Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Random Demon Generator

This is a series of Tables for quickly generating a Random Horror/Demon/Outsider.  I also added special tables near the bottom that explain how it fights, moves, what its special powers are and weaknesses are.  Feel free to disregard those, if you need to.

For further reading, you can read my post on Gentle Beasts, or for a slightly different yet similar take, check out Iron and Ink's Superstitions and Monsters.

It was...

1- Gelatinous.
2- Covered in iridescent scales.
3- Waifishly thin.
4- Corpulent.
5- Rippling with muscles.
6- Covered in dripping slime.
7- Hairy.
8- Covered in barbs, spines, or sharp, bony growths.
9- Translucent.
10- Made of an unnatural material.
11- Mechanical.
12- Glittering glass and/or crystal.
13- Naked, with no fur or scales.
14- Scaly.
15- Immensely beautiful.
16- Made of a natural element: fire, water, earth, wood or metal.
17- Aglow with all the light of Heaven.
18- Fractal.
19- Diseased and filthy.
20- Draped in fabrics, metal, glass or earthenware of an unknown design.

It's hide was...

1- Red
2- White
3- Black
4- Blue
5- Green
6- Purple
7- Gold
8- Silver
9- Bronze
10- Pink
11- Brown
12- Black and White
13- Dun
14- Camouflaged
15- Counter-shaded
16- Palette: Monarch Butterfly
17- Palette: Poison Dart Frog
18- Palette: A Metal album cover
19- Spotted, roll twice
20- Striped, roll twice

Its body shape is/was...

1- Humanoid.
2- Quadruped.
3- Many legged, like a millipede.
4- Has no legs.
5- Has many arms, no legs.
6- One great mass, and it seemed to possess no limbs at all!

And it had, how many arms did it have, again?

1- 1d6
2- Two
3- Three
4- 1d4+2
5- 1d10
6- 1d20+10

And how many eyes did it have?

1- One.
2- Two.
3- Three.
4- Four.
5- 1d10.
6- 1d20.
7- One body part is covered in them
8- It sees through the eyes of others.
9- It has none, it is blind.
10-It has none, yet its other senses easily compensate.

And how did it try to hurt you?

1- Massive claws and teeth!
2- It lit itself on fire and tried to hug me.
3- It spewed acid from (1d6) pulsating orifices.
4- It had dozens (1d10+1) of tentacles, each one tipped with a poisonous stinger
5- Electricity runs through its body.  Anything it touches was electricified.
6- It stole our weapons and utilized them against us.
7- It wielded strange, alien tools that cut, melted or disintegrated.
8- It fired strange rays from its eyes or hands.

But do not face it, for it is protected because...

1- Its hide is too tough, or its scales too strong to be pierced by your (current) weapons.
2- It can sense any lethal intent around it, and is never surprised.
3- It is too fast, you will never catch it, or outrun it.
4- It can soar through the air like a bird.
5- It can walk through solid objects like they were clouds of smoke.
6- It can turn invisible!
7- It can teleport and move quickly.
8- It can plunder life energy, healing itself in the process.
9- It regenerates from (almost) any damage.
10- If it is ever struck more than once by the same person, it instantly is restored to its full strength.

You want to know if it has a weakness?  Well, some say...

1- It cannot stand holy artifacts/relics.
2- It fears virgins, holy individuals, or innocents.
3- It cannot harm a child.
4- It cannot hurt one who has committed no sin.
5- It can only be killed if it is not touching the ground.
6- It can only obey orders, and has no will of its own.
7- Its powers are greatly diminished if it is [insert location/time here].  For example, underground, above ground, night, daytime, etc.
8- It will be vanquished by a Hero, whose arrival is foretold in this prophecy.  Read it carefully is my advice to you.  Maybe one of you fits the characteristics described here... 

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