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Dragon Generator 2: Electric Boogaloo

I made a Dragon generator a long time ago.  It was alright.  But now I'm back, this time with my definitive take on Dragons.  Hopefully.  Credit to these people for inspiring me, and for further reading, check out Dragons as "radioactive moon aliens", Dragons as pinatas, and Dragons as people (part 1, part 2).

                                                               by gerezon
"Dragons are dragons because humans can't beat 'em."

- Godo, Berserk

Dragons are superior beings.  On the Great Chain of Being that rises from Stones to Gods, Dragons sit much higher than mortals.  They are divine sparks, pieces of eternal flame, wrapped in meat and magic, given power beyond your ken.  They are unbreaking and plastic, mad and inspired, crippled and divine.

As Dragons are all "servants" of Chaos, they are all unique.  Roll on the tables below to see what this particular specimen is like.

How large is it?

Size is determined by strength.  Roll on the "how strong are they?" below.

What color is it?


1- Red
2- Blue
3- Green
4- White
5- Black
6- Purple
7- Pink
8- Grey
9- Yellow
10- Gold
11- Silver
12- Bronze
13- Brass
14- Copper
15- Tin
16- Lead
17- Opal
18- Diamond
19- Fractal-patterned
20- The Dragon's scales mimic the Heavens above.  During the day it shines golden, and at night it is black and covered in swirling constellations and shining stars.

What is this Dragon's name?

All Dragons name themselves after the greatest item they own.  For example, Brightsoul the Dragon named himself after the ring of the same name after he stole it from the Emperor of Merciful Light.  Similarly, a Dragon's titles are self-adopted, and they don't always make sense.  Mostly, Dragons choose what they think sounds cool at the time.  Brightsoul's title is the Dragon of Stars and Rings, so his full name is Brightsoul, the Dragon of Stars and Rings.

What is this Dragon's Title?

Is there anything odd about this Dragon?


1- It is Mutated.  Roll here, or on your favorite table.
2- It has 1d4 extra limbs.
3- It has a second sets of Wings
4- It is more Humanoid, and can stand on two legs like a person.
5- It has eyes of two different colors.
6- It is covered in scars.
7- It has 1d6 extra eyes.
8- It's tail is tipped in a wicked spike, barbs, stinger, etc.
9- It has a crown of fire, stars or light constantly floating over its head.
10- This Dragon has a magic sword embedded in its flesh.
11- This Dragon is visibly sickened/poisoned by some hideous disease or poison.  It might die, it might not, either way, it is sick and miserable.
12- This Dragon's roar is something unusual.  Instead of a terrifying, screeching reptile roar, it is 1d6 [1= A choir of voices; 2= The sound of an air-raid siren; 3= The screaming of the damned in Hell; 4= The shattering of a million windows;  5= The cry of a thousand eagles; 6= The howl of a massive wolf-pack]
13- This Dragon's eyes have permanent Dragon vision.
14- This Dragon is constantly as hot as an oven, touching it burns you.
15- This Dragon is armed to the teeth, constantly carrying weapons of a sort.
16- This Dragon is blind, 80% chance it has a method to compensate for this that could be disabled, 20% that it just as dangerous now as it was when it could see.
17- This Dragon cannot fly
18- This Dragon can tunnel through the earth.
19- This Dragon can breathe underwater.
20- This Dragon is addicted to Dagra Wood.

What Madness afflicts this Dragon?

This Dragon, like all Dragons, is mad.  Roll on the table below to see what demented chain of logic it has bound itself up with.

