Tuesday, January 2, 2018

OSR: Metamancer- Chaos and Corruption

                                                        (Metamancer, level 3)

Triggered whenever you roll doubles on your magic dice.  The Spell still goes through, but you get an additional effect. 
Additionally, whenever you roll on the Chaos Table, you get 1d2 Doom Points.

Chaos Table
1- The next spell successfully cast within 50' affects you instead.
2- Wizard Vision.
3- You catch fire. 
4- Your gaze causes 1d6 damage per second of looking at someone, Wil save for half.  This lasts for 1 minute per level of the spell you just cast. 
5- You forget one important piece of information.  DM's choice. 
6- You think you've forgotten something important.  You haven't. 
7- You believe that if you don't sleep inside a warded circle or behind a threshold, an Astral Predator will come and try and eat your soul.  You are wrong, nothing is chasing you. 
8- As above, but you are right.  If the Astral Predator can't get to you, it will go after your companions, your friends, your horse, etc.
9- The next person you kill gets deleted from the universe.  Reality rearranges to accommodate their abscence. 
10- You are given a target.  You must kill them with 66 days, or you will suffer a terrible fate.  The other person knows this, and will be coming for you.   
11- As above, except its a delusion and the other person isn't affected.
12- The next time you make a definitive statement about someone, it becomes a curse that alters their fate.  You do not know this.  To you, the spell is pulled off without a hitch. 
13- You do not need to sleep anymore.  The longer you stay up, the more insane you will become. 
14- You receive a vision from God.  Roll to see which God it is, and whether or not its true.  (10%+10 per level). 
15- You learn the location of a powerful spell of (1d8) School.  It is nearby, but likely somewhere horrible, such as: (1d4, 1= A Dungeon; 2= Another Wizard's spellbook; 3= A Secret Cult's Holy Book; 4= Engraved into the bones of a corpse in a powerful monster's lair)
16- You learn the Forbidden Seven Finger Death Punch, a martial arts move that can kill someone in one blow.  This ability does not actually exist, as your diseased brain just imagined that. 
17- The next time you look at a piece of art, the characters within burst out and try and kill you with whatever they have on hand. 
18- The sky turns pink for 1 mile around you.  Every day, their is a 10% chance an Angel of Time shows up to correct this mistake.
19- You come to the conclusion that if you eliminate everything that makes you human, you can become immortal.  The things that make you human are as follows: (your name, morality, any respect for human law, and your blood relatives.)  Their is a chance this is real knowledge, or it may just be ridiculous nonsense.  (d10, chance equal to your level.) 
20- You become invisible to Wizards without Wizard Vision and Demons.

                                                              (Metamancer, level 5)
Occurs when you roll Triples.  If you roll Corruption, the Spell fails. 
Additionally, when you roll on the Corruption Table, you get 1d4 Doom Points. 

Corruption Table
1- Your spells cannot survive contact with sunlight for more than 60 seconds.  After that, they dissolve.
2- You are selected to be part of a tournament.  1d6+4 people and you must fight each other to the death within 666 days, or something catastrophic will happen.   The competition only ends when all but 1 are dead.  You know their names, and location when you roll Corruption, but nothing else.  There are no other rules.  If there are more than 2 survivors once the deadline has passed, then 1d6+4*d100*100 people will die. 
3- You learn the spell 'Horoscope' from the Cosmomancer spell list.  Secretly, a powerful Cosmomancer in a neighboring city has predicted this, and will be arriving to confiscate this spell from you within 1d6+1 days.
4- The next illusion you create becomes real. 
5- From now on, whenever you gain a level, you also grow 1d12 inches in height. 
6- The next spell you successfully cast has its effect multiplied by 10. 
7- The next spell cast on you has its effect reversed. 
8- Your spell fails.  You will later find a letter that tearfully apologizes for the mix-up, and says your spell will arrive within the next 3-5 (1d3+2) business days.  Your spell arrives at the worst possible time against a random target. 
9- Your spell fails, and an Angel of Lies appears to question you.  If you lie to Angel, it will grant you the ability to continue casting using Hatharlan's power.  If you tell the truth, you cannot cast spells for 1d6 days, until the Angel forgets you.
10- Your spell fails.  You summon a natural disaster. 
11- Your spell fails.  You learn a new spell, Driftmark's Final Blunder. 
12- Your spell fails.  You now know that you are the Property of CAT, (your soul was sold in an estate sale in Washington state) and must obey any order a Cat gives you or take 1d6 damage.
13- You are being hunted by a Snuggle Lion.  It will kill you if it finds you.  You aren't crazy. 
14- As above, except you don't know about the Snuggle Lion, and the Snuggle Lion is real.
15- Your spell fails.  If you survive, you are looking around and find a letter naming you the Vice-Governor of the Protectorate of Alaska.  You better get going. 
16- You lose your sense of time.  You always lose initiative, don't notice time passing, and can't locate someone with sound alone. 
17- The next time you are out on the road, you will encounter an old couple in distress.  If you aid them, the old man will gives you three dollars and a monkey's paw. 
18- The next time you are in civilization, you encounter a Mason who has carved a tombstone with your name on it.  He has no lethal intent and does not know you.  If you kill him, you are cursed to die alone.  (Take double damage when alone). 
19- Whenever you touch metal, flowers bloom on it (-1 damage).  This is cumulative. 
20- Your sweat contains nitroglycerin.  Whenever you take fire, electrical, bludgeoning or fall damage, the nitroglycerin dried on your skin explodes.  This causes 1d8 damage to anyone with 10', Fort save for half.

                                                        (Metamancer, level ?)

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