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GvM: The Iron Fey

They've been around since the time of Mesopotamia, since Ur. They lived in Assyria, in Babylon, in Athens.  They were few in number then, indistinguishable from the local weirdoes.  In Rome they wore togas and carried gladiuses, in Medieval Venice they adored the Pope and got into street fights with Florentines, and during the French Revolution they wore tights and beat people with canes.  Now in the modern day, capitalism has enabled them to take their species to all the major cities of the world.  They wear suits and ride around in limosines, sneering at those in the unemployment line while sipping triple decaf mocchilattes with extra whip cream. 

They are like the Folk, but instead of being the spirits of the Forest, being woven of spiderwebs and moonbeams, they are made of fiberglass and silicon, their symmetry mathematically calculated down to the hundreth of a centimeter.  They are the modern enemy to those old spirits,  Demons of Civilization, Angels of Order that fear no God.  The Folk are the creation, the living embodiment of the Forest, cruel, capricious, red of tooth and claw.  These creatures are the same, but instead of being spawned by the Forest, they were born in the city.  But not just any particular city, but in the City, the one that will exist long after all the buildings around them have crumbled into dust, the idea of a metropolis, the platonic form of the City. 

Unlike the Faeries of the Woods, Iron Fey are ugly, their flesh smoothed into strange curves and flowing planes.  Their inhumanity is obvious, though its clearly no mere deformity.  It's not a deformity at all actually, it looks completely intentional. As if someone calculated the optimal human features, but accidentally added 22+35, instead of 21+35 near the end of the problem.


They serve society as a whole by operating within its rules, but care for no individual but themselves. 

They are rationalists, elitists, and arrogant.  They're insufferable, most people agree.  They usually refuse to negotiate, they don't bargain or haggle, they make demands, and if you refuse, they'll just have you thrown out.  Their pride is so great that even if they were dying and you held the cure but refused to give it to them unless they asked nicely, they'd spit on your shoes and die, rather then debase themselves.         

Their society is best thought of as some kind of hyper Neo-Liberalism.  Corporations control the politicians who are elected from certain elite classes, who then go on to serve those corporations in favor of the 1%.  Of course, most of them are the 1%, so it doesn't bother anyone much.  They do not have a Queen, they have a Madam President, who gets re-elected every four to 20 years, despite all attempts to unseat her.  Additionally, where Normal politics ends and Iron Fey politics begins is rather hazy.  Perhaps the man you voted for last year is just a puppet, dancing to the tune of something far more powerful- or perhaps the Iron Fey are merely parasites clinging a civilization, content to produce nothing, bless nothing, and uplift nothing, instead choosing to feast on the work of others.

They hate Faeries and war against them.  If they had their way, all the forests chopped down and paved over.  Also, they hate the poor, obviously.  In fact, they hate almost everyone who lives in their cities, honestly.  And they do consider them their cities, you're just living in them.

Additionally, they never leave the cities if they can help it.  Suburbia disgusts them, a capitulation to nature.  They prefer their architecture as cold and clinical as possible, high modernist or brutalist please.  Anything that is too creative or anything that rocks the boat isn't favored by them.  They are content for things to stay the same forever.

If you are a Human, they will only respect you if you are cutthroat, rich, or sufficiently bourgeoisie.  These are the only types of Human they respect, only the powerful, wealthy, or ruthless.  As such, they attend all the functions with politicians, media heads, or other elites.  They are very close to the movers and shakers of whatever society they are in, though they tend to cling to whatever status quo is currently reigning.  They might be "performatively woke" on whatever social issues are "in" right now, but they have no real desire to actually change things, or actually help anyone for anything less than selfish reasons.    

If you are not a Human, they won't respect you, though they probably won't actively hate you.  When dealing with people outside of the cultural norms of that culture, they tend to either maintain a perspective of barely disguised contempt or cloying adoration.  They attend all the functions with the politicians, media heads, or other elites. 

They watch cable TV, always wear the hottest designer clothes, and buy expensive things they don't need or want.  They are completely soulless, completely content to spend their ageless lives endlessly consuming, status-seeking, and clawing their way to the top.  They are almost always rich, they all wear finely tailored/designer clothes, tons of jewelry, and they always have the latest electronic doo-dad.  They drink fancy coffee with too much sugar and foam, and the biggest problem most of them have is that they have to walk on the same streets as the poor.

What does this mean for me?