1- One piece of its hoard is actually a forgery, and the Dragon is desperately searching for it
2- That it knows you, and you were hired to a job for it.  The Dragon will mis-remember the job every few minutes.  It expects results.
3- That their are rats in the walls, who are spying on it.  It wants you to find the one controlling the rats, and kill them.
4- That it is actually a human, hiding in a cave from a Dragon.  It will ignore the fact that it is actually a massive lizard.
5- That it is being hunted by the Shadow of a Tiger it once killed.  The Shadow is stalking the Dragon, waiting for it to weaken.  The Dragon is hallucinating, and sees the Tiger's Shadow everywhere.
6- That the Sun is actually a great, glowing jewel.  The Dragon desires to possess the Sun, and is currently using its Drakencult to build some sort of fantastically elaborate and doomed device to reach the Sun, so it might claim the treasure for itself. 
7- That the Stars are spying on the Dragon.  It refuses to fly at night, except for in the most desperate circumstances, and tries to only go out during the day.
8- That its minions are incompetent.  It will demand your help, then when you fail to meet its high and ever-changing standards, it will turn on you
9- It is having strange, prophetic dreams.  Interpret them for the Dragon, and you will receive a boon.  But if you interpret them in some way that the Dragon does not like, the Dragon will eat you.
10- The Dragon believes it is actually a destined child of prophecy, and one day it will receive the summons that demand it to come forth and fulfill its' destiny.
11- The Dragon believes and acts like it fills some important position of power, such as a King, Chancellor, etc.  It issues useless decrees and has decorated its lair like a Palace worthy of the position it believes it fills.  If the Dragon was ever sufficiently motivated to go actually check, it would find an usurper in its place, and that its totally sensible and useful declarations were not being followed.  This would make it quite mad.
12- The Dragon believes that you are here to kill it.  It will plead with you and make a few requests of you, and try and talk you out of fighting it.  It doesn't expect you to accept though.  Any attempts to deny that you are here to kill them will be met with arguments and suspicion.    
13- The Dragon believes everyone is out to steal their hoard.  If you deny this fact, then you are really out to get them, as why would a person without malicious intentions lie?
14- The Dragon has recently heard of morality, and now feels incredibly guilty for the things it has done.  It considers itself evil.  Refusing to acknowledge how evil the Dragon is will force the Dragon to "prove" how evil it is by roasting you alive.
15- The Dragon has more names and identities than you can imagine.  It shifts personalities from scene to scene, and seems to possess at least 1d8+2 different personalities.
16- The Dragon believes its' lair is haunted, and is currently engaged in a fruitless ghost hunt, tearing the place apart in search of any sign of a haunting
17- The Dragon is cursed.  They're sure of what.  Any evidence at all is evidence of a curse.  The Dragon will claim it is cursed with different things, but it knows it is cursed.
18- The Dragon believes it is surrounded by madmen who need soothing and comfort.  It will attempt to pacify you, and treat you like a feral beast.  Attempting to resist or insist you are not a madmen will only be met by patronizing affection from the Dragon, and an insistence that you comply.
19- The Dragon believes it is blind.  It can clearly see, but it is "pretending" not to be able to.  It registers what it sees on a subconscious level, but there is no conscious recognition of what it sees
20- The Dragon is a fanatical convert to a pre-existing religion, and will attempt to convince everyone who comes upon the Dragon of the truth of the Dragon's scriptures.

Who serves this Dragon?

All Dragons are Kings and Princes, and thus, have servants.  These servants are known as a Drakencult, a bunch of religious zealots who revere the Dragon as a deific figure.  They vary in form and function, some merely servants and valets, while others fight, spy or do anything else the Dragon requires.

