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OSR: Morningstar

The Morningstar Wizarding Order is one of the most famous in all the world.  They are official partners of the Orzanian Empire and the Chancellor of their Order is said to frequent the Imperial Court as a close, personal friend of the Emperor.  This makes them among the most powerful and respected Wizarding Orders in the world, as the Orzanian Empire rules the vast majority of the civilized world, excluding the territory not ruled by the other Noble Races (The Quarrians, Handsome Men, and Dwarves).

The Morningstars are a small, but effective order of Wizards that joined the Empire's cause right before the second wave of Expansions and the Fifth Beautiful War.  They are treated as a semi-official extension of the Empire's military and civil bureaucracy, with Morningstar Wizards usually allowed to come and go as they please, as long as they obey the laws.  Other then that though, they are usually untroubled by the civil government of the Empire, who are usually prone to give them the benefit of the doubt.  This also extends to local polities under the Empire's control, who know that causing problems for a Morningstar is likely to be disastrous for one's political career.

Unfortunately, this status can also work against the Morningstar Wizard, as while officials and those in high positions are usually favorable toward them, most commoners and peasants keep them at arms-length, assuming that the Morningstars are all tools of the Empire, which most do not hold in high regard.

"What you assumed was the Sun of your Deliverance was only me, the Morningstar, who has come to bring you death."

- Lucane Morningstar, Founder and First Light

The Morningstar Order is Chartered in the lands of the Orzanian Empire, which is the dominant power and your likely Overlord, Around Here.  If you wish to play a Morningstar Wizard, determine who you Superior is, and what your current mission is. 

My Superior is...


1- The Morningstar Wizard who trained me.
2- The local Chapter Master.
3- A Prince of our Order.
4- Someone very high up, from Central.

My current mission is...


1- To aid a local Civil Magistrate.
2- To spy on someone of note and gather information.
3- To capture or kill an enemy of the State who is currently on the lam.
4- To protect a certain person from our enemies.
5- To recover a certain object, spell or formulae for the Order.
6- To position myself near a certain person and await further instructions.

Finally, the Morningstar Order is a hierarchial organization.  This means there is always a chance for promotion, if you like.  Here's a quick look at the chain of command.

Central- Central is the main branch of the Morningstar Order, and is run by a Council of Princes.  The Princes work together to lead and govern the whole Order.  You're unlikely to be noticed by Central, but if you are, you must obey any order they give you.  To fail to do so means you will lose your status among them, at the absolute minimum.  Most likely, it will also lead to other punishment, and may even mean you forfeit your life.

The Princes- These are the Wizards who rule over a series of Chapters, and determine the policy for a local region.  Some Princes are subtle and down-to-earth, but many live lavish lives, indistinguishable from conventional nobility.  Some Princes even exercise temporal authority, having been given cities or towns to govern.

The Chapter Masters- These are the Wizards who govern individual Chapters of Morningstar Wizards.  Each Chapter has a headquarters and a certain area, with variable amounts of funding and personnel.  Important Chapters have many members and byzantine internal politics, and are usually located along important trade routes or in major cities.  Less important Chapters have fewer members and less funding, and are usually located in the midst of large expanses of mostly barren lands, with nothing more than a few small town-ships nearby.

Finally, there are the Morningstars themselves.  These are the rank-and-file of the Order, though their are not so many of them that they are common.  The Morningstars have a very organized internal system, even though they are a small, elite order that could probably get by with less centralization.  The Morningstars are the ones who carry out the orders of their Chapter Master.  There is also some hierarchy within the Morningstars themselves, but this is usually informal, based not on internal regulations but on tradition and debt.  All Morningstars pay their debts, no matter what.

"You'll try to fight, but I'll break your arms.  You'll try to yell, but I'll crush your throat.  You'll try to pray, but I'll eat your Gods."

- Unknown Morningstar Wizard

The Morningstar is a sub-class for my basic OSR Wizard class.  For any other details, see the base class here.

Power: The Morningstar Order is world-famous.  If you spend a little time looking, there is a 75% chance you will be able to find someone who can help you with a problem, provide a little back-up, or do a small favor for you.  If you're in a major city, this could be an official who trusts in the Morningstar's Imperial Certification, or if you're in a small hovel, it could be an ancient man who owes a debt to the Morningstar Order, and seeks to repay it by helping you.

Drawback: The Morningstar Order is world-famous.  People will always know who and what you are if you wear the uniform of your order.  And since they know who and what you are, they will want something from you.  Everyday you spend in a civilized location, there is a 1d10% chance equal to your level that someone will come up to you and make a request.

