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OSR: Ranger


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The Ranger is a class that has always kind of, not worked.  At least in my opinion.  The name of the game with classes is that you have to distinguish yourself, but Rangers never really did that.  They can cast spells and have animal or monster companions but they're also good at fighting and tracking and sneaking and etc, etc, etc.  So I decided to make my own version of the Ranger class.  I stripped out the magic and the animal companions- the former because all the caster classes in my game are just different flavors of Wizard, except when they're not, and the latter because all players should be able to gain a cool monster or animal companion. 

Instead I borrowed some ideas from Arnold K, plus an anon on 4chan whose post was immortalized in one of SkyDieRay's videos, and focused the Ranger on tracking, sneaking and gathering information.      

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Starting HP: 1/3 Con Score
FS: +1 per Ranger level
Starting Equipment: Camoflague cloak, Light Armor (6 Armor points), Bow and Arrows, Dagger, Tinderbox, Bedroll 


Survival Training: You are experienced and/or highly knowledgable in matters relating to surviving in the wilderness.  If you have to make any check related to traveling through the wilderness, tracking a creature or animal through the same, foraging, hunting or otherwise finding food as well as any check or save related to Wilderness Survival, add a bonus to your roll equal to your level.

Wilderness Scholar: You can detect the minute traces creatures leave behind.  When you enter a new area, you can make a COG check.  On a success, you can determine one of the creatures on the random encounter table.  If this is a general type of creature (ex: Folk, Construct, Undead, Dragon, Outsider), you will be able to tell at once.  If the creature is unique in some way, then you won't be able to know exactly what it is, but you will be able to learn something about it.  For example, you might not be able to tell that the cold spots and baying of the nearby hounds is because of the Splatter Man, but you can guess it was some kind of spirit.


Padfoot: You add a bonus equal to half your level, minimum 1, to any attempt you make to sneak.


Tracker: When you successfully use your "Wilderness Scholar" ability, you can also also attempt to make another COG check.  On a successful check, you can pick up the creature's trail and follow it.  This has a 50% of leading you toward the Creature (if you started following it) or leading you back to its lair/residence (if you were following the trail it left).  If you go to a creature's lair or residence the creature has a 50% of being there, unless the Referee knows it has an important reason to be elsewhere. 

You can also attempt to track a creature not on the Random Encounter Table using the same mechanics. 


Sneak Attack: When attacking an enemy that cannot see or detect you or from concealment, on a hit you may roll your damage dice twice and select the better result.


Wilderness Expert: When you use your 'Wilderness Scholar' ability, you now learn about two of the creatures on the Random Encounter table.


Stealth Assist: As long as your allies are following you and listening to your orders, they may add your 'Padfoot' bonus to their stealth rolls.


Manhunter: Your tracking abilities are so great now when you use your 'Tracker' ability you can determine whether or not a trail you have found leads toward a creature or that creature's lair, and you can choose which way you wish to go.   


Traceless: You are now so skilled at sneaking that as long as you are alone, you leave behind no trace of your presence, unless you wish to.  Additionally, 1/Day you may reroll any failed Stealth Roll.   


Living Bestiary: Upon entering a new area, you automatically learn the type of one of the creatures on the Random Encounter Table.  Additionally, if the creature is unique, there is a 50% chance you will have heard of the creature and will be able to provide some information on it.  

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