Saturday, December 19, 2020

TwK: 6 Additional Dread Archetypes for the Problem

The Problem is a class written for Those who Know, meant to be the caster/bruiser class to complement the mostly human and frail other classes.  The Problem has mystical powers, but also is transforming into a monster.  

But what monster?  That is what the Dread Archetype describes: what kind of horror you're transforming into and how that affects you.  Last time we covered the Ghoul, Creepbot 2000, Fey-touched, Star-child, Dead Man Walking and Daemonhost.  But now I'm back with a fresh serving of new freaks for you to slowly transform into!

                                                                     by Xelandra


You were human once, but now have been captured by your passions.  You want nothing more than to lose yourself in the abyss of pure sensuality.  But all this, mortality stuff, all these limits, they are getting in the way.  So you have decided to get rid of them, one by one, until you are nothing but a machine for pleasure.    

First Fruit:
You can release a cloud of pheremones around yourself that naturally increase your attractiveness to anyone who inhales them.  All those within 10' of you must save or be charmed by you.  Those who are charmed will be smitten with you, and want to hold, kiss and do other romantic/sexual things with you.  They will also be much more agreeable and distractable.  If you don't fit a creature's specific orientation or type, then that creature may receive a bonus to his save.  Similarly, a creature who is attracted to creatures of your type and sex may receive penalties to his save.

Predator's Eye:
You gain the ability to sense when another creature is observing or otherwise sensing you.  You can even sense their awareness of you if it is through some kind of medium, such as a video camera with a live feed or by observing you on a sensor.  You can also tell what parts of your body they are focusing on, if they are.   

Rotten Bloom: Your bodily fluids become infused with tantric energy.  Upon contact with them, the unsaved, unholy and those who choose to succumb feel shudders of pleasure pass through their bodies.  A kiss is enough to make them shudder with pleasure.  Anyone who has been exposed to your bodily fluids within the last hour have disadvantage on his save against your pheremones.  They will also be much more amenable to whatever you want.  The righteous and those in a state of grace are unaffected by this effect. 

Your bodily fluids also become anathema to the righteous or those in a state of grace.  If exposed to them,  creatures in those states must save or be paralyzed.  These creatures can also choose to fail their saves at will but instead be charmed by you instead of paralyzed.  A kiss will paralyze for 1 round, but you can extend this duration to 1 minute by slobbering all over them for a bit.  Creatures currently in a dangerous situation, such as a battle, high-speed chase or etc, make their saves with advantage.

Natural Born Killer: You can the ability to drain life energy through touch.  By touching someone, you can force that creature to save.  On a failed save, you do 1d6 nonlethal damage to the creature, sapping his energy.  Creatures in combat or otherwise hostile to you make their saves with advantage, while those in an intimate moment with you automatically fail their saves.

This energy drained can be used to restore an equivalent amount of FS or to be stored as dice for your 'Rush of Power' ability, though extra dice are automatically expended after your next long rest.

Malign Form: You gain the ability to shapeshift, altering your physical appearance to anything you can imagine.  You cannot increase your size category.  Additionally, any changes you make do not change your attributes, abilities or ability scores. 

The one exception to this is that you can grow wings, which give you the ability to fly.  You can only fly as fast as a bird in flight, and not a particularly fast bird.  Think seagull or songbird. 

Born Again:

You can become an avatar of pure physical lust.  All you must do is gather a group of people, drive them out of their minds on drugs and loud music, whipping them up into a frenzy.  Then strap yourself to a raised wooden platform and let them anoint you with their bodily fluids while having an orgy around you.  Then, have them give you their strength or take it by force.  If you don't die, you will become a Cupid, a demi-god of sex and sensual pleasure.  You will gain the ability to read minds, enter dreams and cast spells.  You also gain other magicks that will enhance your bedroom arts, learning 6 spells of your choice from the Pornomancer's spell list, as well as 4 more from any other spell list, as long as those other 4 can be justified as part of some kind of fetish or play.

Additionally, by choosing this option, you no longer need food, water or air, and can sustain yourself solely off stolen life energy.  However, you gain a ravenous appetite for life energy, and will need to find yourself a new strong paramours, maybe found a cult designed to provide you a steady stream of new conquests. 

