Thursday, June 2, 2022

QHW, Day 2: Villains

The following is an excerpt from an Undernet forum that was improperly purged.  It is suspected that 'VX' in this case is a shortened version of Venomous Xavier, one of the handles for the entity known as Jake Irvin Mitchell, #17 on the AIR List (Apprehend, Interrogate, Release) and #5 on the BOLO list (Be on the Lookout).  

If found, Mitchell is to not be harmed.  He is suspected to have vital information on the current status of the Sons of Freedom and the Brothers of the Rapture and is to be considered an asset.  Thus is the will of Emperor and the Oversight Committee.

Excerpt Begins:

KS: How do we know we're not the villains of this story?  
KS: Everyone thinks that they're the heroes, the protagonists, but what if we're not?

LN: *think's

VX: Lol, retarded moralf*gg*try detected

KS: It's not, that.  This is a legitimate question.

VX: Okay, r*t*rd

KS: And why are you doing that?  Is this forum censored?  

VX: No, of course not, you f*ck*ng idiot.  Everyone here is considered a person-non-grata, at best

LN: *persona-non-gracia

VX: We're all likely to end up as prey to the Gods.  So no, nobody gives a d*mn about mean words.

KS: Why do you dismiss me?  You even refer to them as Gods.  What's the problem?  Weren't they here first?

TB: I'm also confused.  Isn't it a debate worth having?

VX: No, it's not you drunken f*ck*ng sp*st*cs.  The actions of my ancestors have nothing to do with me.  
VX: Sure, they might have culled most of the indigenous inhabitants of this pathetic blue mudball, but how is that my problem?

TB: So you don't call them Gods out of respect?

VX: I always respect my enemy, even if I hate them.  You'd be stupid not to, especially with this enemy.  

BoT: Web-Crawlers have pinged us.  Countdown to shut-down and data purge is imminent.  Current Time till Purge: 5:00.

VX: Sh*t, they're getting faster.

TB: Data purge?  What does that mean?

VX: It means everything is about to go to h*ll in a handbasket.  Save everything you think you might need.  

KS: So I guess I'm not getting an answer.  

VX: It's not your fault.  We might be considered the villains of this tale, but that's okay.  The villains are always cooler, sexier and more interesting than the heroes, anyway.

KS: This isn't a story.

VX: Good.  Because in a story, the villain usually gets their sh*t shoved in by the end of it.  The hero always wins.  
VX: Not here.  Here, the "bad guys" can win.  
VX: Besides, the humans had it coming.

Excerpt Ends

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