Friday, December 28, 2018

The Outsider Megapost or Angels, Demons and Spirits, oh my!

                                                            by Will Burke

Hopefully, this is the final word for me on Angels, Demons and Spirits.

Let's lay some ground rules, and then we'll get started.

First, what's already been established:

1. Outsiders come from Outside or Beyond. 

Outsiders come from Outside of the mortal realm.  They have come down to slum it with us poor, desperate things for their own inexplicable reasons.  But they are clearly not from around here- they have come from a higher place.

2. Angels, Demons and Spirits are related in the same way that butchers, bakers and candlestick makers are.

Angel, Demon and Spirit are titles bestowed by mortals on Outsiders.  "Good" Outsiders are called Angels because they come to aid us, speak useful prophecies, and bless children.  "Bad" Outsiders are called Demons because they give powerful, dangerous magical items to people who shouldn't have them, overturn centuries old doctrine for a laugh, and steal babies for their own inexplicable reasons.  Spirits are the Outsiders who fall in the middle, neither aligning totally with a "Good" religion or being truly altruistic, but not being actively malicious enough to torment us for asinine reasons.

3.  Outsiders have a strange psychology

(See below.)

These previous rules are things I've largely gathered from other people's posts.  The following rules though are my own.

4.  There are no "established" Outsiders.

In Arnold K. Centerra, Angels are part of the Hesayan religion, part of the Universe.  They don't mess things up.  Same with his Demons.  But he also includes other, weirder beings, these are the only ones he calls "Outsiders", because they come from outside of the cosmology.

And while I'm not sure about Nukaria, that is definitely not the path I am taking in Those who Know.  In that setting, all Outsiders are from outside our universe.  An Angel is just as mysterious and strange as any of the freakish things knocking at the door to the Centerran universe. 

All Outsiders, whether good, bad or neutral, are not from Around Here.  They all have mysterious agendas and strange powers and evoke the same emotions of awe and fear.  They all strain the fabric of reality, causing rippling shifts as they enter.

5.  All Outsiders have to be invited

Outsiders do not arrive naturally.  They have to invited into our Universe by a willing, foolish, or malicious party.  I wrote about how to summon Outsiders here.

6.  All Outsiders need a host
Outsiders do not have bodies of their own.  They must borrow a body to remain in our Universe, otherwise the disturbances they caused upon entering will never abate, intensifying until they are blown back home.  But if an Outsider can hide inside a native, then the disturbances stop, as the intruder is "gone".

An Outsider can take any living creature as a host, but if the host is not strong enough, the Outsider will burn through them.  They can possess animals, but the animal will only a few minutes before it expires.  Instead, they need something that can tolerate a great soul.  A Human being is best, but any intelligent species with free will and a soul can also work.

When an Outsider is inside a body, it almost always calls the shots.  Fighting an Outsider is always difficult, but the hardest place to fight one is inside your own head.  But it need not be that way.  Many people would love to allow an Outsider to dwell within their body, merely for a chance to taste its semi-divine power.  And even if you didn't realize what you were agreeing to, it's best to remain on good terms with your body-mate, because whatever happens to the Host happens to the Outsider they're carrying with them.

Note: Outsiders also tend to "burn out" their Hosts in the long run, forcing them to either remain only for a brief period or constantly to be looking out for their hosts.  As a rule, if an Outsider's Damage Threshold is less than or equal to someone's level or HD, then there are no problems.  But if the Outsider's Damage Threshold exceeds the Host's level or HD, then the Host will only survive for a number of days equal to the average between the two numbers, rounding down to the nearest whole number.  For example, if an Outsider with a Damage Threshold of 7 was using a 1 HD commoner as a host, then the commoner would only last four days before the Outsider's power burned them up, killing them.  An examination of the corpse afterward would conclude that the deceased died of exhaustion, massive stress, or multiple simultaneous organ failures.

7.  Exorcisms are meant to exploit the weakness inherent in Rule 6.

An Exorcism is a ritual through which a creature that is bound, whether by its own will or by events beyond its control, is set free and forcibly removed.  This means that Exorcism is a valid tactic against Ghosts, as Ghosts are bound to cursed objects or people.  But while they can be used for this, their primary purpose is to be used against Hostile Outsiders.  If you can separate an Outsider from its Host, it must take a new Host or be forced out of our universe by the passive defenses built into our reality.