You recognize that the path you are going down is foolish, that you will never sate your desires with more of the same.  So seek out the person who loves you mouth and confess your sins.  Then ask them to love you, as you love them.  If they accept, unite yourself wholly to them, and use your shapeshifting to slip inside their body, while emptying your mana into theirs.  If you both cling to each other without reservation, without holding anything back, then the two beings will fuse into one. 

You will become a Aphrogape, the fusion of two souls, a creation of purest love.  Aphrogape have all the abilities of the creature you fused with, your shapeshifting and gain the ability to alter their bodies beyond the superficial.  They can grow wings to fly, gills to breathe underwater and armor to protect themselves from danger.   

A Incubus/Succubus's Dark Convictions:

1- "You look delicious."  Whenever you meet a halfway attractive or someone who fulfills a specific fetish of yours, you must save or develop an attraction to that creature.  If given the chance, you must save to resist the urge to seduce this person.
2- "I'm the best."  You think you're hot shit and will ignore anyone who says otherwise.  If faced with a problem that seems to fit your skill set, you must save to resist the urge to push everyone aside and take charge of the situation.
3- "Why doesn't he/she like me?"  Whenever slighted by someone attractive, powerful or influential, or someone you like, you must save or start doubting yourself and obsessing over that person's (perceived) opinion.
4- "Am I pretty enough?"  You become insecure and envious of others you view as pretty/more successful/etc than you.  If given the chance, you must save or take the chance to knock them down a peg.
5- "What's her/his deal?"  You are very interested in the opinion of those around you.  When someone doesn't immediately come up to you and start flattering you, you take it as an affront.  If slighted or insulted, unless you already like that person, you must save or take an immediate dislike to a person.  When given the chance, you will slight or insult him in return.
6- "I'm bored of you."  You get bored of people easily.  If someone does something embarrassing, stupid or otherwise inconvenient to you around you, you must save or develop a low level of contempt for them.  You will ditch, avoid and subtly undermine that person whenever you get the chance.  

                                                                  by our lady of sinew

Cold Man

You look mostly human, but are starting to forget how to act like one.  Perhaps you never knew in the first place.  You were created or altered to be an ambassador of an alien race from beyond the stars.  You are here to perform a specific mission and then you will return to your masters.

First Fruit: You can cause a machine or piece of equipment more complicated than a steam engine to malfunction and stop working.  If you spend a Power Die, this malfunction permanently disables the machine.  Otherwise, the machine can usually be coaxed in working again. 

Predator's Eye:
You can tap into one of the many hundreds, if not thousands, of cameras observing any area at any given time and quickly shift between them, allowing you to see things from a new angle.  To see what cameras you can access, roll on the table below.  This ability is not usable in areas where there are no cameras. 

1- Satellite photos.
2- CCTV cameras.
3- Smart/camera phones.
4- Dashcams.
5- Webcams.
6- Camera-equipped aircraft.

Rotten Bloom:
If you have time to study it, you can open any physical or electronic lock.  For an electronic lock, all you need to do is be within 30' of the original user unlocking it, then you can replicate the signal that opened the lock.  Examples for electronics locks you can open include car beepers, automatic house locks that respond to the owner's voice or face, etc.  This does not apply to passwords.  As for physical locks, all you require is access to the lock and time.  A padlock can be opened in an action, but a bank vault could take several minutes of uninterrupted concentration.

Natural Born Killer: You gain the ability to replicate any non-magical weapon you have disassembled and studied for at least 1 hour.  You can produce these weapons by secreting metallic goo from your pores as an action, which then shapes itself into whatever you desire.  Note that any ranged weapon cannot form ammunition for that weapon.  You also cannot generate explosives using this ability. 

Malign Form: You realize that you can remove your skin, to prevent it from getting dirty.  Underneath it, you are not human. Anyone who sees what you really look like under your skin and either hasn't seen it before or is unprepared, must immediately check morale or be frightened of you. 

Born Again: 

Rebellion (Darkness): You realize that you are actually among the smartest and most powerful beings on this planet, and that this energy and technology rich planet could easily be yours.  You could reign over these primates like gods- but first, you need to shed your collar.  There is an obedience device implanted in you, you will need help removing it.  If you can remove it, you will no longer be constrained by your programming and will be able to do as you please.  However, be careful.  Not only is the removal process dangerous, but attempting it will also attract the attention of others like you on the planet, who will come to try and stop you. 

