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OSR: Aliens: The Greys

by soyunmito
A race of savants, Greys are well represented in pop culture, despite the official denials of their existence.  Despite the facts that almost everyone has at least heard of them, most people don't believe they are real.  This is, in fact, what they want.  

Greys look exactly like you imagine, ranging in height from three and a half to four and a half feet tall.  They are covered in grey skin that is usually wet to the touch, glistening with slime.  Their mouths are small and dainty and they have huge, liquid eyes that are opague and black.  You can see your reflection in them if you get close enough.  They also have long, delicate fingers well suited to manipulating complex objects.  There are also Greys that rise to the height of five and half to six feet; these are known as the tall Greys, for obvious reasons.  However, short Greys tend to be much more common.  

Greys and humans have had contact for many decades, starting with the Roswell incident in the 50s.  There was never a crash, the Greys simply landed and informed the military that they were here.  The Americans quickly agreed to sign a secret treaty with them, with one of the stipulations being that the Greys could not reveal themselves publicly and must take measures to conceal themselves.  The Greys agreed to this treaty.  It is believed that this event might have been what created the Agency in the first place, or at least accelerated it's current incarnation, but this is speculation.

While the details of the treaty are largely unknown, it is believed that the Greys trade either technology or information for the right to kidnap and experiment on humans.  Their agenda is largely unknown, but the Greys seem to display a great interest in humans, particularly in our biology and physiology, but also in our psychology.  Other things that humans produce, such as our technology and culture have produced no visible reaction.  They seem to have no interest in such things.  

by Rucalok
Grey Technician:

Number Appearing: 1d4+2
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: N/A
Treasure: Futuristic Technology, Amulets that boost psychic abilities, medical equipment, mysterious organic-looking plastic-esque substances

Grey Technician
HD 2
AR 3 [Nanoweave Garments]
Atk Tearmaker [See Below]
Mor 12
Saves 9 or less  

Telepathic: Greys are telepathic.  They can communicate with any intelligent creature with a mind within 1 mile of them, as long as the Grey is aware of that creature.  Greys can also sense the presence of non-shielded minds through the auras and mental noise all creatures naturally emit. 

Innate Spellcasting: Greys have psychic abilities that they can use to manipulate their environments.  Their MD burn out on a roll of 5 or 6 and on doubles or triples trigger a roll on the Chaos table, (see below).  Grey Technicians have 4 MD and know the spells Illusion, Invisibility, Magic Missile and Take Captive.

Chaos of the Greys:
1- Glowing orbs of varying colors and sizes fill the air around the Grey in a 30' diameter circle.  
2- Strange, dissonant tones fill the air, all creatures within 50' must save or be paralyzed for 1 minute.
3- One piece of human technology within 100' randomly and catastrophically malfunctions.  
4- One piece of Grey technology within 100' ceases to function for 1d10 minutes.  
5- The Grey takes 1d6 Psychic damage as backlash.    
6- All creatures within 50' of the Grey suffer splitting headaches.  They make all Attacks and rolls based on precision, focus or skill at disadvantage unless they pass a successful COG check.  This lasts for 1d10 minutes or until the Grey that triggered Chaos passes 3 saves.  

Grey Technology: All groups of Grey Technicians larger than 4 members or on some form of mission will carry a piece of Grey Technology to aid them on their quest.  Roll on the table below or select the one that would be most suitable to their purpose.  

Tearmaker: Grey Technicians are armed with for their species is a basic infantry weapon called (by humans) a Tearmaker.  These weapons fire tiny teardrops of metal about the size of a bullet at great speed.  The normal rounds do 1d8+2 damage, with a save to reduce damage as per damage from a firearm.  They also have a variety of other types of rounds- Grey Technicians will also carry non-lethal rounds which do 1d8 electrical and 1d6 DEX damage on a hit, with a save to reduce both as per damage from a firearm.  If these rounds reduce a creature to 0 DEX, that creature is unable to move for one minute.     

- Isolate and Restrain the Target
- Perform your Analysis
- Avoid unnecessary violence
- Flee if faced with stiff resistance

Grey Technicians are highly intelligent, but stiff to outsiders.  They will generally refuse to communicate with those they are abducting or experimenting on, as they regard them as little more than a potential data-set.  Scientists don't argue with the lab rats about the necessity of the experiment, that's silly.  

Grey Technicians will communicate with outsiders if they must, which they primarily do through telepathy.  Technicians are scientifically oriented, almost to an autistic degree, on issues of medicine, biology, genetics and other scientific issues relating to living organisms.  They can and do other things, but these are done begrudgingly, rarely with any real zeal.  Their true passion is science and experimentation.  They have commented on there being other types of Technicians, but these are universally regarded with disdain by Technicians that specialize in other fields.

