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OSR: Calcomancers- The Snowmen, The Blazing Irons, The Burning Men

Calcomancers are the Wizards who people think of when they think of Wizards.  Hot-blooded, bold and utterly fearless, favoring destructive solutions with little regard for collateral damage.

Play a Calcomancer if you want be a Wizard who can destroy your foes with sudden and extreme violence.  You won't start with many subtle spells, but you will be able to dish out incredible amounts of punishment.

Calcomancers have the following Power which they can use at will, and the following Drawback that always affects them. 

Power: Can start small fires (cigarette lighter or match-sized) with a snap.

Drawback: You lose 1 Spellcasting Dice if you haven't set something on fire in the past 24 hours.

Calcomancer spell-list:
Starting Spells(s)
1- Burning Armor
2- Chill Breath
3- Flashpoint
4- Fireball
5- Fire Blade
6- Fogbank
7- Freeze Ray
8- Freezing Wind
9- Hailstrom
10- Heat Metal
11- Light
12- Smother Flames

13- Dead Air
14- Pyrophobia
15- Speak with Fire

Legendary Spells: Control Weather, Fiery Holocaust

Burning Armor
R: self        T: creature or self    D: [dice] rounds
Superheat the air around your body.  All within 5' take [dice] fire damage.

Chill Breath
R: 100*[dice]'    T: [sum] cubic feet of air    D: [sum] minutes
Super-chills all the air within a large area.  All people must save or start developing hypothermia unless outfitted for cold weather, all liquids have their temperatures lowered to just above freezing, and all fires are instantly snuffed out.

R: 50'         T: [dice] objects        D: 1 action       
Heat [dice] objects up to their flashpoints.  They spontaneously combust.  Enemies get a save to avoid bursting into flames.

R: 50'         T: 20' diameter        D: 1 action        Save for half
Deals fire damage equal to the [sum].

Fire Blade
R: 5'        T: Yourself        D: [sum] rounds   
Enhance a weapon nearby.  That weapon does +[dice] damage.  

R: 100'         T: 100' diameter    D: [dice] hours       
Chill the air around you, creating an impenetrable bank of fog.  Lasts for [dice] hours, unless it is sunny, or strong winds are present. 

Freeze Ray
R: 30'        T: creature        D: one action
Fire a ray of freezing magic at one target.  Make an attack roll.  On a hit, they take [sum] ice damage. 

On a PC, this causes [sum] Constitution damage, and if it reduces it to zero, they freeze solid and die.

Freezing Wind
R: 50'        T: 50 x 10' strip        D: [dice] rounds
All creatures in a fifty foot line from the Wizard by ten feet take [dice] cold damage for as long as the
spell is active and they stand in its path.

R: 50'        T: 30'            D: [sum] minutes
A small area is pelted by hail and everyone outside takes [dice] bludgeoning damage

Heat Metal
R: 30'        T: [dice] metal objects D: [sum] minutes
[dice] metal objects superheat within 30', doing [dice] damage to their owners or objects around them if they aren't dropped and giving anyone still holding a heated object -[sum] to do anything.

R: touch    T: Object        D: [dice] hours
Object gives off light that illuminates 20 + ([dice] * 10).  For a successful attack roll, you can shove this into
someone's face and blind them.  If at least four dice are invested in this, then the light has all the qualities of natural sunlight.

Smother Flames
R: 30'        T: [dice] sources of fire    D: one action
[dice] sources of fire are immediately snuffed out.  If four dice are put into this spell, it can affect magical flames as well. 

Dead Air
R: 50'        T: 50 cubic feet of air    D: [dice] hours
Heat a pocket of still air to up to 70 degrees F or chill it down to 20 degrees F.

R: 25'        T: creature            D: [dice] rounds
Instill one creature with an instinctive fear of fire.  It must save vs. spell or flee from the sight of it.
Pyrophobic creatures take double damage from fire.

Speak with Fire
R: self        T: self            D: [dice] minutes
You can speak with fires as if they were living creatures.  This also unlocks Wizard vision.

Chaos and Corruption

When you roll doubles, roll on the Chaos table.  The spell still works and goes through as if cast successfully.  You receive 1d3 Doom Points. 
When you roll triples, roll on the Corruption table.  The spell automatically fails.  You also receive 1d4 Doom Points.
At 10 Doom Points, you invoke the Doom of Fools.
At 20 Doom Points, you invoke the Doom of Kings.
At 30 Doom Points, you invoke the Ultimate Doom.  

The Tables can be found here.


Doom of Fools:  You erupt into a living inferno or ice storm (whichever is more appropriate).  You fly around, shooting flames while being on fire and blowing shit up.  Your only goal is the destruction of people and property, and you go about this task with insane, cackling gusto.  Lasts 2d6 minutes.
Doom of Kings:  As above, but lasts 2d6 days.
Ultimate Doom:  As above, but permanent.

This Doom is avoided by traveling to the Moon and bathing in the red water of its oceans, or by drinking the milk-white water of the Nightmare Sea.

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