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OSR: Matter Baby

Matter Babies are spirits of hunger and growth.  If they found a crevice in a soul to infiltrate and co-habitate with, they might have become Ghouls.  Instead they landed in lumps of metal, or in roaring infernos, or in pools of inconceivable liquid.  This spirit, mere immortality with barely anything left besides that one indefatigable spark at the core of each soul, then began to grow, molding and shaping the lump of raw materials it had been left with.  Soon, the original material was transformed, and a Matter Baby was born.

Matter Babies look like infants, capable of crawling or walking on shaky legs if they have something to grab onto.  Their features are crude, like someone with only the vaguest understanding of what a face was drew them on.  Their hands and lips tend to be more pronounced, and the rest of their body is lacking in detail, with few exceptions.  They also have sculpted bums, for instance, but the rest of their body is smooth, lacking blemish or feature.  And the Matter Babies, while named after newborns, can actually be quite large.  Some are only as large as normal babies, while others are enormous, growing to the size of a cottage.  These large ones are especially known for their brutish rampages, wandering around and breaking things unintentionally, then reacting with hostility when you try to stop them.

But just like their strange, featureless bodies, their minds also reflect this lack of attention to detail.  Matter Babies are very dumb, driven by pure emotion and base desire.  They do not plan or think.  If hurt, they lash out violently at the person they believe responsible, then once that person has stopped resisting, they immediately forget about that person and return to what they were doing before.  They also like to touch and eat things that might be tasty, shoving them into their mouths or hugging them against their bodies.  Sometimes, this is merely uncomfortable to those hugged, while other times it is painful or worse.

Matter Babies don't mean any harm though.  Or at least, in some cases they do.  But they don't really think of anyone else as having any sort of existence.  They regard other living beings as mere distractions, colorful, moving toys, or nuisances to be swatted.  They can be given over to violent rage if one of these beings dares to defy them, or worse, keep them from eating.  Woe onto this person, if the Matter Baby catches him, as it will likely do something hideous to the person.

                                                         by Marc Quinn

Base Matter Baby Statblock
HD Varies AC Varies Atk varies
Mor 12  Saves 8 or less is a success

Hug: When you see a Matter Baby of any form, you must save.  Every round you spend looking at it, you must save again unless you have already failed your save.  Averting your gaze means you do not have to save.  If you have failed a save, every round you spend looking at the Matter Baby, you take 1d6 WIS damage.  If this WIS damage ever equals or exceeds your WIS score, you immediately walk over and hug the Matter Baby, no matter what.  This charm effect lasts for 1d10 minutes, but after that, characters will no longer be compelled to hug the Baby and be free to do as they please, as long as they still cannot see the Matter Baby.  However, if they see the same Matter Baby or another one that day, they will immediately begin taking WIS damage as if they had failed their initial save.       

Variable Size: Matter Babies, when hurt, have bits of them torn off and shrink.  Then, if they are below their max health and they come into contact with their element, they can absorb it and grow regenerate 1 HD per time this occurs.  This also causes them to grow a corresponding amount.  However, they cannot heal past their initial HD or grow larger then they originally were.

Elemental Immunity: Matter Babies cannot be hurt by things made of their element.

- Seek out your element and consume it
- Only attack those who hurt you
- Want to hug things