1- Horrible old men.  Lead either by a Warlock or a Manticore.
2- Beautiful women in sparkly dresses.  Lead by the most beautiful one of them all.
3- Identical Twins.  They all dress like their twin, and have a lot of fun messing with people.  Lead by a trio of identical triplets that no one, not even the Dragon, can tell apart, except by what they talk about.
4- Dozens of clones of the same person.  They go by numbers and scar each other, to differentiate themselves.  They are lead by #0, the first clone, a deformed freak who guard's the original's body, who is in stasis in a concealed pod.
5- Wives.  50% of being the Dragon's wives, and a 50% that they are someone else's wives, that the Dragon stole.  Led by the First Wife, who is never seen but often spoken about, usually with great trepidation.
6- Folk.  They are bound to the Dragon through long chains of debt, obligation, and oaths of servitude.  The Dragon is an excellent negotiator.  Led by a Faerie.
7- Amazons.  Led by a Matriarch who idolizes the Dragon.
8- Royalty.  The descents of a kidnapped prince or princess.  They act like nobles, with the Dragon as their immortal King.  They may have plans to retake "their" kingdom one day, for their beloved Sovereign.  Led by the eldest male descendant of the original royal figure.
9- Tough street urchins who regard the Dragon as a sort of parental figure.  Led by One-Eye Nick, a tiny, twelve year old kid whose tougher than most men twice his age.
10- Warriors, berserkers, former knights, ronin or dudes with tattoos and axes.  Lead by an insane warrior-priest whose tattooed from head to toe with scenes of slaughter, and enjoys quoting scripture as he kills people.
11- Actors.  They wear masks and wander around, putting on plays and performing improv with anyone nearby.  Lead by a man called the Director, who seems to have mysterious powers.  
12- Musicians.  They play music.  Some of them may be able to weave magic into their songs.  Lead by Frankonin, a sexually deviant bard hopelessly in love with the Dragon, though he conceals this fact.
13- Thieves and Spies.  They will pretend to be normal servants, but expect to be missing your pocketbook and most of your jewelry by the time you leave.  They fight like Scoundrels, but they prefer not to.  Led by Black Hat McCoy, a master of assassination and stealth, a man who serves the Dragon with superstitious respect and awe. 
14- Ancient people displaced from their time of origin.  They could be cavemen or squatting primitives, or people from long-fallen empires, kept in the dark about how much time has passed.  They are led by Galwan, the Uncrowned, their former King who refuses to wear a Crown or sit upon a Throne until his people's lands are restored to them.
15- Undead.  They are bound to the Dragon with magic.  They know no pain, fear, or hesitation.  They burn in the sunlight, and flee from holy symbols.  The Undead have no real need for a leader, but the smartest among them is an Undead who has descended into feral madness yet named Butcher.  
16- Lepers or those with the plague.  Or perhaps, the Plague.  They are led by a Toxic named Gilheart, a semi-dead knight with the Velox Vector.
17- Troglodytes, or Starving Men.  They speak no language and have no real culture.  They are deformed and dangerous.  They are vicious and cut-throat to the extreme, possessing only bone thomahawks and stone knives, but these are more than sufficient to kill you with.  They are led by Chief Rockrib, an unlettered savage that stands a head taller than all the others.
18- Vampire Cultists.  They need blood, but have few Vampiric powers.  They are lead by Scaleson, the boldest of their number, who drank the Dragon's blood and was changed. 
19- Philosophers.  Ever loyal, every mad.  Non-violent.  They will challenge you to rhetorical debates and entrap you in chains of logic.  You can just kill them, but if you do, aren't you proving them right?  They are lead by a madman named Prince Sulvaine, who rules nothing but the shrubs outside the Drakencult's compounds. 
20- Magic-Users.  A bunch of level 1 Magic-Users, lead by a level 1d3+1 Wizard named Ulric Northwind, a Calcomancer of some skill, who is fond of freezing people to death.

                                                                   by gerezon

What does this Dragon hoard?

All Dragons hoard things.  It is how they determine their self-worth, and how they build their massive egos.  All Dragons hoard different things, as they all assume that all objects of that type belong to them.  This doesn't necessarily mean they want them, but if you walk into a Dragon's lair with a fancy sword and that Dragon collects swords, the Dragon might want that sword.  But it wouldn't necessarily want your swords if they were notched or well-used, though the Dragon might prefer such seasoned pieces over display quality toys.

This Dragon's Hoard consists of?


