Saturday, March 25, 2023

Twk: Do you know the Primary Colors?

The following creature was created by Leovincible.  All art belongs to him unless otherwise credited.

Number Appearing: 1
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages: The Lingua Franca
Treasure: Stolen cash, blood-stained ID and credit cards, keys to vehicles and houses, lots of raw meat, primary-colored items

There is a strange creature roaming the world of humans, killing indiscriminately, torturing victims and building elaborate torture devices for the purpose of gratifying sadistic appetites. The being is a color-shifting, shapeshifting predator that despite it's rainbow colored hide seems to be able to seamlessly blend into our world.  For lack of a better name, it has been dubbed "Primary Color Man" for it's usual coloration.

Primary Color Man is a tall, long-limbed humanoid with color-changing skin.  It can change it's coloration to camoflague against surfaces or display eye-gouging hues.  It seems to be sexless, with no visible genitals.  It seems to disdain the trappings of humanity, rarely wearing clothes, and usually alters it's skin so it is covered in three broad columns of red, yellow and blue.  

Primary Color Man
HD 4
AR 3
Atk Fist or Weapon (1d6+3/1d6+3)
Mor 13
Saves 13 or less

Pigmentation Change: Primary Color Man can alter the color of his skin to take any shade he desires.  He can use this to camouflague against the environment, getting advantage on stealth rolls, or pretend to be something else by changing his color. 

Induce Synthesia: Primary Color Man, can, by touching a creature, induce a violent synthesia.  When a creature is affected by this ability, Primary Color Man may choose one of the options below and have it apply to that creature.  A creature can be affected by more than 1 of these options at a time. 

Red- If this creature sees the color red, he takes 1d4 psychic damage and feels intense pain. 
Orange- If this creature sees the color orange, he must save or become motion-sick.  A failed save means the creature has disadvantage on DEX Checks and Saves.  
Yellow- If this creature sees the color yellow, he must save or become hungry.  Hungry creatures get -1d4 to do anything until they eat something. 
Green- If this creature sees the color green, he must save or become nauseous.  Creatures who fail their save lose their action and spend it violently throwing up.   
Blue- If this creature sees the color blue, he must save or lose the effects of any abilities that affect emotions.  Creatures get a new save against Charm or Fear effects, but also cannot be inspired, Carnivores cannot rage, etc. 
Indigo- Creatures who can cast spells, if they see this color, have a 2-in-6 chance of their spells triggering Chaos.  This does not accrue Doom Points. 
Violet- Creatures affected by this ability who see this color must save or be frightened.  Frightened creatures have disadvantage on Atk rolls against the Primary Color Man and will not move closer to him.  Additionally, they take 1d6 COG damage a round.  If reduced to 0 COG by this ability, creatures must run or hide. 

- Find a vulnerable victim
- Stalk and alter their perceptions
- Only strike when the target is helpless
- Avoid fair fights or battles not of your choosing

The Primary Color Man is a stalker-type Xeno, who seeks out lone or vulnerable humans and preys on them exclusively.  It flees from well-armed groups and avoids superior force when presented with it.  It's methods are to follow and stalk a potential target, slowly altering the target's perceptions until the target cannot perceive the world without severe discomfort.  

The Primary Color Man will use it's abilities to isolate a target and prevent them from reaching out for help.  It has the ability to induce violent synthesia in creatures, causing them to feel, hear and even taste colors at such violent intensities that it can even be painful.  For example, it might break into someone's house, make them afraid of the color purple and then cover all their phones in violet stickers.  The creature will have to overcome their fear to even pick up a phone to call for help.  This might drive it to hide, and leave it vulnerable and alone, or it might drive them to leave, right into a potential ambush.   
Primary Color Man is a sadistic creature who tortures his prey before killing them.  Sometimes he does this through the use of physical pain, mutilating his victims and leaving them to die, but just as often he uses his powers.  Sometimes he builds elaborate torture rooms or death-traps for victims and strands them inside, hiding nearby to watch their suffering.