For example, ambitious criminals will seek to lure you into ambushes to slay you to prove their mettle, other Wizards will challenge you to duels to prove the superiority of their undoubtedly less famous order, officials will want you to help them with Wizard related problems, and peasants will distrust you, as you are clearly a member and tool of the Aristocracy, and thus likely to report any illegal or semi-legal activities back to a Magistrate.  Still, even they might request your help, as while the Morningstar Order has no officially differentiated legal status, all commoners know that their Overlords have officially certified the Morningstars, and thus treat them as if they were civil magistrates.   

Morningstar starting spells

1- Baleful Charm
2- Blinding Halo
3- Confusion
4- Funeral Fog
5- Hot-Blooded
6- Illusion
7- Invisibility
8- Morbid Metal
9- Quagmire
10- Release Me
11- Scary Mary
12- Time to Die

13- Command Slave
14- Transform Slave

Legendary Spell: The Wages of Sin

Baleful Charm
R: 50'        T: [dice] creatures        D: [dice] minutes

You reach out and touch the minds of [dice] creatures.  These creatures must save.  On a failed save, they become terrified of you, and will begin moving away from you as soon as possible.  If they are in combat, they will flee, but if you are in a more relaxed setting, they may suddenly remember some important engagement they had, and excuse themselves.

While a creature is affected by this spell, you can take an action to give it an order.  That creature must pass a save with a penalty equal to [dice] in order to disobey.  Creatures automatically pass their save if the action is obviously self-destructive or insane.  

If you cast this spell with 4 or more [dice], those who fail their save will instead be afraid to run away from you or turn their backs on you.

Blinding Halo
R: touch    T: creature        D: [dice] rounds

Creature is surrounded by dazzling light for [dice] rounds.
Attacks against them get -[sum] to their roll.

R: 30'        T: creature        D: [dice] rounds

One creature must save.  If the creature has more HD than [dice], it may add the difference to its save.  If it has 3x or more HD than [dice], it is immune to the spell.  On a failed save, the creature should roll on the table below.  If the spell was cast with more than 1 [dice], the creature should add +[dice] to its roll.

So you Failed your Save vs Confusion:

You should...
1: Stand around doing nothing.
2: Say something that the spellcaster wants you to say and do nothing else.
3: Start ripping off your armor/clothes.
4: Run screaming in a direction that the caster chooses.
5: Make an attack against a target the caster selects.
6+: Immediately attempt to kill self in the most violent way possible.

Funeral Fog
R: 10*[dice]'    T: all within range        D: [dice] minutes

You create a clammy, clinging fog that permeates an area 10*[dice] cubic feet.  The fog has all the normal features of a fogbank, with one additional one.  This fog is of the grave, and desires all within it to bleed.  As such, any damage done within this cloud of fog is multiplied by [dice].  If this spell was cast with 1 [dice], have everyone rolling for damage roll twice and choose the better result.  The effect applies to all damage, and the spell does not discriminate between friend or foe.  Even the caster is not immune to this effect.

Note, this spell is actually not my invention, but is stolen from Vaginas are Magic, a book that needs no introduction.

R: touch    T: creature             D: special

One person within range must save.  You can also get your target to agree to this.  If they consent to the spell, they automatically fail their save.   On a failed save, the creature's body temperature rises.

If the spell was cast with 1 [dice], the creature will be uncomfortable in thick clothing, and will not be affected by cold temperatures or winter weather.  The spell lasts for 1 day.  If the spell was cast with 2 [dice], the creature will reduce all fire damage taken by half.  The spell will last for [dice] weeks. If the spell was cast with 3 [dice], the creature becomes immune to fire damage, and seems to "radiate" beauty, making them immensely, supernaturally attractive.  The spell lasts for 1 month.  If the spell was cast with 4 or more [dice], the creature is constantly surrounded by a glowing aura, is hot to the touch, and will be extremely uncomfortable in all but the thinnest and most porous of clothing.  The spell lasts for [dice] years.

Anyone, besides the creature this spell is cast on, if they come into contact with the creature's bodily fluids, saliva, blood, etc, takes [dice]d6 fire damage, as the creature's fluids blaze with incredible heat.

R: 30'        T: one object            D: [sum] minutes

Create an illusion around an object, or a free standing one.  It can be any image.  This image will move, cannot touch anything, and has no smell or taste.  Additionally, illusions can only add, not remove.

