Monday, July 2, 2018

The Elgado Demon Clan

To the people in her village, she is Polly Zurn.

To her children, she is Mother.

To her husband, she is Pazi.

But most know her as Pazura the Soul Eater.

The Soul Eater was among the most famous outlaws in the 70 and 7 year war, a mercenary Demon who owned neither side loyalty, taking the heads of Sovereign and Nationalist commanders alike.  She tore souls from bodies with her touch, devouring the weak to make herself stronger.  Lesser men died at a mere touch, and greater men at an dozen blows.  But when she was separated from the Riders of Hell and fled into the Clay Hills, it was assumed she would be found and eventually destroyed.  However, all the bounty hunters who chased after her either returned empty-handed or not at all.  Eventually, however, interest dwindled as the victors consolidated, as the War would eventually drift out to sea, leaving such battlefields abandoned except by the corpses and the ravens come to dress them for their final voyage. 

As such, most people assume Pazura was dead, and since no credible report of her has emerged in the thirty years since the end of the War and the restoration of the Rightful Sovereign, this is the common opinion.  There is still technically a bounty on her head, but claiming it would be difficult at best, assuming you could even find her.  But Pazura is not dead.  For the last thirty years, she had been waylaid by a mighty foe.  That foe is a common ranger by the name of Cedric.

You see, when she fled, Pazura adopted a human guise, a fleeing noblewoman abandoned by her retainers, clutching ragged lace and sacks of scavenged jewels.  She found easy security among the common people of the Hills, who were suspicious and superstitious, but also not willing to turn down such a lucrative mark.  So as they overcharged her for ale and lodging, Pazura listened.  She was mostly uninterested in them, until she heard about Cedric.  An honest man, it was said.  Never goes back on his word, good-hearted, loves the Jade Father with all his heart.  And with that, Pazura came up with a plan.  She would torment this good fellow, manipulate him until he was as black-hearted as she was.  So she tracked this Cedric down and began to play her game with him. 

But as they started playing, Pazura ran into a problem.  This Cedric, he was strong.  Not strong in the sense of magical might, she could ahve killed him with a mere flick of her claws or her life-draining touch, but strong in the sense that noy only was he solidly anchored in his beliefs, but that he would also die for them.  All her deceptions, all her threats, they failed to penetrate this man.  Even threatening others only worked mildly, and the damage done was never so great Cedric failed to recover.  And in time, Pazura began to lose ground.  She found herself, feeling things for this man.  Unconsciously, she began making excuses to stay near him.  Soon they were not playing games, merely drinking wine and laughing.  Pazura found herself laughing for the first time in a hundred years.  So a game that hsould have taken three days became three weeks, then three months, then a year.  After that first year, Pazura made a request of Cedric.  "Marry me, and make me feel like this every day." 

Cedric, of course, refused.  But after much begging, feminine wiles and extravagant promises, he agreed to do so under one condition.  That as long as he lived, she would conduct no illegal actions, and harm no one necessary for her own survival. Pazura whined and complained, but eventually she agreed, and the two were married in a simple ceremony by a traveling preacher.

That was almost thirty years ago.  Since then, the two of them have lived a quiet domestic life together.  Pazura gladly performed her wifely duties (too gladly, according to some of the more prudish women) and soon she bore Cedric five beautiful daughters, each one possessing his human heritage and some of her diabolic power.  More on them in a second. 

But despite her promise, Pazura is not reformed.  Tamed perhaps, but not changed.  Almost three decades of quiet domestic life have helped to mellow her, along with her children and mild-mannered husband.  These days the only things she uses her demonic power for is catching and breaking the neck of the fox that keeps preying on her hens, or frightening away the biting flies plaguing her husband's plowhorse.  But underneath her mild exterior lurks the soul of a killer, and all the power of Hell.  If her husband or daughters were ever seriously threatened, Pazura the Soul Eater would return with a vengeance, and Jade Father help the soul who made that mistake.      

Pazura the Soul Eater
HD 7  AC 11  Natural Weapons 1d6+life eater/1d6+life eater (+ Bite 1d10+life eater)
Mor 9(12)   Saves 9(5)+

Rage: If Pazura's daughters are serious threatened or her husband is even scratched, she flies into a Rage.  While she is raging, she gets an extra 1d10 bite attack, she becomes immune to charm and fear effects, and you use the lower number for her saves.

Shape-Changer: Pazura is a natural shapechanger, able to shift her forms like a change of clothes.  Her preferred forms are her human form, a vaguely comely, older woman and a pale, fleshy thing covered in ragged patches of bright red fur with translucent spines and claws. 

