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OSR: Animal Brides, Skin-Changers and Skinwalkers


by wraithdt

Skin-changing is a form of folk-magic widely misunderstood by urban folk and more "civilized" peoples.  They consider it to be kissing cousins with being a Werewolf or being possessed, which often means those accused of it will be hauled before magistrates and blamed for grave-robbings, murderers or fornication with animals.  These stories have little or anything to do with the truth of Skin-changing, however.  

In reality, Skin-changing is an ancient form of magic that once protected countless people as Shamans bound the spirits of great beasts to protect their people.  Clad in the skins of predators and wild things, they lent aid to warriors and hunters, calling on the strength of the Animal Kingdoms to preserve the nascent territory of the Tool-Users.  

Today, Skin-changing is only practiced by tribal peoples and those without a deep basis of inherited knowledge.  It is not the most powerful of abilities and in many ways, the civilized people have found more useful, or at least more powerful, sources of magic.  But the knowledge remains true and the art vital, even after many centuries of neglect.  And should it be called upon again, the people of so-called civilization will find that the superstitions of their ancestors hold far more weight than even they who venerate the long dead would have given them credit for.  


An ancient Art of folk-magic, much ridiculed by Wizards, which allows the user to take upon the form and powers of a Beast.  Those who take the form of beasts like this are often called  Animal Brides for the common folk stories describing Skin-changers as disguised as common animals until they take off their fur cloaks to reveal themselves to be beautiful, naked women.  There is a plentiful amount of art depicting these scenes, for obvious reasons.    

Become Animal Bride or Create Hide Cloak

Base DC: 5+X [X is the HD of the creature being slain]

Materials Needed: Something to draw a circle with, a skinning knife, a regular knife, a cup, wine or milk or honey (depends on the animal)

First, find the type of animal you want to be able to transform into.  Then find a creature that fits your criteria.  

Kill that creature.  Draw a circle around.  

Offer a prayer to the creature's spirit, thanking it for it's life and meat.  

Skin the creature and be careful to damage the hide as little as possible.  Set the hide aside.  Carve out the creature's heart and eat it raw.  

Follow this by anointing yourself with the creature's blood.  

Then channel the creature's remaining mana out of it's body and use it to create a sympathetic bond between yourself and the hide.  

Then make the hide into a cloak.  If you have done it correctly, this will become a Hide Cloak for whatever animal you skinned.  

Failed Ritualism Check:


1- You are possessed by the spirit of the animal you slew.  Until exorcised, you act as if you were that kind of animal trapped in the body of whatever you are.

2- You fail to establish the sympathetic link.  You now have a perfectly fine but non-magical cloak.

3- You fail to properly channel the animal's remaining mana.  Everyone within X*10' takes Xd6 damage, save for half.  X equals the animal's HD.

4- You fail to properly channel the animal's remaining mana.  The animal's corpse rises as an Unbound Undead.  

5- You suffer a mutation that makes you look more like the animal whose hide you are attempting to link to.  Ex: Yellow eyes for a Wolf-skin, small tusks for a wild boar, etc.  

6- You feel the pain the animal suffered in it's last moments.  This does anywhere from 1d6 to 3d6 psychic damage, depending on how cleanly it was killed. 

by GuzBoroda
Shamans and others who practice this Art tend to only have knowledge of how to do this for certain types of animals, usually the animals a tribe feels closest to.  For example, if a powerful Wolf spirit protects a Tribe, then their Shamans probably know how to become Wolf Animal Brides.

Note that this only works on members of the Animal Kingdoms.  It does not work on those who stand outside the Laws of Predation (ie Monsters).  Attempting to make a Hide Cloak out of a Magical Beast or a Monster is a fool's errand that cannot go well.

Note that saying prayers over the dead animal is not necessary to the ritual, but most shamans practice it to prevent themselves from being haunted or possessed by the ghost of the animal they slew.  This is also why many Shamans use every part of any animal they kill for this purpose, for reasons beyond the merely practical.   

Rules for Transformation: 

An Animal Bride must be wearing his Hide Cloak to transform.  

He cannot be wearing or carrying any form of metal.  

He must either be naked or wearing skin-tight clothing.  Nothing that protrudes from the body in any way is acceptable, including such things as shoes, coats, armor, etc.   
All Animal Brides can:

- Communicate with animals of the same kind.  Ex: Wolves can talk to Wolves, Dogs, Coyotes, Jackals, etc.  

- Have a second pool of HP.  When they put on their Hide Cloak, they gain access to that Second Pool of HP, which is tracked separately.  This also includes other forms of damage including Horrible Wounds, but not conditions such as being Diseased, Petrified, Frightened, Charmed, etc.    

- If they are reduced to 0 HP when in Animal form, they revert to their normal form and their Hide Cloak is destroyed.  

- Each one also gets a special power based on what animal they slew.   

- Wolf: You can communicate with Ghost Wolves as well as regular wolves.  You can also enter the Spirit World in-spirit whenever you dream, as long as you are touching your Hide Cloak.    
- Deer: As long as you're wearing your Hide Cloak, you have advantage on checks based on hearing.   
- Lion: Depends on whether your Hide Cloak came from a Lion or a Lioness.  A Hide Cloak from a Lion grants a roar that 1/Day forces creatures who hear it and see the source to save or be Frightened.  A Hide Cloak from a Lioness grants the ability to   
- Shark: As long as you are touching your Hide Cloak, you can breathe underwater.  
- Crocodile: As long as you are touching your Hide Cloak, you can hold so still people will think you are a part of the scenery, as long as there's nothing to indicate otherwise, such as being dressed in lurid colors in the middle of a forest.   
- Buffalo: You gain a Charge Attack that you can use in both human and animal forms, though it is much more effective in animal form.  
- Bear: You can gorge yourself and gain a blubbery layer of fat which is consumed when you do not have enough food to eat.  You can store enough calories to equal up to 1/2 your CON score.
- Seal: Your Hide Cloak is ludicrously bouyant and can function as a flotation device.  
- Hyena: When in Animal form, you are immune to disease and instead act as a carrier.  When in Human form, as long as you are touching your Hide Cloak, you have advantage on saves vs disease.
- Badger: When in Animal form, you have a burrowing speed equal to your walking/running speed.

Example Statblock:

Tribal Shaman
HD 2  AR 0  Atk Atlatl (1d6+2/1d6+2) or Spear (1d6)
Mor 10  Saves 9 or less

Animal Bride: The Shaman possesses the Hide Cloak of a Coyote.  If he dons this Cloak, as an action, he can transform into a Coyote.  This changes his stats below.  

- Transform for tracking, stealth or escape
- Use hit and run tactics
- Protect your fellow tribesmen

Animal Bride- Coyote
HD 3  AR 2  Atk Bite (1d6+1+grapple)
Mor 10  Saves 9 or less

Animal Bride: The Animal Bride is actually a transformed Shaman.  He can transform into his human form back as a free action.

Dogspeech: The Animal Bride can communicate with any form of Canine, including Dogs, Wolves, Coyotes, Jackals, etc.

Tracker: When in Coyote form, the Animal Bride has advantage on any checks made to track or follow a creature based on scent or sound.

Trade: By ingesting a creature's a blood, the Animal Bride can create a link between himself and the other creature.  Whenever one of the creatures take damage, that damage is evenly divided between all linked creatures.  This link lasts for 1 day, or until it is broken via mutual consent.

- see above

by Gavin Valentine

Number Appearing: 1
Alignment: Any Evil
Languages: The Lingua Franca plus Tribal Tongue and the secret language of the Shamans
Treasure: Stained Cloak, trophies from murder victims, stolen goods (varies depending on Skinwalker's crimes)

One common mistake that many adventurers make is that if they take a Hide Cloak off someone, they will be able to use it themselves.  To their surprise, they will find themselves in the possession of a magical but otherwise inert item.  This is because a Hide Cloak is not really a magical item, in that it possesses no power of it's own.  Instead it is the mark of a ritual and thus no matter who wears it, it will only perform it's function for the one who performed the ritual in the first place.  

