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OSR: Paladin 2: The Streets

So I've come to the conclusion that I would prefer my magic to be mystical and weird rather than Vancian.  This is a change I am okay with.  One thing I was not okay with was the current state of my Paladin class.  So I decided to rewrite it.  You can read the original here, all the fluff slash background lore will be remaining the same, but I have decided to alter the mechanics of the class itself to simply it, as well as to differentiate the various types of Paladins and remove the Vancian-esque elements of the class.

                                                              source unknown
My Cause is...


1- To protect my Tribe/People and advance their interests.
2- To protect, enforce, and uphold an institution (a government, body of laws, etc).
3- To defend the interests of my God.
4- To destroy an Evil Force.
5- To advance Good in the world.
6- To bring about reform or change in an institution, nation or people.

My Vow is...


1- To never allow [member of specific group] to come to harm if I can prevent it.
2- To destroy [Target] wherever I find it. 
3- To uphold [Ideal] wherever I go.
4- To always take/do [specific action] whenever the opportunity arises.
5- To never do [specific action].
6- To never act against [member of specific group].

My Master is...


1- An older Paladin
2- A Prophet
3- A Priest
4- A King or Governor of my Polity
5- An Angel (Good* Outsider)
6- A God

Starting HP: 1/3 HP
Fighting Spirit: You get +3 FS per Paladin level
Starting Equipment: Breastplate, Helmet, Shield, Shield or Spear, Prayer Beads or Holy Symbol, Sacred Vow



Vow: You have sworn a Holy Vow.  If you break this Vow, you can expect, at the minimum, to have to repent and seek forgiveness, and possibly go on a quest.  More serious violations will result in you losing your Paladin powers until you have demonstrated true repentance.  Finally, if you repeatedly and consistently violate the terms of the Vow you made, you can expect to lose your powers permanently and/or to be killed in a hideous fashion.

Dreams and Omens: God will tell you where to go and what to say in signs and visions.  He may also grant you visions of the future and hints about where you should go and what you should do in dreams.


Blessed Touch: As an action, if you touch someone, they receive an effect as dependent upon your Paladin Archetype.


Smite: As a free action, you may burn 1 FS to Smite an enemy.  If you use Smite to enhance an attack, that attack counts as magical and does +[Paladin level] holy damage on a hit.  You do not add the additional damage until after the attack hits, if it does.  If you do not have any FS, you cannot use this ability.   


Blessed Tongue: As an action, your speech, gains special properties as dependent on your Paladin Archetype.


Divinely Anointed: Your God has poured power and authority over you, granting you dominion.  As an action, 1/Day, you may display this authority of yours.  The exact effect this has depends on your God, see below for more information:

- If you are a Paladin (White Knight), you release an aura of sunlight that is visible for 100'.  All virtuous creatures may reroll morale checks while in this light and all evil creatures must check morale upon seeing this light or flee.  This light damages Undead and other creatures harmed by sunlight as per normal sunlight.

- If you are a Folk Hero (Blue Knight), you release a strong wind that carries with it the scents of home to all your allies.  All members of your group may reroll morale checks while they are within 100' of you.  All enemies of your group must check morale upon catching this, as to them the wind carries the sounds and smell of defeat.  Additionally, all members of your group regain 1d4 FS (if they are player characters) or 1d4 HP, if they are NPCs and not seriously wounded.

- If you are a Holy Marshal (Grey Knight) you release an aura of pure Law that ripples out for 100'.  All creatures operating in accordance with the Laws of Nature are healed back to half HP, unless they are already above half, in which case they are returned to full HP (Referee's Discretion).  Additionally, all creatures that defy the natural order of things, such as Undead, Outsiders, Abberations (Referee's Discretion) must save or suffer serious consequences: such as Undead being destroyed, Outsiders being forced to leave their Host bodies, Abberations being sent back to their home plane, etc.

- If you are a Red Sword (Red Knight) you release an aura of pure chaos that ripples out for 100'.  A;; creatures within that aura must save.  All creatures that fail their save must immediately roll on the Referee's favorite Magical Chaos table.  Additionally, all Mages within that area regain 1d6 of their spellcasting dice on a success.  On a failure, a Mage immediately roll on their Chaos table. 