Torture Traps of the Primary Color Man:


1- A person who feels pain at the sight of the color red has been trapped in a room with all the walls, except for one, painted red.  The non-red wall bears the corpse of a loved one, nailed to the wall.  The victim cannot leave the room and the only tool left with them is a spoon with a sharpened edge. 
2- Several friends or family members are left trapped in a room that is painted yellow.  All of them are affected by the Primary Color Man's abilities and thus feel hunger at the sight of yellow.  They are provided water but no food.  He waits to see what will happen, whether they will feed on each other or simply wither and die from starvation. 
3- A creature who has been changed to feel fear at the sight of purple is in a room with a closed door and a purple stuffed animal blocking the way.  If they work up the courage to open the door, the booby-trap rigged to the door will blow their hand off, vindicating their fear.
4- Two people are trapped in a blue-painted room with a knife.  Neither of them can leave until dies.  One has been affected to feel only calm and logic from the sight of blue.  The other is normal.  Watching them debate will be most amusing, he feels. 
5- Two people are trapped in a darkened room.  They are informed that there are a multitude of keys on the floor.  They must find the key that opens the door.  The only lamp they have produces red light.  One of the people has been affected so red light causes him pain.  Additionally, some of the keys have been booby-trapped.  None of them actually open the door.   
6- A spellcaster is trapped in a room with another person or persons, both of whom are in danger of dying, perhaps from a sealed tank slowly filling with water.  The spellcaster is restrained so he can only use magic to free the other person.  The fact that the spellcaster has been affected so that his spells fail more commonly when faced with the color Indigo is thus a bit of a problem, especially given the massive amount of the color all around him.     

No one knows why the Primary Color Man kills.  Perhaps he feeds on people in some way, or simply needs their resources.  Or perhaps it is because it merely derives pleasure from killing and suffering.  Likely it is a combination of factors, though sadism seems to be the primary one. 

The Primary Color Man can speak, though rarely does so.  He is intelligent, but usually only speaks to negotiate with creatures too powerful to kill or taunt his victims.  He can be reasoned with and there are stories of him being recruited or working alongside other Xenos or less scrupulous Understudies.  None of them end well.  

However, the stories all agree that the only things the Primary Color Man values are large quantities of raw meat and items colored red, yellow or blue.  They have to be brightly colored with high-quality dyes however.  Any random item smeared with red or blue or yellow will not pass his rigorous criteria.  Additionally, the Primary Color Man is sometimes known to accept an alliance and betray it later, usually at the worst possible time for everyone but him.  Whether he does this to harm his potential allies in a premeditated way or out of opportunistic sadism is unknown. 

Intercepted Agency Report:

Fragments of a document on this creature was recovered from a secure Agency database by hackers associated with the Monodominant Sons of Zion was recovered and released onto a few restricted forums intended for use by Understudies.  The incomplete nature of the database entry is possibly due to Agency encryption or potentially the Sons keeping back certain bits of information, with either being possible but neither provable at this moment.  

IAE #7684

Classification: Anomalous Humanoid
Intelligence Rating: 5
Thaumaturgy Rating: 9
Threat Level: D
Directive: BOLO (Be On the Look Out)

IAE-7684 is a Thaumaturgic Anomalous Humanoid with intelligence on par with an unaugmented homo sapiens.  The entity possesses the ability to alter it's coloration, including into colors beyond the visual light spectrum, up to shades of paryl and chi.  It also possesses the ability to enhance the sensory abilities of creatures it touches, usually to their detriment...

...The following clip (see here) has been included as evidence for the creature's Intelligence Rating.  The video appears to have been produced by either an ally of the creature or the creature itself for purposes unknown...

...IAE-7684 is not to be engaged unless it poses a threat to Agency Personnel or Operations.  Command has decreed that the collateral damage it causes is minimal.  If the entity shows itself to be hostile to Agency or Command Directives it is to be eliminated with extreme prejudice, preferably in such a way that samples can be taken.  From previous confinements, it has been shown to be vulnerable to human-forged weapons, including firearms and blades.  The former is the recommended method of termination, as IAE-7684's physical strength and dexterity vastly exceed that of unaugmented homo sapiens or D or E-level field agents.