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Random Sorcerer-King Generator

I've made several attempts to do this and they all sucked.  Thus, I went back to drawing board and finally came up with this. Behold, my Sorcerer-King generator.  If you need an ultra powerful, semi-mortal magic user to be the villain of a campaign, to rule a city in the middle of an arid waste, to be the eccentric host hosting an auction in some desolate region where only the wealthiest and most influential people in the world or for any other reason, use the tables below.

Also, if you want to create a unique retinue for the Sorcerer-King, try this post here.

                                                                     by Yesh10x

What is the Sorcerer-King's name?

Roll on the table in this post.

What is the Sorcerer-King's sex?

The Sorcerer-King is...


1- Male
2- Female
3- The Sorcerer-King is a functional hermaphrodite, with the best features of both sexes.  When you first see him/her, save.  On a failure, you are disgusted by the Sorcerer-King.  On a success, you find the Sorcerer-King oddly attractive.
4- Whatever you rolled is actually just a disguise, roll again to see what the Sorcerer-King really is.  If you roll this result again, continue rerolling.  Each of this result is another disguise layered one on top of each other.

What is striking about the Sorcerer-King's appearance?


1- The Sorcerer-King has strange hair, it is a rare, beautiful or impossible color (equal chance of each).  You can decide for yourself, or roll 1d6: [1= Bright, blood red; 2= Snow white; 3= Electric Blue; 4= The Sorcerer-King's hair is actually living plants growing from their scalp; 5= As '4', but instead of plants, its bare copper wires; 6= Tentacles, covered in suction cups.]
2- The Sorcerer-King has exotic eyes, they are a color and shade rarely, or never seen in humans.  You can decide for yourself, or roll 1d6: [1= Purple; 2= Gold; 3= Blood Red; 4= Pure white- Ocular albinism; 5= Solid black, with no iris or slcera; 6= Color-changing with their mood.]
3- The Sorcerer-King looks like they are 12 or 13 years old.  They are actually much older, but will only transform into their adult form when things get serious.
4- The Sorcerer-King is covered in dozens of scars, with seemingly every inch of flesh covered in healed wounds.
5- The Sorcerer-King never wears clothing.  He or she is always naked.
6- The Sorcerer-King dresses in archaic clothing.  Whatever his or her wardrobe consists of, it is widely out of place.  He could be wearing a business suit in ancient times and homemade buckskins with a cookskin cap in modern day New York City.
7- The Sorcerer-King is suffering from some kind of serious wound, but it never seems to bother him.
8- The Sorcerer-King is constantly shrouded head-to-toe in black and covers his or her face with a headscarf and sunglasses.  No one knows what he or she actually looks like.
9- The Sorcerer-King is constantly wearing winter clothes and covered in snow, as if he or just exited a blizzard.   
10- The Sorcerer-King is surrounded by dozens of strange animals that he or she doesn't seem to notice.  You can decide for yourself, or roll 1d4: [1= Spiders that weave webs in their hair and rest in the King's pockets; Mosquitos the size of your finger that drink blood from their exposed skin; 3= Tiny, naked women with gold skin and no eyes that dance and pose like Victoria's Secret Models on their body; 4= Frogs that constantly swim around in the Sorcerer-King's drinks or soups.]
11- The Sorcerer-King is covered in strange, magical tattoos that glow and flare as the King works magic, and shift around when the King is agitated or emotional.
12- The Sorcerer-King has horns.
13- The Sorcerer-King has an unusual skin color.  You can decide for yourself, or roll 1d6: [1= Hot pink; 2= Moss Green; 3= Navy blue; 4= Silver; 5= The King seems ultra-pale in daylight, but he or she actually glows green in the dark; 6= The King is very pale in the middle of their body, with his or her skin darkening as it nears the extremities, from palest cream to teak wood.]
14- The Sorcerer-King constantly wears make-up of a specific type.  You can decide for yourself, or roll 1d6: 1= Clown Make-Up; 2= Mime Make-up; 3= Face is painted like a tiger; 4= Have dotted lines on his face like he is about to have plastic surgery; 5= Goth make-up; 6= She is wearing special effects make-up to make it look she was hurt.] 
15- The Sorcerer-King is constantly cosplaying as a fictional character he or she is very fond of.  It's a very good cosplay. 16- The Sorcerer-King is laden down with talismans, fetishes, charms and amulets.
17- The Sorcerer-King looks exactly like someone you knew in the past.
18- The Sorcerer-King has a crown of fire that levitates over his or her head.
19- The Sorcerer-King is 1d6+4 feet tall.
20- The Sorcerer-King has some deformity or mutation that he or she openly displays.  You can decide for yourself, or roll 1d6: [1= Faerie-type; 2= Necromantic-type; 3= The Effects of the Veins; 4= Foul Flesh; 5= Polluted Soul; 6= Just odd.]

