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OSR: Psychomancer- Chaos and Corruption

                                                          (Psychomancer, level 3)
Triggered whenever you roll doubles on your magic dice.  The Spell still goes through, but you get an additional effect. 
Additionally, whenever you roll on the Chaos Table, you get 1d2 Doom Points.

Chaos Table
1- You lose your HP value.  You HP can never increase above its current amount.  You still bleed if cut, but it doesn't hurt you.  You can still die because of other things, such as starvation or dehydration or save vs death.  Everytime you take damage that would reduce you to zero HP, save or go mad from the pain.  
2- You cannot be targeted by anything. You cannot directly target any creature. 
3- You are invisible as long as your HP is an odd number.
4- You cannot hold items.  All of your items fall to the ground and you cannot pick them up again. 
5- You cannot turn left. 
6- You can't open doors.  Can go through open ones, but closed ones mystify you.
7- Your appearance changes to that of a mundane object (a broom, tea kettle, etc).
8- You always look like a really distorted version of the person next to them. 
9- Wizard Vision
10- You start levitating.  You levitate for 2d10 minutes, before unspectacularly landing in the ground.  Hopefully you weren't high up or anything.      
11- The next time you ride a horse, you must save or fuse with the horse. 
12- You grow the head of the horse.
13- Every time you are hit in combat you must save or go flying backwards and ragdoll-izing. 
14- Your neck grows freakishly long.
15- Your face disappears, leaving only a circular void, a pair of floating eyes, teeth, and hair plastered on an invisible scalp.  You are a freakish monster.
16- Whenever you fight a group of 1 HD enemies, you must save or one of them transforms into a Giant with 1d8 HD. 
17- Your feet don't touch the ground, instead levitating an inch off the ground.  Tiny obstacles can stop you from moving forward.
18- You forget how to jump.  
19- If you snap twice and stomp on the ground, you are catapulted 3d100 feet in the air.  You know this.   
20- If you touch into another person, both of you must save.  If one of you fails, you both vanish for one round, then reappear with an mutation.  You do not know this. 

                                                                 (Psychomancer, level 5)

Occurs when you roll Triples.  If you roll Corruption, the Spell fails. 
Additionally, when you roll on the Corruption Table, you get 1d4 Doom Points. 

Corruption Table
1- You cannot go more then 100' from this current location.  If you try to, you teleport back. 
2- You cannot take actions independently, and only can react. 
3- You can't speak without hurting people.  Every word spoken does 1 HP damage to everyone within 30'. 
4- You fall through the floor into the void beneath the world. 
5- Whenever you touch an object larger then yourself, you must save or it will become fused with you.
6- You forget how to cast spells.  You can't do it until someone else tries to cast one. 
7- You forget how to eat.  You can't eat until you see someone else tries to eat in your presence.  You will know you are hungry, but you won't know how to fix it. 
8- You forget everything.  You resemble a newborn baby in mindset.  For the next (25-Wis modifier) days, you absorb information like a sponge.  You will accept everything your new parents tell you.  Additionally, you lose all class levels, though you still retain muscle memory.  You will be able to pick up walking after a few hours of watching everyone, or a single hour of training.  Teaching you to fight with a melee weapon will be harder, though you should pick it up within a few days.  You still can cast spells, you just don't know how anymore.   
9- You forget a crucial piece of information.  You don't realize this.  The next time you need to remember something, you automatically forget. 
10- You think one of your memories has been stolen, and lies with a man in (one state away from here).  This is a delusion you have. 
11- You think you know the location of a fabulous treasure.  You do not.  The Dungeon you describe does exist, but it contains nothing but horrible monsters and cursed things. 
12- You begin to believe that someone is following you with malicious intent.  You will sabotage the group secretly (when no one else is watching) then forget and blame it on the mysterious pursuers. 
13- You begin to believe your spells are drawing the attention of an unsavory character.  Their is a 10% chance you are correct, plus 10 for each level you have above one.  You must save to cast a spell in a non-emergency, otherwise you must refuse.  Combat counts as an emergency, by the way.   
14- You draw the attention of the Forgetful Demiurge's slaves.  1 of his Angels appears and asks you four questions.  Usually "What are you doing with my master's power?"  And then "Why?", "Why?", and "Why?"  If you can provide an answer to all four without stumbling over your words, you will be okay.  But if you cannot, they will cast a spell on you and then leave (one random Psychomancer spell).  You will forget them as soon as you leave. 
15- You receive a summons from The Radiant King.  Come to Versailles immediately, he wishes to speak with you.  If you are not there within 1d12+1 Months, he might come get you.  Or he might forget.  It depends (50% of each). 
16- You learn a random spell from a random spell list that is not Metamancer or Psychomancer.  (1d6, 1= Biomancer; 2= Calcomancer; 3= Cosmomancer; 4= Cthonomancer; 5= Necromancer; 6= Electromancer).  After you use it 1d10 times, (50% chance of each) a Wizard of that type or an Angel of the respective God shows up to reclaim it.
17- You become convinced that these others are not your friends, and merely victims of your mental manipulations.  You must not allow them to discover how you tricked them, as they would kill you otherwise.
18- You forget your name.  You cannot cast spells until you have a name.  You can retrieve your old name, you know where it is.  Or you can have your companions give you a new name.  But if you take a new name, you must start over at level 1.  Those were not your experience points, they were [Your old character]'s.  You know this. 
19- You become invisible to anyone who is not insane.  They can hear you speak, but not see you or anything touching you.  This invisibility does not extend to your equipment.
20- You can hear the voices of the players (not the characters).  If you acknowledge this or mention it to anyone, you die, no save.

                                                           (Psychomancer, level ?)

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