Tuesday, February 12, 2019

GLOG-ifying Fifth Edition Spells: A-D

So, I'm running a 5E campaign now.  It was a disappointment, as while I'm always happy to play D&D, going back to Fifth Edition after officially defecting to the OSR was like leaving the Promised Land to wander a desert of unnecessary complexity and pointless bloat.  Still, for my players, I will persist.

But while I was suffering along, I started looking at the 5E spells, and after reading for twenty minutes and still being unable to get out of the A's, I decided, mostly out of spite, that I would rewrite all of the 5E spells into the GLOG-style.

This post is the first part of that massive project, with a few exceptions.  Firstly, I didn't include the Cantrips, as they aren't proper spells, and so I'm not writing them up like they are.  Secondly, I cut some spells that were boring or uninteresting.  I also made some effort to combine spells with similar functions, as I've always believed that brevity is the soul of wit, at least in game design.

So behold Part 1.  Gaze upon my works, ye mighty, and despair! 

Part 2: E-H

Part 3: I-N

Part 4: O-S

Part 5: T-Z


R: 10*[dice]'    T: a space    D: [sum] hours

An area of 10*[dice]' square feet is surrounded by an invisible barrier.  If anyone crosses this barrier, the caster receives either a mental alert or hears a specific sound (caster's choice).  The caster may choose the sound produced. 

Alternatively, the caster may set this barrier over up to [dice] doors, and if anyone passes through them, this will trip the alarm.

R: touch    T: [dice] creatures    D: [dice] hours

[dice] creatures gain +1 FS per [dice] used to cast this spell.  These points last for the duration, then disappear.

Alter Self
R: self        T: self            D: [sum] minutes

You alter your shape, color or appearance.  Your stats remain the same, no matter what you change into.  Additionally, for every die used past the first, you may select [dice] of the options below:

- You grow gills and gain the ability to breath water for the duration.
- You grow natural weapons in the form of claws, fangs or horns that do 1d6 damage on a hit.
- You may alter your size by [dice] size categories.  Your other stats do not change.
- You grow wings.  You gain a fly speed equal to your movement speed.  You cannot hover and must continue flying to stay in the air.

Animal Friendship: As Befriend Beast under Biomancer

Animal Messenger
R: touch    T: creature        D: [dice] days

One creature you touch becomes charmed to you for the duration.  Intelligent creatures may save to resist, but normal animals and vermin automatically fail their saves.  This creature will travel as quickly as it can to a location you specify and will deliver a message up to [sum] words long to someone you specify.  If the creature cannot reach the destination before the destination is reached, the spell ends and the creature returns to normal. 

Animal Shapes
R: 30'        T: [dice] creatures        D: [sum] minutes

[dice] creatures within range must save.  Creatures with more HD than [dice] add the difference to their save.  Creatures with HD 3x greater than [dice] are immune.  On a failure, they transform into an animal form that the caster desires.  The people transformed maintain their personalities, motivations and habits, but suffer from a much reduced intellect.  They gain the physical stats of a normal version of the beast they were transformed into and cannot do anything that beast could not do.  All transform back after [sum] minutes, unless the spell was cast with four or more spellcasting dice, in which case it can be as long as the spellcaster wishes, or permanent.  If it is permanent, those who failed their save are permitted a second save.  If they succeed this new save, they retain their intellect and their ability to speak, but they will be trapped as a beast for the rest of their days.

Animate Undead: As Create Servant under Necromancer

Animate Objects: As Soul of Things under Jazz Wizard

Anti-Life shell was changed to:

Anti-Life Aura
R: 10*[dice]'    T: all around the caster    D: [dice] rounds

The caster produces an invisible field around themselves that extends for 10*[dice]' around them.  Any living creature within this field takes [sum] damage a round.  Living creatures cannot see this field but can sense it, it prickles at their very souls, irritating them.  Undead and Constructs are immune to this field.   

Anti-Magic Aura
R: 10*[dice]'    T: creature or object        D: [dice] minutes

One creature or object within range begins producing an anti-magic field.  Within this field, all magical objects lose their magical properties for as long as the field remains, spells cannot be cast, and any other magic is suppressed for the duration (Referee's discretion).

Antipathy or Sympathy
R: varies    T: creatures of a specific type    D: special

When casting this spell, choose Antipathy or Sympathy, then select a creature type.  The creature type can be anything, as long as it is a physical trait.  For example, you could select Undead or Humans or creature with light fur, but not Monarchists, people who prefer pineapple on their pizza, or sinners.