- If you are a Druidic Warrior (Green Knight) you release an aura of energy that is toxic to the city.  Anyone within 100' of you who is using a piece of technology must save.  On a failure, that piece of technology breaks.  Additionally, art is destroyed, buildings are damaged and any wild animals in the area become aggressive towards humans.

- If you are a Blackguard (Black Knight) you release an aura of anonymity that covers a circle 100' in diameter, with you at the center.  You and anyone you designate within the circle become less noticeable than normal.  Unless you go out of your way to make an impression on people, people will overlook you, and must succeed on a save to pay attention to or remember you.  They will receive bonuses to this save if you are doing something obvious, interesting or dangerous and penalties if you are trying not to stand out.  Note that certain things are so noticeable they will immediately shatter this aura and end its effects, such as attacking someone, commiting a crime where people can see you, public nudity, being loud and obnoxious, etc.       

Blessed Form: As an action, your body gains special properties as specified by your Paladin Archetype.


Self-Denial: You learn a magical ritual/process that allows you to heal creatures back to full HP and possibly remove diseases, regrow lost limbs and otherwise mend broken forms, depending on your Paladin Archetype.  To figure out which process you must use and what it can do, consult your Paladin Archetype for more details.  


Divine Transformation: You can, 1/Day, transform into the living embodiment of your cause.  This grants immense power for a brief amount of time, lasting only until the end of the current combat or after 10 minutes if not in combat.  You may also transform back at will.  Consult your Paladin Archetype for more details.


Born Again: Once in your career as a Paladin, if you would be killed in battle, you may continue fighting as if you weren't struck down and didn't just suffer a death blow. Once the battle is finished, you have two options: survive with a suitable Horrible Wound but temporarily lose access to all your Paladin powers until you make an acceptable sacrifice to your God or die and ascend into the Heavens to be joined with your divine master.

                                             by AlvinHew

Paladin (White Knight):

Cause: To serve God, to do Good, to promote and demonstrate the Heroic Ideal

Vow: "I will fight evil, wherever I find it."

Blessed Touch: As an action, you may touch another creature.  Your touch heals 1d6+[Paladin level] FS.

Blessed Tongue: As an action, you may yell a battle cry.  All enemies who can hear your scream must save.  Those who fail their save must immediately check morale or flee.  Those who succeed are still rattled and take +1 damage from you and your allies for the rest of the battle.  

Blessed Form: Once per battle, as a free action, you can declare that one attack that should damage you instead does no damage at all.

Self-Denial: Pray over a person and if your God deems it appropriate, lay your hands on the wound.  If that person is righteous, they are restored to full HP and if the area you touched was infected, mangled, mutilated or near a severed body part, the person is restored fully.  Infections are cured, poisons removed, diseases banished and lost or mutilated limbs returned to as they were before.  

Divine Transformation: You become beautiful, shining like the sun.  Your mere touch hurts evil beings for 1 damage a round and your blood burns them like acid for 1d6 radiant damage.  While transformed like this, you can parry any attack against you, reducing the damage by your weapon damage.  You may do this an unlimited of number of times per round.  You can also parry ranged projectiles.

                                            by Artigas

Folk Hero (Blue Knight):

Cause: To protect the interests of your tribe, to defend your people, to stand against injustice

Vow: "I will not stand idly by and allow my people or my kinsmen to be harmed."

Blessed Touch: As an action, touch someone and spend 1 to 4 FS. That creature gains a bonus to AC equal to +X for the next X hours, where X is the amount of FS spent.

Blessed Tongue: As an action, you can speak a message up to X words long, where X is your Paladin level.  This message is then only audible to those people you wish to hear it.  You can target only one person or many, your choice.  The only other limit is that you must be able to see or sense the presence of your target.    

Blessed Form: As a free action, you may take 1d6 FS damage.  If you do this, you can ignite a holy fire that covers your weapons.  This causes you to do +1d6 radiant damage, or +2d6 to the sworn enemies of your tribe/group.  This fire can burn as long as you wish, but each additional round past the first costs an additional 1 FS. 

