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The Wizard Megapost

Spells by Tradition:

1- Acid Rain
2- Adrenaline Rush
3- Animate Potion
4- Befriend Beast
5- Healing Touch
6- Induce Mutation
7- Infantilize
8- Monsterize
9- Regeneration
10- Speak with Animals
11- Speak with Plants
12- Venomous Fluid

13- Manufacture Homunculus
14- Raise Bread

Legendary Spells: Annihilate Flesh, Simulacrum

1- Burning Armor
2- Chill Breath
3- Flashpoint
4- Fireball
5- Fogbank
6- Fire Blade
7- Freezing Wind
8- Freeze Ray
9- Hailstorm
10- Heat Metal
11- Light
12- Smother Flames

13- Dead Air
14- Pyrophobia
15- Speak with Fire

Legendary Spells: Control Weather, Fiery Holocaust

1- All Things Adjacent
2- Baleful Moon
3- Blinding Halo
4- Contact Outer Sphere
5- Enlarge
6- Focus Light
7- Lucky
8- Meteor Guard
9- Portal
10- Reduce
11- Sun Shower
12- Transpose

13- Calculate Probability
14- Curse
15- Horoscope
16- Teleport

Legendary Spells: Call Meteor, Time Travel

1- Anti-Gravity
2- Desiccate
3- Feather
4- Grease
5- Liquefy
6- Partition Metal
7- Quicksand
8- Repel Stone
9- Steel Intangibility
10- Stone to Dust
11- Stone to Lava
12- Stone to Mud

13- Airy Water
14- Center of the World

Legendary Spells: Creation, Destruction

1- Automate Action   
2- Defribulate
3- Disturb Thoughts
4- Divine Retribution
5- Edison's Insult   
6- Eliminate Pain
7- Incapacitating Grip
8- Magnetize
9- Overdrive
10- Sense Electricity
11- Shocking Blow
12- Tesla's Retort

13- Cause Malfunction
14- Hail to the King

Legendary Spell: Attract Iron

Jazz Wizard:
1- A kiss in the Dark
2- April Showers
3- Combustication
4- Dancing in the Dark
5- Dream a little Dream of Me
6- I ain't got Nobody
7- I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise
8- It's only a Paper Moon
9- Rhapsody in Blue
10- Soul of Things
11- Sweet Georgia Brown
12- Two Black Crows

13- Me and My Shadow
14- Parade of the Wooden Soldiers
15- Star Dust

Legendary Spell: Blue Train, Soul Station

1- Aegis
2- Bind Thrall
3- Call Being
4- Illusion
5- Inversion
6- Invisibility
7- Knock
8- Lock
9- Ounce of Prevention
10- Spell Collapse
11- Spell Deflection
12- Tetragrammatic Wards   

13- Drain the Astral Sea
14- Void Shields
15- Permanency

Legendary Spell: Ensnare

1- All Journeys Begin and End with One Step
2- Empty Palm Vanquishes the Wicked
3- Fear of Rain Clouds is Advised
4- Fortune shakes the Proud, but the Humble endure
5- Green Woman is easily rebuffed by the Chaste
6- Light is Foreign, Darknesss is Native
7- Meshi Meshi Meshi Meshi Meshi Meshi Ora!
8- Pain is the Curse of Living
9- Rain Parts for the Wise
10- The Gale shatters the Oak, but the Willow survives
11- The Wise Student fills the Tea Cups
12- Virtue is a shield against Tragedy

13- If you meet God on the Road, Kill Him
14- Sin brings Death, but the Path to Righteousness is Life

Legendary Spell: Suffering is the path to Divinity 

Muscle Wizard:
1- Assert Dominance
2- Beatdown
3- Called Attack
4- Dimmer Punch
5- Dynamic Entry
6- Elbow Block
7- Exploding Jab
8- Friendly Fire
9- Gentlemanly Fisticuffs 
10- Illuminating Punch
11- Indestructible 
12- Road Work

13- Atomic Wedgie
14- Dragonslayer
15- Temple of Iron

Legendary Spell: Infinite Mass Punch

1- Blight
2- Bloody Feast
3- Break the Chains
4- Create Servant
5- Corpse Gas
6- Death Mask
7- Death Scythe
8- Enslave Undead
9- Explode Corpse
10- Speak with Dead
11- Summon Plague
12- Turn Undead

13-Empower Undead
14- Vampirism

Legendary Spells: Lichdom

1- Army of One
2- Charm Person
3- Detect Attention
4- Force of Personality
5- Hijack Vision
6- Hypnotic Laser
7- Lead Tongue
8- Rewrite Memories
9- See Invisibility   
10-Stand Firm
11- Take Captive
12- Telepathy

