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TwK: Beware old Cartoons, they come from Hell

The following is a creature created by Trevor Henderson.  

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"That's all, Folks!"

- A message found near the scene of grisly murder, painted in blood

Number Appearing: 1
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Languages: Whatever languages you can speak, so can it.
Treasure: The wealth left behind by previous victims is usually left where it is.  Items of great beauty such as jewelry, art and personal tokens are often defaced or damaged, but if repaired, they could be worth something. 

Cartoon Cat is a horrific abomination that stalks and terrorizes mankind for no discernable reason, though judging by the creature's own rare cryptic statements and the disturbing messages it sometimes paints on walls in blood or other bodily fluids, it seems to do these things purely to indulge it's own sadism.

Cartoon Cat is a humanoid creature that resembles a "rubber hose" cartoon character, a style that popular in the 1930s, though Cartoon Cat looks far more realistic.  It's body glistens and trembles occasionally, shifting between solid and semi-solid forms, like the entire creature is made of some sort of black ooze forced into it's current form.  Cartoon Cat possesses long, boneless limbs, with arms that end in bright white gloves and legs that end in simple points.  It's body is featureless black and it has unnaturally large, disturbing eyes.  It's teeth are like that of a human, but are powerful enough to sheer through bone with ease.  Usually, they are stained red or black with blood.         

Cartoon Cat

HD 6
AR none
Atk Claws (1d8+2/1d8+2 appropriate damage) or Bite (1d10+4, has disadvantage on Bite attacks unless against helpless target)
Mor 16
Saves 13 or less

Toonforce: Cartoon Cat does not obey usual physical laws, but instead the laws of cartoons.  His limbs can stretch unnaturally long, he can remove body parts without harming himself, control those body parts even when not connected to his body and do other things cartoon characters can do.  He can also instantly recover from any injury not humorous.  If injured in a non-humorous way, such as being shot, stabbed or bludgeoned, he can make a save as an action.  On a successful save, the damage instantly repairs itself.  If injured in a humrous way, such as being thrown off a cliff, flattened by a steam roller or blown up by his gun being sabotaged, he is injured as per normal and could possibly even die for 1d6+1 days.  If his Specific Death Condition is not meant, however, he will be back.    

Shapeshifting: Cartoon Cat is a shapeshifter and can take on any form he can imagine, though his form will always include one of the following: white gloves, ink-black skin, large, mascot costume-esque eyes.  Regardless of form, his abilities remain the same. 

Specific Death Condition: Cartoon Cat is immortal and cannot be killed unless someone makes an artistic work that describes or depicts his death, then recreates that death in real life.  This death also must be humorous in some way, such as being crushed by a falling boulder or piano, run over by train, strapped to a rocket and blasted into the sky, etc.  Additionally, if Cartoon Cat's real name is not included in the work somewhere, he will return to life in 1 year to seek revenge on his killer on the anniversary of his death. 

- Use shapeshifting to deceive enemies to get closer
- Psychologically torture enemies and drive them mad with fear
- Separate your target, restrain and bite his head off

by Trevor Henderson

Cartoon Cat's Weapons:

For reasons known only to itself, Cartoon Cat is sometimes seen carrying one or more of the following items.  All of them can be used as weapons and seem to be able to enhance it's power.  Cartoon Cat will carry these weapons with it if it intends to fight a more dangerous foe or desires to inflict more damage, or engage in a specific act of carnage. 

What is it carrying today?

A Hammer.  A sledgehammer, massive and oversized, like a giant rubber mallet.  Very heavy- requires a STR of 16 or greater to lift.  Does 1d12 damage on a hit and any creature hit by it must succeed a STR saving throw or be flung (1/2 damage)*10' backwards.  While using this hammer, Cartoon Cat may only make 1 melee attack per round.   

A Tommy Gun.  This gun never runs out of ammo and fires hails of very real bullets.  Does 2d6 damage, save for half, and can target up 2 extra creatures, as long as they are adjacent to the original creature.  The gun will need to be bathed in human blood at least once per week or it will stop working.  While using this gun, Cartoon Cat can use it to make 1 ranged attack per round.