They generally regard humans in general with benign neglect to subtle contempt.  They don't care that they are hurting us and wouldn't do anything to help us, but in truth, they are largely non-malicious.  To them, their actions are entirely justified and it is true that their experiments are rarely permanently harmful, though that does not make them pleasant to go through or that they leave no lasting injuries, physical or otherwise.      

by WeAreSuperNeutral
Grey Technology: 

All Grey Technology requires a degree of psychic power/magical skill to operate.  It is controlled entirely through mental input- creatures without this talent are unable to use Grey Technology.  

Additionally, Grey Technology is extremely difficult to repair or recharge should it's power cells fail.  Whenever you use a piece of Grey Technology, roll 1d20.  On a roll of 1, it stops working.  You will need to repair it before it can be used again.  This is often very difficult, as very few creatures know how to fix Grey Technology besides the Greys themselves, who do not hand out their technology to those they do not favor.  

1- Neural Chimes: Strange metallic cylinders that 3/Day, can emit a piercing chime that forces all creatures within 50' to save or be paralyzed.  The chimes can be used to target one creature or all creatures within range.  Greys automatically pass their saves against this device.    
2- Godhand Glove: A gauntlet of steel wires with embedded stones and etched stones that amplify psychic ability, enabling any psychic creature who wears the gauntlet to use telekinesis.  The creature can manipulate objects as if their mind could produce a force with a strength equal to the creature's COG (or INT) score.  Grey Technicians have a COG of 16 for the purposes of telekinetic strength.    
3- Floating Saucers: Tiny discs of metal about the size of pie tins that levitate on their own.  Can act as drones for the Greys, transmitting audio or visual data.  The Saucers can fly and move quite fast.  Their edges are also razor sharp and can cut through flesh and bone with ease if moving at sufficient speed.  [HD 1 AR 4  Atk 1d8+2  Mor 20 Saves 7 or less].    
4- Radio Wand: A rod of cut crystal that allows the user to scan an object within 50' and see inside of it, as well as see a 3D model of it in their mind.  Can only be blocked by Tetragrammatic Wards, an inch of metal, three inches of concrete or a foot of dirt.  
5- Retractor Ray: A device that fires a beam of energy up to 100' long.  Creatures caught in the light are paralyzed and can be moved forward or backwards along the beam of light.  This beam can only target one Medium sized creature at a time.  Creatures larger than this get a save to resist being paralyzed or moved.    
6- Excruciator: A device that when pointed at a creature, fires electrical pulses that trigger agonizing pain in whatever creature they strike.  The device has a 30' ray and creatures targeted take 1d8 psychic damage, save for half.  This damage cannot reduce a creature below 0, but it can inflict mental trauma.  It passes through non-magical armor, unless that armor is designed to keep out radiation.  
7- Cloaking Discs: Small devices that resemble micro-CDs contained in small black jackets.  When placed on an object and activated, they cover whatever they are touching in an illusion of the user's choice.  This object can be a creature or a static object.  These illusions do not stand up to physical touch.  The Cloaking Discs can only produce visual illusions.
8- Flight Suits: Outfits that resemble wetsuits, with padded areas that resemble bulletproof plating under the fabric.  The suits enable whoever wears them to levitate and gives them a flight speed of 30'.  The downside is that the suits are fragile and can be damaged by fire or acid or anything that gives the wearer a Horrible Wound.  If it takes damage of one of those types, the wearer must save to see if the suit breaks.   

Grey Envoys:

Number Appearing: 1 or 2
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Whatever languages they prepared for
Treasure: Grey Translation Devices, Ceremonial Robes, Futuristic Technology

Grey Envoy
HD 3
AR 3 [Nanoweave Garments]
Atk [See below]
Mor 14
Saves 10 or less  

Telepathic, Grey Technology: see above

Innate Spellcasting: Greys have psychic abilities that they can use to manipulate their environments.  Their MD burn out on a roll of 5 or 6 and on doubles or triples trigger a roll on the Chaos table, (see above).  Grey Envoys have 5 MD and know the spells Charm Person, Disguise Self, Invisibility, Hypnotic Pattern and Magic Missile.

Tearmaker: As Grey Technician.  

- Avoid combat, Charm enemy leaders
- Disguise yourself as an ally or turn invisible
- Strike with overwhelming force if threatened

Grey Envoys are better known as "Tall Greys" to humans.  Unlike their shorter cousins, they stand from five to five and half feet tall.  They are much more loquacious and willing to talk to humans, in fact, they enjoy it.  Grey Envoys primary purpose is to negotiate and communicate with non-Greys.  They, unlike other Greys, can talk using their mouths, though they still prefer to communicate telepathically, though they understand that this is often considered invasive by non-Telepathic species.  

