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OSR: Cthonomancer- Chaos and Corruption

                                                              Cthonomancer, level 3

Finally, the last of these are done.  But as fun as they were to make, I have decided that since I am branching out into other types of Wizards besides the core 8, I don't want to have to make two d20 tables for each.  So from now on, all Wizards each get a 1d6 table for Chaos and Corruption.  All other Mechanics, Doom Points and the like will remain the same.  I'll be updating the older Wizard types that don't have full one 1d20 tables for each category later, as I get around to it.

Anyway, this is a companion piece of the Cthonomancer.  Read about them here, then when they mess up a spell, roll here or there.  


Triggered whenever you roll doubles on your magic dice.  The Spell still goes through, but you get an additional effect. 
Additionally, whenever you roll on the Chaos Table, you get 1d2 Doom Points.

Chaos Table
1- Your blood becomes full of copper instead of iron.  You are being slowly poisoned, and conduct electrity really well. 
2- Some of the iron in your blood comes out and forms into a knife or small metal object.  You get -2 to all physical exertion, as you find it hard to breathe. 
3- Your next spell fails and instead you vomit up a pool of silvery liquid.  This does [sum] damage to anyone who drinks or touches it (based on whatever spell you just cast).
4- The next object or person you touch turns to pure gold. 
5- You exhale a cloud of pure oxygen.  This invigorates those around you, and hopefully there are no fires nearby. 
6- You exhale a cloud of hydrogen gas.  As above, but with fires. 
7- You summon a Blue Smoke Devil.  Blue Smoke Devils are gaseous monsters.  It crawls out through your nose. 
8- Your next spell fails, and instead you fire a blast of [dice] red crystals out of your hand, each dealing [sum] damage, save for half. 
9- Your hair turns into steel wires.  It still grows. 
10- Your fingernails turn into sodium.  Don't wash your hands. 
11- You melt into a puddle of ooze for 1d20 minutes. 
12- You come to the realization that your flesh is weak, it will always fail you.  You wonder if it would be possible to cut off your skin and replace it with glass or metal? 
13- The ground for 1d10*10 feet around you (in a circle) turns to Quicksand. 
14- The ground for 1d10*10 feet around you loses all friction for a number of minutes equal to the Doom points you already have.
15- A sphere 1d10*10 feet around you, centered on the caster, becomes an antigravity zone.  This lasts for 1d10 minutes. 
16- 1d6 Terracotta Men dig themselves out of the ground.  Roll 1d6 for their outlook toward you.  (1d6 1= They want to worship you, and so immediately set about building a temple for you.  They request that you live here and let them serve you.  2= They want to murder you, as existence is pain.  3= They are all infants in mind.  They run around poking things and tripping over themselves.  4= They can't decide.  They consult whoever happens to be nearby on what they should do.  5= They are terrified of you, and begin running as fast as possible.  6= They don't care, and start rampaging around, breaking everything in their path.)
17- Your next spell fails.  Instead, a huge sound is made, temporarily deafening everyone within 100' unless they pass a Fort save, and startling everyone for a mile. 
18- Wizard Vision. 
19- Your next spell deals no damage. 
20- You become invisible to people not wearing or touching any metal.

                                                          Cthonomancer, level 5
Occurs when you roll Triples.  If you roll Corruption, the Spell fails. 
Additionally, when you roll on the Corruption Table, you get 1d4 Doom Points.