Self-Denial: Take the soil of your homeland, mix it with your blood, wine and fresh water from a stream or spring.  Make it into mud and pack it over the wound.  Then keep it on until the mud hardens.  When it hardens, scrape it off and you will find the wound healed.        

Divine Transformation: Holy fire surrounds you like a corona, transfiguring you.  You instantly recover from any physical condition (unless it is caused by a curse) such as being poisoned, blinded, deafened, stunned or etc.  You also recover 2d10 FS.  While in this form, your weapon attacks do damage as per Blessed Form and any enemy who strikes you in melee combat with a non-reach weapon (spear, halberd, etc) takes 1d6 radiant damage as the holy fire sears them.  You may also end the transformation at any point, unleashing a blast of holy fire that does 3d6 damage to all enemies within 50' and heals allies for 3d6 HP/FS.    

                                              by DiegoGisbertLlorens

Holy Marshal (Grey Knight):

Cause: To defend the world, to destroy the unnatural, to maintain the balance

Vow: "I will not permit any taint within my power to exist."

Blessed Touch: By touching something, you can tell if it is magical and what its various properties are.  You can also tell if it has been in the presence of a caster, Undead or Outsider, and how long ago that was.  You can only pick up these traces if one of the aforementioned were recently using it, they were exceptionally powerful, or no one has used the item since they did.  If they used it recently, you may be able to track them through their connection with the item.  

Blessed Tongue: You may take an action to challenge someone to single combat.  That creature must save.  On a failed save, the creature will immediately move to face you in single combat.  Depending on the context, this can mean ordering its minions to step back as "He's mine" or a formal duel, with a physician present.  Referee's Discretion applies.   

Blessed Form: As a free action, 1/Day, you can teleport up to 100', but only to a position adjacent to an enemy. 

Self-Denial: You know the proper alchemical formulaes and the ingredients to gather.  Draw the proper circles and write out the appropriate thaumaturgic equations, then place the wounded person into the center and infuse your own life-force into the ritual.  When the ritual is done, the ingredients will be transmuted into flesh and fused to the previously wounded person's body.

Divine Transformation: Your body becomes hard as iron.  You become immune to damage from non-magical weapons.  All other non-magical sources, with the exception of fire, do half damage.  You also gain the ability to, as an action, transform non-magical metal objects within 30' into shackles, chains or restraints.  If the metal objects you are targeting are being worn or used, the creature wearing or using them may save to resist your ability.  The keys to any restraint you make appear in your pockets.

                                                          by Frank Frazetta
Red Sword (Red Knight):

Cause: To advance Freedom, to sow Chaos, to set the captives free, to smash civil government, to destroy society

Vow: "I will do as I will."

Blessed Touch: 1/Day, any locked, sealed or closed object you touch unlocks, unseals or opens. 

Blessed Tongue: Whenever a spell or magical effect occurs in your presence, you may attempt a WIL contest with the primary caster.  If you lose the contest, the effect occurs as normal.  If you succeed, however, the magical effect is sucked into your mouth and stuck on your tongue.  It will remain on your tongue until you decided to release it or speak, at which point it will be released and affect a random target before you, as it had just been cast. 

Blessed Form: 1/Day, you can transform your body into a column of fire, a miniature storm cloud, a lightning bolt or a cloud of red sand.  All your equipment transforms with you.  You gain all the immunities and weaknesses of that form, for example, a column of fire is immune to sharp, blunt and fire damage, but it is vulnerable to being splashed with water, suffocationg, etc.  You can remain in this form for as long as you like, but each round you spend in it costs you 1 FS.   

Self-Denial: There are two ways for you to heal HP.  For starters, you can engage in sexual intercourse with the wounded person.  This will allow you to transfer your vitality to them in an 'intimate' way.  The other way is for you to anoint the wounded person and another person with a cocktail of your blood, sweat and some other bodily fluids.  Then the wounded person and their chosen partner must have sexual intercourse.      

