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Buckets of Blood: Bad Future Time-Traveler

Another class for Buckets of Blood.  

artist unknown
You come from the future, and man did it suck.  Something BAD happens in the future, whether that be the damn toasters rising up, an alien invasion, humanity offing our own species via nuclear firework show or man-made supervirus or the Gates of Goddamn Hell opening and the dead walking the Earth.  Regardless, it totally ruins everything.  No more flying cars and form-fitting jumpsuits with built in A/C and massagers, now it's all toxic dust, cannibalism and screaming. 

As such, you decided to go back to try and stop it.  There's a FIXED EVENT that will occur soon after you arrive.  If you can prevent that event, the apocalypse can be staved off.  But you have a problem.  Or rather, a whole mess of them. 

Firstly, you're way off course.  You arrived weeks or months ahead of schedule.

Secondly, your knowledge of the past is rapidly becoming useless, if it was any good to begin with.  Changing history will do that, you suppose, but it's still a massive pain as you find yourself suddenly and rapidly out of your depth, with no way back to shore. 

Thirdly, your time machine is broken.

And last, but most certainly not least, you're stuck with these losers.  And trust me, if saving the future wasn't hard enough, now you have to do it in the company of a bunch of trigger-happy freaks more interested in killing people for their own retarded agendas, stealing everything not nailed down or indulging in weird, primitive vices.  Hopefully, you teaming up with them doesn't prevent you from being able to SAVE THE FUTURE.

Also, let's hope that you traveling back in time to try and fix the timeline isn't what doomed it in the first place.  Because that would totally suck.

from The Terminator

You get +1 to HP per template and -1 to Knowledge checks relating to History or Knowledge of the Past/Present per Template (you start with +8)
Starting Equipment: Form-Fitting Jumpsuit, Broken Time Machine (see below), Future Tech (see below) History Textbook from the year 2XXX
Starting Skills: 1) Archeotech, 2) Lock-Picking, 3) Theoretical Physics, 4) History
A: Future Tech, Knowledge of the Past
B: Tech Expert, Jury-Rig
C: Broken Time Machine
D: The Future is Now


Future Tech: You start with one piece of Future Technology.  You have...

1- Ray Gun.  You have a futuristic gun from where you came from.  It 1d4 [1= Freezes people in ice- does 2d6 CON damage, it it reduces a creature to 0 CON it freezes them in ice.  They'll thaw after 1d4 hours; 2= Paralyzes them and inflicts agonizing pain- Does 1d8 DEX damage, dropping someone to 0 causes them to be unable to move; 3= Disintegrates people- Does 2d6 energy damage, save for half.  If it reduces a creature to 0 HP, they and all equipment they are carrying vanish in a flash of light; 4= Shoots lasers- 2d6 fire damage, save for half.]  All Ray Guns overheat on a roll of max damage and will need at least 1 round to cool down.  Additionally, each time you use one, roll 1d20.  On a "1", the Ray Gun stops working and will need to be repaired (a gloomy prospect in this time). 
2- Jetpack.  You have a jetpack that lets you fly and levitate.  You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed and can hover in the air.  Your Jetpack can store enough fuel for 1 hour of flight before it needs to be refilled.  It has a hydrogen fuel cell and thus, can be refilled with common water.  Unfortunately, it's super explosive, so it anyone ever scores a Critical Hit against you, you must save.  On a failed save, your Jetpack explodes, dealing 3d6 damage to everything within 50'.     
3- Helper Intelligence.  You brought your trusty robot back from the future with you.  Your robot looks like a 1d4 [1= Retro-future robot, all gleaming metal in a humanoid form, featureless face, articulated hands; 2= Robot Dog with a screen for a face and realistic tail; 3= Tiny floating sphere the size of a softball with tiny screen and holographic projector; 4= Seemingly normal human in form-fitting jumpsuit, but you can see signs of the fact that it was manufactured- bar code on the bottom of foot, plastic nodes on the back of the neck, etc.]  Regardless of form, your Helper Intelligence is friendly, helpful and cheery.  They can access computer systems, do research for you, and do anything a well-trained human servant can do.  Bound by the Three Laws though, so it cannot help in a fight.  Also, will only obey you or others who you tell it too.
4- Holocube.  A cube of crystal, glass and metal that can project a realistic hologram up to 30' wide and 10' tall.  Can also make sounds and record what it sees around it, then recreate it via hologram. 
5- Liquid Metal Multi-Tool.  A piece of plastic that can be programmed to take the form of any small tool that could fit into your hand, such as a hammer, chisel, knife, lockpick, spatula, etc.  It cannot form anything not made of metal or anything with moving parts. 
6- Energy Sword.  A badass, but totally antiquated weapon designed to sheer through power armor, so it makes short work of almost anything here.  Does 2d8 damage when Power Field Generator is turned on, 1d6 when not.  When the Power Field Generator is on, it can cut through anything not super-hard or indestructible (Referee's Discretion), but this sucks power.  You can only use it 1d20+3 times before the Sword runs out of power and needs to be recharged.  And recharging it will be really hard in this time.   

