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TwK: The Cordohomin Fungus

Warning: This post is a bit NSFW in terms of text and some of the pictures might be a bit questionable.  You have been warned.  

                                                            source unknown, from here

Stage 0: Polyp

Cordohomin Polyp
HD 2
Armor Hard Scales [15 Armor]
Atk Tentacles (1d6 + Grapple) or Spore Release
Mor 14
Saves 9 or less

Blind: Cordohomin Polyps are blind, but are considered to have tremor sense for 30' and a powerful sense of smell.

Sticky: Cordohomin Polyps can stick to walls or ceilings.  Their tentacles are also sticky, anyone who is touched by tentacles is immediately grappled. 

Spore Cloud: If it has a living creature within 10' of it, the Cordohomin Polyp can release a cloud of spores into that creature's face.  These spores will infect the creature, and begin it's transformation into the appropriate next stage. 

- Stay concealed
- Avoid conflict if there are no females
- If there is a female, ambush her and infect her with 'Spore Cloud'

The Cordohomin Polyp resembles a hard cylinder of chitin with small, tube-like feet potruding from the bottom and a flower-like head emerging from the top of it's body.  The flower-like head also hosts a number of sticky tentacles which it uses to grab anything that draws too close.  These tentacles are primarily used to catch small animals that it catches in ambushes. It prefers areas that are dank and dark, so it usually ends up feeding on rats, but just as often it can feed on voles, mice, rabbits or fish.  These are it's primary food source, though the Polyp can also filter water for nutrients.

The Polyp is an animal, clever in the way some are, but not truly intelligent.  The Polyp also is single-mindedly focused on it's mission.  The mission is to infect someone with it's Spores.  The primary and desired targets of the Polyp are human females.  It can infect males, but this is less desirable, as it extends the life cycle by unnecessary steps.  Once it infects a human female, the Polyp has served it's purpose and will crawl away to some dark corner to die, if it isn't killed first.      

                                                     by Wrenzephyr2

Stage 1: Vector

The infected person, or IP, will not seem to be harmed by the exposure to the spores.  Medical exams will show that the spores are unlike any other kind, as they are bonding with and infiltrating the host cells, producing new and different types of cells.  This first part of the change will be painless. 

Then, things will begin to diverge.  If the IP is male, he will find himself becoming stronger, as well as more passionate.  His appetites for food and sex will increase exponentially, though they will be hard to notice at first.  He will begin finding all the women around him attractive, regardless of pre-existing preferences.  His new preference will be for young, fertile ones.  He will be able to smell a girl's fertility, as well as when she has had her last period. 

The first woman he has sex with will become another IP.  All others after her will be safe.  He, meanwhile, will slowly begin transforming into a Lancer.

If the IP is female, on the other hand, she will find her appetite slowly growing, until she consumed by a ravenous hunger.  She will eat the entire contents of her fridge, then order out, then run down to the corner store and spend a hundred dollars on candy because the delivery is taking too long.  She will eat like a caterpillar, spending every cent she has on food.  The latter part of this stage will be characterized by new, alien organs growing inside of her body.  She will still resemble a human, but internally, she is already starting to become something different.

She will also become incredibly promiscuous.  This will start as an increased urge but soon she will be lost in a haze of lust, staggering around like she's drunk.  She doesn't realize what she's doing, but she's interested in gathering genetic material for her future children.    

                                                                      by tukiwani

Stage 2: Huntress

Cordohomin Huntress
HD 4
Armor Iron-Hard Muscles [23 Armor]
Atk Elbow Fins and Fist (1d8/1d8) + Tentacles (1d6 + Grapple) or Pheremone Spray
Mor 13
Saves 11 or less

Pheremone Spray: A Cordohomin Huntress can spray a stream of fluid that is packed full of pheremones that boost libido, induce powerful sexual urges and reduce aggression.  This stream hits automatically unless you have a shield or someone that could keep a fluid off of you.  In the former case, save to avoid it.  Anyone exposed to the spray must save.  On a failed save, the creature must immediately cease hostilities with the Cordohomin Huntress and becomes charmed by her.  

- Use 'Pheremone Spray' to seduce and charm
- Climb buildings and jump down on your prey
- Never fight a losing battle, leave your protectors to do the dying if necessary

The IP will continue her transformation.  For about two weeks, she will eat anything you put in front of her.  She will become extremely undiscerning in her habits.  Junk food and raw meat, 5 star dining and possibly moldy left-overs, it's all the same to her. 