Phone Home (Light):
Your mission is now complete.  You now know how to contact your Masters and inform them the job is done.  This will likely require building a transmitting device of earth technology, living human brains and other seemingly random junk. Then, shortly after, your masters will arrive and whisk you off into the Infinite Black.  Before you go, you can great a device that will impart upon your companions some boon that your masters permit you to grant.  That boon is...

1- A device that reverses the aging process.  The device doesn't do it technically, but if you pour enough strange ingredients into it, turn it on and wait 20 hours, it produces an elixir that de-ages a person a number of years.
2- A cloning chamber.  Step inside, it will scan you, and boom!  Out pops an exact duplicate of someone's body.  The body will be uninhabited however, having no soul.  If not protected, the body is likely to attract any number of spirits or Outsiders who might want to take it for a joyride.
3- A holographic projector.  This projector can project an image as big as a garbage truck and make sounds to accompany whatever it projects. 
4- A ray gun.  The gun 1d6 [1= Freezes people; 2= Teleports people to a random location; 3= Disintegrates things, save vs death if it damages you; 4= Fires lasers that ignore armor; 5= Fires lasers that do no damage but slow someone down temporarily, causing them to move in slow motion; 6= Fires lasers that make people temporarily become unaffected by gravity.]  Each time the ray gun is used, roll 1d20.  On a roll of 1, it runs out of ammo and stops working.
5- A teleporter/wormhole generator.  It is two pieces, each resembling a doorway.  If they are switched on, what goes through one comes out the other, no matter how far away. 
6- A suit of armor.  The armor 1d4 [1= Is a suit of power armor; 2= Is a layer of self-repairing nanobots that can heal the user and disguise itself as normal clothes; 3= A personal force field; 4= A chestplate that releases a cloud of mirrored, artificial beetle-like robots that swarm around the wearer, protecting them from danger.  The swarm can also be used as a weapon, attacking the wearer's enemies.]

A Cold Man's Dark Convictions:

1- "I cannot misbehave, the Earthlings are onto me."  You get paranoid whenever you think you're being watched, and you think they're always watching.  Whenever your companions want to do something illict or something that conflicts with the parameters of your mission, you must save to do it.  Otherwise, you will drag your feet and try to talk the others out of it.
2- "The primates are doing something weird again."  You don't understand the intracacies of human behavior.  Whenever a person does something that isn't immediately logical or of obvious purpose, you must save or misunderstand.
3- "I must learn everything."  You become obsessed with gathering information on everything you deem important or relevant to the mission.  Whenever presented with documents, archives or another source of information you must save or take it. 
4- "I cannot be distracted from my mission."  Whatever the group or your companions are doing, it isn't important.  You must save to continue helping, otherwise you will take the first opportunity to bail and pursue your own objectives.
5- "I must not let them know who, or what, I am."  You get paranoid whenever you think someone has suspicions about you.  Whenever you see someone looking at you funny or hear about someone investigating you, you must save or take action against it.  You will want to overreact.
6- "I must destroy the evidence, leave no trace."  Any proof of your existence makes you worry about being discovered.  Whenever you do something that could leave behind evidence of your presence, you must save or try to destroy that evidence in whatever way is most likely to succeed.

                                                   by Cynthia Sheppard


You have the power of an ancient being made of living fire bubbling in your blood.  You were unaware of this, but as with a pile of loose straw, all it took was a spark to set it alight.  Now you're slowly changing into something beautiful, terrible and utterly beyond man.  Tell me your desires, you advise your guests; for now, they are your command. 

First Fruit: You can cast illusions over creatures or objects, making them appear to something else of similar size.  For example, you could make an apple appear to be a baseball or an enormous diamond, or you could make your blood-stained rags appear to be a fine silk suit.  These illusions do not stand up to physical inspection nor provide any other   You can keep up a number of illusions equal to your COG modifier and if you are injured, stunned or startled, you must save to keep your illusions up.  They automatically deactivate if you fall asleep, are knocked unconscious or dismiss them as a free action. 

Predator's Eye: You can sense life force, which feels to you like heat from a nearby fire.  You can sense all creatures in within 30+(10*COG modifier) feet of you.  The stronger a creature, the "hotter" he or she feels to you.  You are perceptive enough to be able to tell how strong something is, so you can differentiate from animals and intelligent beings, and ordinary mortals and stronger creatures.  Additionally, if you spend enough time around someone, you can come to recognize the wavelength of that individual's soul, which is unique to every person.    