1- Gold
2- Jewels and/or Jewelry
3- Art of some variety.  Roll on sub-table A to see what this Dragon prefers.
4- Clocks and time-keeping devices.
5- Books
6- Religious Relics
7- Figurines or statues
8- Clothing
9- Armor
10- Weapons
11- Skulls and/or Bones
12- Animals of some variety.  Roll on sub-table B to see what this Dragon prefers.
13- People of some variety.  Roll on the Drakencult table to see what this Dragon prefers.
14- Secrets
15- Prophecies
16- Toys
17- Historical artifacts from a time period the Dragon is obsessed with
18- Dreams
19- Taxidermied Animals
20- Broken things.  Snapped swords, unsteady chairs, cracked pottery, three-legged cats, cripples and mutants.

sub-table A:


1- Portraits, busts, and other works focusing on realistic faces
2- Paintings, any
3- Statues
4- Frescoes
5- Murals
6- Reliefs
7- Jewelry and worked, jeweled things
8- Modern art.  Whatever the cutting edge is, the Dragon favors that.  The latest pieces are clearly displayed, while the rest are stowed in back rooms.

sub-table B:


1- Cats
2- Crows
3- Ravens
4- Big Cats
5- Wolves
6- Guinea Pigs
7- Boars
8- Crocodiles
9- Bears
10- Bees

This Dragon's treasure is cursed.  Anyone who steals it will suffer...

1- "A terrible, debilitating fear of the dark."  The Cursed will be terrified of the Dark, and will avoid all Dark places, such as outside at night, caves, etc.  This curse is broken by descending into the Veins of the Earth and returning alive.
2- "A ravenous desire to consume human flesh."  The Cursed will develop a compulsion to eat human flesh.  Eventually, they will dine exclusively on it.  They will then eventually become a Wendigo or some other sort of once-human supernatural cannibal.  This curse is broken by cutting off a limb and feeding it to someone else.
3- "An early, hideous death."  The Cursed will die soon, and automatically fails all saves against death.  Additionally, if they are reduced to zero HP for any reason, they die, no save.  This curse is broken by someone sacrificing themselves for the cursed. 
4- "By having the ghosts of those they kill haunt them."  Anyone the Cursed kills now will pursue them as a Hungry Ghost, seeking to slay them and drag them down to Hell.
5- "By being pursued by a shadowy, implacable predator."  The Cursed is now being relentlessly pursued by a cold, invisible intelligence that only they can see.  The Predator cannot use tools or vehicles, but it never, ever stops.  This curse is broken by passing the Predator off on someone else, by getting someone to steal one of your possessions. 
6- "By being fated to perish in flames."  You take double damage from fire.  This curse is broken by killing a Dragon, or serving one for a year.
7- "By being rejected by their friends."  All friends of the Cursed now begin to subtly resent them, and after some time, will cast them out and reject them.  People who do not know the Cursed are not affected by this, but as soon as they start to know the Cursed, they will become affected by this.  This curse is broken by performing a selfless act toward someone you don't know. 
8- "For they will never be seen again."  The Cursed's body becomes invisible.  None of their equipment does.  They also become blind, because sunlight passes right through their retinas.  This curse is broken by giving away all your possessions, and not retrieving any of them.
9- "For they will lanquish in darkness, forever."  The Cursed becomes unable to see natural light.  To them, the sun and stars vanish, leaving the world lit only be fires and other, artificial lights.  This curse is broken by speaking to a powerful Fire Elemental, and making a pact with them.
10- "For they will burn in the sunshine, as it reveals their sin."  The Cursed takes damage from sunlight, as if they were a Vampire.  This curse is broken by being set on fire.
11- "By being forever aware that I am in pursuit, and will never allow them to escape."  The Cursed comes under the Delusion that the Dragon is right behind them.  They will see signs of the Dragon's pursuit, hear its servants spying on them, see its shadow in the night, etc.  They will develop an incurable and crippling paranoia.  And the Dragon is pursuing them, but now they develop a nervous compulsion and paranoid delusions.  This curse is broken by the Cursed changing their name and identity.
12- "By being unable to control to control their rage."  The Cursed now cannot control their wrath, and flies into a rage whenever appropriate.  I would recommend using something like this.  This curse is broken by forgiving someone who doesn't deserve it that has wronged the Cursed, and giving them a chance at redemption.
13- "For their sword will fail them when they need it most."  The Cursed, when they most need to strike a fatal blow (Referee's discretion) will miss.  This curse is broken by sparing the next person the Cursed would have killed.
14- "By being transformed into a deformed freak."  The Cursed is transformed into a piteous caricature of themselves, with a CHA/EGO of 3.  They are pitiful, ugly, and strange, like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  This curse is broken by cutting off your face and having a new one attached.  
15- "For under the light of [A celestial body significant to the Dragon], they will transform into a monster and rampage through the town, hunting their own kinsmen for food."  As it says on the tin.  The monster will have a malevolent intellect and personality separate from the Cursed, but will be as strong as them, and have their abilities.  This curse is broken by being annointed by a Priest, Angel or Spirit.
16- "For they will forget everything, except for their crime."  The Cursed immediately suffers total amnesia, with the exception of the fact that they stole Dragon treasure. 
17- "By being branded with my seal."  Any who bring their bones to me will be rewarded handsomely.  The Cursed is branded with the Dragon's seal.  Evil beings near them will know they can kill the Cursed and deliver their bones to the Dragon for a reward.  This curse is broken by selling yourself into slavery. 
18- By becoming immortal.  This based on Death becomes Her logic.  The Cursed is immortal as long any part of their body remains intact, and their soul cannot depart from it until not a scrap of them remains.  Their body cannot heal except based on its usual properties, and the curse does nothing to dull pain or fear.
19- "By transforming into a child once more."  The Cursed is de-aged until they are a child again.  Their mind will follow the body, and within a few months, they will have forgotten everything about their life from before they returned to their youth.  This curse is broken by getting married.
20- "By being pursued by storms."  The Cursed is pursued by storms wherever they go.  These storms bring constant rain, hail, lightning, and other terrible weather phenomena.  This curse is broken by making a pact with a Lord of the Earth.