That's not to say there is no way to steal one, however.  Doing so, however, is both difficult and vile.  It requires a wicked deed and the perversion of the original ritual.  It is, as the Shamans and Tribal Elders might refer to it, "An Empty Path".

A Skinwalker is one who walks such a path.  Despite their fearsome reputations, Skinwalkers are not Demons nor Folk nor some kind of horrific unnatural beast.  They are something far worse- men who have twisted tools meant to aid the tribe and help the community into instruments of revenge and desolation.  They are those mortals who when given the option to gain more power at the expense of others gladly took the deal.  

Skinwalkers are almost always Shamans or those trained by them, from a culture that practices Skin-changing.  They are those who perverted the original ritual that is used to permit Skin-changing or performed some other sin which amplified their own powers, granting them the ability to take other forms and perform other terrible feats.  When clad in their Stained Cloaks, they are terrors and destroyers, capable of rending flesh and striking fear into all who face them.  

But when they doff them, they can easily pass for any normal person.  They are farmers, merchants, barkeeps and anything else.  The drifter who started working as a farmhand or the traveling peddler or the community leader, widely respected by all, any of them could be the horror of ever-shifting bone and gristle haunting the nearby wilderness, seeking those they may devour.      

Skinwalker- Mortal form
HD Varies, see below
AR Varies, see below
Atk Varies, see below
Mor 5+HD
Saves (7+HD) or less

Shapeshifter: Skinwalkers have access to magical garments called Stained Cloaks.  When they don these cloaks, they can transform into a variety of forms.  Skinwalkers gain new forms by killing the creature whose form they want to take and eating that creature's heart.  They can take the form of any creature that has HD less than or equal to theirs.  They can transform as a free action.  When transformed, they use a different pool of HP (see below).    

Regeneration: Skinwalkers recover X HD per round, depending on their overall strength.  

Specific Death Condition: Skinwalkers, regardless of form, can only be killed in specific ways.  Otherwise they return to life.  

Memory Thief: If a Skinwalker eats the brain of a creature, he gains the memories of that creature.  These memories fade over time so unless the Skinwalker takes steps to record or otherwise remember them, the Skinwalker will gradually forget what it learned. 

Black Feast: Skinwalkers gain power from those they slay.  If a Skinwalker kills and consumes a creature, which takes at least 10 minutes for a Medium creature, half that for a Small one, it gains +1 HD and is restored to full HP.   

- Pretend to be a normal person
- Use your animal forms to ambush creatures
- Attack lone creatures, kill and eat them  

Skinwalker- Beast Form
HD Varies
AR Varies
Atk Varies, see below
Mor 5+HD
Saves (7+HD) or less

Collective Pool: A Skinwalker's Secondary Pool of HP, the one it accesses in it's Beast form, is double what it has in it's Mortal form.  This pool of HD is shared among all the various forms a Skinwalker has.  The Skinwalker can transform as a free action between forms or back to it's mortal form.

Magic Resistance: Mana-based attacks and abilities are hard to use against a Skinwalker in Beast form.  When someone uses one of these against them, there is a X-in-20 chance that the mana-based ability (magic, psychic powers, bio-energy blasts) or attack does not affect them.  This causes the attack or ability to slip around them and strike the nearest target.  If there is no obvious choice, roll randomly.  For Skinwalkers, this chance is equal to their HD in Beast form.  

- See above

artist unknown
To customize a Skinwalker, roll on the tables below:

How did he become a Skinwalker?

1- He stole a Hide Cloak from a Shaman and killed the original wearer, then rebound the Cloak to himself.  This Skinwalker's Specific Death Condition is that it can only be killed by a weapon marked with white ash from a fire, all other weapons will fail to strike a mortal blow.  
2- He kidnapped a stranger then skinned him/her alive and turned the flayed skin into a Stained Cloak.  This Skinwalker's Specific Death Condition is that it can only be killed by someone who does not know who he is- all others will fail to strike a mortal blow.  
3- He killed a member of his tribe and drank their blood, then used their skin as lining for a Stained Cloak.  This Skinwalker's Specific Death Condition is that it can only be killed by an Leader/Elder of the tribe he belongs to.  This can be a religious, spiritual, political or military leader, as long as they hold a position of authority in the tribe.  All others will fail to kill the Skinwalker.       
4- He killed his brother (or another family member) and ate his heart.  This Skinwalker's Specific Death Condition is that it can only be killed by a member of his own family (or bloodline) or by an Agent of divine vengeance.  All others will fail to kill the Skinwalker.          

How old/powerful is this Skinwalker?

1- Newborn.  This Skinwalker has 3 HD in mortal form and 6 HD in Beast form.  It has 3 AR.  It has 1d4+1 forms.  It makes 2 Attacks that do 1d8+2 damage.  It has a 1-in-6 chance of having 1 Blasphemous Gift.  It also has Magic Resistance equal to 6-in-20 in Beast form.    

2- Young.  This Skinwalker has 4 HD in mortal form and 8 HD in Beast form.  It has 2 AR.  It has 1d6+2 forms.  It can make 2 Attacks that do 1d8+3 damage.  It has a 2-in-6 chance of having 1d3 Blasphemous Gifts.  It also has Magic Resistance equal to 8-in-20 in Beast form.  

3- Old.  This Skinwalker has 5 HD in mortal form and 10 HD in Beast form.  It has AR 2.  It has 1d10+2 forms.  It can make 2 Attacks that do 1d10 damage.  It has a 3-in-6 chance of having 1d4+1 Blasphemous Gifts.  It also has Magic Resistance equal to 10-in-20 (3-in-6 - 50%) in Beast form.   

4- Ancient.  This Skinwalker has 6 HD in mortal form and 12 in Beast form.  It has AR 1.  It has 1d20+2 forms.  It can make 2 Attacks that do 1d10+1 damage.  It has a 4-in-6 chance of having 1d4+2 Blasphemous Gifts.  It also has Magic Resistance equal to 12-in-20 (6-in-10 - 60%) in Beast form.       

A Skinwalker's Blasphemous Gifts:

1- The Skinwalker can take the forms of creatures much smaller than itself, such as birds, rats, etc.
2- The Skinwalker can utter a terrifying roar that forces all creatures within 1 mile to save or be Frightened.  Frightened creatures won't approach it, have disadvantage on Attacks against it and take 1d6 COG damage each round they can see/sense it.  Frightened creatures must also pass a Morale check to rest in the area they think the source of their fear is in.    
3- The Skinwalker can move through trees and foliage as if they aren't there.  This also makes it more difficult to track, as it doesn't damage branches, shubbery or the like.  Checks made to track it via non-magical means are done with disadvantage.    
4- The Skinwalker only leaves footprints on wood and stone.
5- The Skinwalker can speak the tongues of 1d4 [1= Birds (and creatures) of the Air; 2= Creeping things; 3= Beasts of the Field; 4= Trees and Growing Things] even in mortal form.  If rolled twice, it learns multiple languages.    
6- The Skinwalker can mimic sounds it has heard before, regardless of what form it has taken.  Creatures must pass a COG check with a DC equal to [5+Skinwalker's Beast form HD] to tell if the sound did not come from the proper type of creature.    
7- The Skinwalker can turn invisible.  It can turn invisible for up to 1 hour, but it turns back as soon as it changes form or makes an attack.    
8- The Skinwalker can summon 1d4 lesser spirits.  These take the form of 1d4 [1= Crows; 2= Rats; 3= Black Cats; 4= Feral Dogs.]  These spirits help the Skinwalker by 1d4 [1= Spying on it's enemies; 2= Spreading false rumors about it, such as claiming it's a different type of creature; 3= Stealing things the Skinwalker might find useful; 4= Performing petty sabotage against the Skinwalker's enemies.] 
9- The Skinwalker can enter the Spirit World in-spirit as long as it has access to it's Stained Cloak.  It can use this to enter the dreams of sleeping people.  If this result is rolled twice, it has the power to draw people from their dreams into the Spirit World.
10- The Skinwalker made a pact with a spirit.  This gives it the ability to 1d4 [1= Make itself invulnerable to a type of weapon 1/Day.  For example, it can't be hurt by swords or spears or arrows; 2= It can bind the spirits of the dead if it performs a ritual over their fresh corpse.  This causes some of their spirit to linger as Ghosts.  These ghosts obey the Skinwalker and can spy on or monitor intruders in an area around the corpse.  The ghosts can also possess corpses and rise as Undead; 3= Gives it a venomous bite that does 1d6 bonus damage a round, until it does 3d6 damage or a creature passes a CON save; 4= Causes the Skinwalker to be the carrier for a horrible disease.  Whenever someone comes in contact with one of the Skinwalker's bodily fluids, that creature must save or contract the disease.  The Skinwalker can also choose not to infect people if it wishes.]

