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OSR: Greater Incorporeal Undead


                                                              by Tom Shropshire

Most Ghosts are insubstantial things, mere shreds of the original soul that were left behind, spiritual detritus.  These Ghosts repeat specific, repetitive actions, such as the Ghost of a suicide throwing themselves off the same building once a year, or the ghost of a murder victim protesting that they need more time before being shot by an unseen gunman.  These Ghosts are harmless.

Other, more powerful Ghosts take on the semblance of being full persons, and carry out repetitive actions that they did in life.  Some of these Ghosts seek to finish some unfinished Ghost but have been unable to do so, because things have changed but the Ghost has not.  Alternatively, in the case of a vengeful spirit, the task may be a mad quest or impossible to fulfill, such as seeking vengeance on someone who was also dead, so the Ghost simply takes vengeance on people it thinks are it's original target. 

Base Ghost Template
AR Ethereal Nature- see "Ghost"
Atk Varies
Mor Varies
Saves (7+HD) or less
Immune to Cold, Poison and Necrotic damage


Ghost: A Ghost counts as being Undead.  They can also fly and are intangible, so non-spiritual objects pass through them.  They are immune to damage from non-magical weapons, as well as cold, poison and necrotic damage.

Changeable Image: Some Ghosts can change their appearance, though this does not change their attributes.  They can also turn invisible, but they is revealed when they attack or uses an object.  However, even while invisible, they leaves signs of his presence.  These signs can include pockets of cold air, scents, a linger presence, the feeling of being watched or etc.  Additionally, Cats and Dogs can detect Ghosts even when they are invisible, and Ghosts can always be seen in a mirror. 

Sunlight Damage: Ghosts take 6 damage a round if they are exposed to sunlight.

Conditional Immortality: Ghosts are bound to an object, location or person.  As long as that thing is intact, the Ghost cannot truly be killed.  If reduced to 0 HP, a Ghost will return to life in 1d4 days at midnight.  The only way to permanently get rid of a Ghost is immolation by sunlight or by destroying the thing binding them to this world. 

Possession: Some Ghosts can also possess people. 

There are other incorporeal Undead other than Ghosts, however.

                                                        by Arnold Lobel


Base Spectre Statblock
HD 1d3+1 
AR Ethereal Nature- see "Ghost"
Atk Withering Touch (1d6+HD)
Mor 14
Saves (7+HD) or less
Immune to Cold, Poison and Necrotic damage

Ghost: A Spectre counts as being Undead.  They can also fly and are intangible, so non-spiritual objects pass through them.  They are immune to damage from non-magical weapons, as well as cold, poison and necrotic damage.

Sunlight Damage: Spectres take 6 damage a round they are exposed to sunlight.

- Destroy all living creatures
- Take pleasure in slaying the helpless
- Flee only if in danger of being destroyed

A Spectre is the mere fragment of a soul, a flayed section of a soul, a shattered fragment of a mind plucked from the remains of a whole and sealed in a spiritual shell.  Within this hollow prison, the fragment grows distorted and strange, struggling to return to the rest of its soul, but being unable to.  This drives a Spectre mad, stretching what little soul it has to the breaking point and beyond. 

Whenever a Spectre sees a living creature, that creature's completeness makes it again remember it's own imperfection, which drives it into a state of homicidal rage.  The Spectre will then attempt to snuff the life of that creature.  This is the only thing that grants a Spectre even the slightest bit of satisfaction.  But even after slaying another creature, the Spectre will once again be left with the knowledge that it is hollow, imperfect, and should not exist.

Spectres are created by blasphemous magic, usually wielded by Necromancers or other perverse Sages.  Spectres can be easily bound and many can be spawned from one powerful soul.  Additionally, they are much more dangerous to the unprepared- a Skeleton can be smashed with a hammer and a Zombie riddled with arrows, but a Spectre is a much more dangerous guard-dog.

A Spectre that is not pressed into service by an evil Sorcerer usually stalks some isolated place, hiding from the sun by day and destroying sentient creatures who stray close to it by night.  If a Spectre finds itself in an area full of mortals, it might flee in despair, or it might go on a rampage until it runs out of visible targets or is destroyed.

When a Spectre is destroyed, the fragment of what it was disappears and returns to the largest nearby fragment, or back to the rest of the soul that it was peeled off of.

Spectre plot Hooks:

1- The party are hired to exorcise a murderous Ghost.  However, when they arrive, they find a powerful, but Genteel and largely benevolent Ghost who has lost his memories.  They also find a Necromancer operating in the area.  Secretly, the Necromancer attempted to bind the Ghost but failed and instead fractured it, creating a Spectre in the process.  If the Spectre is freed or destroyed, the Ghost would regain his memories and be free to move on.
2- An evil Sage has split the soul of a hero into a dozen fragments, each one a terrible Spectre sent out to do the Sage's bidding.  These Spectres are kept apart and sustained by magic, but if these bindings could be broken, they would merge together and be restored to one, glorious whole. 
3- The party are asked to break into a Sage's home and recover some trinket or accomplish something else.  However, they discover a terrible secret- the Sage has been performing profane experiments on people in the basement.  Now, can they escape before the "Servants" catch them and take them to the lab, to be more fodder for this madman?

                                                                 by u/ellieinthesky


Base Banshee Statblock
HD 1d4+1 
AR Ethereal Nature- see "Ghost"
Atk Withering Touch (1d6/1d6)
Mor 10
Saves (7+HD) or less
Immune to Cold, Poison and Necrotic damage

Ghost: A Banshee counts as being Undead.  They can also fly and are intangible, so non-spiritual objects pass through them.  They are immune to damage from non-magical weapons, as well as cold, poison and necrotic damage.

Sunlight Damage: Banshee take 6 damage a round they are exposed to sunlight.

Terrifying Appearance: Banshees are frightening and grotesque in appearance.  Anyone who lays eyes on one must succeed a COG save or become frightened.  Anyone who is frightened by a Banshee takes 1d6 COG damage they remain in combat or nearby a Banshee.  If this COG damage reduces a creature's COG to 0, that creature flees and continues running until it is certain it is far away from the Banshee.  If the Banshee kills any of the creature's companions while the creature is frightened, the creature gains the Conviction, "Banshees are dangerous and I will avoid them whenever possible.  If I can, I will run from them."     

Wail: 1/Day, a Banshee can unleash a terrifying shriek.  Any creature within 50' of the Banshee must then make a CON save.  On a successful save, a creature takes 3d6 psychic damage.  On a failed save, the creature, if it has any FS left, drops to 0 FS.  If the creature has no FS, he drops to 0 HP.      

- See if anyone is scared of you
- If they are not, immediately Wail
- Slay the weakest looking
- Retreat and use hit and run tactics on the others

While it is debated whether or not the souls of the dead are judged after death, one thing that is known is that the Gods bless and curse those who are still alive.  There is the famous story of King Tabex, who had a habit of killing his guests and stealing their possessions, a grave violation of the laws of hospitality.  As punishment for this, the Gods ensorcelled his horses, transforming them into meat-eating beasts.  When Tabex entered his stables, he found his grooms dead and his prize steeds turned to freakish beasts.  Those creatures chased him until he was exhausted, then fed upon his flesh and ate his innards. 

Another common example are Ghouls, which are creatures cursed for eating the flesh of their own kind, or Vampires, who are cursed for their promiscuity.  But one relatively unknown example is that of the Banshee.

Banshees are usually women, though a male Banshee is not unheard of, who were blessed greatly but abused their gifts in life. Usually these gifts amount to great beauty, but those blessed with great artistic ability, musical talent or powers of persuasion can also end up becoming Banshees.  The curse comes when the accursed refuses to use their gifts for the betterment of the world or to bring joy to others, instead exploiting their talents for selfish gain or evil ends. 