Eldritch: Can only be killed by magic or a magic weapon.  Whenever non-magical damage would bring it below 1 HP, this creature is instead dazed for 1 round.  They cannot be stunned more than once every 2 rounds. 

Life Eater: On a touch, Pazura can do 1d6 damage to anything she touches.  She then regains an amount of HP equal to damage dealt.  When Pazura makes a normal claw attack, she can also engage Life Eater, doing an extra 1d6 damage. 

- Use Life Eater on everyone
- Flee if you get to half HP
- Protect your daughters and husband above all else
The Daughters:

Pazura's daughters are all fully grown, with many of them having left home long ago.  But they still maintain contact with their mother, and occasionally come home to visit.  Cryella the Cold Whisper is her eldest, with the second and third born being  Fujiko Fumbler and Keyla the Wonder.  Her youngest are named Omra and Freya.  The former lives nearby her mother, lonely and pining after some local noble who has never noticed her, and the other is barely an adult, still living in her father's home and weaving baskets to carry grapes in, while making wreaths of flowers for her father's head. 

Demon Clan Elgado Encounter Chart
On the road:
1- Cryella and Fujiko (disguised in human form)
2- Keyla the Wonder + 1d8+2 Guards and 1d20 retainers
3- Omra and 1d6 Mad Knights
In the Clay Hills
1- Omra in disguise
2- Omra and 1d6 Mad Knights
3- Omra and Freya
4- Freya in disguise
5- Freya and Cedric
6- Pazura in disguise
7- Cedric by himself
8- Reroll, but a minute later, or as soon as fighting starts, Pazura appears out of nowhere and joins in, whether talking or fighting

Pazura's Daughters base Statblock
HD 5  AC 13  Natural Weapons 1d6/1d6
Mor 9  Saves 10+

Eldritch: Can only be killed by magic or a magic weapon.  Whenever non-magical damage would bring it below 1 HP, this creature is instead dazed for 1 round.  They cannot be stunned more than once every 2 rounds.

Shape-Changer: The Daughters of Pazura inherited some of her shape-changing ability, and can change from form to form.

- Use special power
- Flee if things get dangerous
- Let your allies take the hit for you

 Cryella Cold Whisper [Cry-ella]

Cryella works as an assassin, trouble-shooter and hatchetman for the powerful and well-connected.  She freezes people to death when they're bathing, and goes to great lengths to make her crimes seem improbable.  Examples include drowning someone in the middle of a desert or freezing someone at the beach.  Best friends with Fujiko, and would do anything to help her, even sacrifice herself.  Cryella is a smooth operator, and while reliable, is not to be trusted.  She would slit your throat for a cup of coffee, and the lives of others mean nothing to her. 

Cryella Statblock changes:

Warmth Eater: Cryella's breath and body is freezing cold.  If she wishes, Cryella's touch deals 1d6 Con damage on a hit.  If the Con damage caused by her attacks equals or exceeds your Constitution score, you collapse and begin shivering uncontrollably, and cannot do anything except move very slowly and carefully (all attacks get -4, all delicate actions -4) until you get a chance to warm up.  The Con lost this way returns at 1 point per day, until back to full.

Frost Breath: Usable every 1d4 turns. Cryella can, as a full action, blast a jet of cold air from her mouth.  This does 2d6 cold damage in a 30' cone, save for half.  Additionally, all within the cone must save.  On a failure they also act as though they were just affected by Cryella's Warmth Eater ability.

Shape-Changer: Cryella's two forms are that of a stubborn, broad-shouldered woman of the Clay Hills and a screaming horror of stone and ice, covered in rock hard scales dripping icicles and frost.

Fujiko Fumbler [Fu-gee-ko]

Fujiko is Cryella's loyal partner in crime.  While Cryella is the muscle, Fujiko is the charmer.  Her preferred act is to pretend to be cute and bumbling, oblivious to her sister's actions.  But Fujiko is in on it, and she knows much more than she lets on.  She fights with drunken master style, and power enables her to transform stumbling flails into deadly strikes and terrible footwork into the right move to fly through enemy defenses.  She will also fight, but she prefers to let Cryella hold the spotlight, while she moves behind the scenes.  Additionally, if you need an assassination to look like an accident, she's the woman for the job.   

Fujiko Statblock changes:

Skill Eater: Fujiko can deal 1 Attack damage as well as normal damage on a hit.  This occurs every time she touches you.  While you have taken any Attack damage, any Attack roll you make gets a penalty equal to the amount of Attack damage you have taken up to that point.  This Attack damage returns at 1 point per day until it is back to full.