by Eemeling

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Twk: Four More Dread Archetypes for the Problem

These are so more sub-classes for my Problem Class, which is intended to be my version of the Spook from Esoteric Enterprises.  If you don't know what that means, basically it means you're human who is slowly turning into Something Else due to your continued use of otherworldly forces, inhuman bloodline or a curse.  You can find the first sequel to that original post here.     

from here

The Good Book instructs those who cling to it not to seek revenge, for vengeance belongs to God alone.  Justice arrives through the consequences of violating Natural Law, of suffering in this life or of the naked misery of clinging to wickedness.  But in certain cases, Justice arrives in a far less subtle form.  You are a servant of Heaven, a soul who cried out for justice and received a special dispensation to hunt and destroy the ones who wronged you.  You are a soldier of God, an Angel of Vengeance.  You are Revenant and you live again.

To become a Revenant, you must have been seriously wronged by someone.  To track down and punish this person is your goal.  This person is known as your Principal Target.    

First Fruit: You can, when in the presence of evil, fly into a frothing, righteous rage.  While raging, you get +2 to Atk and Damage, but enemies get advantage on all saves against ranged projectiles.  You also cannot perform any task requiring intelligence, tact or anything other than screaming and violence.  Additionally, while raging, you can ignore the effects of Horrible Wounds, unless they would stop you from taking certain actions (such as rolling attacks at disadvantage) or kill you outright.     

Predator's Eye: By looking into someone's eyes, you can see his sins.  Confessed sins or those that have been paid for are invisible to you, but those that linger and stain the soul are vivid to your sight.  

Rotten Bloom: By touching someone, you may place a mark upon him.  This mark is invisible, but can still be detected by those who can sense mana.  As long as a target is marked by you, you can sense their location and general direction, with your sense of his location getting more precise the closer you are.  If you're across the room from your target, you could pierce their nipple blindfolded, but if they were on the other side of the country, you would only be able to know that they were somewhere "That way".   

Natural Born Killer: By meditating for an hour with a weapon in your hands, you can bless the weapon and make it a tool of holy vengeance.  This causes the weapon to become magical and holy for the purposes of overcoming resistances and do +1d6 damage on a hit when used against an evil creature.  If this creature was marked by you, the weapon does +2d6 damage.  If this creature is one that personally wronged you, your blessed weapon does +2d6 against them, or +3d6 if they are marked.  You may only bond with two weapons at one time, and only you gain these effects when wielding them.    

Malign Form: You may cover yourself in an illusion that makes you look like another person.  You can look like anyone, as long as that person has the same bodyplan as you.  You could disguise yourself as a human servant of your enemy, but not as pile of tentacles and gaping mouths.  You can also take the form of one of your enemy's victims.  When confronted by a victim, especially if that victim is supposed to be dead, enemies must make a morale check or be frightened.  

Born Again: 

Agent of Vengeance (Darkness): When confronted by your Principal Target, you choose blood.  You must punish this person to the fullest extent.  For every stripe he gave you, you return it.  For every blow, every lash, every cruelty is paid back in full.  Then, as a further measure, destroy your Principal Target in the most terrible way you can.  Do this and you will become an Agent of Vengeance.  You will become Ageless, immune to the flow and degradation of time, and Immortal, only capable of dying if slain in the act of pursuing justice or by becoming corrupted and being slain as an act of justice.  

But should you choose this path, you will become a barely human shell of your former self.  Your personality will become eggshell thin, a layer of rice paper over the iron rod of judgement that crushes the wicked.  You will constantly be able to sense those who deserve retribution and will be compelled to pursue them.  Once you have selected a target, you must pursue them and render judgement, not abandoning the pursuit until you see justice is done or die.  If you refuse to select a target, you will feel a stronger and stronger pull in their direction until you have no choice.  If you go more than 7 days without selecting a target or taking some action to pursue them, you die in your sleep.      

Servant of Mercy (Light): When confronted by your Principal Target, you instead take a more radical choice.  You forgive the person and let go of your anger and hatred.  If you do so, you may still punish the person, they have still committed a sin, but you must not revel in it nor indulge in any cruelty.  If you do so, you become a Servant of Mercy.  You lose all your Revenant powers, but instead gain the ability to heal wounds, purge diseases and poisons and remove negative conditions.  You also gain the ability to absorb damage and readminister it to those who deserve it.  You also lose any Dark Convictions you picked up from being a Revenant.    

A Revenant's Dark Convictions:
1- "I cannot rest."  You do not like to sit idle or feel like you're not doing anything.  When you haven't done anything to pursue vengeance against a wicked soul or your Principal Target, you must save or take some action to advance this goal, even if it's something as simple as buying more ammunition.  
2- "I will not stand idly by."  If you see an act of injustice, no matter how small, you must save or intervene, no matter the personal consequences.  
3- "I must protect him/her."  If you see a person you regard as innocent, you will feel the need to protect them.  If such a person is in danger, you must save or rush to his defense.  
4- "I am unworthy."  You do not like others wasting time thinking about you.  All that matters is the goal.  If you have the chance to refuse help, you must save or do so.  You will not refuse help that is needed to keep you alive or prevent your death, but anything that is not absolutely critical can be put off.  
5- "I cannot control my temper."  You are filled with violent, barely controlled anger.  When you get angry, or something happens that could make you angry, save or react in a violent or angry manner.  
6- "I should not be alive."  You are wracked with survivor's guilt.  Others suffered far worse, but you survived.  As such, you take risks that others would find unacceptable.  You can ignore Fear saves or other effects that might prevent a more rational person from leaping into danger.  Additionally, if faced with such a situation where you could achieve your revenge, even if death is likely, you will take it, unless you successfully save.  

by Bogna Gawrońska
Human Parasite

You ever hear of social vampires?  They are people who drain energy and attention from others but never contribute anything.  They are a detriment to any social circle or poor fool who fails to dissuade one from latching on to them and bleeding them white.  You don't like people talking about such things, as anyone talking about Human Parasites might start asking pointed questions about you.  And as soon as that happens, nothing good is likely to result.  

First Fruit: You can, as a free action, exude a field of anti-memetic radiation.  This makes you appear to be boring, drab and utterly forgettable to observers.  They must successfully save to pay attention to you or notice what you are doing.  If you do something interesting, they may receive bonuses to their saves.  If you are doing something dangerous that concerns them, they automatically pass.  Similarly, if you are doing something normal or otherwise uninteresting, they may receive penalties to their saves.  For example, if you are at a party and are lurking by the buffet instead of socializing, it would be easy to overlook you.  If you started making a scene and screaming at one of the guests, it would be easier to notice you.  If you pulled a knife on someone and tried to stab them, almost everyone would notice you.  You can turn off the field as a free action.  

Predator's Eye: You have the ability to see thermal radiation.  This allows you to see living creatures in cooler environments and be able to navigate in pitch-black environments.  This does not always work if you're in a hot environment, such as a rocky area with a hot climate.  In such places, with stones that have been baking in the sun all day, you will find it harder or impossible to pick out living things from their environment.  

Rotten Bloom: You can secrete a cloud of pheremones that lower stress hormones and induce a vague sense of euphoria in humans.  This affects everyone within 30'.  Humans that are affected by this must successfully save to take hostile or violent action.  If they are already in a dangerous scenario, they automatically pass.  Additionally, creatures under the influence of your pheremones will be much more agreeable and treat you as someone they like.  You can also touch someone to give them disadvantage on any of his saves against this ability, as you can coat your hands in a thin slime that contains a much higher amount of the pheremones.    