If you choose Antipathy, all creatures of the selected type within the affected area will begin to feel uncomfortable, as well as the urge to leave.  If they do not begin leaving immediately, they must save. On a failure, they will begin taking 1 morale damage each round.  When this morale damage equals or exceeds their morale, the creature will leave.  Unintelligent creatures will merely go, but intelligent creatures will take precautions, bringing their valuables and loved ones with them, locking their homes, etc.

If you choose Sympathy, all creatures of the selected type will instead be attracted to the affected area.  All other rules apply.

The affected area is determined by the number of spellcasting dice used to cast the spell.  If you cast the spell with 1 [dice], you can select a 30' square area or one room.  If you cast the spell with 2 [dice], you can select a 100' square area or one building.  If you cast the spell with 3 [dice], you can select a 1,000' square area or up to three whole buildings, or one massive structure such as a palace complex or a skyscraper.  If you cast the spell with 4 or more [dice], you may select up to a square mile.

This spell lasts for [dice] hours, with the timer officially starting once the last creature of the selected type has left the area.

Arcane Eye: As Eye in the Sky under Toxic- Leprox Vector

Arcane Gate: As Portal under Cosmomancer   

Arcane Lock: As Lock under Metamancer

Armor of Agathys
R: touch    T: creature        D: [dice] minutes

One creature you touch gains 5 FS per [dice].  If anyone touches the creature while that creature has those 5 FS, then they take 1d6+[dice] psychic damage. 

Arms of Hadar
R: 50'        T: [dice] surfaces    D: [dice] rounds

[dice] limbs of Hadar, the Hungry Maw appear.  Each limb has a STR of 11+[dice] and [sum] HP.  The limbs will begin making random attacks against anyone who comes near them, each doing 1d6+STR damage on a hit.

If the [sum] of this spell exceeds 6, then a massive eye will appear as well, giving all of Hadar's attacks a +[dice] bonus to attack.  If the [sum] of this spell exceeds 11, a massive mouth appears as well.  The arms will grapple people and attempt to hurl them into this mouth, where they will take [sum] damage.  If the [sum] of this spell exceeds 24, Hadar, the Hungry Maw will tear his way into our reality and begin rampaging freely.  

Astral Projection
R: 30'        T: [dice] creatures    D: one action

[dice] creatures within range gain the ability to leave their bodies.  Once they do this, they will be on the Astral Plane.  While this spell is cast, their bodies will remain in stasis, until a soul enters them.

Note that this spell can only be cast on willing targets.  Creatures who do not wish to leave their bodies may ignore this spell.

Also note that while your bodies will not need food, water or air while they are in stasis, they will still be vulnerable to destruction and possession, so it is advised that you take precautions.   

Aura of Life
R: 10*[dice]'     T: all within range    D: [dice] rounds

The caster emits a glowing area that fills the entire range.  All within this aura regain 1d4+[dice] HP a turn.  Creatures gain this much HP at the start of their turn if they start within the aura and should roll the d4 each time they would recover HP.  The caster can end this spell at anytime, as a full action.



Bane: As Baleful Moon under Cosmomancer

Banishing Smite
R: 30'        T: creature    D: special

The next time the target creature successfully hits an opponent, their attack does an additional +[dice]d10 force damage.  The creature struck must also save.  On a failure, if this creature is native to some other universe or plane of existence, it is forced out of our universe.  If it is native to this universe, no additional effect.

R: 30'        T: creature    D: one action

One creature within range must save.  If the creature has more HD than [dice], it may add the difference to its save.  If it has 3x more HD than [dice], it automatically passes its' save.  On a failed save, that creature is banished to another universe or plane of existence.

Barkskin: As Temple of Iron under Muscle Wizard

Beast Sense: As Hijack Vision under Psychomancer

Bestow Curse: As Curse under Cosmomancer

Bigby's Hand: As Empty Palm Vanquishes the Wicked under Monk

Blade Barrier
R: 10*[dice]'    T: a line up to 10*[dice]' long        D: [dice] minutes

You create a wall of whirling blades of magical force up to 10*[dice]' long and 10*[dice]' high.  Anyone who crosses this field takes [dice]d10 slashing damage, save for half.   

R: touch    T: creature    D: [dice] minutes

One creature adds +[dice] to all its rolls for the duration.

Blight renamed to

Harvest of Rot
R: 30'        T: creature    D: one action

One creature within range takes [dice]d8 necrotic damage, save for half.  This spell has no effect on Constructs or Undead. Plant creatures get disadvantage on their saving throw, and the caster may roll for damage twice and choose the better outcome.  Non-magical plants which have this cast on them simply wither and die. 