How strong is this Sorcerer-King?


1- Weak.  1d6+2 HD.  Starts with [1d6+HD] spells.  Can cast 1 spell at-will as a level 1 spell, the rest require spellcasting dice.  The King has spellcasting dice equal to their HD.  
2- Strong.  1d4+3 HD.  Starts with [1d6+HD] spells.  Can cast 1d3 spells at-will as level 1 spells, while the rest require spellcasting dice.  The King has spellcasting dice equal to their HD.  
3- Terrifyingly Strong.  1d8+1 HD.  Starts with [1d8+HD] spells.  Can cast 2 spells at-will as a level 1 spell, while the rest require spellcasting dice.  The King has spellcasting dice equal to their HD.  
4- Godlike.  1d8+4 HD.  Start with [HD] spells.  Can cast 1d3+1 spells at-will as a level 1 spell, but the rest require spellcasting dice.  The King has spellcasting dice equal to their HD. 

The Sorcerer-King is surrounded by an aura of...


1- Anonymity.  Unless the Sorcerer-King is doing something obvious, cool or dangerous, you must successfully save to notice their presence.  Otherwise, you just ignore them.
2- Fear.  Strikes fears into the hearts of his enemies.  If the Sorcerer-King attacks you, save or take 1d6 WIL damage.  If the amount of WIL damage taken ever equals or exceeds your total WIL score, you must flee.  You also gain the Conviction, "I will never fight that Sorcerer-King again."
3- Fire.  Once per round, as a free action, the Sorcerer-King may cause one person within 100' to take 1d6 fire damage and burst into flames. That person continues taking fire damage until that person takes an action to stomp out the fire, soak themselves, stop, drop and roll, etc.
4- Life.  Once per round, as a free action, the Sorcerer-King may cause one person of his choice to regain 1d8 HP.
5- Death.  Anyone within 100' of the Sorcerer-King cannot benefit from healing spells, potions or magic.  Additionally, any person who is not at full HP automatically loses 1 HP a round.  If you are already bleeding out or suffering from a Horrible Wound, this aura worsens it by 1 degree.  
6- Love.  Charms people into following them.  If the Sorcerer-King is nice to you, save or take 1d6 WIS damage.  If the amount of WIL damage taken ever equals or exceeds your total WIS score, you become Charmed by the Sorcerer-King.  You also gain the Conviction, "I do not want to do anything that will hurt the Sorcerer-King, and will strongly consider any requests they might make of me."  

But if the Sorcerer-King gets into a really tough spot, he can just...