Natural Born Killer: You develop a pair of stingers concealed in the third finger of your hands.  When you touch a creature with one, you can sting that creature.  Creatures stung like this must save or be paralyzed for one minute, and are permitted a new save each round to end the paralysis early.  Additionally, X times per day, where X is your CON modifier, you can sting a creature to do 2d6 poison damage, save for half.    

Malign Form: You grow a cluster of muscular tentacles that emerge from a cavity in your back.  These tentacles have a reach of 10' and can be used to make melee attacks which do 1d4+STR damage on a hit, automatically grapples the target unless you wish otherwise.  These tentacles are strong enough to hold you and are covered in suction cups, so that when they are extended, you can add double your STR modifier to checks made to climb, lift or manipulate objects.  You can also use your tentacles to make a bonus attack on your turn if they are extended.  It is a full action to extend and retract your tentacles, though even when extended, you can still hide them under a baggy coat or layers of fabric.  Your tentacles can also be used to secrete your pheremones.  If seen with your tentacles out, creatures automatically save against your Anti-Memetic field.    

Born Again: 

Parasite Queen (Darkness): You have finally matured enough that the urge to procreate has finally come upon you.  You tentacles change, becoming tipped with new ovipositors.  Your pheremones become stronger, now they intoxicate humans who are exposed to them and reduce pain and harmful sensations.  They also become addictive.  Creatures exposed to them will feel the need to experience them once again and must successfully save for (7-X) days to get over their craving, where X is their COG modifier (add Negative modifiers to 7).  

While intoxicated, you can inject your eggs into a human.  These eggs will incubate inside their human hosts for three weeks.  After that, they hatch and begin burrowing through their host and devouring them from inside.  This does 1 CON damage a day, until day 7, then it does 1d4 CON damage a day.  This continues for 1d4+1 more days, after which the larvae are fully grown and emerge from their host.  The larvae will then devour the weakened host, unless provided with an alternate food source.  Any creature reduced to 0 CON by this process dies and is devoured down to the bones by the larvae.          

Ethical Consumption (Light): Your race has always needed humanity, as a food source and as a way to incubate your youth.  But there is another way, far less dangerous for the host.  You will need to find a specific type of human, an Ultimate.  These are humans who naturally possess a specific heritage that makes them nearly impervious to intrusion and interference, chemical, psychic or otherwise.  Once you locate this person, convince them to help you reproduce.  With their superior genome, you will be able to produce high-quality offspring in a way that does not put the lives of lesser humans in danger.  If you do this, once your offspring is born, you can pupate and continue to the next stage of your life-cycle.  You'll spin yourself a cocoon and enter it, your body undergoing physiological changes while inside.  

You will become more beautiful inside there, gaining an appearance of otherworldy beauty.  Others will be hesitant to harm you, unless you have proved to be a threat to them and theirs.  You will lose your tentacles but instead gain a pair of wings and gain the ability to fly.  Your stingers will change as well, becoming long, retractible blades that can cut through anything short of stone and tempered steel.  You also gain a pair of antennae that allow you to sense the emotional state of everyone around you.  Finally, you will gain the ability to dispense your pheremones as dry dust from your wings, which you can blast outward in a great flap of your wings, or leave a trail behind you as you fly, which will slowly rain down on those underneath.      

A Human Parasite's Dark Convictions:
1- "I like this person."  You meet a human you actually like and not just as a potential incubator or food source.  Whenever you have the chance, you must save or you'll sneak off to spend time with this person.  
2- "Is this ethical?"  You are troubled by ethical concerns.  When confronted with a moral quandry or questionable situation, you must save.  On a failed save, you will be unable or unwilling to rationalize it and must instead think through the action and determine whether or not it would be ethical to do such a thing.  If it is, then you may do it.  If not, you may not.  Your allies may help you by offering their own arguments or rationalizations.  
3- "I don't want to hurt them."  You are disgusted with yourself and the fact that your race needs to harm humans.  Whenever you would use your abilities in a situation that isn't a life-or-death situation, you must save to do so.  
4- "I just need someone to talk to."  You are desperately lonely.  If given the chance to talk to something intelligent, you must save or begin dumping your backstory, troubles, woes on that person.  
5- "I bet they would understand."  You know that the Elders told you that you must keep your existence secret, that humans would react badly if they knew, but this person is different.  You bet if you told them, things would be different.  Whenever you get close to a human and feel like you can trust them, you must save or reveal your secret to them.    
6- "I don't want to be around them."  Being around humans fills you with impulses you're not comfortable with.  When given the chance to shun the company of Mankind, you must save to avoid doing so.

from here

In ancient days, mankind was prey to the monsters and creatures which haunted the wilds of our world, able to defeat us through their superior physical and magical abilities.  To combat this, humans organized first into bands, then tribes, then nations.  We built walls and cities and instituted strict watches to keep us safe.  But these early cities were hot-beds of violence and disease, little safer than the countryside.  Hearing the pleas and cries of their people, Humanity's Gods heard the lament of their children and sent them a gift.  They sent them Kings.

A true King is appointed by God, granted divine right from birth to rule over people or peoples.  You are one of these lucky few, granted special status by blood and birth.  In this Godless, democratic age your talents are likely not to be acknowledged, but that does not erase them.  Regardless of whether anyone plants a crown on your head, you are Royal.   

First Fruit: You have preternatural Charisma.  If you look someone in the eye and ask them for something reasonable, they must make a save.  On a failed save, they will give you what you ask for.  What is "reasonable" depends on that creature's opinion.  Creatures will not give you anything they need to survive or anything that might immediately imperil them.  Additionally, creatures who dislike or have good reason to distrust you automatically pass their saves, unless there is some compelling reason why they would listen now.  

Predator's Eye: You can, by studying a group of creatures, identify the one most submissive and most willing to submit to your authority, presumed or otherwise.  You will still need to convince that creature to listen to any requests and there is no guarantee that the creature will listen, but it will listen, unless it has a good reason not to.

Rotten Bloom: Your Charisma takes on a supernatural level of power.  You can now impose your will on groups of creatures.  If you are confronted by a group of creatures who you have not attacked, you may attempt to convince them to do something reasonable.  They must succeed a Charisma save or do what you ask.  "Reasonable" here means what the majority of those creatures think would be appropriate given their status and circumstances.  Creatures who have a good reason to dislike you or have felt you made an unreasonable request automatically pass their saves.    

Natural Born Killer: Your intellect increases to the point where even in the chaos of battle, you always remain cool and collected.  You can almost always see what the best options are, even if others are blind to them.  If you give a creature an order as an action, and that creature obeys, it gets advantage on any roll it makes as a result of following your order.  Additionally, if you order it to make an attack and it hits, it can add double your CHA modifier to the damage roll.    

Malign Form: You are now surrounded by an aura of kingly radiance.  When enemies first see you, they must successfully save to attack or directly harm you.  Indirect harm is always permitted.  Creatures may attack you if you strike first or to defend themselves from your aggression.  

Born Again: 

Gluttonous Tyrant (Darkness): Your Charisma becomes an overpowering cloud that constantly clings to you.  Creatures who spend too long around you will find their wills gradually ground down, until they are little more than instruments for your will.  For every 1 day a creature spends in your presence, reduce that creature's COG by 1 (min 3).  Creatures who have their Cognition reduced to less than half of it's normal around you become unable to disobey you, unless they pass a save.  They also gain advantage on any save against Charm or Fear, if they feel that the orders they are being given would contradict what you told them to do.  

You gain the ability to consume your subjects.  By touching one of your retainers/followers, you can drain life from them.  By touching them, you can drain as many points of HP as they have and transfer them to yourself.  If you drain at least 8 points of HP a day, no longer need to eat or drink, though you still feel the desire to do so.  If you eat the flesh of your followers and drink their blood, you gain double the amount of HP/FS you would ordinarily recover from such a meal.  

