use your Telekinesis in other ways.  If you do, use your COG score, adding the relevant modifier to any check.  If making an attack, you can include your Attack modifier as well.  If any creature is grappled or restrained by your Telekinesis, they can make a STR check as opposed to your COG check, on a success, that creature can break free from your grip. 

Tier 2: You gain a number of Mana Dice equal to your COG+CON modifier.  These dice are d6s that burn out on a 5 or 6.  They can be rolled to enhance any use of Telekinesis.  You can also use your Telekinesis to create force fields or barriers- each one having [sum] HP, equal to the amount of dice put into them.

Tier 4: You can use your Telekinesis to fly, levitating yourself while using your Telekinesis for other purposes.  You must roll 1 MD to take to the air, but regardless of the number rolled, this grants 10 minutes of flight.  Additional dice can be added to boost the speed of your flight.

Tier 3-6: You gain +X Mana Dice, where X is your highest modifier among your ability scores. 

Psychic Abilities:

Note: I'm not writing a bunch of rules for psychic combat and the like, I already did that here, so I'll be using those rules.

Tier 1: You gain 1 of the following abilities per Ability point:

- You can see ghosts and other invisible spiritual entities that inhabit the shallows of the Astral Sea.
- You can sense magic, spiritual energies and other disturbances in the flow of energy occurring throughout the cosmos.
- You can peer into the future and receive visions of what is, or might, occur.  Sometimes these visions are involuntarily, and come to you without being summoned.
- You can enter the minds/dreams of others by touching them.  You can also bring other people with you, if they consent to be brought along.
- You have telepathy, and can communicate with other creatures that have minds within X (where X equals your COG modifier) miles, as long as you know those creatures and have touched their minds before.  You can also communicate with any creature within visual range, as long as that creature has a minds.

Tier 2: You gain 1 of the following abilities per Ability point:

- You can attempt to erase or alter memories by entering a creature's mind, you must be close or touching that creature to do so.  That creature can and likely will attempt to resist you.
- You can read minds.  Creatures can either attempt to push you out of their minds or feed you a false stream of consciousness, if they are intelligent enough.
- You can damage and attempt to destroy the minds of creatures whose minds you have entered. 
- You can create illusions by projecting them into creature's minds. 

Tier 3: You gain 1 of the following abilities per Ability point:

- You can create glamours that linger as long as you are alive or someone else maintains them.
- You can attempt to control the minds of other creatures. 

Fast-Healing/Regeneration/Healing Factor:

Tier 1: When you would roll to recover HP, roll twice and take the better result.  You also halve all recovery times. 

Tier 2: When you roll to recover HP, always act as if you have a Constitution of 18(+3).

Tier 3: Whenever you eat food, especially meat, you regain HP equal to 1d6+[HD of the creature you're eating].  You gain a prodigious appetite and will eat just about anything. 

Tier 4: If below full HP, you regenerate 1 HP a round.  You also heal Horrible Wounds after a number of rounds equal to the amount of damage that reduced you below 0, unless receiving that Horrible Wound would kill you instantly or is sufficiently crippling, in which case the Referee may still require a Save vs Death.  Ex: The "3 Damage" result on the Horrible Wound table heals after 3 rounds.  You also regrow small appendages, such as fingers, toes over a period of 1d4 weeks, and internal damage repairs itself naturally, but you cannot regrow whole limbs.  Your natural lifespan is also dramatically increased, with you living up to 3x longer than a normal human. 

Tier 5: If below full HP, You regenerate 1d4 HP a round and heal Horrible Wounds after a number of rounds equal to the amount of damage you received minus your CON modifier, unless receiving that Horrible Wound would kill you instantly or is sufficiently crippling, in which case the Referee may still require a Save vs Death.  Ex: Your CON is 16(+2) and you receive the "3 Damage" Wound, so it is healed after 1 round.  You can also regrow limbs in 1d6-CON modifier days (min 1) and regenerate damaged organs.  Your natural lifespan is also increased.  Barring outside interference, you will live up to 10x longer than a normal human. 

Tier 6: You gain access to a pool of MD equal to your CON+COG modifier +6.  You can spend these MD to regenerate [sum] HP.  These dice are expended once used.  You can use these almost instanteously regenerate, repairing damage as soon as it occurs.  If you lose a limb, if you roll [sum] that is greater than or equal to half your CON, you can regrow that limb.  You can also instantly heal Horrible Wounds if you roll a [sum] equal to your result on the Death and Dismemberment table.  You cannot regenerate from anything that kills you instantly, and some things may inhibit your regeneration, depending on the source of it. 