Blinding Smite
R: 30'        T: creature    D: special

The next time the targeted creature hits someone else with a melee attack, the struck creature takes an additional +[dice]d8 radiant damage and must save.  On a failure, they are blinded.  On a success, no other effect.

Blindness or Deafness
R: 50'        T: [dice] creatures    D: [dice] minutes

[dice] creatures must save.  Creatures with more HD than [dice] add the difference to their saves.  Creatures with 3x more HD than [dice] are immune.   Those creatures that fail their save are blinded or deafened.  On a success, no other effect.

R: self        T: self            D: [dice] rounds

Your form begins shifting and moving, seeming to vibrate and move very fast, your body flowing liquid-ly from one pose to another.  You gain +[dice] to your AC and attack rolls for the duration.

Branding Smite
R: 30'        T: creature    D: special

The next time the target creature strikes someone else with a melee attack, the struck creature takes an addition +[dice]d6 radiant damage and is surrounded by a glowing aura for [dice] rounds.

Burning Hands
R: 30'        T: 10*[dice]' cone    D: one action

You fire a blast of fire from your hands in a 10*[dice]' cone.  This blast of fire does [dice]d6 damage and sets flammable objects on fire.


Call Lightning: As Divine Retribution under Electromancer

Calm Emotions: As Emotional Manipulation under Toxic- Toxo Vector

Chain Lightning
R: 50'        T: up to [sum] creatures    D: one action

One creature within range takes [sum] electrical damage, save for half.  Then, one creature within range of the first creature takes [sum]-[dice] damage, save for half.  Then, one creature within range of the second creature takes [sum]-(2[dice]) damage, save for half.  This continues, the electrical damage decreasing by [dice] each time until the next person in the chain would take no damage.   

Charm Person: As Charm Person under Psychomancer

Chromatic Orb
R: 30'        T: creature or object        D: one action

You conjure a ball of magical energy and select a damage type (fire, cold, electrical, sonic, radiant, necrotic, force) and then make an attack roll.  On a hit, your target takes [dice]d6 damage of the type you selected.

Circle of Death
R: 50'        T: all within range        D: one action

A ripple of dread power passes out from the caster and strikes everything within range.  All living creatures within range take [dice]d8 necrotic damage, save for half.  Undead and Constructs are immune to this damage. 

Circle of Power
R: 10*[dice]'    T: all within range        D: [dice] rounds

For the duration, divine power spills from the caster, striking all within range.  All within range regain 1d6+[dice] FS a round and gain advantage on all saving throws.  Additionally, if a creature would save successfully to take half damage from an ability, instead that creature takes no damage instead.

R: 30'        T: an empty area of space    D: [dice] minutes

You create a small magic sensor within range.  This magical sensor can see if it was one of your eyes, and moves at walking pace.  It is visible as a floating glyph that resembles a stylized eye.  Additionally, when you cast this spell with more than 1 [dice], select [dice] options below.

- The sensor is invisible, and can only be seen by someone with Sight Beyond Sight, Wizard Vision, etc.
- The sensor can see incredibly well, if there is a single photon of light, the eye can see it.
- The sensor can see infrared light.
- The sensor has Wizard vision 

Clone: As Manufacture Homunculus under Biomancer

Cloud of Daggers: As Meteor Guard under Cosmomancer

R: 30*[dice]'    T: 10*[dice]' cubed        D: special- see below

You create a cloud of poisonous gas that covers an area that is up to 10*[dice]' long, wide and deep.  The cloud does [sum] poison damage a round to anyone inside it.  Creatures who do not have lungs (ala Undead) are unaffected.  The cloud can be dispersed by strong winds or weather events such as rain.  If it is is not, the cloud persists for 2[dice] rounds indoors or in an area with stagnant air, or [dice] rounds outdoors. 

Color Spray: As Sun Shower under Cosmomancer

Command was cut for being too close to the Prophet's Secret Names of God

All Commune spells cut, those are ritual only, not spells you can cast on a whim

Compelled Duel: As Gentlemanly Fisticuffs under Muscle Wizard

Comprehend Languages as Omnilingualism under Toxic- Scry Vector

Conjure Barrage: As Fear of Rain Clouds is advised under Monk

Compulsion was cut

Cone of Cold
R: 50'        T: 50' cone, 5 feet at the tip    D: one action

You blast a wave of freezing air from your hands.  All within a 50' cone take [sum] cold damage.  They may save for half damage only if they have something that could protect them from cold temperatures or frigid weather.