A Cigar.  Packed with highly toxic chemicals, this cigar can be used to inhale clouds of choking, toxic smoke.  This smoke fills a 10' cubed area and does 1d8 poison damage to anyone inside it.  Additionally, should Cartoon Cat grapple someone while he has this cigarette out, he can do 1d6 fire damage to them for free by burning them with the burning tip of the cigar.  Cartoon Cat can only breathe out a cloud of toxic smoke every 1d4 rounds.

Jug of Whiskey.  Full of sloshing spirits, Cartoon Cat can take a big swig and with a flick of it's metallic claws, create a spark that ignites the liquid, allowing it to spray opponents with a stream of burning liquid.  This liquid spray hits in a 15' line and does 2d6 fire damage, save for half.  Creatures hit and flammable items are also ignited, and take 1d6 fire damage until the fire is extinguished.  Cartoon Cat can spit whiskey as much as it likes, but the jug only contains enough for 1d6+1 shots.

A Cutlass.  A pirate's cutlass, sharp enough to shave with.  Cartoon Cat is not a proper swordsman, but possesses enough raw power and bloodlust to easily make up for the lack of technique.  And sadly, it has plenty of experience.  While using this sword, Cartoon Cat can make 3 melee attacks a round, doing 1d6+2 damage on a hit.          

A Bomb.  An enormous bomb that resembles a cannonball with a long fuse, this metal sphere can be primed by Cartoon Cat, after which it then explodes.  The explosion does 4d6 damage, save for half.  This destroys the bomb.  The bomb's explosion will never injure the one who set it off, though it can destroy his or her clothing, armor or items worn on the body.  If close enough, it will also usually coat that person in a layer of black soot.

artist unknown

"I am the abberration.  The absence of all light.  The warping and bending of your reality to make you question everything you ever thought was real."

- The only thing the lone survivor of a suspected Cartoon Cat attack could recall of the lengthy conversation the creature had with the now-deceased

Cartoon Cat rarely speaks, but it is fully capable of such.  It occasionally leaves mocking graffiti on the walls next to it's murders.  Cartoon Cat is as smart as, if not smarter than most humans.  It is also diabolically evil, seemingly fueled by the desire to commit evil acts for their own sake. 

Cartoon Cat commits atrocities for no discernable reason, though many reasons are suspected.  Perhaps it derives pleasure from killing or desires to invoke fear in those who have become aware of it.  The latter seems to be true, as Cartoon Cat will sometimes appear to potential victims multiple times before going in for the kill, tormenting them and driving them to more and more extreme acts.  Cartoon Cat will also make ominous statements and leave messages behind. 

Cartoon Cat's scribblings are usually threats and graphic descriptions of violence or insults directed at the deceased or those who find the remains.  Certain phrases are also known to reoccur, appearing at the sight of multiple murders.  Common phrases include but are not limited to "Someone let the Cat out of the bag", "Cat got your tongue?" and "That's all Folks!" 

Another phrase that commonly appears is "What's my Name?"  This is a reference to the fact that though Cartoon Cat vaguely resembles 1930s' cartoon characters, no one knows exactly what it is or what cartoon it is based on.  Some say the cartoon is very obscure and could be found through extensive research, while others say that Cartoon Cat just borrowed the appearance of a cartoon on a whim or based on some ineffable reason.  

Others cite obscure theories that Cartoon Cat is actually the main character of a cursed cartoon that labored through not only production hell, but also a literal one.  According to these theories, black magic was used to make sure that no one would ever forget this cartoon.  However, the rituals used were not properly used, so instead they freed the main character of the cartoon and made him a diabolic horror, then loosed him on the world.  These theories state that only by learning Cartoon Cat's true name can he be destroyed permanently.  This may be what Cartoon Cat is referring to, but this is just a theory, after all. 

All known attempts to destroy Cartoon Cat have failed.  The creature seems to be immortal, capable of resisting almost all types of damage.  And even in a few unconfirmed cases where it was thought destroyed, it eventually returned and brutally slaughtered those responsible.  And since it cannot be killed, it keeps killing.  So they may not have intended it, but it looks like Cartoon Cat will be remembered forever, after all.

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"Something very old. A hungry, hollow rot hiding behind an outdated smiling face. As long as there are people watching, it has a hatch to our reality."

- Trevor Henderson, Paranormal Researcher

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