What if I want to be Batman though?:


A skill is anything that your character could know, but is not related to their superpowers.  Example skills include carpentry, bomb-making, investigation and performing tea ceremonies. 
All skills have six ranks and use the same bonuses equal to the Physical Enhancement table.  For example, a Tier 3 Chef has a +1d6 bonus to cook something tasty. 

I am operating under the assumption that all Superheroes have some training in things relating to their profession, such as combat, investigation, search-and-rescue, etc.  I do this because it is more interesting, but also because it makes sense.  In my fantasy games, if the party encounters a troll, I'm not going to make them make an Investigation or an Intelligence check to remember that acid and fire is how you stop a Troll from regenerating and/or punish them when they point out they already know that without making the check.  I just assume that adventurers would know that Trolls are hurt by fire and acid, in the same way that I would assume a Knight would know how to fight with a sword, ride a horse and behave properly when at court. 

However, I will still be including skills for the sake of players who want to play some kind of non-Superhuman who is still really skilled, ala Batman or the Punisher, or they want to play a Superhuman who has weaker powers but is really really good at one particular task.   

1 Ability point will buy you either 2 ranks in one skill or 1 rank in two.

Some important skills:

Fighting/Martial Arts/Combat Training:

Tier 1: You get +1 to attack.

Tier 2: You get +1 to attack.

Tier 3: You learn the Novice ability to any of the Fighter's Secret Techniques.

Tier 4: You learn the Journeyman ability of the Secret Technique you selected last time, or learn another Novice technique from another school.

Tier 5: You learn the Expert ability of the Secret Technique you selected last time, or learn a Novice (or Journeyman, if eligible) technique from another school.

Tier 6: You learn the Master ability of the Secret Technique you selected last time, or learn a Novice, Journeyman or Expert technique from another school you are eligible for.


Tier 1: You have access to any equipment you could find in a basic hardware store.

Tier 2: You have access to any equipment a reasonably sized small to mid-sized corporation could obtain.

Tier 3: You automatically have access to any materials or equipment that a well-contacted crime boss could afford/have access to. 

Tier 4: You automatically have access to any materials or equipment a business valued at less than ten million dollars could obtain. 

Tier 5: You have access to any materials or equipment that a top-secret black ops unit or government-backed rebel/terrorist group would be able to afford/have access to.

Tier 6: You have access to the sort of funding that is only available through a megacorporation with extremely deep pockets or a nigh-bottomless government slush fund.  The only limits to you are time and feasibility. 

For Other Superpowers:

I haven't the time to create long lists of super-powers for you to reference, and I doubt you have the time or interest to read them.  Besides, as Basic Red first said and as I discussed later in my many posts on Clerics/Prophets, creating God lists is a waste of time because someone's going to ask to play as a Cleric of Dionysus or Satan and then you'll either have to adapt something you already wrote or come up with something new for them, so making the list is a waste of time in the first place.  

So instead of writing up all potential superpowers, I'll simply create them as needed.  Most Superpowers are simply spells that can be cast at-will, without the need to use mana or expend a spellslot to cast them.  Simply allow your players to use their weaker abilities like that, and for their more powerful ones, impose upon them some sort of cost, such as a cool-down or other penalty.

For example, if a player has the ability to temporarily gain superhuman strength that he doesn't ordinarily have, make it so that when he exerts that much power, he wounds himself. 

Or if he has the ability to create ice- have it slowly cool his body the more he uses it, inducing first numbness, then clumsiness, then eventually hypothermia.

from Ms. Marvel #44, by Sana Takeda

Some Examples:

HD 7
Tier - Queen
Powers: Light Manipulation, Object Conjuration, Teleportation, Telekinesis
Alignment: Lawful Good

Columbia is a buxom, muscular woman who wears a dark blue bodysuit adorned with twinkling rhinestones over red and white leggings.  Her arms are covered in a pure white jacket adorned with red and blue stars, and she wears a helmet that conceals her face behind a featureless mask, but doesn't conceal her golden hair which flows out of the back of the helmet.  The hair is actually fake and she is actually red-haired underneath the helmet.