For example, Yuli Manz Bethshabi was a Frogling woman who had the rare talent of being able to sing at the low volumes her countrymen find so appealing.  But rather than use this talent to win herself a good husband or enrich the lives of her people with song, she used it to mislead locals and travelers into following her into the bog, where they would drown, either because they could not find their footing or her accomplices would hold them under the water.  In response to this, the Gods cursed her to become a Banshee.  At first, she barely noticed this judgement, but as the curse progressed, she lost her voice slowly but surely, until she could barely speak.  Finally, the curse took her life and bound her to the bog where she drowned her victims.  She still stalks it by night, her croaking songs all but inaudible unless she is right behind her.

Banshees are bound to either the place they died or the place where they committed their crimes.  Most Banshees despise the Gods and continue their crimes to spite them.  Others merely seek to take revenge on those who harmed them while they were alive.  But some seek to escape from their cursed fate, but don't know how.  The only way for a Banshee to be released from their curse is for them to seek redemption and find it. 

Banshee Plot Hooks

1- The party is hired to assassinate someone, but they need to make it look like an accident.  Their client recommends they investigate the lair of a Banshee, who was a talented conman before he died.  The Banshee sold useless cures and false magic while alive, and now he sells spiritual poison that leaves no physical traces.  He'll sell you some, as long as you don't anger him.  If you do, he'll kill you and scrape out any hatred you have to make more poison.
2- A local man hires the party to investigate the disappearance of the local woman who he has been attempting to woo.  She ran into the wilderness and he hasn't been seen since.  Secretly, she has been killing people by luring them to her doom using her beauty and stashing their bodies in the woods.  The Banshee's curse has been slowly robbing her of that beauty, and she has fled rather than face the consequences of her actions. 
3- A rich woman comes to the party and tells them that her wealthy husband is a sick pervert who has been abusing and torturing her.  She knows that the local magistrates will not take action, so she can only rely on extralegal means.  Secretly, she is lying and just wants the party to kill her husband so she can take possession of his wealth.  Afterwards, she plans to betray them.  If she is killed, she will turn into a Banshee and attempt to take her revenge.               

                                                        by Matt Hubel


Base Wraith Statblock
HD 1d6+1
AR Ethereal Nature- see "Ghost"
Atk Withering Touch (1d8/1d8) or Life Drain
Mor 12
Saves (7+HD) or less
Immune to Cold, Poison and Necrotic damage

Ghost: A Wraith counts as being Undead.  They can also fly and are intangible, so non-spiritual objects pass through them.  They are immune to damage from non-magical weapons, as well as cold, poison and necrotic damage.

Sunlight Damage: Wraiths take 6 damage a round they are exposed to sunlight.

Life Drain: If a Wraith touches a living creature, it can force that creature to save.  On a successful save, that creature takes 1d6 Necrotic damage.  On a failed save, that creature takes 1d6 CON damage.  This can also reduce a creature's total HP.  If this reduces a creature's CON to 0, that creature immediately dies.  Note that once a creature makes or fails one save, each subsequent use of Life Drain on it does that kind of damage. 

CON damage done by Life Drain is permanent until removed by a spell such as Greater Restoration or the target is blessed by a person granted divine power, such as a Priest, Prophet (Paladin) or King.  After such a blessing is bestowed on the creature, CON returns at a rate of 1 point per day.      

Create Spectre: If any creature has died within the presence of the Wraith, the Wraith can attempt to catch the creature's soul before it can depart for the afterlife.  This struggle is invisible to those not properly attuned or without the eyes to see, such as with Sight Beyond Sight.  If the Wraith catches such a soul, it can shred it into fragments, and create a Spectre.  Such a Spectre is bound to the Wraith and must obey it's commands no matter what.  Wraiths can bind and command a number of Spectres equal to their HD.  The other pieces of the flayed soul the Wraith wraps around it's neck, to add to its robe of inky shadows.  Only by destroying the Wraith or with it's consent can the fragment spirit be reassembled and released to the afterlife.    

- Open with Life Drain
- Try to create a Spectre
- If that is impossible, focus your attacks on the most dangerous enemy

The greatest enemy is Death, and the desire to conquer him is the foundation of all civilization.  This has not changed over the eras, and many great Sages have plotted against Heaven and Nature, seeking to cheat death and become eternal.  This has resulted in the twin methods of Daemonhood and the more famous, Lichdom.

However, becoming a Lich is fraught with difficulty.  It requires special physical preparations, unique spells and other magical preparations.  It also requires great humility and perserverance.  And even if you do everything right, you could still make some magical error that leaves you trapped in a corpse, unable to move or do anything until your phylactery runs out of power and you die again, or you could succeed, only to forget to adjust your blood-pressure and give yourself a stroke before dying again.  Or you could slice off some important part of your personality, leaving yourself without the motivation to continue your original plan, or accidentally misplace your memories and leave you wondering what all these metal cylinders and explosive compounds are for. 

Wraiths are one of those potential outcomes when someone fails to properly ascend to Lichdom.  Such an outcome can result from getting the potion to poison ratio wrong, fumbling one of your incantations and failing to rectify it later, or because someone jammed three feet of steel through your chest before you could finish the ritual.  There are also other ways to become a Wraith, of course.  Failing to ascend to Lichdom is just one common way.  Regardless, the result is the same.

A Wraith is a person's consciousness, minus their body, but plus incredible power.  Sometimes Wraiths manage to maintain the full suite of emotions that a living person would have, the spells for Lichdom preserving their spirit.  However, if those spells were botched, incomplete or otherwise rushed, then they could flay the person's soul, leaving the Wraith with dulled emotions and empathy.  Regardless of initial circumstances, most Wraiths share one trait, and that is the ability to hold a grudge.  That, along with blood-thirsty rage. 

Wraith Plot Hooks:

1- A villain is attempting to become a Lich.  Stop him.  But be careful- just because you kill him, doesn't mean he is gone for good.
2- Someone is eliminating the old, retired members of a group of heroes that once saved the Kingdom.  The Paladin, frail and senile in her old age has been raving that one of her old enemies has returned from the grave to get his revenge like he always promised he would.  Is she right, or is this just the babbling of an scared old woman?
3- The party is asked to investigate a mysterious string of murders.  All the victims died in concealed locations with locked doors and no sign of forced entry, and none of them had any visible wounds on their body.  The local watchmen suspect a Wizard, but no one has any real idea what is actually going on.  Secretly, it's a Wraith taking revenge.
4- A Kobold stumbles into a village, asking for help.  The Kobold tells a story of how an evil spirit has taken control of his tribe.  He needs help to get rid of the spirit and the Kobolds lack the power to do so. 
5- As the party explores a darkness shrouded ruin, the party is approached by a Wraith.  With a voice like knife scraping bone, the undead tells them a tale of how it seeks to avenge itself upon a flock of Gralei that betrayed it so many years ago.  All the Wraith wants is for them to help it terrorize the Flock, in exchange for their aid, the Wraith will let them keep all of the loot.  None of that interests the Wraith.  Will the party help the Wraith?  And will they be able to avoid the Wraith's inevitable betrayal?
6- The Necromancer Lysandar Boneheart terrorized the nation of Ardol for many years before he was finally captured and hung.  But before he died, he spoke a curse over them, declaring that he would return and have his revenge against those who hounded him in life.  Now, as the one year anniversary of his death approaches, strange omens fill the dreams of the Prophets and disturbing omens torment the Oracles.  Has Boneheart really returned, or is it just the nervous murmurings of peasants?       