13- Detect Psychic Footprints
14- Enthrall
15- Incept

Legendary Spells: Generation Gap

1- Acid Rain
2- Anti-Gravity
3- Dynamic Entry
4- Explode Undead
5- Force of Personality
6- It's only a Paper Moon
7- Inversion
8- Light
9- Lucky
10- Overdrive
11- Prismatic Ray
12- Rapturous Vision

13- Center of the World
14- Dragonslayer
15- Prismatic Defense
16- Stardust

Time Wizard:
1- Call Previous Self
2- Curse
3- Devil's Own Luck
4- Fling to the Future
5- Flux Shield
6- Mandom
7- Paradox
8- Revert Age
9- Safe Time
10- Stasis
11- Time on my Side
12- To Dust

13- Journey to the Past
14- Time Stop

1- Blight
2- Bloody Feast
3- Combustication
4- Desiccate
5- Dimmer Punch
6- Fireball
7- Hellflame
8- Illusion
9- Invisibility
10- Murderer's Servants
11- Partition Metal
12- Venomous Fluid

13- Blood Pressure
14- Me and My Shadow

Chaos and Corruption

Electromancer: At the bottom of the original post.
Jazz Wizard: At the bottom of the original post.
Monk: At the bottom of the original post.
Muscle Wizard: At the bottom of the original post.
Sorcerer: At the bottom of the original post.
Time Wizard: At the bottom of the original post.
Warlock: At the bottom of the original post.

Powers and Drawbacks

A quick note on what these are, as I'm sure a dedicated reader of my blog would be scratching their head.  Well, the long of the short of it is this.  I like this to be simple, so I made all Wizards as similar to each other as possible.  But then I later realized that if Wizards are all the same and can cast spells from other traditions, then what's the point in writing new types of Wizard?

So this is the compromise.  All Wizards get one power and one drawback.  The Power is like the special power of a GLOG Wizard and a cantrip rolled up into one.  A Drawback is self explanatory, it's a Drawback that affects them.


Power: Can diagnose mundane illnesses and identify poisons at a touch. 

Drawback: Everytime you receive magical healing, it has a 10% chance of mutating you.


Power: Can start small fires (cigarette lighter or match-sized) with a snap.

Drawback: You lose 1 Spellcasting Dice if you haven't set something on fire in the past 24 hours.


Power: Can make your light shine like a flashlight.  The light can be any color you like.

Drawback: Cannot sleep without a roof over your head.  Probably also has agoraphobia as well.  The Stars are spying on you, you're sure of it. 


Power: By touching a surface and concentrating for a couple of rounds, you can sense all things within [level]*10' that are also touching the surface.

Drawback: You lose 1 Spellcasting Dice if you aren't touching the ground.  You get it back as soon as you set feet on Terra Firma again.


Power: Can pass electricity through your body without hurting yourself.

Drawback: You are magnetic.  If any metal that touches your skin, it sticks to you and you will need to succeed a STR check to pull it off.

Jazz Wizard:

Power: If you play music for someone, they must succeed a morale check to continue hurting you or hurt you (roll under their morale).  On a failure, they find themselves unwilling to hurt someone so talented.  They might not help you, but they'll certainly stop hurting you.

Drawback: If you haven't had any alcohol within the last 24 hours, you lose a Spellcasting Die. 


Power: Can tell something is magical by looking at it.  Can identify all magic items at will, and detect everything, including growth potential, curses, etc.

Drawback: As long as you have a single unburnt Spellcasting Die, you glow in the dark.  This illuminates only the area within 10', and ruins the night vision of everyone near you. 


 Power: You are trained in martial arts, and can use your unarmed strikes as a weapon.  Unarmed strikes do 1d6 damage.  For unarmed strikes, you may add twice your DEX modifier to your attack roll.  You may also calculate your AC as 10 + 2 times your DEX modifier.

Alternatively, you may use a weapon approved of by your order.  Speak to the Referee at character creation if this is what you desire.

Drawback: You may not wear any armor or use any weapon not approved of by your order.  If you do, you cannot cast spells until you speak to your Teacher/Mentor or the Master of your School and seek his forgiveness.  You will also probably have to perform some act or quest in penance for your violation of your holy vow.

Muscle Wizard:

Power: You can use your Fists as a weapon, dealing 1d6+STR damage on a hit.  But if you miss, and striking an opponent with unusually tough hide, spikes, quills or metal armor, you must save or take 1 damage from hurting your fist.

