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OSR: 1d10 Magic Rings plus some extras


                                                by Lucas Durham

Magic Rings:

1- Ring of Infatuation
2- Ring of Petrification
3- Ring of Rubber
4- Ring of the Spider Swarm
5- Ring of the Dancing Queen
6- Ring of Elemental Absorption
7- Ring of Reversal
8- Ring of Slavery
9- Ring of Red Miles
10- Ring of False Wishes

Ring of Infatuation

Actually composed of two rings, the Lover ring and the Beloved ring.  Both rings must be worn for the magical effect to activate.  The creature who wears the Lover ring finds himself suddenly desperately, head-over-heels in love with the wearer of the Beloved ring.  The wearer of the Lover ring will then immediately begin making plans for how to woo the wearer of the Beloved ring and begin a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

The Lover ring does not change the personality, morals or behavior of the wearer, but the wearer will likely modify his behavior to avoid offending the object of their affections.  The wearer of the Lover ring will seek to do all the things he would do with an ordinary lover with the wearer of the Beloved ring. 

The wearer of the Lover ring will not fight the object of his affections, unless there are no other options are available, but even if he does fight the wearer of the Beloved ring, he will not kill the Beloved ring's wearer.

The wearer of the Beloved ring is not placed under any enchantment and is free to reciprocate or respond as they see it.  However, even if they spurn the wearer of the Lover ring, the wearer of said ring will continue trying to enter a relationship with them, by any means.  If the relationship becomes a toxic, one-sided obsession, so be it.  The wearer of the Lover ring will not care.

The wearers of each ring can sense each other's direction and distance from each other, though not in strict terms.  "I know he is far away, to the Northeast," not, "She is 200 miles southwest, 3,000 feet above sea level." 

Finally, if the wearer of the Beloved ring is not present but someone puts on the Lover ring, if that person has heard of the person wearing the Object ring, he falls instantly in love with that person.  If the wearer of the Lover ring hasn't heard of the person wearing the opposite ring, he will instead fall in love at first sight if he sees the wearer of the Beloved ring.

The wearer of the Lover ring will not remove the ring willingly from his own finger and will fight any creature that attempts to take it off him by force.  Only the wearer of the Beloved ring will be permitted to removed the ring.

Ring of Petrification

Anyone who wears this ring is instantly transformed into a statue.  The creature cannot move or act, but does not age nor need anything a living thing would require.  The ring, as well as any equipment on the creature's person, is unaffected by the change and can be removed, though some things might be hard to take off the statue without damaging it.  If at any point, if the Ring of Petrification is removed, the creature that was petrified is de-petrified and returns to whatever state they were in before they were petrified.   

Ring of Rubber

Anyone who wears this ring finds his flesh takes on a rubbery quality, able to stretch and bend far past what it is normally possible.  That creature makes all DEX saves and checks with advantage.  That creature also gains immunity to blunt/bludgeoning and falling damage, unless such an impact is ruled by the Referee as too much force to be absorbed by the creature's elastic flesh.  Examples include such a thing as falling from a very high building (5 stories or more), being hit by Thor's hammer or something of a similar magnitude, etc.

Additionally, A creature wearing the ring of rubber only does half damage on successfully hitting in melee, because their rubbery flesh doesn't transfer energy efficiently.

Ring of the Spider Swarm

This ring can, 1/Day, as an action, summon a swarm of spiders to aid you.  It also gives you the ability to talk to spiders as if you shared a language.  The spiders you summon are not charmed to you, and you will have to negotiate with them if you want them to do anything strenuous.  Spiders are willing to offer their service in exchange for food, usually in the form of tasty bugs, but they'll eat just about any meat, though you'll probably have to chop it into little pieces so they'll be able to carry it away.