Your maximum HP increases to 50, but it decreases by 1 each day.  

White King (Light): You are visited by an Angel in a dream, who reveals who you are entrusted with.  You are the representative and steward of one of the nations and must care for it.  You will find your current nation in crisis.  You will likely need the help of your friends and allies to save your people.  You will be granted the crown of this nation and the right to rule over it, but also responsibility over it.  

The Angel also gives you three gifts to ensure that you can fulfill your destiny.  First, you will be given a sign that heralds your coming.  The people who see it will know that their King is coming.  Second, you will be given the power to remove afflictions such as poisons, diseases, and other negative effects from others and take them unto yourself.  You will also gain the ability to transfer your HP to others through touch.  Finally, you will be given a small magical trinket which will, in some mysterious way, aid you on your quest.    
A Violetblood's Dark Convictions:
1- "I deserve this."  When you see something valuable, special or important, you must save or be convinced that you deserve to possess that item/creature/title/etc.  
2- "I am better than them."  You become convinced that you are better than other humans.  When given a chance to assert your superiority or pull rank to avoid something unpleasant, you must successfully save or do so.  
3- "They should be grateful."  You become irritated by the lack of adoration from those you consider beneath you.  When not properly praised, you must successfully save or become unhelpful and irritable.  
4- "Why should I help?"  You decide that some problems are beneath your notice.  You must successfully save to intervene, otherwise you abandon those with the problem to their fates.  
5- "I don't want this."  You become stricken with the desire that this burden of leadership and power is something you suddenly dislike.  You must successfully save or when given the opportunity, you will shirk your duties as much as possible.  
6- "I don't want to die."  You become terrified of death.  When faced with potential death, you must save or become frightened.  On a failed save, you will immediately seek to escape or otherwise evade the danger.  

by Peter Mohrbacher

Sinful and sensual, you are descended from not only a line of ancient royals, rulers, administrators and governors, but of a deeper line, one that surpasses humanity in grace, vitality and power.  You suspect that many legends of superhuman warriors, kings and leaders flow from those inhuman ancestors or hybrids like yourself.  Despite your woefully human appearance, you possess greater spiritual abilities than them, who are chattering monkeys in comparison.  And though your skills are nothing compared to those wielded by those in generations past, you are still a formidable foe.  Your people survived Alexander, the Macabees, the Catholics, Calvinists, Roundheads and Yankees.  Whatever you're faced with, you know you'll be able to survive and thrive.  For now matter who comes after your tribe, they somehow always find themselves serving you grapes while you recline on cushions and silk.     

First Fruit: You can exude an aura of emotional energy that causes those who interact with you to save.  On a failed save, creatures around you will be affected by this emotion that you are inflicting upon them.  Even on a successful save, the creature will still be affected, but they will realize that this feeling is not natural and is coming from you.  This feeling can be any emotion you want, as long as it is a feeling and not a specific desire.  For example, it could be something like angry, happy, sad, but not something like hungry or sleepy.  

Predator's Eye: You can, as a free action, open your third eye and peer into the Shallows of the spiritual realm.  This allows you to see the auras of living creatures, which reveal their emotional states via corresponding colors and patterns.  For example, a bank robber currently in the middle of a heist would have an aura thick with fear (of being caught) and excitement (of the potential loot he's about to obtain).  

Rotten Bloom: You can now cause your aura to exude a specific desire, such as being hungry, sleepy or any other common desire.  Creatures must save or immediately try to satisfy that desire.  Creatures who pass their save can resist this impulse, but they must save again if they spend too long around the source of that desire.  You can also remove this aura from yourself and place it over an object, which becomes the new source for that desire.    

Natural Born Killer: You can, as an action, try to suppress a creature's desires and emotions.  As an action, you can force that creature in a Cognition (COG or INT if you don't use my ability scores) contest.  If the creature wins, nothing happens.  But if you win, then the creature is struck into a near-fugue state as all their desires and emotions vanish and they enter a null state created by their own confusion.  Until the creature is reminded of why he is doing what he is doing, he will do nothing.  For example, if in a fight, that creature will stop fighting until reminded why it was fighting or given a reason to continue fighting, such as someone trying to stab them.  

Malign Form: Your form becomes plastic, dependent on the feelings and desires of others.  The more time you spend around someone and closer the contact, the more you will change to suit their desires.  For example, if you are with a man who likes beautiful women, your form will naturally change to become more feminine and beautiful, regardless of how you looked before.  If you are with someone who wants a strong leader, you will change to more closely fit whatever their visual idea of what a leader is.  Additionally, these changes only reflect the closest relationship/contact you have at the time.

Born Again: 

Avatar of Desire (Darkness): You become an archetype of manipulation, a puppeteer who plucks at the strings of the strongest.  The mightiest men and the highest Gods are no match for your silver tongue and generous gifts.  You gain the ability to learn people's desires by tasting their blood and the ability to shapeshift to whatever form they would most desire.  You can become a seductive temptress perfectly tailored to your target's preferences, or you can take the form of a ghostly mother to a widowed child.  

Additionally, any creature who gives into one of the desires you motivated them with becomes weak to your influence.  Such creatures are more likely to listen to you and have disadvantage on mental effects directed against them when produced by you.     

Shepherd of the Flock (Light): You recognize the immense harm your abilities could produce, but also the great benefit they could produce for humans.  You become a beneficient guardian, one who teaches humans how to better themselves, to elevate their consciousness above the muck of base desires and animal drive.  You gain the ability to read the minds of nearby humans and detect the presence of immaterial beings.

A Nephilim's Dark Convictions:
1- "I want to help that person."  When a human is particularly helpful, kind or otherwise draws your interest, you develop a fixation with helping them whenever you can.  When given a chance to help that creature, you must successfully save to resist.  You will be self-sacrificial and careless with your resources when doing so, as nothing is more important in the moment than helping your little friend.    
2- "I want to harm that person."  When someone does something that offends, upsets or irritates you, you must successfully save or develop a fixation with harming that creature.  Your fixation depends on the offense and is usually proportional.  When you have the chance, you must successfully save or commit an act of malice against that creature.     
3- "These little monkeys are very funny."  You tend to underestimate humans and why wouldn't you?  I mean, just look at them?  When humans do something seemingly stupid, you must successfully save or overlook what they did as nothing more than primate foolishness.  
4- "I fail to understand why I should care."  You fail to care about many things that so bother humans.  When faced with their problems, you must successfully save in order to actually care about them.  If you fail, you regard them as things beneath your notice or otherwise irrelevant to you.  
5- "I fear divine vengeance."  When you see something that reminds you of God, you are stricken by fear of eternal punishment.  You must successfully save or take action to attempt to either mitigate your guilt impulsively or flee from the source of your fear.
6- "I am your superior."  You are overtaken by a sense of immense smugness.  Whenever you see someone fail at a task, you must successfully save or condescend to them.

by artorifreedom

Thursday, July 6, 2023

OSR: Wizard-Artist

This is based off the Chromatomancer from a Blasted, Cratered Land.  I've taken plenty of ideas from them, though many were adapted.  Also, I don't like the name, as the Wizard School Velexiraptor came up with is more about Art than colors, and Chromatomancer seems to imply something based on colors as they exist in our world, like something from the Lightbringer series, not on those colors in reference to art.  

source unknown
Wizards spend far too much time trying to wrangle Magic.  They study the properties of it and endlessly refine their methods, trying to contain the inexplicable.  They carefully monitor students, looking for what traits make a student the best at channeling or capturing spells, they carefully breed spells to be uniform and efficient and cling to rigid procedures until they become creeds; yet all of this misses the point.  

Magic is not some obedient house-pet that can be properly trained and ordered into doing the proper thing.  Magic is the wind, the roaring blaze, the rumble of the Earth's chtonic plates.  It is the wail of the Void, the light of the Sun.  Magic cannot be bound or ordered, it is the antithesis of those things.  Magic is the breaker of chains, the leveler of all things.  

This is why tyrants and rulers have always tried to contain or control it, for no man can control magic.  It, by nature, cannot be contained.  It is inexplicable, appearing out of the wilds and in the dead of night, arriving without prompting and leaving just as suddenly, the careful plans of men in it's wake.  For this reason, Magic has long been associated with Art.  

