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GvM: Fear the Wizard!

All Humans have the potential to do magic, as magic comes from the soul (or perhaps through the soul?) and all Humans have souls.  However, just like a body will encourage you to eat tons of tasty, fattening foods because it doesn't realize you, if you are reading this, likely live in a nation where food is unlikely to run out anytime soon; the soul will likewise hoard its energy in event of a spiritual emergency, and thus most Humans cannot do magic.

Now there are ways to rectify this.  The Company forces its operatives to undergo the Rite of the Iron Maiden, a much rumored and poorly understood process.  However, what we do know indicates that the Rite of the Iron Maiden is a trial of strength.  It forces those who endure it to open the floodgates to their magic and use it, or else this Rite will be the last thing you ever attempt.  Those who survive this Rite gain power in the form of a Semblance, a single magic power unique to the user, that can be used at will.

But there are some who can naturally unlock their own magic.  These rare geniuses unlock their own Semblances through sheer determination and willpower.

But the manufactured Semblance users of API and the bold geniuses of mankind are nothing compared to the Wizards.

Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards

Wizards are humans who have inherited such immense magical power that they dwarf all other mortal magicians.  The most powerful Wizards stand on near-even footing with Xeno Kings, Demon Lords, Faerie Queens, and the oldest living Dragons.  But while most Wizards are not nearly that powerful, all of them are not to be crossed lightly.

The Wizards are a separate supernatural nation, considered as a tribe of Xenos by the Company.  This is because Wizards are about as far from normal humans are from Xenos.  And this is not to say that Wizards, don't eat, shit or die.  Because they do.  But they largely inhabit their own shadow-culture beneath the Normals, and their lifestyles are so different from Those who Know that they have nothing in common with us.  Along with this, Wizards usually form together into large organizations such as the Merlinites, or form large households including their family, relatives, hang-er-ons, retainers, and slaves; so they do not lack in terms of organization and political power.  The Company treats Wizards with great respect, in the same way they treat large groups of the Folk or "civilized" Dragons.  As such, you should stay far, far away if you have any choice at all in the matter.

But even in spite of this, strip a Wizard of all their weapons, their defenses and bodyguards, and you still have a terrifying foe to face.  Firstly, all Wizards can use magic like Gandalf or Dumbeldore.  They can shoot fireballs and turn people into toads, and far, far worse.  Secondly, all Wizards can curse you.  If you're fighting one, do not listen to them, and make sure they're dead (if a Wizard is near death, they will curse you like this.)  The curse of the Wizard varies, but they are all generally horrible.  Thirdly, Wizards live for many, many years- they will die of old age one day if not killed, but if they aren't they can live for centuries.  So if you piss one off, expect to be looking over your shoulder for decades.  And if that wasn't enough they can also slowly heal almost any injury such as a badly scarred hand or a broken bone, though they can't usually regrow limbs or come back from being killed.  But some can, at least, if you trust rumors.  And I don't.

And finally, Wizards are still humans.  And like all Humans, they organize.  So when one Wizard goes missing, if their is any evidence that you killed them, and their probably will be, then you can expect retaliation.  If you kill an Apprentice Wizard, their Master will likely be after you.  If the Wizard has an Apprentice and you kill them, they will be gunning for you.  And even if the Wizard lives alone with their cat and a body-pillow, you can still expect some kind of response from their family.

So, how do I generate a Wizard to kill my players?

First, decide whether the Wizard is an Apprentice, a full Magus (plural Magi) or an Arch-Mage.

Then decide on their name.  If you have no ideas: look here.

Then roll on the following Tables.

How hard will this Wizard to kill?
1- 1d3 HD
2- 1d4 HD
3- 1d6 HD
1- 2d4 HD
2- 1d3+1 HD
3- 1d4+2 HD
1- 1d6+2 HD
2- 1d8 HD
3- 1d8+2 HD

How strong is the Wizard?
1: This Wizard is very weak.  You can probably take them.  -1 HD, min: 1 HD   
2-3: This Wizard is middle to above average strength.  Fight them with extreme caution, or not at all.  +1 HD.
4-5: This Wizard is among the best and brightest.  If the Wizard starts attacking, run.  Run fast.  +1d4 HD.   
6: This Wizard is a living God.  Don't bother running, you'll only die tired.  +1d6 HD.