R: 30'        T: creature        D: [dice] rounds

One creature must save.  If the creature has more HD than [dice], it may add the difference to its save.  If it has 3x or more HD than [dice], it is immune to the spell.  On a failed save, the creature should roll on the table below.  If the spell was cast with more than 1 [dice], the creature should add +[dice] to its roll.

So you Failed your Save vs Confusion:
1: Stand around doing nothing
2: Say something that the spellcaster wants you to say, do nothing else
3: Start ripping off your armor/clothes
4: Run screaming in a direction that the caster chooses
5: Make an attack against a target the caster selects
6+: Immediately attempt to kill self in the most violent way possible
Conjure Animals
R: 30'        T: an empty space    D: one action

You can summon up to [sum] HD of animals to your location.  These animals will not be innately loyal to you, and once they come to you, will return to acting as animals of that type usually do.  The type of animal summoned will be something found in the area, but you may specify it when you are casting the spell.  For example, if you are in a city, you could specify that you are trying to summon [sum] HD of pigeons, or if you are in a forest, you could specify that you are only summoning deer.  You may also summon only 1 large animals, as long as its HD are less than or equal to [sum]. 

Conjure Outsider
R: 30'        T: An empty space    D: one action

You attempt to rend a whole in the fabric of reality itself and draw a Higher Being into your universe.  The spell is powerful though, and it works well.  An Outsider with a Damage Threshold equal to [dice] (the Referee should rolls for this) will hear your call and come to greet you.  The Outsider may be willing to help you, if you have a Host that it deems worthy of it.  The qualifications for this will greatly vary depending on the Outsider.  If you have a Host for it, the Outsider will slither through the hole you've opened in our reality and take possession of that Host.

However, once the Outsider arrives here, the Outsider is under no compulsion to help you, and will act according to its own interests.

For the Referee:

What is this Outsider?
1- An Angel.  This Outsider is aligned with some nearby pantheon as an Agent of the Gods.
2- A Demon.  This Outsider is either aligned with a nearby "evil" pantheon as its Agent, or is merely an Agent of Chaos.
3- Free Agent.  This Outsider is a wild-card, with no known or recognizable affiliations.

How strong is it?

This Outsider has a Damage Threshold equal to...

1- Less than [dice].
2- Equal to [dice].
3- Greater than [dice].

Conjure Elemental
R: 30'        T: An empty space    D: one action

You file a specific form with one of the Elemental Courts, demanding to speak to a representative.  Your spell carries this query to the closest Elemental Court* or one of your Choice.  You may choose to contact one specific Elemental, or any that the Court will send you.  Then, make a saving throw against [sum].  If you roll under [sum], you have succeeded and an Elemental shows up.  You may summon up to [dice] Elementals, with up to [sum] HD divided among each one. 

The Elemental is likely very busy, but can spare up to [dice] minutes to answer a few questions, then they must be on their way to the next petitioner.  The Elemental, depending on what kind you summoned, will be able to answer many questions about the politics of their Court, what events relating to their element are occurring now and in the immediate future or past, and speak some rumors on what the other Elementals Courts are up to.

*There is only 1 Earth and Fire Court.  There are between 1d6+2 Water Courts at any given moment, and there are far too many Air Courts to count.

Conjure Fey and Conjure Woodland beings have been combined into...

Conjure Folk
R: 30'        T: an empty space    D: one action

You sing an ancient melody, one deeper than words, the song of wood and stem and stone.  This song echoes through the area around you, calling the local Folk to you.  You may choose to contact one specific local Folk, or just any that happen to be in the area.  Then, make a saving throw against [sum].  If you roll under [sum], you have succeeded and some Folk show up.  You may summon up to [dice] Folk, with up to [sum] HD divided among each one.

Your saving throw may also be modified by the following conditions:
- If you call out to a specific Folk, using their name, -1 to your saving throw
- If you are in a place where Folk are likely to be, -1 to your saving throw
- If you are carrying any cold iron, +1 per piece you are carrying
- If you are generally rude, unsympathetic, an Agent of the Law or a "civilized" urbanite, -[dice]

The Referee may also choose to forgo the saving throw if he or she feels it appropriate.  Sometimes the Folk cannot wait to talk to you, and other times, they wouldn't speak to you if you had the cure to the terminal disease killing them.

Also, remember that the type of Folk summoned depends on where you are.  If you are in a city, you will find very different Folk that in virgin wilderness.

Contagion: As Summon Plague under Necromancer

Control Water
R: 100'        T: [dice]*[sum]'    D: [dice] minutes

You can control up to [dice]*[sum]' cubic feet of water.  You can part pools of water, make rivers flood their banks, break dams as well as anything else the Referee will agree to.