The true Artist is one who is driven to create not for financial or ideological gain, but by the burning need to take something that does not exist and make it so.  It is a desire that can be denied or sublimated, but never crushed or eradicated.  It is the thing that exists for the sake of itself.  What is the use of Art?  Why do we need it?  We do not, yet a life without it would be intolerable.  So with Art, so with Magic.  Do not ask why it is, for such a question misses the point.  'It is' is the question and the answer.

Still following?  Good, then we can begin:


When did Inspiration (Magic) first strike you?

1- When you were a child, one of your drawings came to life.
2- When you were a dissatisfied youth, you didn't know what you wanted to do until you tried Art on a lark and found what you were born to do.  The magic came later.    
3- When you were trapped in the toil and drudgery of life, you sought a way to inject a living spirit into the dreariness of your life.  Art was the method and it worked, now everything else is dross besides your burning desire to create.    
4- After you suffered terribly.  You sought a way to lighten your burdens and deal with your angst.  Your pain fuels you to create masterpieces.    

Who is your ally?

1- Another Artist.  They might not even be magical, but they're better than you, even you admit that.  They are rival and inspiration and friend in one.  Roll twice on the following table to see how successful they are.  You could appeal to them for a favor, but you'll definitely need to help them with one of their future projects.    
2- Your patron.  You are funded by a wealthy patron.  Your patron is wealthy, likely powerful and interested in you.  Your patron will occasionally commission you to make something for them, for which they will pay handsomely.  They also can provide access to the upper tiers of society, provide invitations to exclusive events, etc.    
3- Your mentor.  He taught you magic and/or art and for that you are eternally grateful.  He will occasionally need your help to pay his bills and do things he can't as an older person.  But should you need anything, he will always do his best to help you.  He is a font of wisdom and knows much more than he lets on.    
4- Your biggest fan.  You have an admirer who is really, really into you, either as a Wizard, as an Artist or as a Person.  If you treat them nicely and continue to do what they do, they would do almost anything for you.  Just don't mistreat or abuse them, or they might become someone you'd rather not meet.  

How famous are you?

1-2- Literally who?  No one knows who you are, with few exceptions.  You are a starving artist.  
3- Cult following.  A small group of people are utterly rabid for your work and will pay handsomely for it.  You start with 1d20+20 extra silver.    
4- Literal cult following.  A small religious group are convinced you are a God in disguise or a secret prophet for their obscure faith.  They are constantly pestering you to make things for them and to join their congregation.  You start with 1d20 extra silver + the creepy interest of a bunch of (mostly benign) cultists.  
5- Up and coming.  You are well-known in certain circles.  People know who you are in at least a vague sense and they might have seen that one painting you made for City Hall.  You start with 1d20+20 extra silver.  
6- Don't you know who I am?  You are famous, a genius widely known in your home town/city/tribe.  When you reveal yourself, you're confident you will take the art world by storm.  You start with 3d20+5 extra silver.

by Jemma Young
The Wizard-Artist is a sub-class for my basic OSR Wizard class.  For any other details, see the base class here.

Power: You are skilled in one artistic medium of your choice.  The most common one is painting, but it need not be for you.  You can also work with charcoal, pen and ink, pencils or practice a less common form, such as sculpture, performance art, etc.    

Drawback: You are driven by a compulsion to create.  Ideas constantly pop into your head.  You must work on a creation of yours at least once per day.  If not allowed to make Art or at least work toward a creative goal, you will lose 1 MD per hour until you hit 0.  From there, you will gradually become obsessed with creating something and will resort to unusual or unorthodox methods and mediums.  For example, if locked in a dungeon you may use the links of your chain to scratch designs into the stone floor or smear your feces onto the wall to use as paint.    

Absorb Color
Animate Artwork
Alter Perspective
Create Negative Space
Focal Point
Imbue with Emotion
Implied Lines
Pose Subject
Prismatic Ray
Take Memory
Vanishing Point

Prismatic Defense
Raise Dead Movement
Summon New Color
Turn to Art

Legendary Spell: Magnum Opus

Absorb Color
R: touch T: object or surface D: one action

You can touch an object and steal up to [dice] of it's colors.  These colors form spheres of compressed color.  If shattered against an object or surface, the spheres explode into a spray of color that coats the surface or object struck.  Creatures hit in the face by a wave of color are blinded, unless they are wearing helmets or have a shield, in which case they may save against being blinded.

Animate Artwork
R: 10' T: piece of art D: one action

You can pull one creature or object depicted in a piece of art into the real world.  This object or creature now functions as if it were real and gains any abilities or properties attributed to it by the artwork.  

Note that the quality of the artwork determines the effectiveness of whatever object or creature you manifested.  Masterwork artwork produces something identical to it's real life subject, while lesser works will produce objects or creatures with only 50% the strength of real life versions of the subject, while crude works or doodles will produce something with only 25% strength as compared to real life versions.  

Alter Perspective
R: 1000' T: point in space D: [dice] minutes

Select a point in space within range.  You create an invisible sensor within range.  You can look through that sensor as if you were standing where it is placed.  You may only observe, no other sense data is transmitted.  Additionally, the sensor cannot move once placed.  

Create Negative Space
R: 30' T: area around creature or object D: [dice] rounds

One creature or object you target suddenly has space around them expand, creating more space between it and other objects around them.  This space can be created in a radius centered on the target or in a line from the target to the closest non-target object.  Once the duration ends, the extra space disappears as space returns to it's previous dimensions.  

Focal Point
R: 30' T: creature or object D: [dice] minutes

One creature or object within range is suddenly cloaked in an aura that draws attention toward it.  When a creature can see, hear or otherwise perceive the existence of the target, he must save.  On a failed save he will be compelled to go investigate what the thing is.  How he interacts with it will depend on what the thing is- he will look at a painting, talk to a person, etc.  

Creatures may receive penalties to their save if they have some further reason to investigate the target of the spell or they may receive bonuses to their save if the target isn't something very interesting by itself.  

For example, if the target of the spell is a blank canvas and people are aware of this fact, they are much less likely to want to go look, so they get a bonus to their save.  If, on the other hand, the thing is naturally interesting or exciting to look at, such as beautiful woman in a skimpy outfit or a Clown attempting to juggle hatchets, that will give creatures a penalty to their saves. 

Imbue with Emotion
R: touch T: object D: varies

One object you touch radiates a powerful emotion.  When a creature sees that object, he must save.  On a failed save, the creature is filled with that emotion.  If cast with 3 or more [dice], you can imbue wild and uncontrolled emotions such as homicidal rage, crushing depression, ecstatic bliss.  

If cast with 1 [dice], lasts for [dice] hours.  If cast with 2 [dice], lasts for [dice] days.  If cast with 3 [dice], lasts [dice] weeks.  If cast with 4 or more [dice], lasts as long as the caster wishes or permanently.

Implied Lines
R: 30' T: point in space D: [dice] minutes

You can create an invisible object up to 10*[dice]' long, 10*[dice]' wide and 10+[dice]' tall.  The object has [sum] HP and lasts for the duration or until it is destroyed.  When the duration ends, it disintegrates back into the ether.            

R: 30' T: creature D: one action

One creature within range has a sudden burst of inspiration relating to what they were thinking about.  If this new idea is tried, the creature attempting it gets a +[dice] bonus to any rolls made to attempt it.     

Pose Subject: As Take Captive under Psychomancer

Take Memory
R: self T: your visual field D: one action

You may perfectly capture a scene in your mind's eye and store it in your memory.  You can then perfectly recreate this scene in any artistic medium of your choice.  Created Memories are stored in your Mental Inventory/Memory Slots.  

Vanishing Point
R: 10' T: point in space D: [dice] minutes

Target a point in space or along a surface, such as a wall, ceiling or floor.  From this point emerges an invisible sphere with a radius of 10*[dice]'.  The caster can choose to make this sphere smaller if he wishes.  Any creature that passes into this sphere seems to disappear from view in some sort of logically explainable way, such as they stepped behind something or disappeared over the horizon.  If no logically explainable way can be visualized, they simply disappear.  Creatures or objects that enter the sphere will remain unseen until the duration ends. 