Rotten Bloom: By touching someone, you can place an idea in his head or give him a false impression.  In response to this, creatures may save.  On a failed save, the creature accepts the idea.  A successful save means the creature rejects the idea. Creatures may receive a bonus to their saves if the idea is particularly outlandish, or a penalty if it is reasonable or aligns with their current worldview.  Insane, suicidal or illogical ideas are always rejected immediately.  You cannot give a creature the idea that it liked to drink poison, but you can give it the idea that labeling non-poisonous liquid is a good way to hide wine or other tasty liquids. 

Natural Born Killer: As an action, you can breathe fire or conjure a fireball and make an attack against one creature within 30'.  On a hit, that creature takes 1d6+COG fire damage.  Your fireballs light flammable objects on fire and fires started by them spread as normal.   

Malign Form:
You can, as an action, disappear in a puff of smoke and hot ash and teleport to any available space within 50'. You cannot teleport to a place you cannot see, unless it is a place you know well, such as your house, or a place you used to work.

Born Again:

Dark Fire (Darkness): You learn a method of transcending humanity.  Take that which links you to humanity and destroy it, consigning it to the flames.  Then, freed from all restrictions, renounce your own name and hurl yourelf into the pyre.  If you are truly free you will be reborn as an Ifrit, an ageless being of fire that can fly, conjure walls of flame, hurl fireballs and do anything you could before.  Ifrit also have resistance to damage from non-magical weapons, but do take damage from anything that could extinguish a fire as if it was acid. 

Additionally, Ifrit have a specific death condition.  When slain they turn to ash.  But unless those ashes are scattered over a large area of land (such as from an airplane) or dumped into a large body of water (lake, ocean, wide, fast-flowing river) the Ifrit will return to life in 1d6+1 days.

Unapproachable Radiance (Light):
You decide that your humanity is to precious to give up and that the illict power of the Djinn is disrupting your existence.  So you shed it, sacrificing all of your Djinn powers, cutting yourself off from the entirely.  In exchange, you will be granted 1 Wish, for anything you desire.  You may make this wish at any time, but once you do, it is gone for ever.  The usual stipulations and restrictions apply, of course.  So choose wisely.   

A Djinn's Dark Convictions:

1- "I want to mess with him."  A particular person strikes you as annoying, pompous or an easy target.  You must save or take an action to mess with them.  Depending on the person and the reason you targeted them, your harassment could be minor or greater.
2- "I would like to own that."  You see an object that you want, so you must save or take an action to take it.  Objects selected will usually be valuable, shiny or otherwise important. 
3- "We should be friends."  You see a person and decide you are interested in them.  Whenever given the chance, you must save or take an action to befriend that person.
4- "I see no value in this."  Something mundane or uninteresting no longer seems important to you.  You must save to do it, otherwise you will blow it off.
5- "You irritate me."  A person you usually like, or at least tolerate, begins rubbing you the wrong way.  When interacting with them, you must save or be rude towards them. 
6- "I need stimulation."  Your attention span lowers and you become easily distractible.  If doing something boring, seemingly unimportant or otherwise dull, you must save to stay focused.  Otherwise you will abandon it to go do something you find more interesting.

                                                           from Divinity: Original Sin II


Something terrible lurks in your gene-pool, the ancient shadow of a scaly horror, a cold blooded monster that demands to be free.  You feel your skin grow colder by the day, even as your blood chills and your mind sharpens.  The concerns of men drift away, becoming less relevant as your pale human body transforms into that of a cold-blooded killer.  

First Fruit: You have a quartet of fangs emerging from behind your human teeth.  You can, as an action, use these to spit venom at anyone within 10' or inject it through your fangs after making a Bite attack.  Bite attacks are made at -4 unless against helpless opponents, or -2 if they are in some position that prevents them from being less able to avoid your jaws, such as being grappled, a limb is trapped, they are heavily wounded, etc.  On a hit, they do 1d6 damage. 

If injected, your poison does 2d6 damage, CON save for half.  If spit in someone's eye, that creature must succeed a CON save or be blinded.

Predator's Eye: You gain the ability to sense heat signatures.  You can find a hot object in a colder environment, even in perfect darkness.  However, if you are in a sufficiently hot environment or your opponent is cold-blooded, or simply cold, they blend into the background.