                                                                by creativetemplate

base Dragon statblock
AC (see below) 
Atk (see below)
Mor 11 
Saves 7+X or less is a success
All Dragons are immune to [X], which is the damage that their Breath Weapon does

Damage Threshold X: All Dragons have a Damage Threshold.  They only take damage from sources if the amount of damage equals or exceeds their Damage Threshold.  If a source of damage cannot equal or exceed the Threshold, instead ignore it, as if it did no damage.  To determine the Dragon's Damage Threshold, consult the table labeled "How strong are they?" below.

Fear: Whenever you enter combat with a Dragon, a Dragon kills one of your friends, or the Dragon does something else intimidating or breath-taking, save vs fear (CHA save in my system).  If you fail your save, you take 1d6 CHA damage.  If the amount of CHA damage ever equals or exceeds your Charisma (CHA) score, then you become overcome with fear and must flee at the first opportunity.  You also gain the Conviction, "I will never fight that Dragon again, as long as I live."

Breath Weapon: All Dragon's Breath Weapons do 6d6 damage (if they do damage), permit saving throws (sometimes) and are only usable every 1d4 turns.  They strike a 60' cone, and have a 60' range.

Flight: All Dragons can fly, unless otherwise listed that they cannot.

- Be clever
- Never fight a battle on the opponent's terms
- Circle Strafe
- Exploit your advantages

Note: If you are reading this post now, it has been a long time since it was originally published.  My combat system has evolved significantly since then.  So there are a couple of minor changes I need to make.  First, Dragon's don't have any armor.  Secondly, they don't have attack bonuses.  Only give them armor or attack bonuses if your players are absurdly strong, as even without those, Dragons can crush whole parties.  My recommendation is you wait until your players are at least level 4 before you put them up against a Dragon, otherwise you're likely going to end up looking at a massacre.   

How strong are they?