Drawback: You cannot read or write.  You cannot learn how to.  Reading is for nerds.  Thus, unlike all other Wizards, your spell book is an exercise manual with many drawings, demonstrating the proper poses and physical rituals needed to draw the spells from the enchanted pages into your rippling muscles.


Power: Can cast 'Speak with Dead at will without rolling any Spellcasting Dice.

Drawback: You attract Undead like moths to a flame.  Each day/week/month, you have a 1d10% chance equal to your level of attracting a free Undead.  Undead enemies will always target you if they have the choice. 


Power: Can cast spells without speaking or moving your hands, as long as they are Psychomancer spells.

Drawback: Can constantly hear the "loudest" thoughts of people within 100', "loudest" here being defined by the thought most prominent in their mind.  For example, if your friend's feet hurt, his "loudest" thought might be "Gee, my feet hurt."  This makes concentrating on anything difficult at best.


Power: You start with double the amount of normal spells a Wizard would recieve and 1 extra spellcasting die.

Drawback: Whenever you roll for Doom Points, roll twice and take the higher amount.  Half as long, twice as bright.

Time Wizard:

Power: You can sense when alterations to the Time Stream happen automatically.  You know when history has been altered, time is looping ground-hog's day style, and when Time is stopped, you can still think and perceive events normally, but you cannot move or act.

Drawback: You know the exact time and place of your death.  It may become altered by Time Travel shenanigans, and will change, even if you don't based on the choices you make but you always know the date, no matter what.  For example, if attack a King and get captured, the date you are going to die will come up a lot faster then if you start a turnip farm in the middle of nowhere.  When you generate your character, roll 1d6 to see when this is.  1d6: (1= Within 1d6+2 days; 2= Within a 1d2+1 weeks; 3= Within 1d3 months; 4= within 1d6+1 months; 5= in one year on this day; 6= in 1d6 years).  When this date comes up, you die, no matter what.


Power: 1/Day, If you are ever out of Spellcasting Dice, running low, or need some extra juice, or for any real reason, you can call upon your Patron to receive 1d4 Spellcasting Dice or your level, whatever you prefer, though you will only ever recieve a maximum of 5 Dice.  No higher loan will ever be granted.

Drawback: You owe your Patron a favor.  Usually once a Year, once every Month, or once a game session (work out the terms with your Referee at character creation).  This favor is based on whatever or whoever your Patron is, though these are usually at least unpleasant to carry out.  Additionally, every time you use your Power to ask your Patron for an advance, you owe another favor, to be paid whenever your patron wishes it to.  And when your Patron asks for something, you best do it.  Refusing to do a Favor is not a good idea, and usually ends with you losing your spellcasting abilities at minimum, and at worse ends up with you being dragged down into Hell to serve as your Patron's personal chew-toy for the rest of your natural life.


Doom of Fools:  Gain a minor mutation.
Doom of Kings:  Gain a major mutation.
Ultimate Doom:  Turn into a 1 ton mindless blob that eats everything and continuously spawns creatures from your shattered subconscious.

This Doom is avoided by isolating and removing the essence of Cancer from your body, and trapping the essence within another living vessel.  You could transplant it into something living, if you were lame, or you could use it to create some kind of hideous monster.  

Doom of Fools:  You erupt into a living inferno or ice storm (whichever is more appropriate).  You fly around, shooting flames while being on fire and blowing shit up.  Your only goal is the destruction of people and property, and you go about this task with insane, cackling gusto.  Lasts 2d6 minutes.
Doom of Kings:  As above, but lasts 2d6 days.
Ultimate Doom:  As above, but permanent.

This Doom is avoided by traveling to the Moon and bathing in the red water of its oceans, or by drinking the milk-white water of the Nightmare Sea.

Doom of Fools:  1d3+1 Ghost-Writers (3 HD) immediately appear via gateway and attempt to drag you back to the moon with them.
Doom of Kings:  As above, except 1d4+2 Ghost-Writers of (5 HD).
Ultimate Doom:  As above, except 1d20+20 tentacles (5 HD) of Yosganeth himself emerge from the walls and ceilings within 300' to drag you back to the moon.

This Doom is avoided by drinking the blood of a Sun-Brother, or by playing dice with a Demon and winning.

Doom of Fools: For 2d6 hours, you hear the heartbeat of the Earth.  You are desperate to get closer to it, and will usually begin digging straight down with anything you have in you.  If there are caves nearby, you will use those.  If stopped from doing this, you will resist violently.  You will go down as far as you can, until you come to your senses, are stopped by force or die.

Doom of Kings:  As above, but for 2d6 days.