                                                                  by Will Burke

SHP X*  AC Varies Atk Varies
Mor 10  Saves (7+X) or less is a success

Damage Threshold X: All Outsiders have a Damage Threshold.  They only take damage from sources if the amount of damage equals or exceeds their Damage Threshold.  If a source of damage cannot equal or exceed the Threshold, instead ignore it, as if it did no damage.  To determine the Outsider's Damage Threshold, consult the table labeled "How strong is it" below.

SHP: Stands for "Super Hit Points".  All Outsiders have a number of Super Hit Points equal to their Damage Threshold.  Each time the Damage Threshold is equaled or exceeded, they lose 1 SHP.  When they lose them all, they die.

Host: All Outsiders need a host in order to enter our universe.  The host can be willing, or they can be possessed by the Outsider.  See 'Possession' below.  Any damage done to the Outsider is also done to the host.  An Outsider can leave a Host if it wishes, but if it does, it can only remain in our universe for X rounds, where X is equal to its Damage Threshold. 

Possession: If an Outsider has abandoned its host or currently does not have one, it can attempt to take over the body of someone nearby.  To do this, as an action, the Outsider makes a mental attack against someone.  They must make a save.  This save should only be conducted once per day, not before every attack.  If they failed their save, for the rest of the day, they take 1d6 CHA damage from the Outsider's mental attacks.  On a success, they take half damage from each mental attack.  If this CHA damage ever equals or exceeds someone's CHA score, they are possessed, and the Outsider takes control of their body.

If the person the Outsider is attacking does not possess a CHA score, instead calculate their Charisma score equal to their Morale+1 per class level they have.

Finally, if someone doesn't resist, the Outsider can possess them as a free action.

Shape-changer: When inside a Host, the Outsider can change their host's body at will.  This does not change its stats, but it can change the host's shape, appearance, scent and everything else about them.  These changes can go away when the Outsider leaves or they can be permanent, Outsider's choice.

- Value your own life above all else
- Take a Host that your enemy would not like to kill
- Toy with your foes, manipulate them into doing what you want, if possible

To customize an Outsider, roll on the tables below.

What signs foretell the Outsider's arrival?

All Outsiders are proceeded by signs, which are scaled based on the scale of the Outsider.  Stronger Outsiders make it rain frogs, blood or acid, mirrors crack and all music on the radio become Cannibal corpse for days, while weaker Outsiders cause the local poet to have a surreal dream the night before and for a couple hours, every cat within 20 miles starts flying off the handle.

The weird happenings began...

1- An hour ago
2- Yesterday
3- A few days ago
4- About a week ago

It all started with...

1- Certain members of the local population started having weird, similar dreams.
2- Strange bouts of amnesia.
3- Lights in the sky.
4- Strange odors.
5- Voices from an unknown source speaking out of the static on un-tuned TVs and radios.
6- Phone calls from an unknown number.

And escalated too...

1- Local animals, such as livestock or pets, began mysteriously dying.
2- Strange weather phenomena
3- Horrific nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis for some local people.
4- A local went insane and committed some horrific crime.
5- Certain people began suffering vivid Hallucinations.
6- The flow of time seemed to change, suddenly moving too fast, too slowly, or chunks of it seemed to be missing.

Then when it arrived*...