Alternatively, if there are any in the area, the ring will automatically summon a Giant Spider.  Giant Spiders range from the size of large dogs to the size of medium-sized vegetable gardens (20' from tip to tip).  They also range in intelligence, from about as smart as dogs to as smart as pigs.  Giant Spiders will need to be paid for their service as well, but they'll need a lot more meat.  Alternatively, a Giant Spider may request some other service, such as killing away a bunch of small animals that keep trying to eat the Spider's eggs, driving off a rival or investigating something the Spider doesn't understand. 

Ring of the Dancing Queen

This ring grants the user incredible skill at dancing, giving them +4 to any checks made to dance or perform using their dancing skills.  The ring also exerts a charm effect on those who watch the ring's wearer- those who see him (or her) dance must save.  On a failed save, if the wearer is in a space where dancing is expected or at least encouraged of the watchers, then those who fail their saves will be charmed into going out there and dancing with the ring's wearer.  If the ring's wearer is not in a situation where people are expected to dance or is performing, those who fail their save are captivated by the performance and will not divert their attention from it, unless something clearly more important presents itself to them, such as an intruder, an attack, a clear and present danger, something that could interrupt the performance, etc.   

Ring of [Elemental] Absorption

This ring can, 1/Day, absorb the energy of a specific type of elemental or magical attack or ability to heal the wearer for X, where X is the damage dealt.  This ability can be used as a reaction.  To determine what kind of elemental damage the ring can absorb, roll on the table below.



1- Fire.
2- Ice.
3- Lightning.
4- Thunder.
5- Acid.
6- Force.
7- Psychic.
8- Necrotic.
9- Radiant.
10- Poison. 

Ring of Reversal

This ring grants the user the ability to X times per day (minimum of 1), where X equals their CHA modifier, to reverse/invert the effect of a magical spell or effect.  For example, fire spells become ice, healing spells become harming spells, force fields suck people in, buffs hobble the creature they are cast on, etc.

Ring of Slavery

This ring does not grant it's power to the person who wears it, but to the person who stains the diamond on it with his blood.  When you mark the gemstone with your blood, the ring accepts you as the Master.  Whoever then puts on the ring becomes the Slave.

The Slave, once they put on the ring, cannot take it off unless the Master says, "I release you" three times in a row.  "I release you, I release you, I release you." 

The Master can, at any point, inflict pain on the Slave.  This pain can be inconveniencing to excruciating, granting a -1 to -4 penalty to whatever the slave attempts.  Creatures must check morale when pain is inflicted upon them like this, or be forced to beg for the pain to stop, or otherwise take action to make it stop. 

The Master, additionally, can command the ring to detonate.  This does 3d6 damage that ignores Armor to the slave and teleports the ring.  The ring will disappear for 1d4+1 years, after which it will reappear in a random storage container somewhere in the world.

Once the Slave takes off the ring, they cannot be affected by the ring, nor can the ring be detonated unless it is being worn.  Additionally, if someone else marks the diamond on the ring with his blood, that new person becomes the master.  The Slave can also escape from the ring by cutting off their own hand or finger, assuming he or she has the stones for it.    

Ring of Red Miles     

The ring of Red Miles enables the user to create long tendrils of blistering energy that resemble the tentacles of a squid or the thin branches of a sapling.  The user can conjure up to X tendrils, where X is the user's total Constitution score.  These tendrils then spread out towards up to X creatures.  Multiple tendrils can be sent to attack the same creature as well. The tendrils do 1dX+[COG modifier] damage, where X is the lowest dice that could equal the user's HD or level.  For example, a Level 4 Fighter with a COG of 13(+1) using this ring would have his tendrils do 1d4+1 damage on a hit.

Each round, the user can have the tendrils automatically attack, forcing the creatures who have been targeted to save.  On a failed save, the targeted creature is hit.  And creatures do need to save multiple times before tendril.  While this is being done, the user cannot take an actions requiring physical effort- they can walk across a room and pour themselves a glass of tea, but cannot dodge an attack or make a saving throw.  Should they attempt a strenuous action, the tendrils disappear.

Each time the Ring of Red Miles is used, the target must save.  On a failure, the target is Fatigued until they take a short rest. 