Grey Envoys are capable of speaking any language they need to and can learn a new one within a few days, depending on the complexity and availability of data.  A Grey Envoy might have difficulty learning how to speak ancient Greek or Hebrew, but could learn how to speak any common human language within a few days.  They always have strange accents or lack thereof, but otherwise talk as if they were fully fluent in the language (because they are).  

Grey Envoys are believed to be the ones that communicated with the governments of Earth and negotiated the deals that allow them to abduct and experiment on humans.  They are more sympathetic to our plight, but they are still loyal to their race above all else.  They have hinted that they need humans and the data we can provide for some greatly important project the Greys are working on.  No one but them knows what this project is, or whether or not it would be beneficial to the people of Earth.  

While the opinions of the Greys as a collective is largely unknown, it is known that the Grey Envoys do not value the governments of Earth much.  The Greys cooperate because that is the easiest way for them to carry out their secret projects, but the Greys find the restrictions on them burdensome.  They constantly test the boundaries of their agreements and will break them if necessary, but prefer to abide by their deals as much as possible and exploit loopholes and unclear language when they can.

by Redwoodjedi
Grey Services:

The Greys do not have much in the way of treasure, beyond their technology, but they might be willing to offer one of these services in trade.

1- Life Extension.  The Greys can make you younger, extending your life-span through the use of their impossible technology.  
2- Healing.  The Greys can easily fix any injury you have, including regrowing limbs or lost appendages.  They can also easily cure any non-magical disease and have a good chance of curing the latter, though it's not guaranteed.  
3- Transportation.  The Greys can take you anywhere on Earth you wish, as long as you can fly one of their spaceships there.  So unless it's underground or in another universe, the Greys can get you there.  If they really like you, they can also take you anywhere you want to go in the Solar System. 
4- Knowledge.  The Greys don't know everything, but they know many things.  Especially if your question relates to technology, engineering or biology, they'll be able to answer your questions.  Their biggest blind spot is humans and their current activities however, they don't really understand us or know what we're up to.  
5- Digital Manipulation.  Want a file scrubbed from 99% of the Internet?  Want access to any secure database on Earth?  The Greys could do it in five minutes or your money back.
6- Psychic Manipulation.  Want someone's memory modified?  Want to send someone a psychic message or vision?  Want to get rid of your own mental illness or inflict one on someone else?  The Greys can do all that and more.  

Big Twists: The Greys:

Big Twist #1: The Greys are modified humans.  Through countless centuries of evolution, inbreeding due to constrained gene pools and intentional genetic manipulation created the Greys.  Yet despite their odd and bizarre appearance they were once homo sapiens.  Though at this point, the gulf between them is as vast the distance between humans and chimpanzees.  

Big Twist #2: The Greys are a Slave Race.  The Greys were created by a greater Race at some point to perform some function, such as scientific research, exploration or some other esoteric purpose.  There are likely other castes of Grey out there designed for other purposes such as Artists, Warriors, Leaders, etc.  

Big Twist #3: The Master Race is extant.  The Race that created the Greys is still around and they are on their way to Earth.  The Greys are preparing the way for an invasion.  

Big Twist #4: The Greys are humans from the distant future.  Eons from now, the human race ascends to unimaginable peaks.  We master all technology, including near-supreme control over time and space.  This enables us to travel back in time.  The Greys that returned to our age are those godlike Star-men from some impossible future age, having journeyed back to humanity's infancy for their own ineffable purposes.  

Grey Plot Hooks:

1- The Greys abduct the party for their experiments.  They subject the party to a variety of physical challenges and intensive rituals to try and get details out of them.
2- The Greys have accidentally abducted a person who is notable and attracted media attention.  The Agency is attempting to cover up the evidence and silence anyone who knows better.  The party happens to be one of those loose ends in need of being tied up.
3- The Greys have lost a piece of their technology on Earth, but due to treaty constraints, cannot recover it, as it is located in a military/government/Agency facility.  They send an Envoy to recruit the players to steal their tech back for them.       
4- The Greys and some human representatives are having a secret meeting.  You are hired to spy on this meeting and try to find out what the meeting is about and what the agenda of the Greys and/or the humans is.  
5- The party are contacted by a Grey Envoy, possibly in disguise, who is concerned about a human weapon test.  The Greys would like you to infiltrate the base where the weapon test is being undertaken and investigate it, then report back to the Envoy.  
6- The Greys wish to speak to a particular person without the interference of the locals or the Agency.  Please create a distraction big enough for them to sneak in, converse with their target, inform them of what the Greys wish the individual to know, then leave.  Also, if you get caught, the Greys will deny all involvement.  

by OfficialPazora

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