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OSR: Spider Wizard

 So apparently, Skerples already made a Spider Wizard.  You can find it here.  

artist unknown

Spider Wizards, also called the Arachanomagus*, are ill-omened folk, strange folk with shaved heads and creeping tattoos.  They are said to be the agents of evil cults or rebels, scheming against the legitimate authorities and plotting all sorts of wickedness.  This is only rarely true.  The school of magic such Wizards follow is ancient and while often associated with dark individuals with sinister motives, this is largely the work of poets and artists, rather than historians.  In truth, most Spider Wizards are hopeless social rejects who have peculiar interests, namely bugs and their eight-legged enemies.  It is a school that is known to attract weirdoes, which doesn't help its dark reputation.

Thanks, Red for the name!

To determine what your Order is like, roll on the tables below:


1- You come from a collective of Artists, Sages and Wizards dedicated to academic research and art relating to things creepy and crawly.  People likely think you're weird, but the Order is largely harmless.
2- You come from a Durama-led matriarchal community where all the men are dominated by the women, everyone wears too much leather and there is lots of bondage and slavery.  The Durama insist it is all an ironic satire of conventional societal norms, but it might just be a playground for perverts.  Alternatively, it might just be a joke that went too far, and no one has the courage to tell everyone to knock it off.
3- You come from a semi-legitimized Order that is funded by a local dynasty and act as spies, informants and cooperate with the secret police.  The current King fears for his crown and has begun worshiping the Queen of Spiders in secret, in the hopes she will save him.
4- Your Wizarding Order is secret and is dedicated to espionage, black-mail and assassination.  The Order may only be interested in profit, or it may seek to advance ideological or religious goals.

To appease the Queen of Spiders, you...  


1- Must light 8 candles a day and recite a long prayer.
2- Eat 8 live insects, thanking her for each one.
3- Pray 4 times a day, saying two prayers each time.  You say the first set of prayers at dawn or when you wake up, one at noon, one more at mealtime and one before you go to sleep.
4- Walk eight circles around the place you are going to sleep in- if you are outside, this is your campsite.  If you are staying in an inn or someone's house, this is the building.
5- Must carve her symbol into a piece of wood or mark it on some piece of flammable material, then burn it.
6- Perform a dance or a musical piece.       

artist unknown

The Spider Wizard is a sub-class for my basic OSR Wizard class.  For any other details, see the base class here.

Power: You have the ability to speak with spiders as if you shared a language.  In exchange for something a Spider needs, they will be able to perform small tasks for you, such as eating a bunch of dangerous insects, spying on your enemies, scouting ahead or warning you about dangers near the Spider.  Spiders will usually demand payment for these favors though.  Spiders usually want food; predators or rivals driven away or killed; or for someone who keeps messing with their weaving to be punished.  You can also use this ability on Giant Spiders, though they are much tougher customers as unlike normal-sized Spiders, they know you're more scared of them than they are you.   

Drawback: You must perform a specific ritual every morning or night to pay homage to the Queen of Spiders.  Failing to do so will mean you lose your magical powers until the Queen is appeased, likely with a sacrifice and much groveling.  Additionally, every time you perform this ritual, there is a X-in-10 chance, where X is your level, that the Queen sends you a message and demands you do something special for her.  Ignoring these messages or failure to perform this task will result in an immediate revocation of your magical powers until the task is resolved and the Queen is appeased.

1- Arachnophobia
2- Arachne's Waltz
3- Bubble Coat
4- Conjure Spider
5- Pass Without Trace
6- Poison Fang
7- Pounce
9- Spider Climb
9- Spider Silk
10- Uriticating Hair
11- Venom Bullet
12- Vision Eightfold

13- Cocoon
14- Spider Sense
15- Strength of Ten Men

R: 30'        T: creature        D: special

One creature within range must save, with a penalty to his save equal to [dice].  On a failure, that creature becomes frightened of spiders and spider-like things.  This creature will not be able to move closer towards the thing it is frightened of and takes 1d6 COG damage every round it can see such a creature.  If this reduces a creature's COG to 0, the creature flees or hides from the object of fear.