                                                          by Arnold Lobel

Monday, October 19, 2020

OSR: Faerie Dragons


                                                                 by Brian Syme

Bastards.  Invisible, giggling bastards.  Faerie Dragons combine the puckish sense of humor of the Folk, the avarice of Dragons and the intellect of a mad genius.  They are terrors.  Faerie Dragons are known to wreak havoc, largely for their own amusement.  They are the bane of adventurers, nobles and important occasions alike. 

Faerie Dragons love to play "pranks" on people.  But being Folk, their pranks are often cruel or nonsensical by our standards.  For example, turning someone's wife into a sheep then hiding her in the pasture of some other shepherd.  They do enjoy tormenting and harassing people for their own amusement.  However, they are not needlessly cruel.  A Faerie Dragon is fine with causing someone a bit of pain if it's funny, but it won't torment someone who is already suffering or pick on someone who can't at least attempt some resistance.  Their favorite targets are the rich, proud and pompous.  Additionally, another way to earn the ire of a Faerie Dragon is to be rude in it's presence or to violate one of the laws of hospitality.

Faerie Dragons are known to take up residence in distant glades or by sparkling ponds.  They favor virgin wilderness, but they are not above living near civilization, as that means endless entertainment for them.  Regardless of where their territory is, they zealously defend it against invasion, engaging in harassment campaigns against any who dare to enter their territory.  It is possible to cross through a Faerie Dragon's territory if you bribe it with baubles, sweets or liquor, all of which they adore.  Alternatively, you may bring it something it hoards, or simply try to flatter it's ego.  Faerie Dragons are still Dragons, and they think very highly of themselves.     

Faerie Dragon
HD X (see below)
Armor Scaly Body [8 Armor]
Atk Bite (+1, 1d8)
Mor 11
Saves (7+HD)

Cold Iron Weakness: Faerie Dragons take +1 damage per die from all Iron Weapons.

Truth-Teller: Faerie Dragons cannot lie, but they can deceive, manipulate or omit information, just not tell bold-faced lies.

Flyer: Faerie Dragons can fly.  While in flight, they add +4 to their Armor and Initiative.  They cannot hover and must continue moving to stay in the air. 

Invisibility: Faerie Dragons can turn invisible as an action.  The Dragon can stay invisible for as long as it likes, but attacking or casting a spell causes it to turn visible once more.     

Telepathy: Faerie Dragons are telepathic, able to communicate with any creature with a mind within 100'.  If the Faerie Dragon looks, it can also detect the presence of creatures with minds within that area.  The Faerie Dragon cannot read thoughts, but it can sense the thoughts and feelings of those it communicates with, and those it speaks with telepathically can sense the same.   

Innate Spellcasting: Faerie Dragons have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.  To see what spells a Faerie Dragon can cast, see the "Magic of the Faerie Dragon" table.

Breath Weapon: Faerie Dragons have breath weapons like their bigger cousins.  All Faerie Dragon Breath Weapons do 3d6 damage (if they do damage), sometimes permit saving throws (see below) and are only usable every 1d4 turns.  They strike a 30' cone, and have a 30' range.  To determine a Faerie Dragon's breath weapon, consult the Breath Weapon table below.  

- Avoid direct confrontation
- Harass and threaten, use Fabian tactics
- Only attack when victory is certain
- Never be afraid to retreat

To customize a Faerie Dragon, roll on the tables below:
The Faerie Dragon is...


1- Cat sized.  It has 3 HD.
2- Deer sized.  It has 1d4+1 HD.
3- Man sized.  It has 1d6 HD.
4- Elk sized.  It has 1d6+1 HD.

It is...


1- Red.
2- Orange.
3- Yellow.
4- Green.
5- Blue.
6- Indigo.
7- Violet.
8- Black.
9- White.
10- Metallic colored- 1d4 [1= Gold; 2= Silver; 3= Copper.]
11- Spotted, roll 1d10 twice.
12- Striped, roll 1d10 twice.

The Faerie Dragon also has...


1- A crest of fur running down it's spine.
2- Claws and teeth of clear crystal.
3- Antlers.
4- A third eye.
5- A tail that instead resembles the tail of a 1d4 [1= Lion; 2= Horse; 3= Monkey; 4= Devil (forked).]
6- Wings like that of a 1d4 [1= Bird; 2= Bat; 3= Butterfly; 4= Dragonfly.]

Magic of the Faerie Dragon:

HD        Spells Known

1        At will: Illusion, Levitate, Light
2        1/Day: Hypnotic Pattern
3        1/Day: Mirror Image
4        1/Day: Geas
5        1/Day: Suggestion
6        1/Day: Perfect Illusion
7        1/Day: Polymorph   

Breath Weapon:


1- Euphoria Gas.  Anyone who is caught in this breath weapon falls into a state of chemically-induced bliss.  They must succeed a successful COG save to take an action that might harm another creature.  
2- Hallucination Breath.  Anyone who is caught in this breath weapon starts suffering from hallucinations for 1d6 hours.
3- Laughing Gas.  Anyone who is caught in this cloud will find themselves starting to laugh impulsively.  They get a -2 to any complex actions and every round they are in the cloud of smoke produced by the Faerie Dragon, they must save.  On a failed save, they lose their actions and cannot do anything but laugh hysterically.
4- Sleeping Gas.  Anyone who is caught in this breath weapon must save.  On a failed save, the creature falls asleep until they take damage, a loud noise occurs near them, or they naturally awaken after 1d4 hours. 
5- Shrinking Cloud.  Anyone who is caught in this breath weapon must save.  On a successful save, the creature is reduced by 1 size category.  On a failed save, 1d4 size categories.  If this shrinks you enough, you might end up falling into the Microverse.
6- Exhaled Youth.  Anyone who is caught in this breath weapon is reduced in age by 1d20 years.  Any character who is reduced to adolescence or childhood will receive appropriate penalties.  Characters who are de-aged must save.  On a failed save, they forget all memories from before that date.  On a successful save, they retain all memories.

                                                   by Sarah Dalinger

Friday, October 16, 2020

OSR: Isekai Freaks


                                                      source unknown

They come from, somewhere else.  They generally do not speak any language you do and often come from cultures with different value systems, if not ones that are outright alien. 

This Isekai Freak is...


1-3: Human. 
4: An exotic race you have seen before, but is rather rare.  In Nukaria, this would include such things as a 1d4 [1= Cherub; 2= Fetch; 3= Half-Dragon; 4= Tiefling/Aasimir/Genasi.]
5: A creature that you might have seen, but one that behaves differently.  A 1d3 [1= "Iron Golem", actually an intelligent robot a la Warforged; 2= An intelligent Undead; 3= A known monster but with stats and background based on the lore of another universe- for example, a Dragon from Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid showing up in Centerra.]
6: A race you have never seen before.  Select one of these, but keep it within 1 size category of the average size of sentient species on this planet. 

This Isekai Freak is...


1-3: Male
4-6: Female
7: Hermaphroditic.
8: Nothing identifiable.

Note: I'm going to use "He" to refer to the Isekai Freak, but you can obviously have female Isekai Freaks. 

He has been here for...


1- Less than 24 hours or however long a day is on this world.  They are 1d3 [1= Alone; 2= They have one companion, see below; 3= They have all the usual companions with them, these companions came with them from wherever the Isekai Freak came from.]  The Isekai Freak does not speak any local languages.
2- Less than a week.  Roll for Companions on the above table.  The Isekai Freak does not speak any local languages.
3- Less than a month.  The Isekai Freak does not speak any local languages. 
4- Less than 1d6+1 months.  The Isekai Freak can speak the most common local language falteringly.
5- Less than a year.  The Isekai Freak can speak the local language well enough to communicate with, though they might have an absurd accent.
6- Less than 1d3+1 years.  The Isekai Freak can communicate perfectly well in the most common local language.  Also, if they are intelligent, they speak 1 other common language.