The Iron Fey are almost all rich from their mastery of this, and other, world's financial markets.  This leads to a certain amount of idleness among their ranks, and a constant need for stimulation.  Iron Fey are like the kids who had live animals and professional magicians at their 12th birthday party.  They are basically numb to all conventional pleasures- they only enjoy the finest foods, the most expensive alcohol, the most powerful drugs, the most depraved sex, and the most degenerate porn.  But the one thing that they all enjoy more than anything else is people.

If you are not a member of their social class (rich and powerful), they will regard you as nothing more than a tool or a play-thing, to be used and discarded at will.  But there are some things even garbage can be used for:
1) They play sadistic games, inviting poor people to come and compete for relatively low (for them) sums of money.  These games are always dangerous and inevitably lead to people being injured, maimed or killed, all for the amusement of the party planners.

2) They collect and surround themselves with interesting, beautiful, or hideous people.  These people are usually just kept around for show, and are used as props.  So Iron Fey are always on the lookout for interesting people.  It would be very embarrassing to show up to a party with the same color Muslim as Niacen, that fucking bastard.
2.5) They also collect body parts such as: eyeballs, faces, arms, legs, organs and even whole bodies.

3) To do things for them.  Iron Fey are always keeping up with the Jones, and they can't be everywhere at once.  They have a constant need for informants, strong-arms, privateers, spies and rough men with lots of guns and few scruples. 
Also, they don't call themselves the Iron Fey.  They call themselves Ironbloods, Youngbloods, or Brutalists.

Known Abilities

All Iron Fey can sense all iron or advanced technology within 100'.  They can also control any device made of iron, provided it has its own power source.

They take half damage from guns and iron weapons.

The more powerful ones can freely control iron, magnetic fields, electricity, and electromagnetic signals.  Perhaps they can cast spells like this at will?  

They take +4 damage from unvarnished wood and things made of natural things (rocks, animal bone, obsidian) 

Like other Fey, they cannot lie.

How should you address this Iron Fey?

What does this Iron Fey look like?
1- She has hair made of glass, and translucent white skin.  Electrical signals pass down on her fiber optic nerves as tiny glowing lights that you can see moving beneath her skin and up into her hair.  Even when she's not speaking, the air around her is filled with the sound of coolant fans and humming processors.
2- His stiff hair and beard are made of twisted glass, when agitated or excited this glass lights up like a neon sign.  The rest of his body appears to be soft black flesh, with occasional tubes and wires coming out of his joints.
3- It walks around nude, to better show off it's vastly modified body.  Is currently wearing a [1d2 (1= Male; 2= Female) body with 1d6 (1= 1d3 extra arms; 2= 1d4 extra breasts; 3= An extra head; 4= improved genitalia; 5= 1d20 eyeballs placed all over the body; 6= A crest of fingers around its throat and atop its bald head)].  Whatever it looks like, it is always strangely repulsive, and covered in some lurid colored body paint.
4- Is completely bald and has transparent flesh and skin, allowing you to see its bones, muscles, and sensitive innards.  For some reason, this doesn't make it any easier to kill (the skin, it lies).
5- Her face is a tapestry.  Starting at the ears is a strip of skin from a sub-Saharan African, then some asian over the cheeks, then Mediterranean over the eyes, and a thin strip of pale Nordic over the nose.  Hair is the same way, going from wiry black to fairest blond, and everything in between.
6- Continually coughs, occasionally discreetly spitting black blood into a handkerchief.  His mustache is a set of exhaust pipes, and his heart is a rumbling machine, next within a fragile cage of meat.  Fire and smoke spews from his mustache and ears when he is angered. 

What does this Iron Fey want?

1- A rival humiliated.  Another creature, mortal or Faerie, has accumulated more wealth, status, or rare trinkets then this Faerie.  Go abase them- no I don't care how you do it, just make sure they can't find out it was me.
2- A rare Trinket.  Action Comics #1, the Hope Diamond, a long lost painting.  They only desire worked goods, nothing natural. Paintings and jewelry, or antiques.
3- Entertainment.  They want you to come to their next party.  Why?  1d4 (1= to participate in the gladiator fights; 2= to show off to their peers because you're so talented; 3= to show you to their peers and mock you behind your backs; 4= to use you as cat's paws for something illegal that needs to happen at the party.)
4- They want something from you 1d4 (1= Your memories; 2= 1d2 of your eyes; 3= your body; 4= Your right arm; 5= Your Left Arm; 6= A favor)
5- A person.  They want a person that 1d6 (1= belongs to a certain fashionable categorization; 2= Is especially beautiful; 3= Is especially ugly; 4= Is deformed in a specific way; 5= Is crippled in a specific way; 6= looks like a famous person)
6- As above, but they want one of you, specifically.  They either want you to sell yourself to them or sign an employment contract.  They're willing to negotiate.  They prefer people who are very beautiful, very ugly, or have odd deformities.