This influx of food will trigger a physical metamorphosis.  Her skin will change color and she will grow taller and more muscular, gaining terrific strength.  This will be barely noticeable at first, but gradually she will become an Amazon who towers over everyone around her with the strength of Thor.  The changes will not stop there, though.  She will also grow hardened fin-blades out of her forearms and her hair will fall out, to be replaced with many short tentacles.  Her ears will elongate, short horns will sprout from her head and she will grow a large, phallus-like potrusion from her groin.

Her sexual appetite will remain elevated, but now she will also go after women.  She will pursue them, using her large new organ to douse them in pheremones and have her way with them.  Those who do will likely become pregnant with her children, the Cordohomin Familiars.  She will also be much more unreasonable, perfectly willing to rape men or women who come to interest her- though with her pheremones, this isn't always necessary.  

The Huntress's other mental changes will become obvious now.  While before she was only dealing with elevated instincts and strange new urges, she now hears a faint song that seems to echo through her mind.  This song tells her what she must do- she needs to find herself a safe place far from enemies, and it tells her when the next stage of her transformation is to begin.

The Huntress' personality is still largely that of hers from when she was a human, but it has been twisted to a new end.  The Huntress is now dedicated to an alien agenda that is not her own, yet she is unlikely to care at this point.  She will find a hidden lair for herself and build a harem of nubile women and strong men and keep consuming. 

Note: You can alter this time-frame as needed, but I am setting the Huntress Stage for 2 weeks.  Every 3 days, assuming an unblocked access to food, the Huntress increases in 1 HD.  Once she reaches 9 HD, the third stage begins.    

                                                              from here

Stage 3: Broodmother

HD 9
Armor Thick Flesh and Hard Muscles [24 Armor]
Atk Tentacles (1d6 + Grapple/1d6 + Grapple)
Mor 9
Saves 15 or less
Pheremone Cloud: A Cordohomin Broodmother is constantly surrounded by a haze of pheremones that inhibit aggression in non-Cordohomin.  Anyone who gets within 30' of her must save or be charmed to her.  Those with devices that filter air may receive an appropriate bonus to their save, while those who have their own supply of oxygen (such as in a tank) do not need to save.   

Ponderous: A Cordohomin Broodmother is slow, unable to move faster than a brisk jog.  Any decently healthy person can outrun her.

Kiss: A Cordohomin Broodmother's saliva is overflowing with her pheremones.  Anyone who is licked by her is immediately charmed by her, as long as some of her saliva hits exposed skin or any other place where her pheremones could reach the bloodstream.   

- Avoid fighting
- Run if in danger
- Grapple

The genetic material the Huntress drank in has been mixed within her body and then anchored to her many internal wombs.  Now it has come time for her efforts to bear fruit.  The Huntress' body bloats and she begins laying translucent pink-white eggs. Each one houses one of her children, a Cordohomin.

This is the most dangerous stage for the Cordohomin, as the Broodmother has a greatly reduced chance to protect herself and the majority of her children will not be large or powerful enough to protect her.  As such, for a brief window, she will have to rely on what protectors she accumulated while a Huntress.

The Broodmother will lay a vast clutch of eggs, but some near the end will be larger and harder than the others.  These will hatch slowest of all.  But when they do, they will crack open to reveal the Cordohomin Lancers, her most loyal protectors.  This will be the culmination of the Broodmother stage.  Once the Lancers are born, she will continue focusing on her own growth once again.    

                                                 from One Piece


Love Slaves are humans who were seduced or forced into serving the Huntress.  Now that she has become the Broodmother, those infectious pheremones constantly surround her, enthralling them and binding them to her.  As such, most Love-Slaves are unfocused and unreliable.  They worship the Broodmother and constantly seek to please her, but like someone caught by the blustering winds of infatuation, they are not as aware of what is going on. 

Love-Slaves have whatever stats they would have normally.

                                                    source unknown

Cordohomin Familiars

HD 1
Armor Scavenged Armor [1d4+3 Armor]
Atk As Weapon or Firearm (if available)
Mor 10
Saves 7 or less

Pheremone Immunity: Cordohomin Familiars are immune to the charming effects of their Mother.  They still love and revere her, but she cannot charm them with her pheremones. 

Loyal: If Cordohomin Familiars know you are going to threaten their Mother or see you doing it, they can reroll failed morale checks and saves against fear. 