He came from a world that was...


1- Highly primitive, pre-Bronze Age.  This Isekai Freak still hasn't gotten over metal-working or pottery.
2- Somewhat sophisticated, High Antiquity.  The best the Isekai Freak's society had managed to produce was aqueducts and fabulous architecture.  He might regard you as a savage.
3- Renaissance Era.  The Isekai Freak's world had developed black powder, complex social institutions, trans-oceanic travel, compasses, coffee, etc.
4- Napoleonic Era.  The Isekai Freak comes from a world with cannon, complex black powder firearms, nationalism, elections and newspapers.
5- Modern Era.  The Isekai Freak comes from a world with the technological equivalents of the 21st century.
6- Fautarian Era.  The Isekai Freak comes from a world where technology and science were centuries or more ahead of 21st century Earth.

In terms of power the Isekai Freak is...


1- A blank slate, completely useless.  The Isekai Freak has only survived this long due to luck or the good-will of others.
2- He has no class levels but he does possess some kind of incredible ability that they can use.  See below for what that ability is.
3- He is competent, but largely because he is clever, not because of his training.  He has 1d3+1 Class levels in a random class. 
4- He is very strong, having 1d4 Class levels (rolling twice and selecting the better result) in a random class.
5- He is very strong, having 1d4+1 Class levels in a random class plus he has an incredible ability (see below).
6- He is absurdly powerful, having 1d6 Class levels in a random class plus he has an incredible ability (see below).

His Incredible ability, if he has one, is...


1- He can regenerate, recovering 1 HD a round.  He can regrow severed limbs in a day or reattach them if he spends a round holding them to his stump.
2- He can teleport freely.  The Isekai Freak can teleport anywhere within 1dX [1= 30'; 2= 50';    3= 100'; 4= Visual Range] as a free action.  He can do this every 1d4 rounds.
3- He can boost the power of his spells.  Once every 1d4 rounds, he can roll Mana Dice and instead cause those dice to roll the maximum.  This does not trigger Chaos or Corruption for him.
4- He has a Specific Death Condition.  He cannot be killed unless 1d6 [1= His head is cut off; 2= His heart is removed from his chest; 3= He is mutilated and his body parts are separated; 4= He is poisoned- though the poison must be strong enough to kill him; 5= He is killed by fire; 6= He is buried alive.]  The Isekai Freak knows about this weakness of his, though he probably won't advertise.
5- He is immune to 1d3 [1= Sharp; 2= Bludgeoning; 3= Random Elemental Damage (1= Fire; 2= Ice/Cold; 3= Lightning; 4= Acid; 5= Thunder; 6= Necrotic; 7= Radiant; 8= Force).]
6- He can shapeshift into any creature or type of creature that he has tasted the blood of.  His stats change to whatever the creature he transforms into is.
7- Instead of HD, he has a Damage Threshold of 1d4+3 and a matching number of SHP.
8- He can deflect magical attacks back at the attacker, as long as he can roll higher damage than [sum] of their spell.  He can also do this for effects that require only a saving throw.     

In terms of morality the Isekai Freak is...


1- A paragon of virtue.  A truly heroic soul.  Stubbornly righteous. 
2- Good, but hampered by (1d4) serious flaws that drag them down repeatedly.  Example flaws include hubris, perversion, greed, misanthropy, cowardice.
3- Amoral or evil, pursues own goals with no regards for others
4- Neutral, only pursues survival, will not help but will not harm either. 

In terms of Intellect the Isekai Freak is...


1- Stupid.  He is easy to fool and will fall for most tricks or traps, provided they aren't obvious.
2- Smart, but often makes bad decisions because of personality flaws.  He is greedy, or lustful, or too ambitious for his own good.
3- Highly intelligent.  He does have a blind-spot, but it's hard to exploit.
4- A Genius.  The Isekai Freak is 2 steps ahead of you the entire time.  He is very hard to outmaneuver. 

The Isekai Freak is accompanied by...


1- 1d3
2- 1d4
3- 1d4+1
4- 1d6

1- Adventurers
2- Monsters

That are...


1- Level 1d2 Adventurers.
2- Level 1d3 Adventurers.
3- Level 1d4 Adventurers.
4- Level 1d4 Adventurers + Adventurer who has 1 less Class level than the Isekai Freak.


1- 2 HD each.
2- 2 HD + one with 1d4 HD.
3- 3 HD each + one with 1d4+1 HD.
4- 3 HD each + one with 1d6+1 HD.

The Strongest of the Companions will always have 1 less Class level or HD than the Isekai Freak, unless on the Power table the Isekai Freak rolled a 1-3.  If the Isekai Freak has only 1 HD, disregard this note and simply let the dice fall where they do. 

The Companions to the Isekai Freak are his or her...


1- Sexless Harem.  Each Companion has a 90% of being in love with the Isekai Freak, but for some reason (cowardice, other rivals, his/her obliviousness) has failed to make the Isekai Freak aware of this fact.
2- Traditional Harem.  The Companions are all the wives/husbands/lovers of the Isekai Freak.
3- Polycule.  The Companions are all in romantic and sexual relationships with each other.  Their social dynamics are more complex than the concert of Europe and require about as much skill to manage.  If the Isekai Freak isn't a genius or super moral, there is a massive amount of resentment and simmering tension.
4- Friendship with 1d3* Love Triangles.  As above, except there is almost no actual romance going on, as everyone is too busy trying to get the one member of the group they like to notice them, while the object of their affections doesn't notice the former.  The amount of resentment is pretty much the same. 
5- Friends.  They're just friends.  Damn good friends, even.  And though they don't have a hierarchy, everybody instinctively understands that the Isekai Freak is the top dog.  Unless the Isekai Freak is 1 HD, in which case, he is not. 
6- Master-Servant.  The Isekai Freak is the leader of his companions.  Depending on his own degree of competence, he may be a good leader, or he may be leader in name only, with the Companions merely humoring him, while one of them actually calls the shots. 

*Adjust as needed depending on the number of members

                                           from here

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

TwK: The Cordohomin Fungus

Warning: This post is a bit NSFW in terms of text and some of the pictures might be a bit questionable.  You have been warned.  

                                                            source unknown, from here

Stage 0: Polyp

Cordohomin Polyp
HD 2
Armor Hard Scales [15 Armor]
Atk Tentacles (1d6 + Grapple) or Spore Release
Mor 14
Saves 9 or less

Blind: Cordohomin Polyps are blind, but are considered to have tremor sense for 30' and a powerful sense of smell.

Sticky: Cordohomin Polyps can stick to walls or ceilings.  Their tentacles are also sticky, anyone who is touched by tentacles is immediately grappled. 

Spore Cloud: If it has a living creature within 10' of it, the Cordohomin Polyp can release a cloud of spores into that creature's face.  These spores will infect the creature, and begin it's transformation into the appropriate next stage. 

- Stay concealed
- Avoid conflict if there are no females
- If there is a female, ambush her and infect her with 'Spore Cloud'

The Cordohomin Polyp resembles a hard cylinder of chitin with small, tube-like feet potruding from the bottom and a flower-like head emerging from the top of it's body.  The flower-like head also hosts a number of sticky tentacles which it uses to grab anything that draws too close.  These tentacles are primarily used to catch small animals that it catches in ambushes. It prefers areas that are dank and dark, so it usually ends up feeding on rats, but just as often it can feed on voles, mice, rabbits or fish.  These are it's primary food source, though the Polyp can also filter water for nutrients.