What can they do for you?
1- Money.  And lots of it.  Just remember, it's a loan, not a gift.
2- An invitation to any of the most exclusive parties or events in town.
3- The ear of an executive/power-broker/important person who usually won't give you the time of day.
4- They can locate anyone using a cellphone or a computer, given enough time.  It will take1d20 days, assuming the person isn't hiding behind monstrous amounts of security.
5- They can give you a new body part, or even a whole new body, if this one is broken.  Though unless you have proven yourself very useful or cutthroat, they will try and pawn some inferior flesh off on you. 
6- Treasure [see below].    

Did you say Treasure?
1- Meatware jack.  A plug that when stabbed into someone's brain, links it directly to a computer.  You can then transfer files from that computer directly into their head, or vice versa.

2- The Art of the Courtier.  Any person who spends 40 hours reading this book and decides to follow its teachings will be flawlessly skilled in etiquette.  They will be able to act as a trained Valet, skillfully defuse situations, and generally be the toast of the town.  Your courtesy will be so powerful that you will know how to act in any civilized situation, even if you are in a foreign locale that you know nothing about.  However, the book only works for one person at a time, and anyone who has not been under its effects for more than seven years must spend at least one hour a day reading it to refresh their memories.

3- Designer Shades.  Extremely cool.  Have a very famous name attached to them.  These glasses allow you to see through all glamours, illusions, and see shapeshifters in their usual forms.  Also detects whether a person in front of you is actually a human, or a Xeno.  Can't distinguish between Those who Know and Normals, however.

4- Get out of Jail Free Card.  You can present this magical card to any officer of the Law, though not the Company, and they will let you go, even if you're doing something completely illegal.  You can use this to get out of Jail.  However, this card only works once, for one person.  After you use it, it disappears.

5- Bulletproof silk evening wear.  They will make you a suit or a formal dress fitted to your specifications.  This article of clothing functions as a suit of magic plate armor, but with no added weight.  Also it is bulletproof, somehow.  However, it can still be torn, and has the usual vulnerabilities of cloth.

6- The Golden Gun.  A gun that once per day, never misses.  Made of Gold, and fabulously expensive.  Shoots golden bullets, of course.  But be warned, anyone who has the Golden Gun will face challengers who will come to duel them for the gun, if word gets out that you have it.  The Golden Gun is a legendary weapon, but one steeped in tragedy.  Those who carry it are invariably gifted fighters for a time, but their stories usually end in murder or tragedy.

7- Hyper Platinum Card.  This credit card can be used to purchase any amount of goods, on the condition that they are repossessed the next morning.  However, any damaged goods must be paid for.  The Faerie will tell you all this.  Using this to purchase something consumable or something that would be applied to your body (a day at the spa, plastic surgery, etc) would be most unwise.

8- Wiseguy's 3D Hypno Ring.  By swinging this plastic ring in front of someone's eyes, you can hypnotize them and cause them to fall into a hypnotic trance.  This requires at least a minute of unbroken attention, and the target must keep their eyes open and be looking at the ring.  If they have done so, they will fall into a hypnotic trance.  While in a trance, they can be asked any question and will answer to the best of their knowledge.  Additionally, you can tell them to do something, and they will do it, no matter what.  However, their is an unknown complication.  If you use the 3D Hypno Ring to hypnotize a woman, she will always ,at first, appear to comply but then will always start planning to do the opposite of what you have planned. 

Who are the Normal Folk?

You can find them here.

First of all, there are no normal Folk.  But they are the Faeries, the Gods of the Old Wood.  They abhor iron and live far from the cities, in the distant wilds.  You will never see one, if you are lucky.  Faeries live like hunter-gather's, the Faerie Queens rule by being the strongest.  They rarely use any form of tool, they have martial skill sufficient to destroy you.

They're basically like Arnold K's druids, mixed with everything you half remember from old stories about them.  You can only get to Faerieland by getting lost, they shapeshift and turn people into animals, they steal babies and play horrible pranks, and when you get angry at them, they laugh at you, crying acidic tears.  Of course, they can fix the problem they caused.  But only if you agree to do them a favor.

Avoid them at all costs.  


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