1: Child.  Damage Threshold 6, AC 16, Atk(+3) Claw 1d6/1d6 + Bite 1d8+3.  This Dragon is a child.  It is possible for a Dragon wyrmling to be abandoned, but very rarely, in the same way its odd to find a human child alone in the woods.  There is a 10% that the Wyrmling is abandoned, its parent was killed, or it is lost and cannot find its way back home for some reason. However, there is an 80% chance that an Adult Dragon is right around the metaphorical corner, and will be here either soon, or the child knows how to get to them.  There is also a 10% chance that this wyrmling's parent is not only alive, but a Great Wyrm, and very, very close.   
2: Adult.  Damage Threshold 7 AC 15, Atk(+4) Claw 1d8/1d8 + Bite 1d10.  The rank and file.  What people think of when they hear the word, "Dragon".
3: As "2", but with a Damage Threshold of 8. 
4: As "2", but with a Damage Threshold of 9.  This Dragon also has 1 Draconic Blessing.
5: As "2", but with a Damage Threshold of 10.  This Dragon also has 2 Draconic Blessings.
6: Great Wyrm.  Damage Threshold 11, AC 12, Atk(+6) Claw 1d8/1d8 + Bite 1d20.  This Dragon has 1d3 Draconic Blessing.  A Dragon that seems as large as a castle.  A Dragon that breathes fire fit to melt stone and reduce fortresses to ruin.  A Dragon that brightens the night with its glory and blocks out the sun with its wings.  A Dragon that snatches stars from the Heavens to serve as handmaids.  A Dragon that remembers the first moments of Creation, a Dragon that feels the divine spark in the center of its flesh, of fire untamed bubbling within.  A Dragon that makes Divinity tremble.  Do not fight this Dragon, for if you challenge it, you have already lost.    


From this moment, all Dragons breathe fire.  Disregard the table with all the results, I am keeping it here for aesthetic purposes and nostalgia, but from this point on, all proper Dragons breathe fire.  Anything that doesn't isn't a normal Dragon.  

1- Fire.  Save for half damage, or if you have a shield, save to avoid all damage.  Will definitely set your shield on fire.
2- Burning, sticky tar.  Does fire damage and sticks to everything.  Does persistent fire damage and covers the floor where the Dragon hit in sticky goo that is continues burning for 1d6 rounds.
3- Fireball.  Strikes one target and explodes outward in a 50' radius, save for half.  If you have DEX 16(+2) or greater, save to take no damage on a successful save.  On a failed save, you take full.
4- Line of Fire.  Burns like a blowtorch, and the Dragon can sweep it across the battlefield in a 10' line, 50' long.  Anything metal that is hit by this blast is super-heated for 1d4 rounds as per Heat Metal.  

What is their breath weapon?