Color Out of Space
R: touch T: surface D: 2[dice] rounds

By touching a surface, you can cause a new color to cover up to [dice]' square of the surface, or the entire surface.  If cast with 3 or more [dice], you can cover either [sum]' square or divide the coverage among a number of objects that have a surface area of [sum] or less.  

Choose one of the following Colors to manifest.  These colors remain for the duration, after which they disappear from mortal perception once more.

- Obliva: A color that is darker than dark, beyond the pitchest of black.  Obliva devours all light that touches it, creating a sucking hole in the viewer's field of view.  Those who see it are filled with fear or are fascinated with it.  Creatures who see it must save, on a failed save, they are scared of it and will try to destroy it or flee from it.  Creatures that pass their save will move closer to try and investigate it.  
- Paryl: Paryl hides from light.  Anything the color of Paryl is invisible.  
- Sub-Red: Sub-Red is the color of heat.  Anything colored Sub-Red will absorb heat from any object it touches and grow hotter as a result, but will not melt, burn or be damaged by it.  
- Superviolet: Superviolet is the color of magic.  Anything colored Superviolet drains mana from whatever it touches, causing spell-casters wrapped in it to slowly lose their mana.  Also, if an active spell is cast near someone wearing Superviolet, there is [dice]-in-6 chance it targets the Superviolet instead of the intended target.  
- Chi: Chi is the color of Freedom.  If a living creature is touching or covered by Chi, he can double any modifiers used to sneak, hide or escape.
- Nightshine: Nightshine is the color of Desecration.  It is present when Outsiders tear their way into the world, when the Dead are Raised and when the Unnatural has occurred.  Undead and Abberrations are colored this.  These creatures leave faint trails of this color.  Anything colored or covered in Nightshine will provoke fear and disgust in creatures not covered by it.  Non-Nightshining creatures must save or react in a matter appropriate to the marked creature (in a ballroom, they will summon security to have you escorted out; in a dungeon, they will attack or run).  
- Wispa: The color of souls and life.  Anything covered in Wispa has advantage on any rolls made on the Death and Dismemberment table (rolling twice and taking the worse result) and they regain 150% more HP/FS from healing effects.  Ex: If a spell makes you recover 4 HP, you recover 6 instead.    
- Whashari: The color of change and Chaos.  Any living creature that sees Washari must save or develop a mutation.  Gazing at it for long periods of time can also affect one's mind and drive you insane.  

Raise Dead Movement
R: 100' T: up to [sum] creatures D: one action

Up to [sum] creatures within range must save.  On a failed save, these creatures become infected with an Artistic Movement and it's associated ideals.  They will immediately move to begin propagating this movement, only letting survival and imminent danger distract them from this.  As in, they will still act to protect themselves, eat, sleep, etc.

If cast with 4 or more [dice], it can affect everyone within range, with the exception of up to [sum] creatures.  

Select one of the following Artistic Movement to Raise:

- Dadaism: Those infected become nihilistic.  The world drains of sense and reason.  The infected will make nonsensical art and engage in activities with a heavy sense of ironic detachment, perpetuating nonsense while engaging in large amounts of hedonism and self-destructive behavior.  When enough infected gather in one area, they create an aura of depression that makes those within doubt the meaning of life if you fail a save.    
- Impressionism.  The infected will develop powerful synthesia.  They will taste sounds, hear colors and see smells.  They will start licking, sniffing and otherwise engaging with conventional stimuli in unconventional and inappropriate ways.  When enough infected gather in one area, this synthesia becomes infectious.      
- Cubism: The infected cannot see the full forms of objects, to them, all objects break down into their component pieces.  They will become disgusted with other creatures and seek to avoid dealing with them except to gratify desires or fulfil vital needs.  When enough infected gather in one area, you will start to see other creatures as horrible piles of shapes.  
- Surrealism: The infected begin to hallucinate.  Clocks melt, birds walk on human legs, cats explode into children's toys.  When enough infected gather in one place, they begin suffering collective hallucinations, so they all see the same thing, and these hallucinations have a chance of manifesting in reality.  Ex: they all hallucinate clocks melting like gorgonzola cheese in the sun, so the clocks actually do.  
- Classicism: The infected become obsessed with old styles of dress, manners, cuisine, social structures, etc.  Expect them to ramble on about how good things were "Back in my Day", wear archaic clothes and possibly try to overthrow the current government to replace it with an older, long-dead regime.  When enough infected gather, certain individuals will start to mimic the actions of long-dead historical figures.  Ex: In America, a tall guy might start LARPing as George Washington and he does this so well that the others declare him to be Washington's Heir and try to get him elected (or something like that).  
- Baroque: The infected begin acting in an elevated way, as if they were actors on a stage.  They favor dramatic gestures, bold color choices and fabulous outfits.  The more decoration, the better.  When enough infected gather in one place, everything seems to gain another layer of detail.  
- Symbolism: The infected become depressing, disillusioned people who don't like their current situation but have little idea of how to change it.  They will engage in protests, civil disobedience and generally disengage from what they dislike most about their society.  When enough infected gather, all creatures and objects will be represented in abstract forms based on collective perceptions.
- Modern: Exactly like Dadaism, but the infected instead create an aura of unbearable smugness, as they "get it", but you just aren't sophisticated enough to.  

Turn to Art
R: 30' T: creature D: one action

One creature within range must save.  Creatures with HD equal to 3x or more than [dice] automatically pass their saves.  Creatures with more HD than [dice] add the difference as a bonus to their saves.  Creatures with less subtract the difference from their saves.  

A creature that fails his save is transformed into a piece of art of your choice.  For example: a painting, sculpture, mosaic, etc.  Damage or edits done to the artwork reflect on the creature.  The caster may transform the creature back as a free action.  Alternatively, a casting of 'Dispel Magic' cast with equal or greater [dice] can restore a creature to normal.

by suchbluesky
Chaos and Corruption of the Wizard-Artist:
When you roll doubles, roll on the Chaos table.  The spell still goes through.  You receive 1d3 Doom Counters.
When you roll triples, roll on the Corruption table.  The spell automatically fails.  You also receive 1d4 Doom Counters.
At 10 Doom Counters, you invoke the Doom of Fools.
At 20 Doom Counters, you invoke the Doom of Kings.
At 30 Doom Counters, you invoke the Ultimate Doom.

Chaos of the Wizard-Artist:
1- One random item you have changes color.  Roll for a random color.  Includes weapons, clothes, bags, etc.  
2- For the next 1d10 minutes, instead of footsteps your feet leave tiny drawings of 1d4 [1= Cats; 2= Birds; 3= Dogs; 4= Women] wherever you step.
3- One random work of art within 100' changes to become 1d6 [1= Crasser; 2= Lewder; 3= More approving of authority; 4= More anti-authoritarian; 5-6= Promotes something unsavory.]  If there is no art within 100', affects the closest one.  
4- For 1d10 minutes, you appearance "art style" changes.  For the duration you look like 1d4 [1= A pencil drawing; 2= A cartoon character; 3= A charcoal sketch; 4= A Cubist monstrosity.]  This does not affect your stats, only how you appear.  
5- One random creature within 100' is struck by inspiration.  This creature must save or immediately abandon whatever he is doing to create this work of art.  The work takes 1d6 hours to make and is 1d6 [1= Awful; 2= Bad, but they're extremely proud of it; 3= Mediocre, but they've shown potential; 4= Well Done; 5= A Great Work; 6= A True Masterpiece.]
6- One random piece of art within 100' becomes sentient and gains the ability to communicate for 1d10 minutes.  The art piece's personality is dependent on what it is.  For example, a painting of a Holy Maiden will be virtuous and kind, while a painting of sinners being tormented in Hell will issue forth the screams of the damned and the cackle of demons.