If cast with 1 [dice], this spell lasts for [dice] minutes.  If cast with 2 [dice], the spell lasts for [dice] days.  If 3 [dice], [dice] weeks.  If 4 or more [dice], as long as the caster wishes or the effect becomes permanent.

Arachne's Waltz
R: you        T: creature        D: 2[dice] minutes

You grow [dice] additional limbs that resemble those of an enormous spider.  If you have 2 or more of these limbs you can move faster on them, increasing their speed by +10' per pair of legs.  If not playing on a grid, add +2[dice] to any roll made to run away.  They also receive a bonus equal to +[dice] on defense rolls and any roll made to be agile, evade danger or climb.

Bubble Coat
R: touch    T: creature        D: [dice] minutes

One creature you touch gains a bubble of air around their head.  This bubble contains [dice] minutes of clean air and can be used to breathe underwater.  It can also be used above water to protect from noxious fumes or inhaled poisons. 

Conjure Spider
R: self        T: self            D: [dice] rounds

You conjure a spider.  This spider will obey you and follow your orders for the duration, after which it disintegrates back into ectoplasm.  The spider can be thrown at enemies.  To do this, make a ranged attack against them.  You may do this as a bonus action.  If it hits, the spider will crawl around on the creature's body, biting them each round for the duration, doing [dice] poison damage, ignore armor, for the duration.  Creatures who are hit by such a spider must save or panic.  Panicking creatures lose their action each round as they thrash around, trying to shake the spider off.  The spider has [dice] HP and no armor, but is small, fast and agile, adding +[sum] to its defense rolls.          

Pass Without Trace
R: touch    T: [dice] creatures    D: [dice] hours

[dice] creatures you touch receive a bonus to their stealth.  If cast with 1 [dice], the affected creatures do not leave footprints or any sign they were in an area.  At 2 [dice], they receive a bonus of +[dice] to their stealth rolls and to checks made to avoid being spotted or detected.  At 3 [dice], they are invisible to any creatures more than 30' from them.  At 4 [dice], they cannot be detected by divination magic for the duration.

Poison Fang
R: self        T: self        D: [dice] minutes

You grow fangs that can secrete poison and gain a bite attack.  This bite attack does 1d6 sharp damage plus 1d6+[dice] poison damage on a hit.  The poison damage is not included in the attack roll, but only added after a hit is confirmed.

For each [dice] used beyond the first, select one of the options below:
- Your poison does +[dice] damage.  You can select this option multiple times.
- Your poison does DEX instead of HP damage.  If this reduces a creature's DEX to 0, that creature is paralyzed.
- Your poison does forces a creature to save if exposed.  On a failed save, the creature is blinded for the duration.  You can select this option again to extend the duration to hours, days or permanently.
- Your poison wracks the creature exposed to it with pain.  That creature gets a -[sum] penalty to any complex movements, such as attacks for the duration.  You can select this option again to extend the duration to hours, days or weeks. 

R: touch    T: creature        D: one action

One creature you touch has its jumping ability enhanced and may immediately make a melee attack against a creature within jumping range (see below).  Creatures under the influence of this spell add +[dice] to their attack rolls and 1d6+[dice] to their damage on a hit. 

If this spell is cast with 1 [dice], the creature can jump up to 30'.  If 2 [dice], up to 50'.  If 3 [dice], up to 100'.  If 4 or more [dice], 100+(10*[dice])'.

Spider Climb
R: touch        T: creature            D: [dice] minutes

One creature you touch gains the ability to stick to walls and ceilings like a spider.  It can also walk on the ceiling with its hands free.  After the duration, the creature drops back down to the ground as normal.

Spider Silk
R: self        T: self            D: [dice] rounds

You gain the ability to produce sticky threads from your body that you can spin into ropes, nets or any shape you desire.  These threads have a collective HP of 1d6+[dice] and vulnerability to fire and sharp damage.  You can produce up to 30*[dice]' of these threads.  Any creature who touches one of these threads is grappled and cannot move from where they are, unless they succeed on a STR check (DC equal to the HP of the strands holding them) or cut the strands.  Additionally, if a strand has caught the sleeve of their coat, they can get free by taking off the coat and leaving it behind.