1- Use his powerful telekinesis (as a Mind Flayer) to start flinging people around, stealing weapons out of people's hands, etc, etc
2- Bring something dangerous looking to life and bring it into the fight, under her control.  The object animated has 1d6 HD, an AC of 10, and can make two attacks doing 1d8/1d8 damage.
3- Flood the air with some kind of hyper-lethal poison.  The Sorcerer-King can create a cloud of toxic gas for 30' that does 1d20 damage to everyone within in, with no save permitted to evade this damage.
4- Inflict a terrible disease on his or her attackers.  All within 100' must save.  On a failure, those who failed their save begin developing symptoms for some terrible disease.
5- Light EVERYTHING on fire.  The Sorcerer-King immediately flings a 5d6 fireball at one target within 100', doing damage to everything within 30' of the fireball, save for half.
6- Make something important explode.  One object within 100' is targeted.  If it is a creature, it may save.  If it is an object, no save is permitted.  After 1 round, or when the Sorcerer-King desires it, that creature or object explodes, dealing 2d20 damage to everything within 50', save for half. 
7- The Sorcerer-King calls down a 4d6 lightning bolt to strike one target.  Save for half.
8- One creature must save.  If the creature fails, he or she is turned into an ordinary, 1 HP Frog with no class abilities or higher cognitive functions, though their personality remains the same.
9- The Sorcerer-King fires a pair of lasers from his or her eyes.  Anyone struck by these lasers takes 3d6 CHA damage.  If the CHA damage taken equals or exceeds their CHA score, that creature is teleported to an unknown location.  
10- Summon an army of the Dead to do their bidding.  Immediately, 1d20+10 2 HD Undead loyal to the Sorcerer-King appear out of closets, from under the floorboards, crash through the windows and etc.
11- Take over someone's mind.  One creature within 100' of the Sorcerer-King must save.  On a failure, that creature falls under the mental domination of the Sorcerer-King for 1 hour or until the Sorcerer-King is dead. 
12- Teleport to some other location.  The Sorcerer-King, along with anyone touching them, disappears to some unknown location.
13- Disable their opponent's weapons.  Every person holding a weapon within 100' must save.  If they fail their save, their weapons stop working.
14- Create an amazing, astonishing illusion.  Every person within 100' sees an illusion depicting some kind of insane attack, reinforcements, or etc.  It is only when it touches them that they realize it was just an illusion. 
15- Flash-clone their opponents and sick their clones on them.  1d6 of the Sorcerer-King's opponents are suddenly copied, and clones of them wielding organic equipment are grown on the battlefield.  These clones are absolutely fearless and obedient to the Sorcerer-King.  
16- Create a bunch of acid and start melting stuff.  The Sorcerer-King can either make an attack and create a bubble of acid that they throw at someone, doing 3d6 acid damage on a hit, or cover a section of floor up to 30' long and 30' wide in strong acid that will dissolve anything that is not stone, glass, ceramic or plastic.
17- Suck the life out of you.  The Sorcerer-King, as an action, can force one person within 30' to save.  On a failure, that person takes 1d8 damage and the Sorcerer-King regains an equivalent amount of HP.
18- Summon some really strong back-up.  The Sorcerer-King summons an Outsider, who will try to possess someone within 100' of the Sorcerer-King.  Use the usual rules for Outsiders, as found here.
19- Transform themselves.  The Sorcerer-King transforms themselves into a giant monster that has a Damage Threshold of 10, an AC of 12, and makes 3 attacks, two for 1d8 and 1 for 1d12.
20- Unleash a psychic pressure wave.  Everyone within 100' must save.  On a failure, they take 1d6 Psychic damage and get -1d6 to do anything complicated or delicate as the Sorcerer-King's will crashes into their minds, flattening their personalities, shoving them back down into their Lizard brains.  Those affected by the psychic pressure continue taking 1d6 damage as long as they are within 100' of the Sorcerer-King and are not running away.   

What is the Sorcerer-King's weakness?


1- If his hair is ever cut, he loses his powers.
2- She cannot use or touch iron, and iron weapons hurt her more than other types.
3- Anything holy or blessed will do extra damage to him.  He also cannot harm holy individuals or step onto holy ground.
4- She can only maintain her powers as long as she does not commit any serious sin or act of virtue.
5- He cannot eat certain things, such as the meat of certain animals.  If he did, this would weaken him.
6- She fears mirrors for some reason.  If she sees a mirror, she will flee.
7- He has unmet obligations to a powerful creature from beyond the world.  This creature could probably offer you some advice, if you help it to collect on its debts.
8- She cannot disobey the order or harm a certain type of person, such as civil magistrate of a nation whose jurisdiction she falls under, one of the Folk, a virgin, etc.  However, the order of another creature or person of the same type can override the first order.
9- He is damaged by sunlight.
10- She must regularly make sacrifices to a cabal of spirits, which grant them the majority of her powers.  If this sacrifice network were to be totally disrupted, she would lose all her powers.  If it was partially interrupted, then she would be weakened.  If left untouched, she is basically invincible.
11- He requires an item on their person.  If this item is not in his possession, he is severely weakened.  If it was destroyed, he would permanently lose his powers.
12- She is being pursued by Hungry Ghosts, who wish to kill her and drag her soul to Hell for her crimes.  These Hungry Ghosts are kept away by frequent sacrifices, magic or some other mechanism.  If this mechanism could be broken, the Hungry Ghosts could freely enter and attack the Sorcerer-King.  The Hungry Ghosts could tell you this.  However, you must be careful.  The Hungry Ghosts are are single-minded and consumed by vengeance.  They will do anything to make the Sorcerer-King pay.