What is this Wizard's defenses?
1- Enchanted clothing that functions as armor.
2- Expensive bodyguards.
3- A guardian created via magic.
4- Wizard has a magical artifact or enchanted piece of equipment that heals them and helps them regenerate.
5- Wizard is very hard to hit.  Not just high AC, but can teleport to nearby places, create illusionary duplicates, etc.
6- The Wizard has a device that constantly damages everyone around them (their bodyguards or servants are somehow exempted from this.  Ex: The Wizard has a ring that constantly causes 1 damage to everyone within 30'.  Their bodyguards have subordinate rings that absorb the damage.

What is their primary magical weapon?
[Legend: Apprentice/Magus/Arch-Mage]
1- Blasts of fire.  1d8/1d10/1d12, save for half.
2- A magical sword or melee weapon.  Look down in the treasure table for ideas what they could have.
3- Telekinesis.  As the Great God Pan, detailed here.
4- A magical gun or a ranged weapons with enchanted projectiles.  See here for inspiration.
5- Their shadow or an invisible ally.
6- Illusions.  The Wizard creates holograms of themselves, but they aren't any of the clones, they are hiding under a shrub, then when more clones appear, they are actually over your friends, so you end up fighting your friends or killing random people.  Catch them if you can.   

What other spells can they cast?
1d6 others

1d10 other

1d20 other

What stupidly overpowered spell does this Wizard have ready for a tricky situation?

The Wizard can cast this spell once per encounter, and then must rest for at least an hour before using it again.

Overpowered Spell Table

1- Big Whoosh.  Enough Wind to send you flying.  Can throw one person or object 50', no save.    
2- Hellfire.  Way too much fire.  2d20 fire damage- save for half.
3- Zap.  Summon lightning from the sky.  1d12 damage, and +1 damage for each piece of metal in your inventory. 
4- Belly of the Whale.  Suck you into their mouth and shrink you in the process. 
5- Blockbuster.  Magic explosive.  Makes big boom.  5d6 explosive damage.
6- Mass Reduce Person.  For a brief period of time, you are shrunken.
7- Strength of Ten Men.  The Wizard gains the Strength of Ten Men.
8- Polymorph.  Save or be turned into a beast.
9- Endless Night.  Steal all the light from someone.  One person has all light turn invisible to them.
10- Transmute Fluid.  Transmute any liquid into a strong acid.  Better hope its not raining.  1d6 damage per round exposed.
11- Heart of Winter.  Freeze anything.  1d10 damage + 1d6 damage per round until you get out of the spell's radius. 
12- Tyrant Sun.  Focus all the sunlight on one point.  3d6 damage, then 1 damage around until you get out of the light. 

What treasures will the Wizard give to you or use to bribe you?

For an apprentice, roll 1d6 to see what they can offer you.  For a Magus, roll 1d12.  For an Arch-Mage, 1d20.