For each [dice] used beyond the first, select one of the options below:
- You can make threads that are only sturdy and not sticky.  These strands have 2d6+[dice] HP lose their vulnerability to sharp damage.
- You can make threads that are extremely thin and hard to see.  Creatures must succeed on a COG save to see the threads.
- You can make threads that are sharp can be used as melee weapons (as a whip) and 1d6 damage on a hit.

Uriticating Hair
R: self        T: self            D: one actions

You grow long, irritating hairs all over your exposed skin.  As an action, you can blow these into the faces of any creature within 15'.  Creatures hit by these hairs must save- on a failed save they take -[sum] to any complex actions, attack or defense rolls as the hairs get in their eyes and irritate all exposed skin.  This penalty lasts until they get a chance to wash the hairs off.  On a successful save, the creature merely gets a -[dice] penalty to the same. 

When this spell is cast, you may blow these hairs at creatures up to [dice] times, before you must cast the spell again.  

Venom Bullet
R: 50'        T: creature        D: one action

You conjure a sphere of liquid poison and hurl it at a creature.  That creature must make a save.  On a failed save, it takes [sum] poison damage.  On a successful save, it takes [dice] damage. 

Note that this poison is only dangerous if absorbed into the blood stream or is ingested, so it only affects creatures if it hits an open wound, goes into their mouth, nose or eyes.  Creatures wearing full face shields with no open wounds or armor that could protect them from toxic substances automatically pass their saves and take no damage.  Creatures with less than full HP get a penalty equal to [dice] to their saves.  Creatures below half HP have disadvantage on their saves.

Vision Eightfold
R: self        T: self            D: [dice] minutes

You grow [dice] eyes and gain a +[dice] bonus to detect or perceive things.  These eyes disappear once the duration is up.

For each [dice] used beyond the first, select one of the options below:
- You gain thermal vision, and are able to see heat signatures in pitch darkness
- You gain night vision, and can see in low light as if it was bright light and darkness as if it was low light
- You gain binocular vision and are able to see things that are far away in great detail
- You gain 360 degree vision as some eyes open on the back of your neck
- You can move up to 1/2[dice] of the new eyes onto other parts of your body, allowing you to see around corners
- You gain X-ray vision and are able to see through most objects or creatures, but not through a foot of dirt, six inches of wood or an inch of lead
- You gain the ability to see 5 seconds into the future (at the start of your turn, every creature should declare their action and roll any appropriate dice, including you)
- You gain Sight Beyond Sight.  When you use this ability, if you look at someone or something particularly good or evil, you must save or be entranced/repulsed by the sight.  Looking at things sufficiently evil with Sight Beyond Sight can inflict trauma on creatures.  

R: touch    T: creature        D: one action

One creature you touch must save.  On a failed save, that creature is engulfed in a flood of spider silk and covered head to toe in thick wrappings.  Such a creature is restrained and blinded.  The webbing surrounding the creature can be cut or burned off, but unless done slowly with care, half the damage is transferred to the creature.  The webbing has [sum] HP and is vulnerable to sharp and fire damage.         

Spider Sense
R: touch    T: creature        D: [dice] rounds

One creature has its sense of touch elevated to the point where it can sense the movements of the air and vibrations.  This gives it 2[dice] bonus to all defense rolls and saving throws based on dodging or evading danger.

Strength of Ten Men
R: touch    T: creature        D: [dice] rounds

One creature you touch has its strength boosted to superhuman levels.  This gives the creature a +[dice] bonus to attack and defense rolls, as well as to damage and STR checks or saving throws.

At 1 [dice], the creature is just a stronger version of itself and can lift more than that creature ordinarily could.  At 2 [dice], the creature is much stronger, able to lift a whole pig over their head or 500 lbs.  At 3 [dice], the creature can pick a horse and bend or rip through thin metal.  At 4 or more [dice], the creature can lift a carriage or smash through a brick wall with bare hands.     

by Je Song

Chaos and Corruption of the Spider Wizard:
When you roll doubles, roll on the Chaos table.  The spell still goes through.  You receive 1d3 Doom Counters.
When you roll triples, roll on the Corruption table.  The spell automatically fails.  You also receive 1d4 Doom Counters.
At 10 Doom Counters, you invoke the Doom of Fools.
At 20 Doom Counters, you invoke the Doom of Kings.
At 30 Doom Counters, you invoke the Ultimate Doom.