Knowledge of the Past: Once per Day, you can declare you remember something from your studies about the past.  If you're trapped in a building, you can remember you saw the blueprints of this building and know of a side door, or if you're in a bank, you can remember that the manager keeps a shotgun under his desk (he'll heroically use it to stop a robbery in a few years).


Tech Expert: The first lesson of Time Travel is that things will break and you better have some way to fix it.  As such, you're highly practiced with older technologies and can easily repair most technology from this era, provided you have tools and time.  You can also jury-rig things to work just long enough to work.  Fixing technology from your own time is a lot harder and requires a bunch of trial and error at best. 

Jury Rig: If you want to create some crazy device out of existing tech or parts, there's a 1d10% equal to the Number of Templates you have that you'll be able to succeed.  For example, if you want to make a battery out of acid, some copper tubes and some wires, you might be able to pull it off.  If you want to brew up some pipe bombs with some chemicals you found in a shade-tree mechanic's garage, there's a chance you can do that.  Referee's discretion applies on whether something is possible, but you'll always be more equipped to try than most.  


Broken Time Machine: Your Time Machine is still busted, but you partially fixed it.  Now you can use it for other purposes, though not for traveling through time.  Your Time Machine is...


1- A cool sports car.  Get going up to a pre-set speed and hit the Flux Capacitor you tear the fabric of space and time, disappearing in a pair of fiery tire tracks.  That isn't an option anymore, of course, but you have managed to get some of the tech working.  As an action, you can turn the car immaterial by de-synchronizing with the timestream, allowing you to pass through solid objects.  Your car can remain out of sync with the timestream for up to 1 minute, before realigning with the current flow of time.  After using the flux capacitor like this, you must wait at least 10 minutes for it to cool down. 
2- A room in this house.  Your time machine appears as a mostly empty room in a pre-existing structure, as if it was always there.  Inside, the only items in the room is an activation lever, a keyslot, a control panel and series of clocks displaying Absolute Time, Current Time and the Destination Time.  You cannot travel through time, but you can, by pushing the button on the key fob, make your time machine appear inside any building you are currently inside of, and then, by climbing inside, send it to any other building.  You can take it back to any building you have been to, or any building you know the Absolute Chronospatial position of.  You can summon your time machine via your key fob once before it needs to recharge by spending at least 1 hour inside your time machine. 
3- Turn Tables.  Your time machine is a series of turn tables that can be manipulated to kick any party up to 11 or to travel through time.  Or at least, they could.  Your repairs enable you to turn them partially on and communicate with a version of yourself in alternate timelines.  For example, you can speak to a future or alternate version of yourself to try and learn more about your current situation.  You may do this 1/Day.  However, each time you do this, there is a chance that the future changes because of what you learned, which can lead to escalating changes and other bad effects.        
4- Your time machine didn't travel with you, instead it only transported you.  The time machine is still in the future and if you leave a message in a pre-arranged place, there is a 1d10% chance that your message survives to the future.  This means you cannot travel on your own, but it means that if your message makes it to the future, you can ask your future contacts for almost anything.  Now, remember, you come from a Bad Future, so your future contacts do not have complete records on the past nor an abundance of wunder-tech to send you.  However, they will do what they can to help you Save the Future.   


The Future is Now: The prophesized FIXED EVENT that you were sent back is going to happen- within one week.  You can describe the events of what is going to happen to the Referee, then he rolls secretly.  Depending on what he rolls, that reflects the truth of your statements.  For example, if you were sent back to stop Humans from going to Mars and knew that one astronaut would breach containment for 1 hour on the day before the launch, your Referee would roll on the following table to see how much your actions had changed the future. 

How much has the circumstances around the FIXED EVENT changed?

1- Not at all.  The FIXED EVENT will play out exactly as you describe it.  Your knowledge of details is entirely pristine, but once the bullets start flying, who knows what will happen?
2- Only a bit.  One or two details have been altered, but your description of the circumstances around the FIXED EVENT are 70-90% accurate.
3- Key Details.  The circumstances you described are largely accurate, but certain details around the FIXED EVENT have been changed.
4- 50% accurate.  Any detail you describe from the FIXED EVENT has a 50% of being wrong. 
5- Mostly different.  While some details will remain the same, most of the circumstances around the FIXED EVENT have changed. 
6- Entirely different.  You have no idea what will cause the FIXED EVENT to occur, as your actions have so altered circumstances that your knowledge of precedings before the FIXED EVENT are entirely worthless.       

If you manage to prevent the FIXED EVENT or change it so that the original outcome never happens, your mission is a success.  You may be able to return to the future then, though it will be a future you were never a part of.  However, it will probably be way cooler than your current future.  Alternatively, you can choose to stay in the past with a new piece of future tech or other appropriate boon.  Though to be honest, why would you do that?

by thesheypyg

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