The Polyp is an animal, clever in the way some are, but not truly intelligent.  The Polyp also is single-mindedly focused on it's mission.  The mission is to infect someone with it's Spores.  The primary and desired targets of the Polyp are human females.  It can infect males, but this is less desirable, as it extends the life cycle by unnecessary steps.  Once it infects a human female, the Polyp has served it's purpose and will crawl away to some dark corner to die, if it isn't killed first.      

                                                     by Wrenzephyr2

Stage 1: Vector

The infected person, or IP, will not seem to be harmed by the exposure to the spores.  Medical exams will show that the spores are unlike any other kind, as they are bonding with and infiltrating the host cells, producing new and different types of cells.  This first part of the change will be painless. 

Then, things will begin to diverge.  If the IP is male, he will find himself becoming stronger, as well as more passionate.  His appetites for food and sex will increase exponentially, though they will be hard to notice at first.  He will begin finding all the women around him attractive, regardless of pre-existing preferences.  His new preference will be for young, fertile ones.  He will be able to smell a girl's fertility, as well as when she has had her last period. 

The first woman he has sex with will become another IP.  All others after her will be safe.  He, meanwhile, will slowly begin transforming into a Lancer.

If the IP is female, on the other hand, she will find her appetite slowly growing, until she consumed by a ravenous hunger.  She will eat the entire contents of her fridge, then order out, then run down to the corner store and spend a hundred dollars on candy because the delivery is taking too long.  She will eat like a caterpillar, spending every cent she has on food.  The latter part of this stage will be characterized by new, alien organs growing inside of her body.  She will still resemble a human, but internally, she is already starting to become something different.

She will also become incredibly promiscuous.  This will start as an increased urge but soon she will be lost in a haze of lust, staggering around like she's drunk.  She doesn't realize what she's doing, but she's interested in gathering genetic material for her future children.    

                                                                      by tukiwani

Stage 2: Huntress

Cordohomin Huntress
HD 4
Armor Iron-Hard Muscles [23 Armor]
Atk Elbow Fins and Fist (1d8/1d8) + Tentacles (1d6 + Grapple) or Pheremone Spray
Mor 13
Saves 11 or less

Pheremone Spray: A Cordohomin Huntress can spray a stream of fluid that is packed full of pheremones that boost libido, induce powerful sexual urges and reduce aggression.  This stream hits automatically unless you have a shield or someone that could keep a fluid off of you.  In the former case, save to avoid it.  Anyone exposed to the spray must save.  On a failed save, the creature must immediately cease hostilities with the Cordohomin Huntress and becomes charmed by her.  

- Use 'Pheremone Spray' to seduce and charm
- Climb buildings and jump down on your prey
- Never fight a losing battle, leave your protectors to do the dying if necessary

The IP will continue her transformation.  For about two weeks, she will eat anything you put in front of her.  She will become extremely undiscerning in her habits.  Junk food and raw meat, 5 star dining and possibly moldy left-overs, it's all the same to her. 

This influx of food will trigger a physical metamorphosis.  Her skin will change color and she will grow taller and more muscular, gaining terrific strength.  This will be barely noticeable at first, but gradually she will become an Amazon who towers over everyone around her with the strength of Thor.  The changes will not stop there, though.  She will also grow hardened fin-blades out of her forearms and her hair will fall out, to be replaced with many short tentacles.  Her ears will elongate, short horns will sprout from her head and she will grow a large, phallus-like potrusion from her groin.

Her sexual appetite will remain elevated, but now she will also go after women.  She will pursue them, using her large new organ to douse them in pheremones and have her way with them.  Those who do will likely become pregnant with her children, the Cordohomin Familiars.  She will also be much more unreasonable, perfectly willing to rape men or women who come to interest her- though with her pheremones, this isn't always necessary.  

The Huntress's other mental changes will become obvious now.  While before she was only dealing with elevated instincts and strange new urges, she now hears a faint song that seems to echo through her mind.  This song tells her what she must do- she needs to find herself a safe place far from enemies, and it tells her when the next stage of her transformation is to begin.

The Huntress' personality is still largely that of hers from when she was a human, but it has been twisted to a new end.  The Huntress is now dedicated to an alien agenda that is not her own, yet she is unlikely to care at this point.  She will find a hidden lair for herself and build a harem of nubile women and strong men and keep consuming. 

Note: You can alter this time-frame as needed, but I am setting the Huntress Stage for 2 weeks.  Every 3 days, assuming an unblocked access to food, the Huntress increases in 1 HD.  Once she reaches 9 HD, the third stage begins.    

                                                              from here

Stage 3: Broodmother

HD 9
Armor Thick Flesh and Hard Muscles [24 Armor]
Atk Tentacles (1d6 + Grapple/1d6 + Grapple)
Mor 9
Saves 15 or less
Pheremone Cloud: A Cordohomin Broodmother is constantly surrounded by a haze of pheremones that inhibit aggression in non-Cordohomin.  Anyone who gets within 30' of her must save or be charmed to her.  Those with devices that filter air may receive an appropriate bonus to their save, while those who have their own supply of oxygen (such as in a tank) do not need to save.   

Ponderous: A Cordohomin Broodmother is slow, unable to move faster than a brisk jog.  Any decently healthy person can outrun her.

Kiss: A Cordohomin Broodmother's saliva is overflowing with her pheremones.  Anyone who is licked by her is immediately charmed by her, as long as some of her saliva hits exposed skin or any other place where her pheremones could reach the bloodstream.   

- Avoid fighting
- Run if in danger
- Grapple

The genetic material the Huntress drank in has been mixed within her body and then anchored to her many internal wombs.  Now it has come time for her efforts to bear fruit.  The Huntress' body bloats and she begins laying translucent pink-white eggs. Each one houses one of her children, a Cordohomin.

This is the most dangerous stage for the Cordohomin, as the Broodmother has a greatly reduced chance to protect herself and the majority of her children will not be large or powerful enough to protect her.  As such, for a brief window, she will have to rely on what protectors she accumulated while a Huntress.

The Broodmother will lay a vast clutch of eggs, but some near the end will be larger and harder than the others.  These will hatch slowest of all.  But when they do, they will crack open to reveal the Cordohomin Lancers, her most loyal protectors.  This will be the culmination of the Broodmother stage.  Once the Lancers are born, she will continue focusing on her own growth once again.    

                                                 from One Piece


Love Slaves are humans who were seduced or forced into serving the Huntress.  Now that she has become the Broodmother, those infectious pheremones constantly surround her, enthralling them and binding them to her.  As such, most Love-Slaves are unfocused and unreliable.  They worship the Broodmother and constantly seek to please her, but like someone caught by the blustering winds of infatuation, they are not as aware of what is going on. 

Love-Slaves have whatever stats they would have normally.

                                                    source unknown

Cordohomin Familiars

HD 1
Armor Scavenged Armor [1d4+3 Armor]
Atk As Weapon or Firearm (if available)
Mor 10
Saves 7 or less

Pheremone Immunity: Cordohomin Familiars are immune to the charming effects of their Mother.  They still love and revere her, but she cannot charm them with her pheremones. 

Loyal: If Cordohomin Familiars know you are going to threaten their Mother or see you doing it, they can reroll failed morale checks and saves against fear. 

Human Looking: Cordohomin Familiars look like perfectly normal humans on the outside.  Only by examining their insides can you determine they are not real humans.

