Friday, June 10, 2022

QHW, Day 3: Magitek

Welcome to Whizkid Technology and Entertainment, Inc. a Fortune 500 company.  Did you know that we've been rated #1 for customer and employee satisfaction for three straight years?  As such, now that you've joined our corporate family, be sure to familiarize yourself with all safety procedures and protocol.  Failure to follow safety protocols can lead to strict penalties, including but not limited to financial penalties, unpaid leave, administrative review and immediate termination.

As you know, our world has recently been transformed through the use of Fabrials, devices that harvest and channel extra-dimensional power, as accessed through the Primary Interdimensional Junction, better known as the Rift.

Whizkid Technology and Entertainment, Inc. manufacture and process many of these Fabrials.  Here at Whizkid, we categorize Fabrials into 5 helpful categories: Reliable, Stable, Capricious Reactive and Volatile.

Reliable Fabrials almost always do exactly what they are supposed to do.  Additional effects or magical discharge is largely non-existent.  Additionally, damaging such Fabrials generally only disables the device.  Most mass market Fabrials, such as Pen-Pairs and Self-Cleaning Clothes, are Reliable. 

Stable Fabrials usually do what they are supposed to do.  They can produce magical discharge or cause other effects, but these are usually mild or temporary.  Damaging such Fabrials is not advised and can cause larger versions of discharge effects, or extend their duration.  Still, such effects usually aren't hazardous.  Example Fabrials of this type are Self-Heating Pans and Automatic Ovens. 

Capricious Fabrials are devices that do what they are told to occasionally, but unless operated with sensitivity and skill, can easily become dangerous.  Damaging such Fabrials can easily lead to a dangerous situation.  Most Capricious Fabrials require specific modifications to the home or special licenses to be owned by civilians.  Examples of such devices include Talking Wardrobes and Seeing Eyes.

Reactive Fabrials are devices that are very sensitive to outside effects and can very easily do damage to their environment or user if not handled correctly.  Damaging such Fabrials almost always causes whatever effect the Fabrial is supposed to generate to fly out of control.  Magical discharge and additional effects are expected with Reactive Fabrials.  Most devices of this type are used only in manufacturing or by trained professionals.  It is not advised to attempt to operate a Reactive Fabrial without proper authorization, credentials and safety equipment.  Examples of such Fabrials include Lightning Channelers, Walking Furnaces and Corpse-Disposal Boxes. 

Volatile Fabrials are devices that cause violent, often uncontrollable effects, usually in the form of violent chain reactions.  Magical discharge and additional effects are extremely common from Volatile Fabrials.  Only those with government authorization or special licenses are permitted to own, operate or work with Volatile Fabrials.  Generally they are only employed for tasks that are too difficult or impractical to do otherwise, such as the smelting and forging of Promethium or Stormplate.  They are never to be viewed as safe or under control and strict safety measures are to be obeyed at all times when around a Volatile Fabrial.

And that's the basics of Fabrial Classification!  We here at Whizkid Technology and Entertainment, Inc. hope you found this discussion illuminating.  We hope you'll follow all protocols outlined in this manual.  Thank you for practicing Good Safety Practices and for helping us put A Spin on Life! 

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