Tuesday, March 31, 2020

OSR: Outsider Alignment


My Outsider Megapost has one real weakness, and that is because I haven't really written on the morality or culture of Outsiders.  This post is an attempt to correct that.

There are three types of Outsider: Angels, Demons and Spirits.  However, unlike mortals, who are often conflicted and contradictory, Outsiders are living exemplars of certain virtues, vices or ideals.  They are usually iron-willed and almost unable to compromise.  As such, Outsiders generally only inhabit the extremes of morality.   

When generating an Outsider, roll on the table below.


1- Benevolent.  This being is likely labeled an Angel.  It embodies a virtue that is Good, though not everyone might share  that opinion.  To determine what virtue, roll on sub-Table A. 
2- Indifferent.  This being is likely labeled a Spirit.  It embodies an ideal or represents a concept that is not inherently good or bad, though not everyone might share that opinion.  To determine what that ideal is, roll on sub-Table B. 
3- Malicious.  This being is likely labeled a Demon.  It embodies a vice that is Bad, though not everyone might share that opinion.  To determine what vice, roll on sub-Table C.

<Referee's Note>

When I use the terms Good or Bad here, I am referring to the Outsider's position relative to the absolute Moral Law, which is real in Nukaria and binds all conscious beings.  However, just because an Outsider embodies a good virtue doesn't necessarily mean a culture will think it good.  For example, in a culture that values sexual freedom, an Angel of Chastity is not going to find a warm welcome.  Similarly, in a culture that values rebellion and revenge under the guise of "justice", a Demon of Vengeance will probably be warmly received, no matter how many necks he breaks.

</Referee's Note>

sub-Table A:

This Angel is an Exemplar of...


1- Prudence.
2- Justice.
3- Fortitude.
4- Temperance.
5- Honesty.
6- Diligence.
7- Self-Control.
8- Friendship.
9- Zeal.
10- Generosity.
11- Kindness.
12- Grace.
13- Mercy.
14- Patience.
15- Peace.
16- Joy.
17- Faith.
18- Hope.
19- Magnanimity.
20- Charity/Love.   

sub-Table B:

This Spirit is an embodiment of...


1- The natural process of the young surpassing the old; likely embodies some aspect of fire, floods, jungles.
2- The turning of the seasons.  Decide which season the Outsider embodies or roll 1d4 [1= Winter; 2= Spring; 3= Summer; 4= Fall.]
3- The struggle between predator and prey; likely embodies some aspect of predatory animals, human hunters, traps.
4- The desire to reproduce.
5- The Weather.  Select one type of Weather that the Outsider embodies an aspect of or roll 1dX [1= Rain; 2= Sun; 3= Overcast; 4= Thunderstorm; 5= Hailstorm; 6= Tornado.]
6- Sudden, unpredictable change; a twist of fate.
7- Random Tragedy.
8- Fortuna/Chance.
9- Creativity/Genius.
10- The struggle of Man against Nature or vice versa.

sub-Table C:

This Demon is an Avatar of...


1- Sloth.
2- Avarice.
3- Envy.
4- Lust.
5- Wrath.
6- Gluttony.
7- Deceit.
8- Vengeance.
9- Hatred.
10- War/Conflict.
11- Hard-heartedness.
12- Tribalism.
13- Sadism.
14- Selfishness.
15- Murder.
16- Violence.
17- Scorn.
18- Theft.
19- Suicide.
20- Pride.

                                                            by재문 윤

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