The Ring of False Wishes

This ring is cursed.  Tell the players this.  Also tell them that it grants wishes, but that it will twist them to try and make something bad happen.  This is a lie, but make sure you tell the players this, either explicitly as the Referee or through an NPC.

The ring will grant 3 wishes to the first intelligent creature who wears it.  However, these illusions are entirely illusory. For example, if the party wishes for 1,000,000 gold pieces, the ring will cast an illusion on the stones in the stream bed, making them appear to become gold coins.  These illusions do not stand up to physical scrutiny and can be seen through by someone making and succeeding on a COG check.  However, it should be able to fool most people, at least for a while. Someone who believes the results of the wish to be fake has advantage on trying to see through them.  Someone who does not know about the cursed ring or wants to believe in the wishes has disadvantage on seeing through them. 

The ring cannot grant any more wishes until that creature is dead or the wishes have been exposed as fakes.

                                                           source unknown

Ioun Stones:

Ioun Stones are powerful magic items made from gemstones engraved with many thousands of tiny runes.  Imperceptible normally, but visible if inspected closely under bright light.  Ioun Stones orbit around the user's head, granting the user certain powers.  As long as the Stone orbits the user, he has access to that power.  A Stone can be forced to deactivate by hitting it out of the air (requiring a successful attack roll against the user) or by succeeding a DEX check, where the DC is 12 + the DEX modifier of the Stone's user. 

However, even if stolen an Ioun Stone will only function for one user- to anyone else, it is just a fancy rock.  Ioun Stones can only be taken off of the dead or willingly given from one person to another. 

The only way to destroy an Ioun Stone is to seal them in a hardened container and then sink that container in the depths of the sea, or bury it deep underground.  The Stones will lose their magic after 1d100 years of not being used, after which they will be ordinary gemstones.  Anything else will just result in you embarassing yourself.

To see what kind of gemstone the Stone is, roll on the tables below.

What kind of Stone is it?


1- Ruby.
2- Sapphire.  There is a 40% that the Sapphire is a Star Sapphire, and a 10% that it is a Golden Star Sapphire.
3- Emerald.
4- Agate.
5- Peridot.
6- Amethyst.
7- Tourmaline.
8- Bismuth.
9- Diamond.
10- Garnet.
11- Jade.
12- Topaz.
13- Opal.  There is a 50% the opal is a fire opal.
14- Citrine.
15- Rhodolite.
16- Zircon.    
17- Pearl.  There is a 50% the pearl is black.
18- Alexandrite.
19- Aquamarine.
20- Tanzanite.

What power does it grant?


1- Attribute.  This Stone increase one of the user's ability scores by 1, up to a maximum of 18.  That ability score is 1d6 [1= Strength; 2= Dexterity; 3= Constitution; 4= Cognition; 5= Charisma; 6= Reroll.]

2- Protection.  This Stone grants the user 1d4 [1= [10 Armor] as long as it orbits the user's head.  This bonus can stack with another piece of armor; 2= The stone parries the first melee or missile attack against the user (assuming a physical missile).  The stone cannot parry non-physical attacks; 3= The stone can 3/Day do damage equal to half the damage an attack dealt by that creature did to the user.  Ex: Zulu the Orc does 6 damage to you and you activate the stone to do 3 damage back to him.  This can be used as a reaction; 4= The stone grants resistance to (halves) damage from a specific elemental type against the user.  This stone grants resistance to 1d6 (1= Fire; 2= Cold; 3= Acid; 4= Lightning; 5= Thunder; 6= Necrotic).]  

3- Regeneration.  This Stone gives the user the ability to regenerate 1d4 HP a minute or 1 HP a round.  It also immediately stabilizes the user if it is allowed to float above the user's head for more than 1 round.  However, because this magic is based on stimulating the body's natural healing abilities, the user will become much hungrier after healing and will require twice as much food as a normal creature his size.  After regenerating from serious injury, much more food may be required (Referee's Discretion).   