- Pretend to be human
- Infiltrate and attack through stealth
- Fight fanatically to defend their Mother   

Cordohomin Familiars look like humans.  They walk and talk like us, inheriting all their Mother's memories.  They will use these to protect their Mother and accumulate resources for her.  They will then work on infiltrating human society, penetrating the institutions and using nepotism and in-group solidarity to honeycomb important organizations and groups with sleeper-agents.

The fact that they hatched from eggs lain either by the Broodmother or by one of her human surrogates is not something that you can tell from looking at them.  They do not seem like the type of creature that hatched and grew to the size of an adult human within a month.  Yet they are.  And above all, they are not human, nor do they have your interests at heart.  From behind familiar eyes, an alien mind plots your destruction.      

                                                                 by Jack Wang

Cordohomin Lancers

HD 3
Armor Thick Skin and Muscular Builds [12 Armor]
Atk As Weapon+2 Ex: Monkey Wrench (1d6+2/1d6+2) or Firearms (if available)
Mor 14
Saves 10 or less

Pheremone Immunity: Cordohomin Lancers are immune to the charming effects of their Mother.  They still love and revere her, but she cannot charm them with her pheremones. 

Loyal: If Cordohomin Lancers know you are going to threaten their Mother or see you doing it, they can reroll failed morale checks and saves against fear. 

- Rush in heedless of danger
- Protect Mother to the last
- Focus on strong targets, work your way down from there

Cordohomin Lancers are miniature copies of the Huntress, not as strong, tall and infertile, so they will lack her enormous phallus.  They will, however, possess enough of her strength to rip a man's arms off and crush a ribcage like it's rotten wood. 

The Lancers are fanatics.  They will protect their Mother against any danger, giving their lives for her.    

                                                    by BadRabbitCosplay

Stage 4: Queen

HD 12
Armor Thick Skin and Rigid Muscles [30 Armor]
Atk Enormous Hands (1d6+4/1d6+4)
Mor 13
Saves 19 or less

Pheremone Cloud: A Cordohomin Queen is constantly surrounded by a haze of pheremones that inhibit aggression in non-Cordohomin.  Anyone who gets within 30' of her must save or be charmed to her.  Those with devices that filter air may receive an appropriate bonus to their save, while those who have their own supply of oxygen (such as in a tank) do not need to save.

Innate Spellcasting: Cordohomin Queens have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At-Will: Charm Person, Sanctuary, Shield
3/Day: Protection from Energy, Void Shields
1/Day: Mental Dominion, Feeblemind

Telepathic: Cordohomin Queens have the power of telepathy.  They can communicate with any creature within 100' of them and with any of their children who are on the same planet.  They can also communicate with Cordohomin Queens on other planets. The Queens, if they are looking, can sense the presence of other minds within 100' of her and and can sense the emotions of anyone within that radius, but she cannot read their thoughts unless they let her.  

Immobile: Cordohomin Queens can move, but only at the rate of 5' per minute.  They are extremely slow. 

- Use your psychic powers- ie 'Innate Spellcasting', to shred the minds of those who challenge you
- Do not allow yourself to be threatened- crush all resistance with extreme prejudice
- Be Ruthless, your children are expendable, you can always have more

The Broodmother, once she has laid her first clutch of eggs, will continue to grow and grow.  She will eventually reach the  size of a small house.  All the while, she will continue producing eggs, new Cordohomins to spread further across the planet, slowly spreading her influence across the planet.

Her children will continue their campaigns of infiltration, subverting existing institutions or taking them over to increase their power.  This silent take-over will eventually, unavoidably, go public, but by that point, it will take a herculean effort to dislodge the Cordohomin, who will be able to recognize each other and will turn the humans against each other in a bid to dominate and displace them. 

However, one wonder yet remains.  The horns on the Queen's head that first emerged when she was a Huntress now extend and expand, before they begin to shine with psychic power.  The Cordohomin Queen hears the song that verberated through her mind when she was a Huntress and a Broodmother and now recognizes it as a hymn sung by others of her kind, others like her, scattered among the stars.  And she harmonizes with them, calling her fellow Sister-Queens to this new world, the one she has claimed for them.    

                                                    by Neolucky

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

OSR: The Spirit-Touched: Tieflings, Aasimir and Genasi


                                                                from here

Tieflings, Aasimir and Genasi:

Outsiders don't have bodies of their own.  They can only enter our universe by being summoned or by slipping through a hole in the fabric of reality.  Once here, they then must take residence in a body in order to remain for more than a few minutes. But once here, they can stick around for a good, long time.

Additionally, while an Outsider is in control of a Host Body, it generally has total control over it.  It can change the shape and appearance of the body and manually adjust all physiological processes by meddling in the brain stem and local nerve endings, or by using its abundance of mana and converting that mana into extra skin, bone or muscle cells.  This is why Outsiders (and Wizards) can treat the law of the conservation of mass like a suggestion.  

Mommy, where do babies come from?

Outsiders are pure spirit.  When not in our world, they dwell in Deep Heaven, the psychic world where thought and action are one and the same.  In Deep Heaven, a painful memory as solid as difficult terrain, and moving through it is like walking across a beach littered with sharp shells while barefoot.  Similarly, the memory of a mother's hug after a long absence is as delicious as fluffy yellow cake with cream cheese icing.  They do not perceive the world through sense data as we do.   
So when an Outsider enters a physical body, it's usually a shocking experience.  It's intoxicating to them.  Only the truly introspective or someone who has never felt warm sunlight on their skin can truly appreciate how miraculous it is.  The boundless joy of physical existence crashes down on them in these moments and for some, it is too much.  Sometimes, they go a little mad.

This is why the possessed are often so, weird, because the spirit possessing them has never experienced anything like this. Stealing all the barbeque skewers and hiding in a fabric shop doesn't seem like a good idea to a common criminal, but to the Outsider possessing this man, these skewers carry the most delicious food they have ever tasted.

As such, Outsiders who do enter our universe tend to do two things: they either restrain themselves from indulging any of the new desires bubbling up from their host's body, or they give in and go buck wild.   

Note: Besides morality, this is also one of the distinctions between Angels, Demons and Spirits. 

This post mostly concerns itself with the latter type.  Because if barbecue is enough to drive an Outsider into a fit of passion, then sex, which is often a hugely important thing for normal mortals, is world-shattering.  To them, it is incredibly addicting, even more so than with normal mortals.  And as we all know, the human talent for perversion is boundless.  So for creatures who cannot even fathom the idea, they often end up being lambs to the slaughter when it comes to such things.

As such, most Outsiders who come to our universe (who know about it) are terrified of sex, reproduction and anything even vaguely assoicated it and will avoid it or even mentions of it, though they would likely never admit this.

But for those that don't avoid it, sometimes they end up getting knocked up.  Outsiders who take on a male form tend not to produce special offspring unless they go out of their way too.  More often, female Outsiders end up taking female forms and end up being seduced by their new found bodies.  And when these Outsiders do escape from this responsibility, usually by vacating the body, any child that develops from such a relationship is born with an extra inheritance.

Children born this way have three parents, two biological and one spiritual.  If the child's spiritual parent is an Angel, the child is an Aasimir.  If the child's spiritual parent is a Demon, the child is a Tiefling.  If the child's spiritual parent is a Spirit, then the child is a Genasi.

                                                                source unknown

Making a Spirit-Touched Child:

First, select a pre-existing race.  This is the child's biological base.  You may tweak this existing base, giving your character uniquely colored skin, fur or hair, horns, claws, extra teeth, limbs, scales when they should have fur, or other changes that are only cosmetic if you wish.  You also go a bit crazier, such as giving them a pharyngeal jaw, translucent skin or whatever you prefer. 

