Sunday, January 28, 2018

API: Special Snowflake Design 101

So, in the API setting, all the Agents have a special power.  This power is the centerpiece of the class, and the source of each player's personal development.  As such, care must be taken when designing them.  For maximum enjoyment, have the players help you create them.  But a few guidelines should be followed.  Firstly, the power must not be too specific.  It should be broad enough that the player isn't sitting on their hands half of the time.  Secondly, it should not be too powerful.  Obviously.
Thirdly, it should be evocative and unique.  Just shooting fire is lame.  But being able to sculpt fire into solid structures or objects, that could be interesting.

As an example, here are the players for Team DGR (Dagger):

Agent Hayden Graham

Semblance Name: Falling inside the Black [Heaven]

Power: D(+2)/B(+4)
Speed: D(+2)/D(+2)
Toughness: D(+2)/D(+2)
Range: A/A
Precision: B(+4)/B(+4)
Development Potential: B/E

Act 1:
Ability- Can shroud an object he touches in darkness.  While an object is in darkness, it cannot affect anything.  Anything shrouded in darkness still has exists, but no one can see it through the darkness.  Additionally, while it is in darkness, all effects of it are suppressed.  Anyone who becomes shrouded in darkness must save vs paralysis or be unable to move.    Even if they pass, they still can't affect anything.  Graham can see through the darkness, and anything within it can still affect him.  If Graham passes out, the darkness vanishes. 

Act 2:
Ability- If Graham shrouds a wound in darkness, it disappears as well.   Though when Graham goes to sleep or passes out, then the wound will reappear, and if you've taken more damage recently, then that might be a problem. 

Agent Adam "Mr. Red" Reddington

Semblance Name: Friend on the Other Side [Ground]

Power: D(+2)/D(+2)/C(+3)/B(+4)
Speed: E(+1)/D(+2)/C(+3)/A(+5)
Toughness: E(+1)/D(+2)/D(+2)/D(+2)
Range: A/A/C/E
Precision: E(+1)/D(+2)/B(+4)/A(+5)
Development Potential: C/D/D/E
Act 1:
Ability- Can animate a corpse.  Can only do this to one corpse at a time.  The corpse holds his power, and can speak, but only tell you about the information the Rock Soul contains, such as information about the corpse's health when it was alive, how it died, its favorite food, but not mathematics, politics, or secrets.   

Act 2:
Ability- Can animate masses of dead tissue, scars, dead skin, etc.  He can puppet these masses of dead skin.  As above, except that what he is controlling is attached to a living person.  

Act 3:
Ability- Can puppet and control his own dead skin and tissue, crafting it into a suit of armor around him. 

Act 4:
Ability- Can target all the dead cells inside someone.  Touch range.  A nearly instant death for anyone affected by it.   

Agent James Dashwood

Semblance Name: Can't Feel my Face [Law]

Power: E(+1)/B(+4)/A(+5)
Speed: C(+3)/C(+3)/A(+5)
Toughness: C(+3)/C(+3)/A(+5)
Range: C/B/A
Precision: E(+1)/D(+2)/C(+3)
Development Potential: A/B/D

Act 1:
Ability- Can make anyone he touches become weightless.  This power also affects everything they touch, but Dashwood can disengage it at will. 

Act 2:
Ability- I can remove the weight from objects.  I can then use these to attack for significantly more damage then before. 

Act 3:
Ability- If I injure someone who is weightless, I can make the blood in contact with the air begin to explode out and boil, dealing enormous damage. 

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