Friday, November 3, 2017

Weird Al Yankovic- Foil

Yankovic's song, Foil, is a parody of Lorde's most famous song, Royals.  It is not a rebuke of her politics or statements, but merely a series of funny jokes.  Foil begins by Yankovic complaining about how his food goes bad, and he uses aluminum foil to keep it fresh.  Royals starts by talking about what life is like for low-income teenagers, and then goes on to critique many pop songs for their glorification of wealth and financial grandeur. 

But Yankovic does not stop there, he continues, as the second verse diverges even further from Royals, as he launches into a bizarre tirade about how the government faked the moon landing and they are currently spying on us.  Then he reveals that not only is aluminum foil good for keeping food fresh, but also for keeping aliens from reading your mind or abducting you.   So it appears that Mr. Yankovic is aware of other uses for this humble preservative technology.

Then, just as he is about to launch into another rant, some men in dark suits appear and drug him, before dragging him off to presumably never be seen again, while his producer rips off his face to reveal he is actually a reptilian monster wearing fake skin.  And that has nothing to do with the decadence of our modern culture, or of the gross, materialistic pop music of 2014.  So Yankovic is successfully parodying Lorde's song, but not satirizing her.   

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