Ultimate Doom: As above, but permanently.  The Wizard will spend the rest of their life wandering the Veins, and going even deeper, looking for the Heart of the Earth.

This Doom is avoided by leaving the Earth totally behind, or by making a pact with one of the gelatinous Lords of the Upper Air.

Doom of Fools:  You have some sort of psychic seizure and shoot a lightning bolts out of your eyes in random directions every round for 2d6 rounds.  There is a 40% chance per item that your gear is destroyed.  Any small metal objects that you are carrying become fused to your body.
Doom of Kings:  As above, except 50% and all medium sized metal objects carried become a part of your body.
Ultimate Doom:  As above, except 60% and you automatically fuse with the nearest big metal thing.  This could be a WWI tank, a septic tank, or a telephone pole.  Attempting to intentionally induce this Doom in a controlled environment so as to fuse your body with something cool has a 40% chance of going horribly wrong unless rubber gloves, tesla coils, and goggles are somehow involved (which brings the chance of things going horribly wrong down to 25%).

This Doom is avoided by stabbing yourself with an arrow made from a cursed tree or by stealing a vault full of electricity from the Pinkies. 

Jazz Wizard:
Doom of Fools: Your Patron shows up.  It's time to pay up.  You need one person to send with him.  This person need not be willing, but they must be alive, and a three-souled being.  If you cannot find a person quickly (within a minute or two) or don't have one already prepared, then he will take you.  The person who is taken turns to dust and dies.  Before your patron departs, he will have instructions for next time.
Doom of Kings: As above, but this time, your patron left you instructions.  He wants someone special this time.  A virgin, a priest, a child, a famous person, etc.  When he shows up, you either need that person with you, or have permission indicating that they agreed to come with you/your Patron.  If you do that, he will take the person and leave.  That person turns to dust.

The Ultimate Doom: This time, he's not accepting any substitutions.  He shows up, and if he touches you, you turn to dust.  

This Doom is avoided by putting on your blue suede shoes and touching down in the land of the delta blues, in the middle of the pouring rain. Alternatively, bet your soul against a devil's golden fiddle and win.  (Thanks for that, Dan).

Doom of Fools:  Lose all spell-casting abilities for 2d6 hours.
Doom of Kings:  As above, except 2d6 days.
Ultimate Doom:  As above, except permanent.

This Doom is avoided by stalking someone, studying them, then killing them and taking over their life, pretending to be them the whole time.  If you can't do that, instead create a Beast of Four Sorrows and fabricate evidence to indicate you were one of the people that formed.  After that, change your name and as much about yourself as feasibly possible, and you'll be safe.

Doom of Fools- A former classmate of your suddenly shows up.  He demands that you return with him to the monastery, claiming that one of the former senior students has returned, having learned black, forbidden techniques from unknown sources.  All students of your monastery must return immediately, to protect the Grandmaster and the secret knowledge in the Monastery.

There is a 50% chance your classmate is telling the truth.  If he is, you two will be attacked shortly thereafter by Assassin-Monks working for the former senior student.  If he is not telling the truth, he is actually a traitor who wants to test your loyalty to the monastery.  If you prove loyal, he will try to kill you.  If you are not, however, he will tell you to stay lost and not come back.    

Doom of Kings- A former Teacher at your monastery suddenly shows up.  He has a 50% of being a survivor who escaped the monastery when it was seized by the former senior student, or he is working for the student to spare his own life.

If the former, he is being pursued by a posse off Assassin-Monks who serve the former senior student.  When the Assassin-Monks arrive, they will try to kill him and anyone else associated with the monastery.  If you promise to come with them and swear fealty to the former senior student, they will let you live.  If you resist, they will kill you and anyone else who stands in the way of killing the former Teacher.

If the latter, then he will demand you return to the monastery to swear your allegiance to the new Grandmaster.  If you resist, he will try to beat you into submission and drag you back in chains.  He will kill you, though he'd like to avoid that, if possible.       

Ultimate Doom- The Former Senior Student himself suddenly arrives, accompanied by a group of his body-guards and supporters. He will demand you swear your allegiance to him and do something dangerous, unpleasant or degrading for him.  If you refuse, he will kill you. 

This Doom can be avoided by hunting down the former Senior Student and killing him, or by crafting a disguise convincing enough that no one from your former monastery can recognize you.

Muscle Wizard:
Doom of Fools: You make an attack against the person nearest to you.  This attack is so powerful it whips up the air and causes a massive pressure wave, doing 2d6 damage to everyone within 30', save for half.  You are also not exempted from this damage, and you take damage as well from the punch.  This is not because of the shockwave, but because the force of your attack cannot be contained by your frail, mortal body.
Doom of Kings: As above, except the damage done is 2d8, and the range is 50'.
Ultimate Doom: As above, except the damage done is 2d12, and the range is 100'.