1- Fire.  Save for half damage, or if you have a shield, save to avoid all damage.
2- Burning, sticky Tar.  As fire, but the fire sticks around.  Your shield is now covered in sticky, burning goo, and will be gone soon. 
3- Clouds of Grit.  Does slashing damage.  Reduce the damage done by your AC-10.  Ex: if you have an AC of 17, subtract 7 from the Damage the Dragon does.  Also, this permanently reduces the state of one's armor by 1 each time it is used, so after the Breath Weapon is used, the "you" I mentioned above, with an AC of 17, has their AC reduced to 16.
4- Arctic Wind.  Does Ice damage.  Reduce the damage taken if the people fighting are wearing thick winter clothing or some other gear that could protect them from cold weather.  Otherwise, they take full damage.  
5- Acid.  Does Acid Damage.  Reduce damage done by AC-10, but unless your armor is made of plastic, glass or enchanted to be nigh-indestructible, your AC is reduced by 1 each round until you take an action to wash off your armor by diving into a river or something like that.  Additionally, when your AC drops to 10 or below, your armor breaks, and you begin taking 1d6 acid damage a round, until you take an action to clean it off yourself.
6- Toxic Sludge.  Does poison damage.  Absorbed through the lungs, eyes, and skin.  If you are wearing a gas mask, respirator or some kind of hazard suit, you can avoid all damage.  Otherwise, save to take half damage.    
7- Poison Gas.  Roll on sub-table A to see what kind of poison gas it is.
8- Mushroom Dust.  This stuff is highly radioactive.  It does radiation/energy damage.  Armor made of lead, water, stone or enchanted to keep out other "energies" can reduce damage as per "3".  Otherwise, save to take half damage.  Also, save vs cancer, though it won't manifest for 1d4 years.
9- Ultra-Violet Radiation.  Invisible.  The only sign that the Dragon is even using it is the corona of light that appears around the Dragon's mouth when it uses it.
10- Swords.  Does slashing damage.  Save as per shield, but it destroys any shield that is used against it.  Also, each time this is used, the Dragon leaves 3d6+20 swords just lying around.
11- Giant spheres of stone or iron.  Instead of hitting a cone, this sphere hits one person and anyone immediately adjacent to them. 
12- Snakes.  Does no damage, but spawns 1d100*1d10 snakes.  Walking through these snakes does 1d6 (exploding) poison damage as dozens of the snakes bite you as you step on them or pass them by (unless you're wearing plate or something impossible to bite through).  Most of these snakes flee within 1 round, but 1d6+1 of them will stick around.  These will be brightly colored vipers that bite for 3d6 and are permanently under the control of the Dragon, and will follow its orders. 
13- Drakes.  Does no damage, but spawns 1d10 (exploding) Drakes.  See below for the statblock.  These Drakes are permanently under the control of the Dragon, and follow its orders faithfully, to the death.
14- Desert Wind.  Sucks the water from you.  Instead does 1d8 CON damage, save for half, minimum of 1.  If the amount of CON damage taken ever equals or exceeds your CON score, you die.  You can only reduce the damage if you've made a sacrifice to a God of the Desert and your sacrifice was accepted. 
15- Negative Energy.  Negative Energy is pure entropy.  It plucks at your genome, seeking to unwind it, breathing on your soul, seeking to snuff it out.  Hollows you out while you're still alive, then it kills you.  Anyone killed by this, or any corpses exposed to Negative Energy rise as Undead permanently under the Dragon's control.
16- Green Rays.  A cone of green light that burns and makes your muscles slither and bulge.  Instead does 1d8 EGO damage, save for half, minimum of 1.  If the amount of EGO damage you've taken ever equals or exceeds your EGO score, you transform into a giant, green monster made of rage and tumors and start rampaging around, attacking anyone in sight.
17- Wounds.  Does slashing damage as wounds from invisible weapons open all over your body.  This damage can only be reduced by wearing warded or enchanted armor.
18- Insanity.  When exposed to this Breath Weapon, you take 1d6 WIS damage, no save.  If the amount of WIS damage you've taken ever equals or exceeds your WIS score, you gain an insanity of the Referee's choice.
19- Sin.  When exposed to this Breath Weapon, you take 1d6 CHA damage, no save.  If the amount of CHA damage you've taken ever equals or exceeds your CHA score, you become infected by one of the Dragon's mortal sins.  Roll on sub-table B to see what sin it is.  You feel the need to immediately engage in a sinful act, and until you do, you get -4 to do anything.  However, if you do not indulge and fight the rest of the battle similarly impeded, you will find the temptation has passed you by.
20- Doom.  Does no damage.  Instead, when exposed, you take 1d6 STR damage, no save.  If the amount of STR damage you've taken ever equals or exceeds your STR score, you die.

sub-table A:

What gas is it?

1- Laughing Gas.  All within the gas must save or start laughing uncontrollably.
2- Tear Gas.  All within the gas must save or start weeping uncontrollably.
3- Vile Gas.  All within the gas must save or start vomiting at the incomprehensibly bad odor produced by this gas.
4- Mustard Gas.  All within this gas take 1d6 damage a round.
5- Suffocating Gas.  All within this gas start suffocating, as it is heavier than air, and pushes it all away.
6- Hallucinogenic Gas.  All within this gas have vivid hallucinations that last 1d6 hours, no save.

sub-table B:

What sin is it?

1- Lust.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I am a sex fiend, I will attempt it with anyone I find even the slightest bit attractive.  I have very low standards."
2- Wrath.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I cannot control my temper.  If insulted, [I must save] or fly into a rage."
3- Sloth.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I find it hard to do anything.  If something is not immediately important, I will ignore it, unless [I pass a save]."
4- Gluttony.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I cannot control my desires.  If allowed to indulge, I [must save] or I cannot stop myself from digging in."
5- Greed.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I love money more than anything.  If there is a chance for me to acquire some more, [I must save] or I'll take it."
6- Envy.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I am never satisfied.  What other people have, I always is better than mine.  I want it."
7- Pride.  If you indulge in this sin, you gain the Conviction, "I am glorious and magnificent.  There is no way I could lose to such lowly creatures."
8- Roll Twice, and take both outcomes.  Treat another roll of "8" as Pride.