Cure Wounds: As Healing Touch under Biomancer


Dominate Beast, Person and Monster combined into...

Mental Dominion
R: touch    T: creature    D: [sum] minutes

One living creature you touch must save.  If the creature has HD greater than or equal to [dice], it may add the difference to its save.  If it has a HD greater than or equal to 3x [dice], it is immune to the spell and automatically passes.

On a failed save, the creature falls under your control for the duration.  It will obey any order except obviously suicidal ones, and you can use an action to take direct control of the creature and control its movements, though this will require you to stand still.

Dominated creatures retain their mental ability scores, personalities, and desires.  However, their love for the caster is so great it obliterates all other concerns, except for basic self-preservation.

R: 10*[dice]'    T: All the area within range    D: [sum] minutes

A cloud of thick darkness forms within range of the spell, emanating out from the caster.  This darkness is inky and impenetrable.  Dark-piercing sight cannot see through it.  All sources of light within the darkness are suppressed and masked until the darkness is dispelled or the source of light leaves it.  All light spells within this cloud automatically fail, unless they are cast with more [dice] than the caster of this spell used.

This spell cannot be used in natural sunlight.  If cast in a sunlit area, the darkness sizzles away like butter on a hot skillet. 

Darkvision is cut

Daylight: As Light under Calcomancer

Delayed Blast Fireball is cut for being redundant

Demiplane is cut for being stupid

Destructive Wave
R: 10*[dice]'    T: all within range    D: one action

You unleash a wave of power centered on you.  All around you, within range, take [dice]d6 sonic damage and [dice]d6 radiant or necrotic damage, your choice.

All Detect Spells cut

Dimension Door
R: touch    T: [dice] creatures    D: one action

Up to [dice] creatures you touch, counting yourself as one of the creatures, can teleport up to 30*[dice]'.

Disguise Self: As Face Dancer under Toxic- Biofix Vector

Disintegrate: As Star Dust under Jazz Wizard

Dispel Evil or Good changed to..

R: 30'        T: creature    D: one action

You target one creature that is possessed by some other intelligent entity.  The possessing entity must save with a penalty equal to [sum] to its save.  On a failure, it is torn away from its' Host and forced out.

Dispel Magic
R: 30'        T: magical effect or spell    D: one action

You target one spell or magical effect within range.  The targeted effect stops if this spell was cast with more [dice] than the targeted spell.  If the targeted effect and this spell were cast using the same amount of [dice], the caster must succeed a Will save by rolling under [sum].  If they pass their save, the targeted effect ends.  If they fail their save, it remains. If the targeted effect was cast with more [dice], then this spell has no effect.

Dissonant Whispers
R: touch    T: creature            D: one action

You whisper a spell into someone's ear which forcibly expands their perceptions of reality, doing 1d6+[dice] psychic damage. This damage cannot reduce someone below 1 HP.  Additionally, if this spell does damage to someone, they must save.  On a successful save, they are merely stunned for [dice] rounds, or until someone snaps them out of it.  Shaking them, slapping them, or speaking to them will do the trick.  So will doing damage to them as well.

On a failed save, they go insane, permanently. 

Divine Favor is cut

Divine Word is cut

Drawmij's Instant Summons
R: touch    T: object            D: permanent until used

You mark one object with a magical seal.  This object can be any size permitted by the [dice] used to cast the spell.  If you wish, you may call to that object.  If you are within range, that object will come to you, and the spell will end.  The magical seal will disappear, and you will have to recast this spell on that object to use it again.  The range of this spell is determined by the [dice] used to originally cast it.  If the spell is not in range, then nothing happens, but the magical seal still remains. 

If the spell was originally cast with 1 [dice], the object has to be able to fit into one hand and can only be summoned from a 100' away or less.  If the spell was originally cast with 2 [dice], the object has to be small enough that one person could carry it and can only be summoned from a mile away or less.  If the spell was originally cast with 3 [dice], the object has to be small enough that it weighs less than a horse and can be summoned from up to 10*[dice]' miles away.  If the spell was originally cast with four or more [dice], then the object has to be smaller than a stagecoach and can be summoned from any place on the planet/plane the world is built on.  

Dream: As Dream a Little Dream of Mine under Jazz Wizard


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  4. What does the abbreviation FS stand for in this case? Apologies if it's something obvious.

    1. Sorry for the Delay. FS stands for Fighting Spirit. Basically, it is the magical part of HP. When FS is damaged, it doesn't translate as actual damage to the body, but a character getting tired, weaker, etc. When HP is damaged, that is a character's body actually being damaged.