Second, roll on the appropriate tables below for your ability and weakness.  Alternatively, you may choose to replace one of these results with the normal ability or weakness of your biological race.       



1- You can transform up to a bucketful of liquid into 1d4 [1= Clean water; 2= Strong alcohol; 3= Lamp oil (flammable); 4= Blood.]
2- As an action, you can change how your voice sounds to mimic the voice of anyone you've ever heard.
3- You can create small fires (as a candle) by blowing on something as an action.  This can only ignite something that could light on fire if you held a candle up under it. 
4- You can alter the color and length of your hair or fur as an action. 
5- You have venomous fangs that, if they stab into someone, do 1d4 [1= 1d6+[CON modifier] poison damage; 2= Force that creature to save, on a failure, it is paralyzed for 1 minute; 3= Cause agonizing pain, giving a -1d4 modifier to any precise action or attacks; 4= Force the creature to save, on a failure they begin suffering from a violent seizure for 1 minute.]
6- You have natural weapons in addition to any you may already have.  You have 1dX [1= Claws; 2= Long Fangs; 3= Spikes on your tail (you also have a tail, even if your race usually doesn't); 4= Barbed spurs on your (1= Ankles; 2= Wrists; 3= Elbows; 4= Knees); 5= Horns; 6= One of your hands is replaced with a large, lobster-like claw or a muscular tentacle.]  Wjhatever it's shape, these natural weapons do 1d6+STR damage.
7- You have resistance (take half damage from) to one form of elemental damage.  This form of damage is 1d10 [1= Fire; 2= Ice; 3= Lightning; 4= Thunder; 5= Acid; 6= Poison; 7= Radiant; 8= Necrotic; 9- Force; 10= Psychic.]
8- You can predict the weather 1/Day with 100% accuracy.
9- You can levitate up to 30' into the air if you sit cross-legged and focus for a least a round.  You can then move up to 10' up or forwards.  You can hover for as long as you want, as long as you don't do anything else or lose your concentration.
10- One of your senses is enhanced.  You get a +2 bonus to perceive anything with that sense.
11- You have one special sense.  Roll on this table here.
12- You can diagnose illnesses with a touch and identify any poison someone is afflicted with by touching them.
13- You can speak with 1d4 [1= Dead; 2= Plants; 3= Animals; 4= Other mortals you don't share a language with] as if you shared a language with them.
14- You can sense the presence of 1dX [1= Undead; 2= Constructs; 3= Wizards or Sages with magical power; 4= Outsiders; 5= Dragons; 6= The Servants of Chaos or the Agents of Law (50% for each- only take the first roll)] if they are within 1*[CHA modifier] miles of you.  The closer you are, you more accurate your perception of their location, direction and speed of movement towards or away from you is.
15- You can, 1/Day, 1d4 [1= Cause food to spoil; 2= Make water undrinkable; 3= Create a weak point in an object; 4= Cause someone within 30' to suddenly have a headache, sneezing fit, or strange itches all over their body.]
16- You can absorb the writing from documents or books by touching them.  The writing on those documents appears on your skin as tattoos.  You can transfer it back by touching a blank document. 
17- You start with 1 Mana Dice and the ability to cast spells.  You know 1 spell which you can cast innately.
18- Your blood and bodily fluids can 1d6 [1= Purify food and drink; 2= Function as a powerful painkiller; 3= Make people who consume or are exposed to them sleepy; 4= Cause hallucinations; 5= Burn like acid; 6= Are flammable.]
19- 1/Day, you can clean or repair an object that weighs less than 5 pounds, takes up less than 5' cubed or is worth less than a week's wage for a poor laborer.
20- You can sense what is touching a surface, as well as vibrations (footsteps, hooves, running engines) within 10*COG modifier, by pressing your ear to the surface and listening for at least a round. 



1- You cause omens of bad luck around you such as black cats, broken mirrors, spilled salt, etc.  Prophets receive (false?) omens of doom and forsee you are the culprit responsible for the coming tragedy.
2- You attract the attentions of Outsiders, who will try to enlist you in their schemes in the mortal world.  The Outsiders will send you dreams and their mortal followers to try and influence you into doing their bidding.
3- You attract 1d10 [1= Undead; 2= Wizards and Sages; 3= The enemies of your Outsider parent (mortal or otherwise); 4= Insects; 5= Vermin; 6= Dangerous Beasts; 7= Criminals; 8= Madnmen 9= A type of creature that you have never seen before; 10= Invisible monsters that only you can see.  They aren't immediately hostile, but you don't know what they want.]
4- You have the desire to eat 1d4 [1= Sinners; 2= Royalty; 3= Innocents; 4= Strong warriors.]  Every time you have the chance to do so, you must save to resist.
5- You have a powerful compulsion to 1d6 [1= Raise hell and cause chaos; 2= Steal; 3= Right wrongs and punish the wicked; 4= Aid the oppressed and downtrodden; 5= Set things on fire; 6= Destroy things you believe to be corrupt or broken beyond repair.]  Every time the opportunity to exercise one of these compulsions comes up, you must save to resist indulging it.
6- Your bodily fluids are addictive and can be absorbed through the skin or other tissues.  Anyone who is exposed to them must save.  On a failed save, they become obsessed with consuming them once more.
7- You cannot disguise yourself.  People always sense that you are different and once someone knows you, they can never mistake you for someone else. 
8- People continually mistake you for 1d4 [1= A messiah-figure; 2= A local official who is (1= Widely beloved; 2= Despised; 3= Believed to be a traitor by his own ethnic/religious group; 4= Corrupt); 3= A famous outlaw; 4= An evil spirit in disguise (you resemble one of the evil spirits in their religion).]
9- You suffer from hallucinations.  These hallucinations are 1d6 [1= Auditory hallucinations, all false; 2= Visions, all false; 3= Auditory hallucinations, 50% true, 50% false; 4= Visions, 50% true and 50% false; 5= Your hand scribbles words into the dirt or dust next to you, messages extremely cryptic and borderline useless; 6= You randomly regurgitate items (20% each morning) that provide some vague but true clue about the immediate future.]
10- You can only eat 1d6 [1= Stolen Food; 2= Raw meat and blood; 3= Meat of any variety; 4= Plants; 5= Light and heat; 6= Gold, silver and other precious metals.  Jewels are tasty but not filling to you.]
11- You have the worst luck.  Whenever you roll a natural "1", the worst potential outcome happens. 
12- You start with a random mutation.  Your Referee should roll on his or her favorite table. 

                                                                    by YamaOrce

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

OSR: Yugoloths: Gelid Squad

                                                    from here

I have written about the Yugoloths before.  See here for the basic information on where they come from, along with the details on a unit of their Shock Troops named Shiver Squad.

Gelid Squad:

Named for the Second Month of the year, the Gelid Squad are an all female team, the sisters to the other (primarily) male Yugoloths.  And because irony was not something they were every taught, Gelid Squad was trained by their Hag Mothers as agents trained in silk-work, assassination and espionage.  They work in subtle ways, unlike their brothers, gathering information and eliminating targets that could be harmful to their interests.

Gelid Squad is composed of Eroloths, shapeshifters who can take on any humanoid form.  As such, Eroloths usually disguise themselves as beautiful women or naive young men.  They can take other forms though, such as an older man, a spinster, a child or a large family pet. 

Eroloths also have preferred forms that they take whenever they are certain no one is looking.  These forms are usually a mash-up of various different forms, such as a beautiful woman's body with tentacles where her nipples should be as well as a lobster claw instead of her right hand and the head of a lion. 

