Thursday, December 7, 2017

If you needed another reason to stop watching porn

Hello everyone!  This is going to be a more serious post, so please, feel free to avoid it if you're not up for reading about sad things or political things, because this post is both of those things.

Recently, a woman killed herself.  And that's tragic, but it's not what I'm concerned about.  One suicide is a tragedy for the family, and for the deceased.  But it wouldn't concern me.  What concerns me is that this woman was bullied into suicide by her peers, by a group of moral-busy bodies.

That woman's name was August Ames, and she was a pornstar.  And while I believe that no one should watch porn, for various reasons, I respect the rights of others to defile themselves as they see fit.  And Ames clearly made that choice.  And she had a relatively unimportant career.  I know this because I had never heard of her before today.  But then, she objected to filming a movie with a male pornstar who had done gay porn before.

But why no, you ask?  Well, the reason is probably simple.  She was probably worried about catching HIV from this male performer.  Especially since California, where the porn industry is primarily based, just reduced the sentence for knowingly infecting someone with a deadly disease to a mere slap on the wrist.  So she objected to doing the scene.

 But it didn't end there.  Twitter got very cross with her, and some of her peers in the industry began relentlessly bullying her.  And after three days of non-stop harassment, Ames killed herself.

This would be an abominable situation in any set of circumstances, but in these, it was absolutely hypocritical.  Here in the heart of California, in an industry dominated by leftist and left-wing politics, the seat of Feminism, a group of men dictated to a woman what she would do with her body.  And when she refused, they harassed her until she took her own life.  For people who claim to speak for women, to stand up for them, who scream, "Her body, her choice," did this.  These men have proven what we've all known about Feminism and Social Justice for years now.  It is not about gaining more rights and protecting minorities.  It is about power, and by using women, minorities and other classes of people as moral cudgels to gain power.

But if a member of one of those protected classes dares to have an opinion not approved by the Party, then they must be excommunicated, and destroyed.  The purpose of this public pillorying is two-fold.  One, it is to prevent others from leaving the "correct" way of thinking.  Secondly, it is to strip the one they have strayed of any authority they would have had as a woman, minority, or other type of moral sock-puppet.  This is why this presumably progressive woman who worked in porn was called a homophobe in the same way black conservatives are called Uncle Toms and house niggers. 

Porn degrades women, causes erectile dysfunction in young men, sucks up your valuable time and money, and causes you to become passive and accepting.  Furthermore, the industry chews people up and spits them out, and now has been revealed to be a den of vipers and hypocrites.  So why are you still watching it?   


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