Friday, October 27, 2017

Men's Work

Men's Work is a term most people use these days, with its most frequent use being a term in old wrought feminist dramas about the dangers of male dominance over women, or a thing for people in historical movies to say.  But even today, modern progressives have not succeeded in abolishing all gendered differences, and certain things are still mostly the domain of one gender or the other.  And one thing I am glad that is still the domain of men is fighting. 

Warfare has always been the domain of almost exclusively men, with few exceptions.  Women have always supported their men in war, but they are not the ones who have to do the fighting.  And this is for good reason.  The average woman is not as strong, nor does she have the same bone density as the average man.  And while this is not everything in our modern, post-industrial armies, in ancient times it was everything.  If one man was stronger then another, he could smash his guard and kill him. 

Any tribe that would have let their women fight would have lost, for the aforementioned reason, but for the reason that a tribe's women are its future.  Without women, there can be no children, and thus no future.  A woman is more useful on the home front, not on the battlefield. 

And perhaps it is chauvinistic of me, but I don't like it when women are mistreated.  It upsets me a bit when a man is similarly abused, but I think any man should have the guts to stand up for himself.  And not that women should not stand up for themselves, but I consider the essence of manhood is not to exercise power, but to protect those who need protecting.

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