R: 30'        T: [dice] creatures        D: [sum] minutes

[dice] creatures turn invisible for [sum] minutes.  If they attack or do something strenuous, such as sprinting, lifting something heavy, etc, before the time limit is up, they turn visible. 

Morbid Metal
R: 30'        T: [dice] weapons        D: [dice] rounds

You immediately take control of [dice] weapons, seizing control of them through arcane power.  You may use each weapon you controlled to make an attack against any person or object within range.  The weapons deal damage as they normally would.  You may make up to [dice] attacks with these controlled weapons.  Additionally, any weapons you have taken control of cannot be used to harm you.

R: 10*[dice]'     T: 10*[dice]' of space    D: [dice] minutes

You cause 10*[dice]' square feet of floor to become a morass.  Anything heavier than a common house-cat that steps onto the affected area begins to sink as if it stepped into quicksand.  The heavier the object, or the more it struggles, the faster it sinks.  This sinking continues until the spell ends, after which the affected material returns to normal.  After that, the things buried will stay buried, with displaced material shifting around them.  

Release Me
R: self        T: all creature touching you    D: one action

You may cast this spell as a reaction to being grappled or touched or as a normal action on your turn.  All creatures currently in contact with you take [sum] damage, divided equally among all creatures touching you.  If this is enough to reduce a creature to 0 HP, they explode into a shower of giblets and some red mist.  None of the blood or viscera ever gets on you.

Scary Mary
R: touch        T: creature               D: one action

One Creature you touch falls into a hypnotic trance.  Unwilling targets get a save.  Creatures with more HD than [dice] add the difference to their save.  Creatures with HD 3x greater than [dice] are immune to this spell.  On a failed save or with a willing participant, this creature can be given an order up to [sum] words long, tied to a trigger word.  When that trigger word is said to them by the original caster, or anyone the caster specifies at the time of implantation, then the target will immediately move to carry out the order, no matter how crazy or impractical.

Eg: After the Wizard and I broke into the Orc Warlord's chambers, the Wizard commanded the Orc Warlord to "Turn on your masters and side with us" when he heard the word "Noodles".

Time to Die
R: 30'        T: creature    D: special

This spell calls up the cold silence of the grave, placing someone's soul in the cold fingers of Death, then closing his hands around it.  When you cast this spell, as a free action, you stare at someone, focusing all your attention on them.  This causes them to lose 1d6 HP per round you stare at them.  You must use your action to keep staring at the person for them to continue taking damage.  If the person dies or you stop taking an action to stare, the spell immediately ends.

Command Slave
R: 30'        T: slave    D: one action

All people in the thrall of evil desires are your slaves, through your Father.  As an action, you may give one of your slaves one order up to [sum] words long.  That slave must follow it.  However, if you order the slave to do something obviously suicidal or completely abhorrent, they get a save to refuse.  You can get around this by speaking euphemistically, or by lying.  Finally, note that slaves only have to obey the letter of your order, and not the spirit.    

Transform Slave
R: 30'        T: slave    D: [dice] days

All people in the thrall of evil desires are your slaves, through your Father.  Upon casting this spell, target one of your slaves.  That slave transforms into a new, hideous form for the duration.  The slave will transform into one of the forms listed below, or something totally different (Referee's Discretion).  While transformed, the slave will not listen to you or anyone, and will only seek to fulfill its desires. 

This effect lasts for [dice] days, or until someone can convince the slave to stop and turn away from their evil desires, at least temporarily.

Genuinely virtuous and/or holy people have nothing to fear from this spell, and it has no effect against them.

If the slave was in the thrall of Lust, its form depends on its sex.  If it was female, it becomes a large-breasted creature with perfumed hair that hides its face and tentacles bursting from between its legs.  This a Daemonette.  The Daemonette will seek to ensnare men and lay with them.  If it was male, it will become a hideous Goat-man with a goat's head and horns, a massive erection, and queer eyes.  This Goat-man seeks to seduce women, fight challengers, and pee on things.  Both Lust Beasts have pheremones that the opposite sex must save against or be seduced.

If the slave was in the thrall of Greed, he or she will become a Flesh Dragon.  Flesh Dragons are like Dragons, except frustratingly mortal.  Flesh Dragons seek to accumulate treasures (flesh Dragons have strange ideas of what constitutes treasure), rob people, and kill those who insinuate they aren't "real" Dragons.