But even if you kill them, if they manage to get you with their Death Curse, then you're screwed.  What did they curse you with?

"I curse you with..."

1- "Madness."  You develop some kind of delusion that steadily gets worse until it consumes your whole life.  This curse is broken by becoming a servant of chaos and freeing yourself from any self-imposed restraints, such as your family, job, citizenship, or etc.
2- "Falling into an endless sleep."  You fall asleep and don't wake up.  This curse is broken by true love's kiss. 
3- "An incurable disease."  You develop a disease that will eventually kill you, but not before it destroys your life.  This curse is broken by mortifying your flesh in fire from a living source.  You will need a powerful Wizard, a Dragon or a Fire Elemental.
4- "Turning into an animal."  You turn into an animal, preferrably something small and cute.  You lose all class abilities in this form and higher cognitive functions.  Your personality remains the same though.  This curse is broken by contacting a Deity or someone in charge of governing the physical laws of the universe and reporting the discrepancy to the appropriate department.   
5- "Being shrunk [to 6 inches tall]."  Welcome to the microverse, bucko.  This curse is broken by making a pact with one of the Sovereigns of the Folk.
6- "Tragic, unavoidable Death."  You're going to die and soon.  It's probably going to be ironic or violent, possibly both.  This curse is broken by successfully making a save vs death or by having a close shave (Referee's Discretion) with death.
7- "Rotten Love."  You fall in love with someone who is an absolutely awful person.  You will realize this, as well as the fact that your love is generated by this curse, but you won't be to help yourself.  This curse is broken by getting your awful partner to break your heart and leave you.
8- "Wicked desires."  You develop dark appetites.  Roll 1d6 to see what it is for:  [1- You love killing people.  Whenever you get the chance, you will act according to your Conviction.  You must successfully save to resist; 2- You have a perverted and unnatural sexuality.  One really weird thing gets you aroused, which is: 1d6 [1= Cannibalism; 2= Being hurt; 3= Hurting people; 4= Being treated like furniture; 5= Being raped; 6= (Almost) drowning yourself.]  Whenever you get the chance, you will act according to your Conviction; 3- You are a kleptomaniac.  You love stealing stuff.  Small stuff, valuable stuff, useless stuff, it's all the same.  Whenever you get the chance, you will act according to your Conviction; 4- You love breaking stuff and destroying things.  Whenever you get the chance, you will act according to your Conviction; 5- You are seriously aroused by being ordered to do things.  You will want to seek out someone who will abuse and treat you like their slave.  Whenever you get the chance, you will act according to your Conviction; 6- You become obsessed with a random person and start following them around.  Whenever you get the chance, you will act according to your Conviction.]  This curse is broken by performing an act of supreme virtue that does not benefit you in any way (Referee's Discretion).
9- "Truth."  You are unable to lie.  This curse is broken by deceiving someone of something important while being unable to lie.
10- "Being unable to heal."  You may not regain any HP or FS for any reason.  This curse is broken by sacrificing yourself and taking a metaphorical bullet for someone else.   
11- "Infamy."  You are suddenly an infamous outlaw, known far and wide for committing some grisly crime.  There is a bounty on your head and bounty-hunters on your tail, along with the conventional authorities.  This curse is broken by pleading your case before a legal court.
12- "Slavery."  You no longer have any will of your own and must obey the orders other people give you.  Treat all people around you as "equal rank", so you must obey any order anyone gives you, with newer orders overriding old ones.  This curse is broken by willingly submitting to one master and serving them for a year. 
13- "Confinement."  You are teleported to some kind of cell, prison, or containment facility.  If you ever leave it of your own will, you instantly die, with no save permitted.  You know this fact.  This curse is broken by having someone break you out.
14- "Hell."  One object on your person is cursed.  You will be tormented by visions, foul omens and harassed by an invisible spirit that only you can see.  Then, after three days, this spirit will attack and drag you down to hell.  This curse is broken by finding the cursed object and giving it to someone else, who is then dragged to Hell.
15- "A Deadly Enemy."  The next powerful person you meet develops an immediate dislike of you, and begins plotting your downfall.  This curse is broken by developing a strong relationship with the family, friends or kinsmen of your enemy.
16- "An Entrance to the Void."  A portal to the Darkness Beyond the Stars opens near you and begins following you.  The portal will suck up nothing but you and what you throw into it.  It pursues at a slow, but inexorable pace until it swallows you.  This curse is broken by throwing someone you love into the portal.
17- "A poisoned gift."  You receive a gift, whether it be a magic item, a piece of property, a bride, or a big bucket of money. However, there is some hidden flaw in this gift that destroys anyone who receives it, whether it be haunted, cursed, or etc.
18- "Good taste."  You become absolutely irresistible to creatures who eat your species and cannibals, who will pursue you. This curse is broken by becoming a vegetarian for at least a year.
19- "Grief."  Over a short period of time, those you rely on most in your life, whether that be your family, friends or brothers-in-arms will begin dying off in accidents or simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This will continue until everyone shuns you for being bad luck.  This curse is broken by throwing a lavish funeral for the first person who died.
20- "Petrification."  You begin slowly turning to stone over a period of days.  Soon you will be a statue.  This curse is broken by filing the appropriate paperwork with a representative for the Elemental Court of Earth.