Rotten Bloom: You can alter the color of your skin to whatever you desire.  This change takes 1 minute to fully take effect.  If you use this to camouflague yourself by matching the terrain, you make all checks to hide with advantage, as long as you are in that same terrain.  Your blood has also cooled to the point that you cannot be detected with thermal imaging anymore.

Natural Born Killer: Your human teeth start falling out and are replaced by butcher knives of hard white.  Your Bite attack now does 1d8 damage on a hit and if you hit someone with it, you can automatically grapple them with your jaws. 

Malign Form: You can molt your skin, shedding it and restoring yourself.  Molting takes 1d6 hours and can only be done once per month.  Every time you molt, you are restored to full HP and any lost body parts are regenerated.  However, each time you molt, you lose a bit of your human appearance, becoming more and more reptilian.  Each molting gives you a -1 to all reaction rolls and CHA checks made with mammalian or non-reptilian creatures and a +1 bonus to all reaction rolls and CHA checks made with reptilian or reptilian-adjacent creatures.  

Born Again:

Cold and Scaly (Darkness): You can choose to shed your humanity entirely.  By learning the recipe for, and then making, a secret elixir you can transform into a pure Serpent.  You will gain the ability to transform your lower body into that of an enormous snake, the ability to terrify prey animals by looking them in the eye, causing them to freeze and the ability to release clouds of your poison.  You will also become immune to poison and cease to age. 

However, this will strip you of your remaining attachments to humanity.  You will regard them as overgrown children, obsessed with things that don't matter.  Their morality and concerns will become alien to you.

Warm and Bright (Light): You choose not to quench the flame inside your soul, but ignite it, setting it free.  You learn of a ritual that will allow you to burn away the corrupting influence of your Reptilian ancestry, and to emerge proud and strong.  This ritual is called the Incadescence.  Performing it successfully will burn off your scales and regenerate your suppressed primate side, giving you a new birth.  Those who survive the incadescence gain enhanced strength, the ability to speak to animals as if you shared a language with them and the ability to channel fire, lightning, and acid, but only when they are found naturally.    

A Serpent-Folk's Dark Convictions:

1- "These people are inferior to me."  You think of yourself as higher, smarter and better than the people around you.  You are less likely to see deceit on their behalf or detect their traps unless you save successfully, as you don't believe them clever enough to trick you.
2- "I don't need assistance."  You believe yourself to be fully capable without the aid of others.  Unless in the most dire of situations, you must successfully save to ask for help.
3- "Why should I bother helping?"  These people don't deserve the gift of your aid.  Unless someone is vital to your plans, you must save successfully to lift a hand to take action to help them. 
4- "My work is far too important to stop."  You easily become obsessed with your current project and neglect all others.  You must save successfully to tear yourself away from a project to work on something else, unless that other thing is obviously more important.
5- "You dare?"  If attacked, insulted or otherwise slighted you must save or fly into a rage against one particular creature or group of creatures.  Depending on the context, that might mean attacking them or a barrage of insults and lots of screaming.
6- "This man needs to go."  When someone interferes with your plans or otherwise sabotages you you must save successfully or  develop the strong urge to kill or otherwise remove that creature.

                                                by Koumi-senpai

Hacksaw Lolita

You are a failed attempt at making a secret agent, an unassuming assassin that was supposed to be hypnotically programmable and disposable.  But you turned out to be so much more...

First Fruit: You are cute and look much younger than you actually are.  No matter your actual age, you resemble a person in the ages of 16-24.  If you are woman, you will be fully developed in terms of physical features and be very attractive.  If you are a male (a Lola), you will appear to be younger and cuter.  Based on your apparent youth and cuteness, people will be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and help you with minor matters.  They also won't suspect you of doing something bad, assuming they don't know anything about you.

Predator's Eye: Your sense of smell is extremely powerful, allowing you to detect minute changes in someone's body chemistry. You can tell when someone is scared by scent alone, or if a woman is ovulating or where they last were.  You can tell someone's health by sniffing them.  If you have an object that belongs to a person, you can track them like a blood-hound.

Rotten Bloom: You have an alternate personality which you usually suppress, but can let out.  This alternate personality is largely normal, unlike you, and suffers from none of your Dark Convictions, but has the strength of a 1 HD commoner.  This alternate personality is also unaware of who or what you are.  As such, your Normal personality can pass any lie detection test or interrogation because he/she really doesn't know anything.  You also know a hypno-trigger, a word that if said to you, will cause you to switch back to your Lolita/Lola personality.  You can switch to your Normal personality as an action, but will need someone to say the hypno-trigger to switch you back.     