If the slave was in the thrall of Envy, he or she will become a Pale Man, a starved, wretched thing with needle teeth, glittering eyes, and long, clawed fingers.  Pale Men seek to kill and mutilate those better off then themselves, mar pretty things, and stalk those who might be better off than them.
If the slave was in the thrall of Wrath, he or she will become a Fire Banshee, a shrieking pillar of fire, meat and misfortune.  Fire Banshees seek to destroy everything in their path.  They are totally uncontrollable.

If the slave was in the thrall of Sloth, he or she will become a Nogard, which are the opposite of Dragons.  Nogards attract wealth, but they have no interest in it.  They wander from place to place, attracting people who want to give them coin.  The Nogard usually takes the treasure, just to get these people to stop bothering it.  Other times, they violently attack the person trying to donate to them.  They are always in bad moods, unless people are trying to rob them.  Nogards seek to take naps, avoid people, and trouble those who trouble them.

If the slave was in the thrall of Gluttony, he or she will become a Big Eater, immensely fat, cannibal giants that see all the world as food. 

If the slave was in the thrall of Pride, he or she will become the most perfect version of themselves.  They will also be totally given over to self love.  They will want to do nothing but stare at themselves and idolize themselves until they die, either of starvation, dehydration, or because of some ridiculous thing they attempted.

If the slave was in the thrall of multiple evil desires, combine two or more of the results here or have the Referee use their imagination.

Chaos and Corruption of the Morningstar:
When you roll doubles, roll on the Chaos table.  The spell still goes through.  You receive 1d3 Doom Points.
When you roll triples, roll on the Corruption table.  The spell automatically fails.  You also receive 1d4 Doom Points.
At 10 Doom Points, you invoke the Doom of Fools.
At 20 Doom Points, you invoke the Doom of Kings.
At 30 Doom Points, you invoke the Ultimate Doom.

Chaos of the Morningstar:

1- For the next 1d10 minutes, you radiate an aura of Fear.  Anyone who can see you must save vs fear.  Those who fail their save will be unwilling to approach you, and if you approach them, they will use any excuse to leave.
2- One random person within 100' of you takes 1d6 damage and feels the cold shadow of death fall over them.
3- One random person within 100' of you must save.  On a failure, they fall into a hypnotic trance and interpret the next statement said to them as an order to be immediately carried out.  They wake up afterwards, with no memory of what occurred.
4- For the next 1d10 minutes, you begin emitting an aura of blinding light that illuminates the area for 1d10*10' around you.
5- For the next 1d10 minutes, one object you own (Referee's choice) turns invisible.
6- One random person within 100' must save.  On a failed save, they are afflicted by Confusion, as if it had been cast on them as spell of the same level as the spell the Morningstar just cast.

Corruption of the Morningstar:

1- One random person within 100' must save or die.
2- One random person other than the Morningstar must save.  On a failure, they slowly begin transforming into a Sin Beast over the next 1d10 hours.  This transformation lasts until they are snapped out of it, or decide to reject their humanity and remain a monster forever.
3- One random weapon within 100' suddenly becomes animated and starts attacking the closest person to it.  The weapon remains animated for 1d10 minutes.
4- The next person the Morningstar touches must save.  On a failure, they begin suffering from the effect of Hot-Blooded, as if it had been cast on them as a level 1d4 spell.  The Morningstar does not know this.
5- The next person the Morningstar touches takes [sum] damage, using the numbers from the dice the Morningstar just rolled. The Morningstar does not know this.
6- A bank of fog sweeps in, covering the area for 100' around.  This fog has all the same effects as Funeral Fog cast as a level 1d4 spell.

Doom of Fools- You receive an order to find and escort another Morningstar to a location.  This is an order you must carry out, and failure is not an option.  If you manage to get them there, the other Morningstar is assassinated by some other members of your Order.  You are thanked for your assistance and cooperation.  You are also warned to never tell anyone about this, under penalty of death.

Doom of Kings- You receive an order to find and assassinate another Morningstar.  This is an order you must carry out, and failure is not an option.  If you succeed, you will be thanked and promoted, likely to the position the Morningstar you assassinated previously filled.  You are also warned to never tell anyone about this, under penalty of death.   

Ultimate Doom- A group of assassins from the Morningstar Order attack you, seeking to kill you.  They received an order that you could no longer be trusted.  They were worried you might talk.  

This Doom can be avoided by cutting ties with your Father and leaving the Morningstar Order.  But no one leaves the Morningstar Order.

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