What is the the Sorcerer-King's long-term goal?


1- To punish a troublesome polity (city, province, or small nation).
2- To punish a particular person and his or her family, or the descendants of that person.
3- To become immortal.
4- To trick or manipulate a person into fulfilling an ancient prophecy.
5- To awaken an Elder God from their hibernation beneath the waves.
6- To destroy an institution or an organization that the Wizard finds offensive (CERN, Walmart, National Geographic magazine).
7- To attempt or investigate time travel, with the intention of using it.
8- To create life (the more dangerous and uncontrollable, the better).
9- To create a terribly dangerous magical weapon, capable of untold destruction if completed.
10- To reshape the geography of an area in a drastic and permanent sense.
11- To make a fictional character(s) real.
12- To clone/resurrect/revive someone they love.
13- To get into space in a rocket made of garbage and spells.
14- To build a tower or structure that can reach Heaven so they can speak to God.
15- To build a portal to Hell.
16- To rip a star out of the heavens and bring it down to earth.
17- To learn his or her fate and the fate of everyone in the world.
18- To gain access to another, parallel universe.
19- To gain control of the vast majority of a valuable resources.
20- To ensure the survival and success of a people group/nation/bloodline.

What is the Sorcerer-King's current goal?


1- To destroy a troublesome organization/tribe/person who is interferring in the Sorcerer-King's plans.
2- To gather rare ingredients for a magical ritual.
3- To obtain a rare and powerful magical item.
4- To speak to a particular person and pick their brain on a subject that person is knowledgeable in.
5- To find out what is causing the delays in his or her long-term project.
6- To try and tame/recruit a particular monster/person/entity to his or her cause.

What is the Sorcerer-King's current problem?


1- Her monsters keeping escaping/defecting.
2- Troublesome lesser beings keep intruding into his laboratories.
3- The power source for her current experiment is quite dangerous/unstable and is negatively affecting her, her workers, or the surrounding environment.
4- His experiment is flooding the local area with magical radiation, which is causing all sorts of irritating side-effects.
5- A local monster/person/tribe is attacking them, and the Sorcerer-King just wants to be left alone.
6- The Fuzz is coming!  API or some other law-enforcement body is coming to check out this place, and the Sorcerer-King is scrambling to get out and conceal the evidence that he was here.

What is the Sorcerer-King's current fancy?


1- To wait and see how a particular, amusing situation plays.  For example, what happens when an adventuring party accidentally activates the ancient doomsday device?  
2- The Sorcerer-King want you to come and have tea with him or her. 
3- The Sorcerer-King want you to deliver this sexually degrading letter to a powerful monster/person/entity, see that monster/person/entity's reaction and bring back a reply.
4- To throw the greatest party in the universe.  Expect Succubus dancers, drugs with names that you can only pronounce with a two foot tongue, and high-profile guests from all over the world/the cosmos to show up.
5- To wander around undercover with some local ruffians.  If a police officer starts reporting a member of the a local criminal syndicate that can suddenly fly or shoot lightning out of his eyes, it could be a Sorcerer-King in disguise.     
6- To hand over immense power to a weakling and see what happens.  Expect the bullied kid to suddenly receive the anonymous gift of a magic superweapon, the homeless man to receive an enchanted amulet that attracts money, or the local single lady to suddenly gain the ability to make men fall in love with her.  Of course, chaos and unexpected consequences follow.

                                                      from Hunter x Hunter 2011

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