HD 2 
AC 14 
Atk Bite (+2, 1d6 + Grapple)
Mor 7     
Saves 8 or less is a success

- Rush in
- Sneak attack
- Grab someone and fly up, then drop them

Do they have any Draconic Blessings?


1- Dragon is psychic- it can read minds.  For the Referee, assume the Dragon can hear the player's table-talk, though anything the players say that references out-of-game events will be translated into something the Dragon can understand, or is omitted.
2- This Dragon is a spellcaster.  The Dragon is a level 1d6+2 Magic-User.
3- This Dragon can shapeshift.  Changing shape doesn't change its stats.
4- This Dragon can see the future.  As a Prophet.
5- This Dragon can grant wishes.  It can only grant one wish a year, and will try to twist the wish, as per a malicious/mischievous Genie.
6- This Dragon can summon Elementals.  It has 1d4 of them from the Various Courts somewhere in its lair.
7- This Dragon can summon Outsiders.  It has 1d3 somewhere in its lair.
8- This Dragon is actually Undead.  Add the Undead Vulnerabilities and the Undead Powers to the Dragon's statblock.
9- This Dragon's spirit tries to possess the closest mortal possible after death, transforming them into a Dragon Saint.  Roll for the Possession as per an Outsider.  See "8" for the rules for that.
10- This Dragon can make unbreakable pacts with anyone who agrees to it.  These are exactly like Demonic Contracts, except the Dragon doesn't care about your soul.
11- This Dragon's blood, if drunk, grants the gift of madness and prophecy.  If bathed in, it makes you stronger and mutates you.
12- This Dragon has a lesser Demonic Gift.
13- This Dragon has a greater Demonic Gift (see above).
14- This Dragon is actually infected with some kind of plague (ex: the Amirani virus).  This disease isn't strong enough to kill the Dragon, but if you caught it, it certainly would kill you.
14- This Dragon can fire bolts of light from its eyes that pursue one or two target unerringly.  When they strike something, they each do 3d6 heat damage.  They can split up to follow two targets, if the Dragon wishes.  They are fast as arrows, but can be dodged, but they will loop around to try again.  You can block or stop them, but it will require cleverness.    
15- This Dragon can speak to animals.
16- This Dragon can fly through unworked stone like it is air.
17- This Dragon regenerates 1 SHP a turn.
18- This Dragon can devour magic spells by snatching them "out of the air", thus nullifying them.  It may do this once per round, immediately after a spell has been cast, as a free action.
19- This Dragon's blood, when exposed to air, does 1d4 [1= does 1d6 acid damage to anyone it splashes; 2= Anyone struck by it must save or mutate; 3= Induces incredible pleasure in anyone who absorbs it through their skin, save or become addicted; 4= It is highly explosive, save or take 1d6 damage.]
20- This Dragon's fear effect is so strong, it actually induces the opposite reaction.  Instead of fear, the effect is so strong it subconsciously encourages the affected to give it to the Dragon, and feel joy at its presence, in the same way a child feels joy after being reunited with their parents after an absence.  If the amount of CHA damage done by the Dragon's Fear Effect equals or exceeds a person's CHA score, if the Dragon has this Draconic Blessing, the person will give in and ask the Dragon if they will accept him or her as a servant.

                                                              by sandara


  1. This is excellent work, I’m a big fan of your work. I need to add you to my blogroll that nobody sees.

    I tried riffing off some of the amazing stuff Skerples came up with concerning dragons a while back, just more interesting breath weapons, nothing so in depth as what you’ve got here.

    Hopefully you’ll see something of interest in there.

    1. Why thank you! I'm always pleased when someone else can get some use out of the stuff I write here. Personally, it makes it all useful, especially as I tend to not use the big stuff that often. For example, to me, Dragons are something the players are extremely unlikely to actually encounter, so it's likely going to be a long time before I can actually use this post. So I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I will check out what you've written.

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