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VoDF: Zone 1- Kill Parlour

Zone 1- Kill Parlour

This zone is the old foreman's house, long abandoned after a night of red butchery that forever marred the walls of this house.  You enter this zone by traveling down a recently dug tunnel until you reach a hole in the floor.  Going down through the hole leads to Room 1. 

1: Broom Closet.

This room is a storage for brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies.  Also in here are 1d6+1 Servant outfits, 50% of being maids dresses and 50% being butler's tailcoats and black trousers.  Wearing a servant's uniform will prevent the Butler from attacking you, unless you try to steal something or attack a guest.   

2: Servant's passageway.

This is a hallway that the servants use to pass through the house without drawing to much attention from the guests. 
It is pitch-black, and utterly silent.  There is a door to room 7. 

3: Butler's Quarters

Here is where the Butler lives.  The Butler sleeps on a futon on the floor, which is neatly rolled up in the corner.  There is a painting of a rather, plain, but smiling woman in a fine dress, with a faceless man in a black tunic standing behind her.  Everytime you try to focus on the faceless man, your gaze slides off him.  The painting is not magical.  There are letters sitting on a shelf, each one with lots of similarly obscured text.  All the letters are addressed to the same person, but you have no idea who.   

4: Kitchen

Here is where the food would be prepared.  Unfortunately, the shelves are bare.  The only thing to eat is name-day cake, freshly made and delicious looking.  The cake has "Happy 111th Name-Day, Phoebe!"  Written on it in blue icing.  The cake is poisonous, and anyone who eats it also has a 20% chance of finding on the needles in the cake.   

5: Guest Room 1

This is an immaculately clean, well kept room.  Their is someone sleeping the bed.  They are sleeping soundly, with their hair having grown ridiculously long.  It is braided.  Their nails have grown as well, and they have been filed and painted. If awoken, the guest will attack in a frenzy.  They will not pursue you beyond the room, but they will come after you.   

6: Guest Room 2

This room is different.  The person sleeping here has clearly been here for much less time, and is not sleeping soundly.  She is clearly having a nightmare.  Sitting on the nightstand next to her bed is a ventriloquist's dummy.  The Dummy is kind of creepy, but very well made.  A handsome thing that could fetch a fair price at auction.  The Dummy is magical.  Anyone who pours blood over the dummy will activate it.  The Dummy will then pursue the blood's owner to the ends of the earth and kill them.  Once they are dead, the Dummy deactivates.    

7: Grand Dining Room

Here are long table, fit to sit thirty, is immaculately cleaned and set with enough plates, plus carefully folded napkins, silverware and the like.  If anyone sits down at the table and takes a Napkin, they must make a Charisma check.  1d20+Cha modifier+1 per level past first.  If they pass DC 15, the plates are instantly filled with enough food to feed all thirty people.  If they fail, mocking laughter fills the air, and the Butler is summoned to the hall.     

8: Ballroom

Here is a grand hall where the guests would dance, or engage in social frivolities.  There is a fountain here with a Kappa watching, hiding in the deepest part of the fountain, in the center.  If anyone investigates the fountain, he would grab them and drag them down the shaft in the center, which is a 50 foot flooded shaft to Zone 3.   

9: Child's Room

The room is obviously meant for a young girl, painted in soft pastels with a large toy-chest in the corner, colorful plush rugs, and a giant stuffed bear to cradle the child's head.  The child is a young girl, who is asleep in the bed, and looks perfectly innocent and perfectly young.  If you jostle her, she will wake up.  This girl's name is Phoebe, and she is a demon.  Phoebe is absolutely ruthless and savage, with no regard for other's lives.  On Phoebe's bedside table is a silver bell.  If someone drips blood over the bell, they are bonded to it.  Whenever it rings, no matter how far away they are, they will hear it, and no the exact location the bell was when it was rung.  This bond is broken if the bloodstain is wiped clean.     
10: Master's Room

The Master's Room.  His last remaining servant is awaiting his return, and has kept his room exactly as he left it.  The room is a complete mess, the tables crowded with rotting food, the attached half-bath covered in mold and lichen, the drawers full of broken glass and metal shards.  In the bedside table is the key to unlock the confinement cells, and in the dresser, surrounded by spiky metal and glass shards, is a belt of gold links, worth 300 g.  This belt is the prime treasure.  Anyone searching through this stuff must succeed a Dex check or cut themselves.  Anyone who does cut themselves must save vs disease.  The disease will slowly begin to transform someone into the House's Master, eventually transforming them to look exactly like him.  Anyone wearing the belt of gold will have no trouble from the butler.    

11: Confinement Rooms

Here is a series of three cells with iron bars.  The cells are open at the moment, but if they are shut, they will lock.  The Butler and the Master are the only ones who have a key.  If someone is in the cell, the Omitted Butler will not attack them. At the rear of the third cell is a pair of skeletons.  One of them is wearing some moth-eaten robes, and has a spellbook by his.  The robes are crusty with dried blood.  The other skeleton is hideously charred and broken in half at the waist.  He has a dagger that was once gilded, but the gold melted and is now on the skeleton's hand.  The spellbook contains 1d4 spells of a random school.  The dagger is magic, and does +4 damage to Wizards or spell-casters.  Anyone who touches the spellbook or uses any of the spells inside must secretly save vs madness or develop the Wizard's insanity, and anyone who uses the dagger is cursed to die in a fire (no save against the curse; fire deals double damage to them).        

12: Foyer

This was supposed to be the room that greeted guests as they entered.  It is a nicely decorated room.  Going through the door leads to Flux A.

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