Divine Transformation: You transform into an avatar of chaos.  Wings sprout from your back (destroying any armor or clothing you wore over your chest), granting you a fly speed.  You also gain the ability to breathe fire every 1d4 rounds.  This fire does 3d6 damage in a 30' cone, save for half.  The fire is otherwise normal and spreads as fire would.

                                                      by Frank Frazetta

Druidic Warrior (Green Knight):

Cause: To destroy Symbolic Thought, to revert all to a pre-civilizational paradigm, to crush The City

Vow: "I will wear no metal armor, own only what I can take and hold, never sleep under a roof* and never use money for any purpose."

Blessed Touch: As an action, you may touch one piece of technology.  It breaks or malfunctions and will need to be repaired before it can be used.

Blessed Tongue: As an action, you may make the sound of a great beast.  All who hear it must check morale or become frightened.  Those who succeed their check will want to investigate the source of the noise, while those who failed their check will take reasonable precautions or leave the area, if such a thing is possible. 

Blessed Form: As an action, you may spend 1 to 4 FS.  Your skin then changes into natural armor, resembling that of one of the great beasts.  1 FS might get you a bear's thick pelt, while 4 might lend you a Buffalo's slab-like muscles.  For the next X rounds, where X is the amount of FS you spent, your AC equals 10+X.    

Self-Denial: You know a ritual where someone catches an animal, cuts out its heart, then bathes in its blood while others sing songs over them.  This allows them to heal wounds and even regenerate whole limbs.  You also know how to reincarnate, though that is a bit more "permanent". 

Divine Transformation: You may spend 1 to 6 FS as an action.  Then the next round, on your turn, you transform into a huge beast with an AC equal to 10+X, a natural weapons attack (claws, teeth, antlers, etc- your choice), and a damage bonus of +X. Additionally, anyone who sees you transform must immediately check morale or flee. 

                                                       by Frank Frazetta

Blackguard (Black Knight):

Cause: To exact revenge on this world, to serve the Dark Powers, to bring those who harmed you down, death, destruction

Vow: "I vow to aid the Dark Powers in their quest to Murder the Gods and Topple their Thrones."
Blessed Touch: You can spend an action to secrete poisonous fluid or acidic slime from your hands.  If you scrape this into a container, it can fill a small flask.  If you keep it on your hands, it lasts for 1 round, before disappating back into the ether.  Your poison does 1d6 poison damage if ingested or if it comes into contact with someone's eye or open wounds.  Your acid does 1d6 acid damage and dissolves anything but glass, plastic, ceramics and enchanted or super-hardened objects. 

Blessed Tongue: As an action, you may command a corpse to "Rise and serve your new Master!"  Then spend 1-4 FS.  You lose that much FS and the corpse rises as a X HD Undead under your control, where X is the amount of FS you spent.  The Undead will serve you for X days, then will no longer be under your control and will be free to do as it wishes. 

Blessed Form: As an action, spend 1-6 FS.  You then expel a cloud of white fog that fills the air for 10*[Paladin level]' around you.  This cloud of fog is cold and clammy, and has all the properties of a normal cloud of fog.  However, it also has an additional effect.  Any damage taken by anyone within this cloud of fog is multipled by X, which is the amount of FS you initially sacrificed.  This fog lasts for X minutes, or until you dismiss it.   

Self-Denial: You can secrete a type of slime that sizzles and burns away infected or damaged flesh, but allows the limb to keep functioning normally, even with missing skin, flesh or bone.  This is why some Minions of the Dark Powers are alive but possess skeletal limbs, usually concealed under robes and the like. 

Divine Transformation: You sprout horns, claws and a spiny tail.  Your tail is prehensile and can be used to grab things.  You also get a +4 bonus to all checks or saving throws made to climb things and you can make attacks with your claws (1d6/1d6) plus your usual attack bonus.  If you don't want to make two claw attacks though, you also get a bite attack, made at a -4 unless against a helpless or immobile target.  Your bite is toxic and anyone who is bitten by this has the wound rapidly become infected (Referee's Discretion- certain creatures may be immune or otherwise unaffected).

                                                    by chrisnfy85

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