Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Random Demon Generator

This is a series of Tables for quickly generating a suitably weird appearance for a  Random Horror/Demon/Outsider.  For statistics, please check out the Outsider Megapost.

For further reading, you can read my post on Gentle Beasts (though its a bit outdated, see above link), or for a slightly different yet similar take, check out Iron and Ink's Superstitions and Monsters.

It was...

1- Gelatinous.
2- Covered in iridescent scales.
3- Waifishly thin.
4- Corpulent.
5- Rippling with muscles.
6- Covered in dripping slime.
7- Hairy.
8- Covered in barbs, spines, or sharp, bony growths.
9- Translucent.
10- Made of an unnatural material.
11- Mechanical.
12- Glittering glass and/or crystal.
13- Naked, with no fur or scales.
14- Scaly.
15- Immensely beautiful.
16- Made of a natural element: fire, water, earth, wood or metal.
17- Aglow with all the light of Heaven.
18- Fractal.
19- Diseased and filthy.
20- Draped in fabrics, metal, glass or earthenware of an unknown design.

It's hide was...

1- Red
2- White
3- Black
4- Blue
5- Green
6- Purple
7- Gold
8- Silver
9- Bronze
10- Pink
11- Brown
12- Black and White
13- Dun
14- Camouflaged
15- Counter-shaded
16- Palette: Monarch Butterfly
17- Palette: Poison Dart Frog
18- Palette: A Metal album cover
19- Spotted, roll twice
20- Striped, roll twice

Its body shape is/was...

1- Humanoid.
2- Quadruped.
3- Many legged, like a millipede.
4- Has no legs.
5- Has many arms, no legs.
6- One great mass, and it seemed to possess no limbs at all!

And it had, how many arms did it have, again?

1- 1d6
2- Two
3- Three
4- 1d4+2
5- 1d10
6- 1d20+10

And how many eyes did it have?

1- One.
2- Two.
3- Three.
4- Four.
5- 1d10.
6- 1d20.
7- One body part is covered in them
8- It sees through the eyes of others.
9- It has none, it is blind.
10-It has none, yet its other senses easily compensate.


1- It was covered in sand, dirt or grit.  It left a trail as it left the area.
2- It left no footprints, except on solid stone or metal.
3- You will smell it long before you see it.  Its odor is so pungent it kills flies and makes weaker men recoil.
4- It is covered in scars from a hundred battles.
5- It has several open wounds that are 1d4 [1= Festering; 2= Swarming with maggots; 3= Perpetually bleeding, leaving a trail of blood; 4= dripping a strange fluid that is not blood.]
6- It had a weapon embedded in a place it could not reach; or perhaps it could not remove it.
7- It wore clothing that seemingly resembled a royal raiment that was 1d3 [1= Intended for a much smaller creature; 2= Tattered and stained; 3= Pristine and bizarre.]
8- It was surrounded by a glowing cloud of lights.  These were actually 1d4 [1= Will o' the Wisps; 2= The souls of the Departed or Spirits from the Netherworld; 3= Fireflies; 4= Seemingly came from no source at all.]
9- It was crowned with 1dX [1= Fire; 2= Enormous Flowers; 3= Vines laden with ripe fruit; 4= Laurel leaves; 5= Heavy iron and bronze, connected to a collar around its throat and handcuffs with loose chains; 6= A Diadem made of starlight teased and twisted into a stable shape.]
10- It had a fire in its belly and exhaled clouds of smoke that 1dX [1= Were hot and made you choke; 2= Were soporific and calmed people; 3= Induced hallucinations; 4= Carried up into the air and was lost from view.]
11- It was colder than an icebox, sucking the heat out of any area it was in.  If it stayed for too long, frost formed where it had been standing.
12- It dimmed the lights, made candles go out and larger flames flicker.  Other light sources struggled as it grew nearer, most being unable to resist its sinister influence.
13- It glowed, surrounding itself with a shining aura.
14- It constantly mutters to itself, talking under its breath.
15- It is always giggling, as if it knows a joke we don't.
16- It causes small prey animals to flee from its presence.
17- It occasionally makes great, bellowing cries that carry for miles.
18- Wherever it walks, valuables seem drawn to it.  Treasures concealed in the ground push up like carrots and change lost behind dressers rolls out onto the floor.
19- Its' head is not complete, part of it seems missing.  In its place you see 1dX [1= Something that looks like a planet being destroyed; 2= A view into the endless dark; 3= Millions of stars, constellations and nebula; 4= Vast, impossible, incomprehensible battles playing across an invisible sphere, as horror and beauty mingles in an obscene, sublime medley; 5= Yourself, reflected and refracted a billion times a billion times; 6= An enormous, sanity-smashing creature reaching into nothingness, its clawed hand reaching down and down, then suddenly, you see the hand drawing close to you!] 
20- All living creatures who spend too long around it 1d4 [1= Grow larger and more feral, people become brutish rubes; 2= Grow more fatigued, spend most of their time lethargic or sleeping; 3= Speak to each other in crude voices, though they haven't grown any smarter; 4= Mutate into bizarre horrors.]

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