Corruption Table
1- One body part is transmuted into pure energy.  Roll 1d6 to determine what it is.  (1= Left Arm, 2= Right Arm, 3= Left Leg, 4= Right Leg, 5= Torso, 6= Head).  If you rolled a 1-4, you take [sum] energy damage as that body part explodes.  If you rolled a 5 or 6, you die. 
2- All the iron in your blood is turned into a metal object that appears outside your body.  You must get some iron into your bloodstream within d6+4 minutes or die. 
3- You start secreting magnesium.  When you next take fire damage, it cannot be extinguished by water or stomping it out and burns for as many rounds as it has been days since you rolled this.  The only way these flames can be extinguished is by a chemical that neutralizes magnesium, magic or a vacuum. 
4- Any fluid you touch turns to alcohol. 
5- Your dead skin cells become flamable. 
6- Your skin bubbles, and bubbles of flesh float off.  If these bubbles pop, you are seriously wounded.  But if you reattach them to yourself, you can repair the damage done.  The only way to touch the bubbles without popping them is to coat your hands in the caster's blood. 
7- You become buried up to your waist.  Make a Fort save.  On a success, you can pull yourself free.  On your next turn, if you are not pulled out, you will be sucked a number of feet underground equal to your Doom Points. 
8- You are filled with the urge to eat, and eat and eat.  You must immediately save or become consumed with the desire to eat 10x the amount of food you normally eat, before spinning yourself a cocoon for 1d12+10 days.  Your companions should not let you finish this incubation. 
9- You create a fatal poison in your bloodstream.  It will kill you in d12+1 days.  You must find an antidote. 
10- A massive temple complex of at least 1d20+10 rooms tears its way through the floor and rises [dice]*10 feet into the air, with the Caster on the roof.  Within the fortress dwells the Sleeping King, Ahrimano, Red Lord of the Facile Legion.  Ahrimano is currently sleeping, but plundering his treasures will awaken him.
11- You find a knife buried in the earth.  You must immediately use this knife to carve warding symbols into your flesh or you might fall into the Room without Walls. 
12- The next time you go to sleep, you will awaken in the middle of the night and travel away from everyone, and begin digging.  Anyone who interrupts your digging will be attacked viciously.  If left undisturbed you will dig for hours with your bare hands, or whatever you have nearby.  No matter how far you are from where you started, you will always find your way back there.  After 1d20+10 days of digging, you will unearth a sarcophagus.  This must not be opened, no matter what. 
13- You are locked in a box of stone, 10 feet by 10 feet, with ten foot high walls six inches thick.  If their was anyone within 10' of you, they are stuck in there too. 
14- Your skin is coated in a thin layer of lead.  You cannot move until someone breaks you out of this.  You also can't really breathe.  You will suffocate in 1d4 rounds + however long you can hold your breath.
15- You tumble into the Room without Walls.  There is a door leading in, but not out.  The Guardian informs those around you where you have gone, and where you will remain.  They may follow, if they choose.  But beware.  The Room Without Walls is not easily left. 
16- An iron sword forms in your chest and stabs outward for 1d12+3 damage.  The sword is a cursed blade.  If it kills you, then it will bring tragedy to anyone who carries it, unless they were your best friend.  If it doesn't kill you, it will contrive a way to finish the job.  Regardless, the Sword is a magic +3 sword named Witcheater, and has the special power of once per day it can ignore armor. 
17- In your travels, you will stumble upon a spring.  The spring is clear water.  You see a glass sphere at the bottom, filled with gems.  However, unbeknowest to you, the water is actually a gelatinous cube. 
18- You find a treasure map tattooed on your arm.  You are missing a finger.  This is payment.  The treasure map leads to your deepest desire. 
19- You become seized with inspiration.  You must craft a special knife, inlay it with silver, and then bury it.  If you don't, 1d6 terrified Wizards will show up in a week.  The Men of Bone and Iron are one day behind them, seeking to bring them to the Room Without Walls.  The Wizards will want to know why you didn't craft the knife, and bury it. 
20- You realize what glorious fate awaits you in the Crystal Caverns.  You must save or become suicidal.  If you survive or are talked out of it, you will become completely immune to fear, and hide a secret death wish.  You must die before Cascrymagog calls you back to him.  For as you now know, the fate that awaits you will be glorious, it's just that you will have little more than a bit part in your own destiny. 

                                                           Cthonomancer, level ???

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