Wizard Treasure Table
1- A magic sword or weapon.  Wizards make lots of these
2- A few potions.
3- Quick transportation to wherever you need to go.  This can be teleportation, through a portal, a route through the Underground, etc.  Is quick and will get you there if you follow the Wizard's directions.  No other guarantees. 
4- A freakish monster that (maybe) will obey you
5- A magic spell.  This spell, once stored in your head, can be cast once.  Use it well.
6- A piece of vital information.
7- The Wizard will tell your fortune.  Wizard fortunes are notoriously accurate.  This is common knowledge.  It is also common knowledge that many people who have their fortunes told by Wizards end up suffering horrible fates
8- The Wizard will summon up the soul of someone dead, so you may speak to them.
9- A method of magical healing.
10- Yourself.  The Wizard can summon a copy of you from a parallel universe.  The Wizard can also do this for someone who has already died, thus essentially bringing your friend back to life.
11- Immortality.  The Wizard can help you extend your life, maybe even forever?
12- Something you lost.  Wizards are very, very good at finding lost things.  Here is a brief list of lost things a Wizard could find for you: an arm or severed limb (restored to normal functionality), a friend, your car keys, the memories of something that happened in your past, your father's love, the book you "borrowed" from the library but then lost, Atlantis.  And remember, this list is not exhaustive, however, the Wizard can only find lost things, not hidden or forgotten things.
13- A magic circle.  This, if inscribed on the ground, will trap any powerful creature within, but only if you do exactly as the scroll the Wizard gave you told you to do.
14- Your ideal self.  The Wizard can increase or decrease your stats, alter your appearance, etc.  Though you should be very careful if someone offers you this, the best time to stab someone in the back is when you're wrist deep in their genome.
15- One phone call.  The Wizard can connect you to any number of important people, such as high-ranking members of the Company, other Wizards, and the inhabitants of other universes or planes.  This reward provides no protection against the actions such entities might take. 
16- One enemy destroyed.  The Wizard can crush your enemies like bugs, if they have the time to do so.
17- A suit of magical armor.  Enchanted plate mail, escorcelled Kevlar, a stab proof vest made of living fire, etc.
18- Kingship.  The Wizard has access to the crown of a kingdom, and whoever claims it will automatically be coronated as the King of that nation.  If you accept it, this will radically alter the game.  Roll 1d4 to see what the complication is: [1= The nation the Kingship is over does not publicly have a King; 2= The Kingship is for a nation that does not exist anymore, accepting that will mean recreating that nation and massive Geo-political disruptions leading to war, revolution and genocide, etc; 3= The Kingship is of a nation that does not yet exist, but soon will; 4= The Kingship is of a Xeno tribe or Kingdom in an alien land].  Also, even with all that, you will still have to be King. 
19- A favor.  One day, in the future, if you need something only a Wizard can offer, then you can call them up and they will give it to you. 
20- Nothing.  The Wizard gives you something that will make you happy, but is actually an illusion.  Once they get out of range, it transforms into sticks and mud or other worthless garbage.        
What is this Wizard's current plan?
1- To recover a magical artifact of immense power
2- To drive away or kill a particular monster/tribe/enemy
3- To make a pact with a being far beyond them
4- To gather the ingredients for a powerful ritual
5- To perform a field test for a totally untested and highly dangerous piece of experimental magic
6- To distract a particularly bothersome person/organization so they will leave the Wizard alone
1- To punish a troublesome polity (city, province, or small nation)
2- To punish a particular person and their family, or the descendants of that person
3- To become immortal
4- To trick or manipulate a person into fulfilling an ancient prophecy
5- To awaken an Elder God from their hibernation beneath the waves
6- To destroy an institution or an organization that the Wizard finds offensive (CERN, Walmart, National Geographic magazine)
7- To attempt or investigate time travel, with the intention of using it
8- To create life (the more dangerous and uncontrollable, the better)
9- To hand over immense power to a random Normal and see what they do with it (a social experiment)
10- To create an opponent worthy of fighting them
11- To make a fictional character(s) real
12- To clone/resurrect/revive someone they love
1- To get into space in a rocket made of garbage and spells
2- To build a tower or structure that can reach Heaven so they can speak to God
3- Building a portal to Hell
4- Ripping a star out of the heavens
5- To learn their fate and the fate of everyone in the world
6- To gain access to another, parallel universe

How insane is the Wizard?
1: Very.  The Wizard is as mad as a hatter, highly unstable, and likely shunned by anyone sensible.
2-5: Somewhat.  The Wizard is odd, eccentric, and bizarre.  They seem to do things for no reason, and never justify themselves.  Some people tolerate them, but all are careful with them, in the same way you'd be careful near a live explosive or a hissing cobra.
6: Not at all.  The Wizard is entirely sane.  This is not a good thing.  A sane Wizard is ten times worse than an insane one.

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