Natural Born Killer: You gain the ability to inflict pain by touching a creature.  If you can make contact with a creature, you can cause it to be wracked by agonizing spasms.  As long as you maintain physical contact with the creature, that creature must save to do anything but try and get away from you.  This pain you inflict does no physical damage, but it can traumatize and leave psychological scars.   

Malign Form: You gain the ability to cling to sheer walls and ceilings like a spider.  Your joints also gain an unnatural qaulity to them, allowing you to rotate a limb or your head 360 degrees around. 

Born Again:

Face-Taker (Darkness): You learn a method to reject your humanity and become a nameless one.  By removing your own name, you become Nameless, and gain the ability of dopplehood.  By torturing someone, you can copy their mannerisms and way of speaking, though you won't have the knowledge they have.  You also know how to cut someone's skin off to make a skin suit that if worn by you, makes you an identical duplicate of the person whose skin you took.  Note that cutting someone's skin off is usually fatal, so be prepared for what comes after.

Reification (Light): You recognize your own imperfection, so you try to remedy it.  By fusing the fragments of your splintered mind, including your various personalities, together, you can become a new being, the Reified Self.  This process of ascension is very dangerous, as your body will be unable to withstand it.  You will need to have a new vessel constructed for you, but you will only know the details of what this vessel is once the ascension process begins.  You have only the foggiest notion now.  So you must begin the process, then have your allies construct the vessel for you before you finish ascending.  At the end of the ascension, your body will fail and die.  If your allies have constructed the vessel properly, you will be able to inhabit it and become the Reified Self.

The Reified Self is the culmination of a person's ideals, all of their imagined and unrealized choices solidified into living flesh.  Reified Selves have the power to manifest their fears, dreams and ideals into reality in limited ways. 

A Hacksaw Lolita's Dark Convictions:

1- "I must kill."  You're a killer.  Whenever killing someone is an option, and it wouldn't cause more problems if this person died, you will either try to kill him or suggest it as an option.  Save to resist this urge.
2- "He must die."  Whenever someone does something that bothers, inconveniences or threatens you, you must save.  On a failed save, you will start plotting how to kill this person.
3- "I cannot sit here."  You can't stand waiting around doing something.  Whenever people are wasting time talking or hesitating to take action, you must successfully save or immediately take some course of action. 
4- "Something must be done."  Whenever you see a problem that isn't being immediately addressed, or isn't being addressed in a matter severe enough for you, you must save or immediately try to solve the problem.
5- "I am right."  You have strong opinions.  When you come to one and someone questions you, you must save or spend as much time as that person will give you explaining why you are right and he/she is wrong and dumb.
6- "I'm not much of a conversationalist."  You're not much of a socializer.  You prefer action to talk.  Whenever a conversation lasts too long, drifts into territory you're unfamiliar with or just becomes annoying, you must successfully save or exit the conversation as soon as possible, usually in a rude way.

                                                        by Rodney Amirebrahimi

Fiji Mermaid

You're named for a phony corpse popularized by P. T. Barnum, but that's because he didn't want to show the real thing to people.  But he didn't keep that thing around for years and get nothing out of it.  He studied it, harvested it.  And somehow, some of it ended up inside you.

First Fruit: You can have gills and can breathe underwater.  However, if you don't keep your gills wet or immerse yourself in water every 6 hours, you start having trouble breathing.  12 hours without total immersion or super dry gills will lead to you suffocating and dying, unless you're put on life support.

Predator's Eye: You have the ability to use echolocation.  This allows you to navigate in pitch darkness, fog and in low-visibility conditions.  However, this ability cannot detect small details nor color, and can set off certain sensors due to the ultrasonic clicks you make. 

Rotten Bloom: Your hands and feet become webbed and bone ridges rise up on your head, back and arms.  Your swimming speed is increased, allowing you to swim twice as any normal human, though highly experienced human swimmers can still keep up with you for a short time.  Your fingers also become tipped in claws which do 1d6 damage on a hit.   

Natural Born Killer: Your sonar becomes strengthened, enabling you to unleash a wave of ear-splitting sound.  Creatures who can only hear within the normal human range must save or be temporarily deafened for 1d10 minutes.  Creatures with better senses than a human's take 2d6 thunder damage upon hearing the sound, save for half, and must save vs deafness.  Creatures who are deafened must also check morale or retreat.   