Fujiko can attack other types of Skill, but she will always choose to attack combat skill when fighting someone who knows which end of the sword is the pointy bit.

Shape-Changer: Fujiko's two forms are that of a thin, waifish girl, doe-eyed and cute, while her other form is like that of a monstrous hound, engorged jaws dripping slime and viscera.  

Keyla the Wonder [Key-la]

Keyla travels the local world, a healer for hire.  She charges exorbitant fees, but it's worth it, as her power gives her the ability to heal any injury, purge poison and strip away disease.  She cannot regrow limbs, however.  She is extremely sought after and famous the world over.  She is surrounded by loyal sycophants who would die for her, so devoted are they, and lives in luxury.  She seems to disdain her mother and her sisters, but does love them, though she has trouble admitting this.  If she thought they were in trouble, she would rush to their aid immediately. 

It is unknown that she is a Demon, but if such a thing was discovered, everyone she healed would be immediately made suspect. As such, all those who have been healed by her give her the benefit of the doubt and do not probe into her background.  There are rumors that she is league with Dark Powers, and other unsavory things, but this is rumor cast up by her rivals, though it is unintentionally quite close to the truth. 

Keyla Statblock changes:

Pain Eater: Keyla can restore 1d6 HP with her touch.  Her touch restores 1d6 HP a round, or 6d6 a minute.  It also cures disease and purges poison from the body, but it cannot regrow limbs.  She can use this to heal herself as a free action.  

Shape-Changer: Keyla's two forms are that of a young, flinty-eyed young woman, clad in the garb of a foreign doctor and a grotesque, ever-wounded creature that only seems to grow more lethal the more you hurt it.

Omra [Ah-m-Ra]

Omra lives by herself and is desperate to be married, but none of them men she likes like her back.  she has dozens of mad retainers who orbit her, seeking her approval, but she doesn't want to marry any of them, much less have kids with them.  She will obviously curry favor with any talented or powerful men in the area, but is a little too insistent and crazy for it to be an easy sell.  She also doesn't like women who aren't related to her, and will go out of her way to sabotage them through covert or overt methods. 

Omra Statblock changes:

Delusion: I love everyone and everyone loves me.

Mouth of Madness: Whenever you take an action that goes against Omra's delusion, make a save.  On a failure, you take 1d6 Wis damage.  If the damage you have taken ever equals or exceeds your Wisdom score, you gain the Conviction, "I love Omra and would never do anything to hurt her."

Shape-Changer:Omra's two forms are that of a deformed, half-beastman like girl, with deformed, inhuman legs and extra ears poking out of her head (she isn't very good at shape-changing).  Her other form is that of a monstrous rabbit-woman, muscular and terrible with great jaws and a pile of turgid breasts.

Freya [Fray-a]
Lives with her mother.  Her mother is still looking for a husband for her.  Young and innocent, at least for a Demon.  The apple of Cedric's eye.

Freya Statblock changes:

Courage Eater: When you first enter combat with her or whenever a Companion dies or rolls on the Death and Dismemberment table, make a save.  On a failure, you take 1d6 Cha damage.  Every subsequent round you take an additional 1d6 Cha damage.  If this damage ever equals or exceeds your Charisma score, you decide that its not worth, and gain the Conviction, "I will never fight Pazura or any of her daughters ever again."  You must immediately retreat, and will not try to fight Pazura, or any of her daughters for as long as you live.

Shape-Changer: Freya's two forms are that of young maiden, just having reached the peak of her beauty and fertility, and that of a partially gelatinous eyeless freak with wrist spurs and long talons. 


  1. I've never thought of dealing damage to derived stats like Attack! That's great stuff. If someone takes 1d6 Charisma damage, does that reduce their *actual* Charisma, or is it just in terms of gaining the relevant Conviction?

    I'm not sure how I feel about the mandated behavioural changes though. I never like telling players 'you do this because magic'. I'd much rather go for a "soft" approach mechanically, like tripling the Trauma taken or having some kind of serious permanent harm be laid on the table. Great stuff though!

    1. The damage to stars depends on the source, but for these girls I would say "Yes," it does reduce it for game purposes until you've had a chance to heal.

      And yes, having your actions dictated to you because Magic sucks, but that is the point. Characters should not find going up against Laura's daughters easy. Plus, since it will probably take a few turns to activate, they can always run away or try to stab the person charming them. I find it is more fun then "Save vs Charm, on a failed save you work for me." But do whatever you desire. If you would just rather have the girls RIP people's arms off, go right ahead.