Columbia has the power to manipulate to create bright flashes or lengthen shadows, allowing her to easily sneak around despite her colorful outfit.  She can conjure objects made of white metal, though these objects disappear after a couple of minutes, and she can only make simple things- no complex machinery.  If the T-1000 could shapeshift into it, she can make it.  She can also teleport short distances and has weak telekinesis, which she uses in conjunction with her muscles to enhance her strikes in melee combat and to make her throws more accurate.

Columbia fights by throwing conjured throwing stars, as well as using  conjured melee weapons.  Her Telekinesis allows her to throw off the aim of gunmen, provided she can see them, and her light manipulation means that it's extremely hard to see her until she's right under your nose.  Her usual tactics are to ambush her opponents, riddle them with throwable blades, then crush the remaining opponents with a brutal hand-to-hand assault.  She's ruthless when it comes to combat and has no patience for honor or fair play, which she regards as idiocy.

Columbia was an ordinary office lady on a business trip until one fateful day, one that lives in infamy in the American psyche: September 1th, 2001.  Her Flight, American Airlines flight 99, was hijacked by terrorists.  Rather then allow themselves to be used as weapons, the passengers and crew chose to attack the terrorists, leading to the crash-landing of the plane, which resulted in the deaths of all aboard, except for one lone woman, who was found three hundred feet from the burning wreckage of the plane.  Since that day, the lone survivor of flight 99 took on the identity of Columbia, The All American Heroine. 

Columbia is tormented by her guilt, as she feels she didn't do enough to save flight 99.  Though that traumatic incident awakened her powers, which at the time she couldn't control, she believes that there was something that she could have done to save the flight.  She is, of course, a patriot who regularly assists the US Military and appears in their recruitment ads.  However, she secretly nurses doubts that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, and that the country has been going in the wrong direction since 9/11, though she would never say that, for fear of hurting her beloved nation.  This is a sentiment likely caused, or at least aggravated, by the intelligence community operatives who have been monitoring her for years now, as they feel she is gaining too much influence over the Military. 

Gloomy Sunday
HD 3
Tier - Jack
Powers: Emotion Inducement, Mental Influence, Telepathy
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Gloomy Sunday is a pale, Eastern European looking man with the build of an older man who still regularly engages in physical exercise.  He wears a dark suit with cufflinks made of smoky quartz and a broad-brimmed hat that covers his face.  He is known to lean on a cane because of a leg injury he suffered a long time ago, but this is actually a deception.  He doesn't need the cane, and furthermore, the cane conceals a sword that he is very adept with.  His only other notable physical feature is that his tear ducts are overactive and constantly produce excess fluid, meaning he cries almost constantly, tears running down his face frequently.  He dabs at them with a white hankerchief, but otherwise doesn't let them distract him.

He prefers to avoid direct confrontations, avoiding violence whenever possible.  He is no stranger to it, but he prefers not to dirty his hands with it, and in truth, he hates to see people in pain.  When he kills, he does so cleanly.  He is most famous for using his powers to overwhelm people with sorrow and despair, robbing them of hope and manipulating them into killing themselves.  But if directly threatened, he will overwhelm opponents in a deluge of terror, sorrow and misery that can bring even superhuman foes to their knees and leave them a sobbing wreck, then put them down.  If his opponents can resist his psychic barrage, he will resort to his concealed guns, sword and knives.

Gloomy Sunday is almost entirely lacking empathy, but he is not a psychopath.  He can and does feel for some other people, which is why he never observes torture or mistreatment personally. He dislikes such cruelty, but is not above it.  He will use the most inhumane methods if he feels it necessary, but he does not hurt people for sadistic pleasure.  When he does anything, he does it for the purpose of advancing one or more of his goals.  His current goal is dismantling and assimilating the local underworld, to bring it all under his control.  He is currently a smaller player, but he is confident he can succeed.  His current goal is manipulating the local families and syndicates into fighting each other, and when they are sufficiently weakened, he will be able to destroy them and usurp the title of Kingpin.