When fighting, however, Eroloths use their natural shapeshifting to their advantage, creating natural weapons such as claws, pincers and stingers from their limbs to attack their opponents.  Eroloths can also use their abilities to give themselves gills to breath underwater, wings to fly through the air or shrink down to fit through tight spaces.  

Also, a note.  Gelid Squad does not wear armor, as they are able to use their natural magicks to harden their flesh to the toughness of oak wood.  Furthermore, armor would impede their ability to shapeshift.  For this reason, they usually do not wear clothes either- instead altering the appearance and nature of their skin to make it appear like they are wearing clothes.  So if you rip the sexy barmaid's dress and she breaks down crying or makes a blood-curdling threat while clenching her fists and trying not to cry out, you know why.  

Gelid Squad is composed of 22 members.

They prefer to be paid in valuable information, magical trinkets and debts, promises or obligations of future service.  They will also accept the souls of the living and the dead.

Their Mother is a Night Hag named Mirthful Maria.  Her current whereabouts are unknown.  Secretly, she is hiding out in a major city under an assumed identity, pretending to be a reclusive widow who went insane after her husband died and rarely leaves the grounds of her sprawling estate.  She is plotting to reclaim her Daughters, but so far has been thwarted.

Gelid Squad's book has fallen into the hands of an unknown master, who is using them for their new master's sinister ends.  

Base Eroloth Statblock:
HD 2
AR Magically-Stiffened Flesh [8 Armor]
Atk Natural Weapons (+1, 1d6/1d6) or Stinger (1d6 + Agony)
Mor 10
Saves 9 or less is a success
Immune to Poison and Poison Damage

Shapeshifter: Eroloths can, as an action, alter their appearance to take on any humanoid form, either one they have seen or imagined.  They can also transform into another creature that is the same size as an Eroloth.  They could not transform into a house cat, but one could transform into a Lynx (assuming she weighed around 60 lbs).  This transformation does not affect the stats or ability scores of the Eroloth.

Stinger: Eroloths have stingers that, when they damage someone, inject venom into that creature.  That creature experiences agonizing pain.  If the creature takes an action while the venom is in its system, it takes 1d6 FS damage.  If it moves, it takes 1d4 FS damage.  If it does neither, it takes no damage.  If this damage reduces a creature's FS to 0 or that creature had no FS originally, it must instead save or pass out from the pain. 

Innate Spellcasting: Eroloths have 4 Mana Dice.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At-Will: Alter Self, Darkness, Invisibility
3/Day: Charm Person, Silence

Reinforcements: All Yugoloths know at least one of the True Names of their kinsmen, usually a member of the same squad.  However, because they will not compel their kinsmen to respond, and because most Yugoloths are selfish by nature, their kinsmen will not always respond.  As an action, the Yugoloth can attempt summon that other Yugoloth to aid them in whatever the first Yugoloth was doing. 

Any member of Gelid Squad has a 20% of being able to summon back-up from their own squad, or a 60% of summoning a Yugoloth from another unit.  The Officers of Gelids Squad have a 40% of summoning a Yugoloth from Gelid Squad and a 80% of summoning a Yugoloth from another unit.   

- Pretend to be friendly or helpless, avoiding fighting if at all possible
- The best way to fight enemies is to get others to fight them or take them out using poison or booby-traps
- If you must fight, attack using ambushes and hit-and-run tactics
- Flee from serious resistance

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Notable Members:


True Name:

Daphne was once the undisputed mistress of Gelid squad.  She was cruel and ruthless, prideful and domineering.  The others feared and respected her as their Lady, and none even entertained the thought of rebelling.  And while she wasn't particularly well liked, she did not compell their service.  She instead seduced them with her honeyed words and superficial charm.  In time, the other members of Gelid Squad came to recognize that Lasciel wasn't the wise leader she portrayed herself or perhaps even believed herself to be. 

As such, they are torn on whether they want to assist her in trying to overthrow their new master, as that would likely mean her being restored to her former position of leadership over them, and having to endure her petulant rages and sulking whenever her pride was injured.

Weakness: Daphne is proud.  She cannot tolerate insults to her mannerisms, intelligence or leadership.  She believes herself to be a wise and just leader, as well as the most competent of the Eroloths.  Those who refuse to go along with her delusion rapidly find themselves at the bottom of the totem pole in any organization that she has control over, such as the squad.

Statblock Changes:

+1 HD

Blistering Cloud: Daphne has the power to transform into a cloud of poisonous fog that covers an area of up to 30' square feet and 10' off the ground.  Anyone in this cloud suffers the effects of the Eroloth's poisonous stingers.  While in this form, Daphne can only move at a speed of 10' a turn and cannot be harmed by anything that could not hurt a cloud.  She can transform back and forth as an action.

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True Name:

Sierra was and is Daphne's rival for the throne.  She was always angered by Daphne's cruel treatment of her sisters and made several attempts to defeat Daphne and take the throne from her.  All of these failed as while Sierra seems to mean well, she is just as corrupt as Daphne and obsessed with the pursuit of power.  Her seductions are crude and blunt, a mark of disfavor in the eyes of the other Eroloths.  Additionally, because of her blind lust for power and delusions of grandeur, Sierra is just as often manipulated as manipulator. 

Sierra is currently largely free of restriction, as their new master knows that she can be easily manipulated, if only one knows her weaknesses.  However, they do not trust Sierra, and for good reason.

Sierra is obsessed with taking command of the Gelid Squad and obtaining power for herself.  She has ambitions far beyond the squad, as well as her own abilities.  She could be easily seduced by promises of power, of parades and statues to her grandeur.  She wants to wear the crown, to rule over her own kingdom, if not the whole world.

However, despite the fact that she can be manipulated easily, do not mistake her obsequience for loyalty.  She has no honor and would slit your throat for a cup of tea.   

Statblock Changes:

- As a base Eroloth

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True Name:

Vulkana is easily the strongest of the Eroloths- in terms of physical and magical power, she is a prodigy.  However, due to the nature of the officers of Gelid Squad, catty, status-obsessed and endlessly vengeful, she conceals this power unless absolutely necessary.  Approximately half of the squad knows about Vulkana's true power, but they are helping her conceal it. In truth, it is an open secret which Daphne has been pretending she does not know.  Sierra genuinely has no clue however, she just knows that Vulkana is well-liked but not a threat to her quest for the crown.

Vulkana has managed to escape her new master's notice, though they have noticed her competence.  Still, being lucky and loyal is an act she is very good at and it highly unlikely she would break character now.

To hide her power, as well as the true nature of her power, Vulkana takes on a very Dragon-like appearance, and makes sure to pepper her speech with references to fire, warmth and heat. 

Weakness: Vulkana thinks of herself as the refuge that her sisters flee to.  She is always eager to help, but she is a bit proud and is unlikely to ask for help.  As such, she could easily get in over her head by walking into a situation much more dangerous than she first imagined.

Statblock Changes:

+ 2 HD

+ Magically Hardened Flesh [14 Armor]

+ Atk Natural Weapons (+2, 1d8/1d8) or Stinger

Innate Spellcasting: Vulkana has 6 Mana Dice.  She can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but her MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At-Will: Alter Self, Darkness, Incapacitating Grip, Invisibility
3/Day: Charm Person, Silence, Witch Bolt
1/Day: Defribulate, Thunderous Smite*

Altered Venom: Vulkana's venom does not cause agony, but instead is a metal-infused substance that is naturally sweated out through the pores.  However, this substance then coats the skin, making that creature take +1d6 damage from sources that deal lightning damage.  This effect stacks.  The only way to remove this effect is to take any amount of acid damage or thoroughly wash yourself.  

*Vulkana's version of Thunderous Smite is a mutant spell that does lightning instead of thunder damage.

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