Chaos of the Spider Wizard

1- 1d100 normal spiders show up at your current location and demand you do something for them.  If you refuse, they will swarm you, doing 2d6 poison damage to you.
2- You begin secreting spider silk from your wrists.  Anything you touch for the next 1d10 minutes sticks to your hands and will need to be cut off.
3- You lose the ability to speak until you find a live insect and eat it.
4- You gain a mutation.  After 1d10 minutes, save.  On a failed save, the mutation is permanent.  Otherwise it goes away.
5- You become charmed to a spider and want to please it and make it happy.  The spider is perfectly ordinary and wants spider things.  This won't stop you from constantly praising the spider and telling everyone how adorable she is, the sublime symmetry of her abdomen, etc.  This charm lasts for 1d10 hours.  Should the spider die while you are charmed, you will be heartbroken and spend the rest of the time you are charmed mourning her and giving her a proper funeral.  You will refuse to do anything else.
6- You develop a phobia of birds for 1d10 minutes.  If one gets close to you, you must save or have a panic attack.  Even one swooping overhead makes you nervous.  The larger the bird, the greater your fear.

Corruption of the Spider Wizard

1- 1d1000 normal spiders show up at your current location and demand you do something for them.  If you refuse, they swarm you, doing 3d6 poison damage.
2- You feel a stabbing pain in your abdomen.  This gives you -4 to do anything for 1d4 hours.  After the time has elapsed, you lay a clutch of eggs.  You then develop a compulsion to protect these eggs until they hatch in 1d10 weeks.  Should your egg-sack be destroyed, you will fall into a deep depression and develop a hatred of the person who destroyed it.
3- You develop a hatred for birds.  Should a bird come close to you, you must save or destroy it.  This Conviction lasts for 1d10 days.
4- You develop a Conviction that sleeping outside is dangerous.  Now, you will only sleep 1d4 [1= In the corner of a room; 2= In the branches of a tree or the rafters of a building; 3= In a crawl space or confined area; 4= In a hole in the ground.]  If you sleep anywhere else, you only gain half the benefits of a normal long rest.  This Conviction lasts 1d10 days.
5- You attract the attention of one of the enemies of the Spider Queen.  This enemy sends a 1d8 [1= Giant Scorpion; 2= Giant Bird; 3= Giant Centipede; 4= Giant Fish (only if near water, reroll otherwise); 6= Pack of Apes, Monkeys or Gorillas; 7= Giant Lizard; 8= Giant Wasp.]  There is a 50% chance this is just a normal animal, albeit much larger than normal, or an equal chance it is a Spirit of the Land who hates the Spider Queen.
6- A Giant Spider falls in love with you.  It wants to mate with you, and has a 50% of trying to court you with gifts (mostly raw meat or valuables from dead creatures that got stuck in or near its web).  Alternatively, it may just kidnap you.  Note that while the Giant Spider is likely sincere, if you mate with it, it might eat you.  Also, if you're rude to the Giant Spider or kill it, you might provoke the anger of the Spider Queen (Referee's Discretion).  If you do so, she will likely demand recompense.


Doom of Fools- You are transformed into a Giant Spider for 1d10 minutes.  While in this form you are the size of a horse and have a venomous bite, but cannot speak nor cast spells.  This transformation also shreds any clothing or armor you're wearing. 

Doom of Kings- You are transformed into a Large Spider for 1d10 hours.  While in the form you are size of a large dog and have a venomous bite, but cannot speak nor cast spells.  This transformation also shreds any clothing or armor you're wearing. 

Ultimate Doom- You are transformed into a small, perfectly ordinary spider permanently.  You cannot speak nor cast spells in this form. 

This Doom can be avoided by marrying an Arachne or by securing the favor of the Spider Queen's lover, the Harvestman.

by Belibr

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