Yellow Cake
HD 4
Tier - Queen
Powers: Mutagenic Touch, Alchemical Touch, Weaponized Self-Mutation, Dust Manipulation, Radiation Immunity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Yellow Cake is an older woman with a shock of white-grey hair extending off her head, a nose like a hawk's beak and eyes that glitter with wild cruelty.  She wears a yellow cat suit made of rubber under a dress made of thick, transparent plastic that is tinted a different shade of yellow.  Her clothing is adorned with radiation and biohazard symbols, as well many stains that could be human blood.  The outfit has also been damaged and repaired many times, to the point where the lurid yellow is starting to fade to that of a soft sunshine white.  Yellow Cake also wears heavy bracelets made of lead, which she carries with no apparent difficulty.

Yellow Cake has the powers of being able to transform stone or metal into a radioactive yellow dust which she can telekinetically control.  This dust burns the skin and quickly induces radiation sickness in those exposed to it.  Extended exposure will massively increase your risk of cancer, as well as your children being born with birth defects.  Yellow Cake also possesses the ability to mutate other creatures into freakish monsters, which she can then control for a short period after.  Finally, she can mutate herself, transforming herself into a terrible monster.  This is an ability that was only recently discovered after she mutated herself and smashed her way out of the Prism, the hyper-max security prison built to contain her and other super-high risk inmates in North America, triggering the simultaneous break out of 28 other prisoners.  It is also believed that she can reverse the mutations she creates, as when she spotted two weeks later, she resembled her normal form once more. 

Yellow Cake is a sadist who inflicts pain because she enjoys it.  She utterly despises young women, especially young mothers, who she takes great joy in torturing.  She has a particular fondness for children, kidnapping and holding them for long periods of time, keeping them safe for long periods of time before usually killing them in some painless way.  It is believed that some of her henchmen might simply be children who were never rescued and see her as their Mother.  Yellow Cake primarily commits crimes to indulge her sadistic habits, she doesn't seem to have any greater ambition other than inflicting pain and making people suffer.  Because of this, she sometimes joins other supervillains with more concrete goals, usually for large fees. Whether she does this because she actually needs money or simply to limit her mercenary work to jobs worth her time is unknown.  Despite the fact that she is generally untrustworthy, the fact that she is so powerful means that she has no shortage of potential clients.     

HD 3
Tier - Jack
Powers: Sorcery, Extended Lifespan, Fast Heal
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Encanta is a young lady who wears a low-cut black-purple dress trimmed in gold that falls to the mid-thigh, with black thighhigh boots trimmed in purple and adorned with golden stars.  She wears lavender evening gloves, a red-purple scarf around her neck which she uses to cover her face and an oversized Witches' hat, with a big point and a bright red bow.  Her hair is dark and her eyes are violet, just darker than the purple undertones of her dress.

Encanta is a sorceress, and possesses the ability to speak words of power and channel the very energies of creation.  She is only limited by her concentration, imagination and physical stamina when it comes to casting spells.  Besides this, her Wizardly heritage gives her the ability to rapidly recover from wounds that would permanently incapacitate a normal human and over time, her body can even heal wounds that a normal human's body could not heal, such as a broken back or stroke.  Additionally, that same healing ability extends her lifespan.  She ages, but much slower than a normal human.  Though she's still fairly young, she'll live for hundreds of years, assuming she doesn't get herself killed fighting someone much stronger than her, or accidentally blow herself up when attempting a magical working.

Besides her own abilities, Encanta also carries several magic items to aid her.  She has a magical purse that is enchanted to provide more storage space than normal, and also not to be noticeable unless focus is directed to it.  She carries this purse all the time, but you only notice it when she grabs it to remove something from it or put something in it.  She also carries a magic wand which lets her more efficiently channel her magic and her clothing is enchanted to be bullet and stab-resistant.  It also has another, more subtle enchantment on it that encourages creatures to direct attacks against her clothing and not her bare skin, which is less protected.  Finally, she wears a pair of rings that allow her to create a shield of magical force in front of or around her to protect herself from more powerful attacks that her clothing is not likely to protect her from.   

Encanta is famous, and she knows it.  She loves to strut her stuff and show off.  She's everyone idol and loves every second of it.  Every gesture of hers is infused with theatrical flair, and she is known to make witty puns and engage in clever word-play, even when not appropriate.  She is sassy and spunky, and while her public persona is exaggerated, it's mostly how she actually is.  In person, however, she is much more serious and can be quite somber.  She's also much smarter than she looks and not nearly as brave.  She gets scared easily and thus does not fight battles she does not think she can win.            


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