This Doom is avoided by becoming the Strongest Wizard in the World, or by winning a boxing match against the current heavyweight champion of the world.  If you're in Eldritch Americana when this needs to happen, the current champion is William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey. 

Doom of Fools.  Become infected with a debilitating disease.  It is non-contagious.  You need to succeed two Con checks to be cured.  You automatically fail your first Con check, as a result of the Doom.  Two successful Con checks to recover.  On a failure, take 1d4 con damage a day.  If your Con hits zero, you die.  Base DC is 15.  Rest, food and sleep can give you bonuses, and adventuring, extra injury, and cold and damp can worsen the check.  Lost Con restores itself a point a day once cured. 

Doom of Kings: As above, but the base DC you need to pass is 18.  The disease is now contagious.  It has also worsened, and does 1d6 Con damage a day.  All other rules still apply. 

Ultimate Doom: As above, but the base DC everyone else needs to pass is 20.  It is now super contagious.  If infected, the disease does 1d8 Con damage for everyone who isn't you.  But you will not need to bother making your check, as you fall desperately ill as soon as you get this disease.  While others can recover, you will die in 1d20+4 hours. 

This Doom is avoided by making a scapegoat when you become infected with the disease.  For the scapegoat, it must be A, a worthy sacrifice (a human or another sentient, three-souled species) and B, that which will be sacrificed must willingly accept the title of scapegoat.  Alternatively, you could avoid this Doom by becoming a Lich.

Doom of Fools:  You gain an insanity.
Doom of Kings:  Your insanity becomes contagious.  Anyone affected by your magic or who links their mind with yours must save or have your insanity infect their mind. 
Ultimate Doom:  Your body becomes the vessel for twisted alien intelligence, and your soul is shunted out into the cold void between the stars.

This Doom is avoided by confessing your sins at the True Cross, or by cursing yourself to never be able to lie.

Doom of Fools: Every spell you have currently prepared immediately casts itself as a 1d4 level spell.  If the spell requires a target, the targets are randomy selected, or if the spell is an area of effect, it is centered on the caster.
Doom of Kings: As above, except the spells are level 1d6. 

Ultimate Doom: As above, except the spells are all level 5, and automatically target the Sorcerer.

You can escape this Doom by answering the Unanswerable Question or by Defying Inviolable Fate and coming out the victor.

Time Wizards:
Doom of Fools- A wound appears on your body.  This is a wound you will take in the immediate future.  It will do 1d6 damage. If you do not receive a wound from a source that matches the wound you will have, ex: if you see you will get shot in the arm, you need to get shot in the arm.  If you do not receive a wound like this within 1d6 minutes, you cause a temporal disturbance that acts exactly as if you cast Paradox as a level 1d4 spell.

Doom of Kings- As above, except the wound does 1d8 damage, and Temporal Disturbance caused by not taking such as wound is equivalent to a level 5 Paradox Spell.

Ultimate Doom- As above, except the wound does enough damage to kill you and then some.  The Temporal Disturbance caused by not killing yourself is equivalent to a level 8 Paradox Spell. 

This Doom can be avoided by traveling to another universe and killing another version of yourself to take his place, or by challenging the Lords of Time to a game and winning.   

Doom of Fools: A group of 1d4+2 level 2 Adventurers show up to try and kill your Patron, who then contacts you in need of your help.  If you agree to go, they will transport you there, and send you back once you are done. If you do not go and the Adventurers succeed in killing your Patron, you lose your magical ability forever.  If you do not go help, the Adventurers have a (20%) of succeeding.  Additionally, if your Patron lives, they will be very mad at you once they recover from any injuries suffered in the battle.

Doom of Kings: As above, except the Adventurers are level 4 and have a (50%) of succeeding if you do not come to help.

Ultimate Doom: As above, except the Adventurers are all level 5, and they are lead by a level 8 Hero.  If you do not go to help your Patron, they will lose. 

You can escape this Doom by tracking down the surviving relatives, friends and acquaintances of the first adventuring party sent after your Patron and discovering their identities, then killing them before they can form up, armor up, and go to your Patron's lair to fight them.

"Don't listen to them, kid!  Sorcery is a scam, it's all bull!  Archmages are going to take you for a ride and spend the next twenty years stealing every cent you got, along with most of your time and half your soul!" 

- Pater Gollius, former Masque of Red Judgement

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