4- Sustenance.  This Stone sustains the user, eliminating their need for 1d4 [1= Food or water; 2= Sleep; 3= Air.  This also renders them immune to inhaled poison and dangerous inhaled gases; 4= Time.  This Stone makes the user ageless, preventing them from aging while the stone is affecting them.] 

5- Absorption.  This Stone can absorb 1d6 [1= 1d8; 2= 1d10; 3= 2d6; 4= 2d8; 5= 2d10; 6= 3d8] elemental/magical damage as a reaction.  This reduces the amount of damage you take by X, where X is the absorbed damage.  The user may then, as a full action, release the absorbed damage against a target of his choice.  The stone can only absorb and store one attack at a time, and while it is storing an attack it cannot absorb another until emptied.

6- Power.  This Stone gives the user 1d4 [1= The ability to ignite his weapons, covering them in fire which does an additional +1d6 fire damage; 2= Gives the user 1 Mana Dice which he can use to cast spells.  This MD can also be used to replace other dice, such as the Boxer's Stamina Dice; 3= The ability to 1/Day double his modifier for any check based on STR, CON or COG; 4= The ability to charm people by forcing them to make a save.  On a failed save, they will treat you like a good friend for 1 hour.  After that hour is up or on a failed save, that person will realize you used magic to influence him and will react appropriately.]   

                                                   by Dmitry Burmak

Bag of Holding:

A Bag of Holding can hold the contents of 8 normal inventory slots while only occupying one itself. 

Bags of Holding are fairly common magic items, often passed from adventurer to adventurer, either by hand or recovered from well-chewed corpses in dank dungeons.  Some however, are sold by cash-strapped adventurers.  So if you know the right places to look, you might be able to buy one for yourself.   

A Bag of Holding can hold the contents of 8 normal inventory slots while only occupying one itself.   

But you should never buy a Bag of Holding second-hand, merchants rarely bother checking their contents, as they are usually only purchased by Criminals and Adventurers, and are often used to hold things too strange or illegal to bother with.  But if you did, roll on the table below. 

Alternatively, this could be the table used when you take a Bag of Holding off another Adventurer. 

What is in this Bag of Holding?


1- 1d6 corpses in various states of decay.
2- A wheel of cheese.
3- 1d10*10 torches.
4- A ten foot pole.
5- A bed, including pillows, blankets and a stuffed mattress.
6- A magical item.  Roll on your favorite lesser magic item table.
7- 50 gallons of 1d6 [1= Lamp oil; 2= Salt water; 3= Brandy; 4= Fresh blood; 5= Green Slime; 6= Molten metal.]
8- 1d8 boles of fabric.
9- 1d20+10 pounds of salt.
10- A Mockery.  This Mockery is a 1d4 [1= Mock-Soldier fighting an imaginary war; 2= A Mock-Chef who makes edible, if largely tasteless food; 3= A Mock-Lion in a vest and bowler hat who reads to children and devours mean people; 4= A Mock-Ghost, which "haunts" people by hiding, making spooky noises and rearranging things when no one is looking.]
11- 10 candles, chalk, red string and a sacrificial dagger.
12- 1d100 pairs of women's undergarments.
13- An empty wooden barrel with a lid.
14- 1d10 polearms.
15- 1d10*10 arrows.
16- An Unbound Undead.
17- A musical instrument.  You find a 1d6 [1= Lute; 2= Shofar; 3= Flute; 4= Tambourine; 5= Drum; 6= Trumpet.]
18- A love letter addressed to someone you don't know.  No location is listed, but the letter mentions a landmark that you have heard of.
19- A treasure map along with a letter telling whoever was meant to receive it that they found some legendary destination, promising wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.
20- Cult regalia marking anyone who wore it as a 1d4 [1= Minion of the Dark Powers; 2= Chaos Cultist; 3= Member of a suppressed religion or heretical sect; 4= A Demon-Worshiper.]

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