Types of Matter Babies:
1- Lava/Fire.  HD 3, AC 10.  Atk: Burning Touch.  1d6 + You take 1d6 fire damage per round this Matter Baby touches you or until you get away and put out the fire.  Immune to fire damage. 
2- Stone.  HD 4, AC 8.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  Cannot be hurt by non-magic weapons or things that could not hurt a giant boulder.  Doesn't absorb Stone unless hurt, but can also phase through it.  Cannot travel through worked stone, but can absorb it, or hust smash through the wall.
3- Water.  HD 3, AC 5.  Atk: Drowning 1d6 + Drown.  Drown: You must save.  On a failure, the Matter Baby grapples you and shoves you inside it.  Every round inside it you take 1d6 CON damage.  If this CON damage ever equals or exceeds your CON score, you die.  If someone pulls you out before then and you get some air, the CON damage instantly heals.  This Matter Baby cannot be hurt by non-magic weapons or things that could hurt a lake. 
4- Acid.  HD 3, AC 10. Atk: Acid Touch 1d6 acid damage + 1d6 acid damage till you wash the acid off.  This Matter Baby is damaged by water.  Immune to acid damage.     
5- Steel.  HD 2, AC 8.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby cannot be hurt by whatever the most common type of melee weapon is, whether it be steel or bronze. 
6- Gold.  HD 3, AC 13.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby smells gold and looks for it, to eat it and get bigger.  It loves adventurers for that reason.  If you kill it, it's corpse is worth 1d8*100 gold pieces. 
7- Wood.  HD 4, AC 10.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby is flammable. 
8- Flesh.  HD 5, AC 8.  Atk: Claw 1d6 + Absorb.  Anyone hit by this baby is attached to it by a cord of flesh which buries itself in the person's flesh.  This cord steals the person's flesh, mummifying them alive.  This does 1d6 damage a round.  The Cord can be cut, but doing so hurts both the person and the Matter Baby.  The Baby can also give flesh back, though it is loathe to do so.   
9- Bone.  HD 3, AC 13.  Atk: Claw 1d6 + Calcium Theft.  This Baby's attacks cause you to take 1d6 STR damage and makes your bones weaker.  If this damage ever equals or exceeds your STR score your bones turn to cartilage and you cannot walk, though you will be an amazing swimmer.   
10- Textiles.  HD 2, AC 11.  Atk: Towel Whip 1d6 + Strip.  This Baby's attack cause you to lose one piece of clothing.  Armor is also destroyed, as the baby eats all the little bits that keep the defensive parts in place.  This Baby is very annoying, and super flammable.  Immune to blunt damage.  
11- Occultum/Magic.  HD 2, AC 14.  Atk: Death Ray 1d10 magic.  This Baby eats not just Occultum, but magic spells, magic weapons, and anything enchanted.  It can teleport when no one is watching it and turn invisible when not in sunlight.  It cannot be hurt by non-magic weapons.  Its corpse is worth 1d20*1000 gold pieces.  There is no way you will be able to keep all of it, this is more money than some nations make in a year.  The Thieves are already on their way. 
12- Lightning.  HD 1, AC 18.  Atk: Electrical Touch 2d6 lightning.  This Baby is super-fast, glows purple, and cannot be hurt by anything that is not magic.  The Baby can also travel through metal like it wasn't there, but cannot do this to non-conductive things, such as dirt, wood, and plastic.  Immune to lightning damage.
13- Ice.  HD 3, AC 13.  Atk: Claw 1d6 + 1d6 cold damage.  This Baby can also create snowmen as a full action.  These Snowmen have 1 HD, AC 10, and attack with Fist 1d4.  It starts with 1d6 Snowmen body-guards.  This Baby and the Snowmen are immune to cold damage.       
14- Law.  HD 1d6, AC 1d6+10.  Atk: Cast Spell.  This Baby is a spellcaster, and knows 1d6+1 spells it can cast at will as level X spells, where X is equal to the number of HD it has.  This Baby cannot be hurt by a Servant of Chaos or any item given to someone by a Chaotic Deity, organization or religion.   
15- Chaos.   HD 2, AC 12.  Atk: Judgement.  Anyone who has broken a Law and not suffered legal punishment for it instantly suffers that punishment if they attack the Law Baby.  This Baby cannot be hurt by an Agent of the Law or any item given to someone by a Lawful deity, religion or organization. 
16- Fear.  HD 1, AC 10.  Atk: Courageous Aura.  Anyone within 100' of this Baby feels no fear, and automatically pass all saves to resist fear.  This Baby is immune to fear effects, and nullifies them. 
17- Death.  HD 1, AC 10.  Atk: Anti-Thanatos Field.  Anyone within 100' of this Matter Baby cannot die.  No matter how badly they are hurt, they will continue living as long as they remain close to it.  This aura does not dull pain, cause regeneration or prevent madness.
18- Life.  HD 5, AC 10.  Atk: Smash 1d6 + Life Thief: Target takes 1d6 damage or can choose to fail a save against the Life Leach Field.  The Baby is also surrounded by a field of energy for 100' called Life Leach.  Whenever you enter this aura for the first time, save.  On a failure, you take 1 damage per round/minute/day you are in the Life Leach field, depending on how close you are to the Life Matter Baby.  This Baby also receives double HP from healing spells or regenerative effects applied to it.
19- Memories.  HD 3, AC 11.  Atk: Smash 1d8.  This Baby makes you forget it was there.  Every time you stop looking at it, you forget it exists.  Every time this Baby is forgotten about, it forgets the damage it took, so is back at full health.   
20- Time.  HD 3, AC 15.  Atk: Smash 1d8 + CHA save.  On a failure, age 1d20 years.  This Baby is immune to Time Magic, and can move in Stopped Time. 

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