Malign Form: You grow fins across your body and your skin is covered in thick, shiny scales that ooze a fluid that covers them in a layer of slime.  Your swimming speed is now so fast that you can keep with dolphins and motorboats, though going that fast is exhausting.  You also gain resistance to cold damage and the chill of the ocean no longer affects you.  However, if you don't immerse yourself in water every 2 hours or stay very damp, you will begin drying out and dying.   

Born Again:

King of the Shallows (Darkness): You decide that you do not want to abandon your life here on land.  So you learn of a rite that, if you perform it right, will allow you to remain on land indefinitely and never dry out.  Unfortunately, this rite requires the sacrifice of 33 humans.  But if done correctly, by sacrificing these humans and bathing in their blood you will become fully amphibious.  You will never have to fear drying out again.  You will also become a true horror, huge and rippling with muscles, covered in scales and bony spines.  You will cease to age and gain the ability to charm sea creatures, oozes as well as learning how to sing songs that can warp the minds of men to make them revere you.

Aquatic Prince (Light): You decide that you are no longer suited to life on land.  Your mother is calling to you.  It is time for you to go home, down into the Grand Blue.  You say goodbye to your friends and walk out into the sea.  Once you do, you shed the last bits of your humanity.  Your lower legs transform into a fishtail and you become perfectly suited to life below the water.  If you select this option, you can grant your companions a boon before you go.

Once you leave, it washed up on the shore...


1- A gilded sword hilt.  Touching it will reveal it is magical.  This sword hilt can, if the sword is dipped into water, create a blade made of ice that is as hard and sharp as steel.  If stabbed into someone, the sword can do 1d6 cold damage a round if you leave it in the wound.  You can also break a blade off and leave it in someone, then form another blade.  Removing a blade does 1d6 cold damage and requires a successful CON check, if the stabbed creature tries to pull it out himself.
2- A conch shell.  If the conch is blown, it causes the water to intervene on your side.  This could cause the river to overrun its banks and sweep away an enemy, or a water main to explode and distract your pursuers, or a wall of water to smash an enemies' stronghold to pieces.  The conch, once blown, cannot be used again until 7 days have passed.
3- A glittery scarf or ribbon made of silky, gossamer fabric.  The scarf gives whoever wears it gills and the ability to breathe underwater, but also strips them of their ability to breathe air. 
4- A necklace of shark teeth.  The necklace contains 1d10+2 Shark Teeth.  If a tooth is buried and water in blood, it will grow into a powerful undead warrior with 1d6 HD.  These Undead will be faithful to the one who planted them onto death and cannot be freed or taken by another controller.
5- A massive, petrified horseshoe crab.  The crab can be used as a shield and grants the usual benefits of a shield.  The shield also grants the user an additional pair of eyes on their forehead.  These eyes are vastly more sensitive to light and can see in all but pitch darkness.  A single candle burning on the field would be enough for someone looking through these eyes to navigate through the bleachers of a football stadium in the nose bleed section.  However, while these eyes are open, the user makes all saves vs blindness with disadvantage and can be dazzled by bright light. 
6- A ring of iron interlaced with silver thread.  The wearer of this ring can produce a natural electric charge that runs through their body.  By touching someone, the wearer can inflict 1d6 lightning damage on that creature and force it to save vs paralysis.  If the wearer is wielding a metal melee weapon, his attacks do an additional +1d6 lightning damage. 
A Fiji Mermaid's Dark Convictions:

1- "It is not safe here."  You come to the belief that where you currently are holds hidden danger.  You must save or immediately try to leave.  If your companions are with you, you may or may not try to convince them to come with you.
2- "We are being watched."  You come to believe you are being watched.  You must save or immediately start looking for the hidden observer.
3- "This person is dangerous."  You come to the belief that a person you have either just met or alkready know is dangerous.  Whenever given the chance, you must save or avoid this person, either by making excuses, hiding from them or evading them in another way.
4- "I do not want to go."  You think an area is unsafe, either because it is too far from water or too full of enemies or for any other reason.  You must save or refuse to go.
5- "Should we really be doing this?"  You suddenly start to think that the current plan is a bad idea.  You must save or try to convince your companions it is a bad idea. 
6- "Screw this, I'm out of here."  You decide the current situation is untenable.  You must save or immediately try to leave.

                                                        by nogaspaki

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