Corruption of the Wizard-Artist:
1- All items you have change color.  These are the most irritating, eye-gouging shades imaginable.  Additionally, there is a 2-in-6 chance some of them will be Colors from beyond the Mortal Spectrum (see above).  These changes are permanent, except for Colors from beyond, which fade after 1d10 minutes.
2- Within 100', all items lose their colors, becoming black and white.  All their colors spill out as liquid and cover the ground around them, staining everything they touch and mixing with other colors.
3- All pieces of art within [dice]*10' change to depict 1d4 [1= Depraved sexual acts; 2= Horrible murders; 3= Blasphemies against God/the local Deity; 4= You doing something embarrassing.]  If there is no art within range, affects the nearest piece of art.  
4- One creature within 100' is inspired.  That creature must save or abandon whatever he is currently doing to create this art.  His art will take 1d10 hours to make and is done in the medium of 1dX [1= Manure; 2= The corpses of the dead; 3= Gold, silver and precious stones; 4= Ivory or bone.]  The creature will become obsessed with his art and will not do anything but work on his art or do things that will advance his project.  If prevented from doing so, the creature will resist using all possible means, up to and including violence.  
5- The artist becomes trapped inside an invisible structure.  This structure has [sum] HP and takes half damage from non-magical sources.  It lasts for 1d10 minutes or until destroyed.  When it hits 0 HP, it disappears.    
6- You see yourself from an alternative perspective, as if your body were a character in a work.  You see yourself from a 1d4 [1= Worm's Eye view; 2= Bird's Eye view; 3= Distant, wide view; 4= From the enemy's perspective.]  This lasts for 1d10 minutes.  You have disadvantage on anything requiring precision for the duration, unless you pass an appropriate check to get around the disadvantage imposed by your new perspective.        


Doom of Fools- You are struck by a fit of wild inspiration.  You immediately abandon whatever you are currently doing to begin work on this new project.  You lose the ability to cast spells or work on other projects until it is finished.  This project will take a minimum of 1d20+2 hours to complete.  Whatever you created then comes to life.  To see what you were inspired to create, roll on the table below.  Once your work is finished, your powers return.    

You were inspired to create...
1- A Creature.  The creature you created becomes real.  It has 1d8+2 HD, 1d6 AR, Attacks with a bonus of +1d4 and makes 1d4 attacks that do 1d3 (1= 1d6; 2= 1d8; 3= 1d10) damage.  The creature is 1d4 (1= Bestial; 2= Self-Aware, but very stupid; 3= As smart as it's creator; 4= Far smarter than it's creator.)  The creature has it's own agenda which it will pursue unerringly, though you might be able to reason with it.  
2- A Building.  Somewhere near you, a building will spontaneously appear in the closest village, town or city.  The building is full of 1dX [1= Horrible monsters that rampage across the surrounding area; 2= Rare and potentially dangerous treasure (cursed, magically radioactive, etc); 3= A long lost historical/religious/political figure who will massively upset the status quo; 4= A powerful faction plucked from another part of the world, or potentially from another one.  This faction is 1dX [1= A school of warriors; 2= A Wizard Academy; 3= A thieves' guild/crime syndicate; 4= A secret brotherhood of assassins; 5= A pack of religious zealots/cultists; 6= Roll twice- the first result is what it actually is, the second is what it appears to be.]
3- Tool or Weapon.  A tool or weapon (50% of either) appears from the work near the creator.  It is either a magical weapon or a tool that can do something spectacular, such as transform substances into others (lead into gold, stone into meat, etc).  There is a 2-in-6 chance that this tool has some sort of horrible downside, such as a curse or terrible side-effect associated with it.  
4- Scene.  The artist painted a scene showing characters the players have met doing something unexpected.  This scene is now guaranteed to occur in reality unless it is stopped, like a curse.  The artist has created a scene depicting 1d3 [1= A marriage between two unlikely people the party knows; 2= An important/beloved NPC dying; 3= The party suffering some consequence for something they did, such as being cursed, chased out of town, attacked by strange creatures, etc.] 

Doom of Kings- You are struck by a fit of divine inspiration.  You immediately abandon whatever you are doing to begin work on this new project.  You lose the ability to cast spells or work on other projects until it is finished.  This project will take a minimum of 1d8 days to complete.  You will neglect eating, sleeping or otherwise caring for yourself until it is done, unless someone is there to remind you and force you to do so.  Whatever you created then comes to life.  To see what you were inspired to create, roll on the table below.   

You were inspired to create...
1- A Creature.  The creature you created becomes real.  It has 1d10+10 HD, 1d6 AR, Attacks with a bonus of +1d6 and makes 1d4 attacks that do 1d3 (1= 1d8; 2= 1d10; 3= 1d12) damage.  The creature is as smart or smarter than it's creator.  The creature has it's own agenda which it will pursue unerringly, though you might be able to reason with it.
2- A Portrait.  You created a portrait of someone you knew.  The portrait becomes real and begins trying to destroy the original to take their place.  The portrait is mostly identical to the original subject, but as colored by the artist's perceptions.  Someone the artist hated will appear more brutish, someone they loved will seem more beautiful, etc.  The portrait has identical stats as the original subject.    
3- A City.  A city that previously did not exist appears out of nowhere near the artist.  This city is 1d4 [1= Full of magic that functions according to different rules than in other places in the world; 2= Full of wickedness, greed and corruption; 3= Full of parties and laughter and music; 4= Full of monsters and never-before seen creatures.]  The city's inhabitants are 1d3 [1= Basically normal people; 2= Insane; 3= Odd, working off their own bizarre form of logic.]
4- A Landform.  Suddenly, the landscape changes as 1dX [1= A mountain; 2= A deep canyon; 3= A lake; 4= A vast forest; 5= A wide grassland; 6= An enormous waterfall] suddenly appears.  The landscape shifts and changes to fit in this new feature in a coherent way.  This one is likely to cause large amounts of unintentional destruction.    
5- Tool or Weapon.  A tool or weapon (50% of either) appears from the work near the creator.  It is either a magical weapon or a tool that can do something spectacular, such as transform substances into others (lead into gold, stone into meat, etc).  There is a 4-in-6 chance that this tool has some sort of horrible downside, such as a curse or terrible side-effect associated with it.
6- A Scene.  he artist painted a scene showing characters the players have met doing something unexpected.  This scene is now guaranteed to occur in reality unless it is stopped, like a curse.  The artist has created a scene depicting 1d4 [1= One member of the party dying; 2= The party kneeling before one of their enemies; 3= A marriage between an unknown person and one of the party members; 4= A great disaster that the party is caught up in, such as a great fire, a flood, a powerful storm at sea or a large battle.]

Ultimate Doom- You are struck by a fit of diabolic inspiration.  You immediately abandon everything to complete your magnum opus.  You give everything to create this work, every ounce of strength, cup of blood, every drop of power and talent you have into own sublime and magnificent work.  After it is completed, you vanish mysteriously and are never seen or heard from again.  

You were inspired to create...
1- A Creature.  The creature you created becomes real.  This creature is a 1d4 [1= Great Hero, King or Redeemer; 2= Monstrous Villain, Thief or Destroyer; 3= A great force of natural change, oblivious and uncaring of mortal concerns; 4= Something from Outside the conceptions of all mortals, which defies all of our rules, starting with the natural laws.]   
2- A Door.  You created a door.  This door leads to 1d4 [1= Another plane of existence; 2= A lost place in your world; 3= It leads not through space, but through time.  It leads either to the past or future (50% of either); 4= The Painted Lands.]    
3- A Scene.  The artist painted a scene showing characters the players have met doing something unexpected.  This scene is now guaranteed to occur in reality unless it is stopped, like a curse.  The artist has created a scene depicting 1d3 [1= The entire party dying or dead; 2= One of their enemies triumphant in the worst possible way; 3= The end of the world.  Maybe not 'The End' but still a catastrophe damaging enough to rewrite all the rules about how the world works.]  

You can overcome this Doom by seeking out one of the Muses and proving your worth to them or creating a True Original Work, a piece of artwork inspired by something not from this world, or something that no mortal has seen in at least 1000 years.  

by Jemma Young