Human Looking: Cordohomin Familiars look like perfectly normal humans on the outside.  Only by examining their insides can you determine they are not real humans.

- Pretend to be human
- Infiltrate and attack through stealth
- Fight fanatically to defend their Mother   

Cordohomin Familiars look like humans.  They walk and talk like us, inheriting all their Mother's memories.  They will use these to protect their Mother and accumulate resources for her.  They will then work on infiltrating human society, penetrating the institutions and using nepotism and in-group solidarity to honeycomb important organizations and groups with sleeper-agents.

The fact that they hatched from eggs lain either by the Broodmother or by one of her human surrogates is not something that you can tell from looking at them.  They do not seem like the type of creature that hatched and grew to the size of an adult human within a month.  Yet they are.  And above all, they are not human, nor do they have your interests at heart.  From behind familiar eyes, an alien mind plots your destruction.      

                                                                 by Jack Wang

Cordohomin Lancers

HD 3
Armor Thick Skin and Muscular Builds [12 Armor]
Atk As Weapon+2 Ex: Monkey Wrench (1d6+2/1d6+2) or Firearms (if available)
Mor 14
Saves 10 or less

Pheremone Immunity: Cordohomin Lancers are immune to the charming effects of their Mother.  They still love and revere her, but she cannot charm them with her pheremones. 

Loyal: If Cordohomin Lancers know you are going to threaten their Mother or see you doing it, they can reroll failed morale checks and saves against fear. 

- Rush in heedless of danger
- Protect Mother to the last
- Focus on strong targets, work your way down from there

Cordohomin Lancers are miniature copies of the Huntress, not as strong, tall and infertile, so they will lack her enormous phallus.  They will, however, possess enough of her strength to rip a man's arms off and crush a ribcage like it's rotten wood. 

The Lancers are fanatics.  They will protect their Mother against any danger, giving their lives for her.    

                                                    by BadRabbitCosplay

Stage 4: Queen

HD 12
Armor Thick Skin and Rigid Muscles [30 Armor]
Atk Enormous Hands (1d6+4/1d6+4)
Mor 13
Saves 19 or less

Pheremone Cloud: A Cordohomin Queen is constantly surrounded by a haze of pheremones that inhibit aggression in non-Cordohomin.  Anyone who gets within 30' of her must save or be charmed to her.  Those with devices that filter air may receive an appropriate bonus to their save, while those who have their own supply of oxygen (such as in a tank) do not need to save.

Innate Spellcasting: Cordohomin Queens have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At-Will: Charm Person, Sanctuary, Shield
3/Day: Protection from Energy, Void Shields
1/Day: Mental Dominion, Feeblemind

Telepathic: Cordohomin Queens have the power of telepathy.  They can communicate with any creature within 100' of them and with any of their children who are on the same planet.  They can also communicate with Cordohomin Queens on other planets. The Queens, if they are looking, can sense the presence of other minds within 100' of her and and can sense the emotions of anyone within that radius, but she cannot read their thoughts unless they let her.  

Immobile: Cordohomin Queens can move, but only at the rate of 5' per minute.  They are extremely slow. 

- Use your psychic powers- ie 'Innate Spellcasting', to shred the minds of those who challenge you
- Do not allow yourself to be threatened- crush all resistance with extreme prejudice
- Be Ruthless, your children are expendable, you can always have more

The Broodmother, once she has laid her first clutch of eggs, will continue to grow and grow.  She will eventually reach the  size of a small house.  All the while, she will continue producing eggs, new Cordohomins to spread further across the planet, slowly spreading her influence across the planet.

Her children will continue their campaigns of infiltration, subverting existing institutions or taking them over to increase their power.  This silent take-over will eventually, unavoidably, go public, but by that point, it will take a herculean effort to dislodge the Cordohomin, who will be able to recognize each other and will turn the humans against each other in a bid to dominate and displace them. 

However, one wonder yet remains.  The horns on the Queen's head that first emerged when she was a Huntress now extend and expand, before they begin to shine with psychic power.  The Cordohomin Queen hears the song that verberated through her mind when she was a Huntress and a Broodmother and now recognizes it as a hymn sung by others of her kind, others like her, scattered among the stars.  And she harmonizes with them, calling her fellow Sister-Queens to this new world, the one she has claimed for them.    

                                                    by Neolucky

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