1- Statues, and pictures of people start to weep blood.
2- All food is suddenly swarming with maggots and weevils.  Any liquids that can be drank (water, alcohol, etc) became undrinkable.
3- All water within 1 mile turned to blood.
4- The wind picked up and began shrieking and howling.  Windows rattle in their panes, loose objects are flung around, kites were yanked out of the hands of children.  The wind sounded like a scream or wail.
5- Clouds gathered and acidic rain starts to fall.  The acid did no damage, but it burned and irritated the skin and damaged buildings, paint and statues.
6- The lights went out, and all electronics failed or malfunctioned in spectacular fashion.  Analog devices are fine, but digital and electric devices were destroyed.
7- All radios and phone lines stopped working.  Picking them up or listening to them only lets you hear a specific phrase being repeated over and over.  TV and streaming services also stop working, instead playing distorted clips that have surreal hidden messages in them.
8- Mysterious graffiti started appearing all over the walls, in the margins of papers, and written on people's bodies in pen.
9- People's reflections became distorted and disfigured.  Looking at the altered reflections too hard causes the mirrors displaying them to crack.
10- You all suddenly forgot the last 1d10 minutes.  For the players, skip ahead to the next room, and pick up as if they had just been playing for the last couple minutes.
11- Time begins to move at an accelerated rate.  This effects only the local area, but the players won't know that.  Living beings age faster, watches begin turning faster, and natural processes accelerate.  A cloth that gets wet from the rain will seem to dry in minutes, and days will take only hours.  This rate also accelerates the longer it is allowed to go on.  First time will move at double speed, then triple, then etc, and etc. 
12- Strange music begins to play from an unknown source.  It can be a relevant song from in-universe or something ethereal and alien sounding, produced on toxic, forbidden instruments.
13- Memories overlay reality, transforming this current location into one formed out of the character's memories.  The characters are suddenly children exploring their grandparent's basement, or they are back in school, hiding from the school bully.  This area is a mash-up of all the character's memories, so it should be disjointed and odd.
14- If there are any corpses within a mile, they rise from where they have fallen and begin to cavort and dance with each other, engaging in a silent, forbidden dance.  Anyone who attempts to stop them is attacked with deadly force and forced to join the dance.
15- Animals begin to speak, babbling in languages both human and alien.  This doesn't make them more intelligent, just gives them the ability to voice their inane thoughts.
16- All prey animals within the area sense the arrival of a greater predator, and behave accordingly.  Birds stop singing, small animals hide, and you see larger creatures fleeing through the open.  A deer sprints by, you see a brood of rabbits hiding under a fern, horses start kicking on their stalls, etc.  Domesticated dogs and cats start barking and yowling, and if let loose, flee.
17- A delectable, pungent or strange odor fills the air.  It is overpowering.
18- One door within this location now leads to an alien world, a distant dimension, or an alternate universe.
19- All within range must save or become overpowered with some incredibly strong emotional urge.  This can be fear, happiness, rage or anything in between.  Those who save are unaffected, though they can still feel the Outsider's presence weighing on their minds.
20- The sky suddenly changes, altering to have two suns, or display strange planets or constellations that have never been seen in the sky before.

What does it look like?

It first appeared as...


1- As its host, nothing was strange about how it looked.
2- An idealized version of its Host.
3- A strange, beautiful and inhuman humanoid.
4- As a completely different, but normal looking person.
5- As a living object, such as a piece of furniture or a vehicle, ex: A car with eyes growing out of its headlights, a refrigerator covered in skin with organs inside its chilled walls.
6- A person you know, from either the past or present, anything from your current girlfriend to your boss to your 5th Grade Teacher, Ms. Swanson.

But when angered, (or looked upon with Sight Beyond Sight (true sight) it revealed itself to be...

Generate a suitably freaky appearance here.  This is also how the Outsider will look under Sight Beyond Sight, no matter what exterior form it takes.

How strong is it?

1- Damage Threshold 3.  This Outsider is small and pathetic by their own standards, and those of its kind.  Likely to be far more subsurvient than others of its kind, though that doesn't mean much compared to other outsiders.  Most comparable to an Imp or Putto.  Favored type of host: A child. 
2- Damage Threshold 4.  It has 1 lesser Demonic Gift, roll for it on the table below.  This Outsider is weak, but will pretend not to be.  It will try to bluff.  It's too proud to beg, but it will negotiate.  Most comparable to a divine messenger or saint.  Favored type of Host: An elderly person.
3- Damage Threshold 5.  It has 1d3 lesser Demonic Gifts, roll for them on the table below.  This Outsider is just strong enough to recognize its own weakness.  It is insecure about this fact, so it postures extensively, and responds badly if any attempt (or perceived attempt) is made to destroy its carefully crafted image.  Most comparable to an Old Testament style Prophet, calling down miracles and speaking prophecy.  Favored host: A virgin. 
4- Damage Threshold 6.  It has 1d3 lesser and 1 Greater Demonic Gifts, roll for them on the tables below.  This Outsider is strong enough to feel secure in most locations.  It knows that most things on this planet not designed to kill things like it are about as dangerous as a beesting.  Thus, it is calm and rarely worried.  Life is a magical adventure, and the Outsider has just stepped through the looking glass.  Most comparable to an Archangel or an Elemental Governor.  Favored host: An especially virtuous or wicked person (depending on the Outsider's intentions).  
5- Damage Threshold 7.  It has 1d4 lesser and 2 Greater Demonic Gifts, roll for them on the tables below.  This Outsider regards the world with a saintly air of grace and a distant attitude.  All these things around it are pointless and irrelevant.  It will ignore everything in pursuit of its goal.  It will respond to attempts to distract it with gentle dismissal that rapidly escalates into hideous violence.  Most comparable to an Archangel or Duke of Hell.  Favored host: A person of exacting specificity, coming from a specific geographical area, of a specific bloodline, specially prepared for the Outsider.
6- Damage Threshold 8.  It has 1d4 lesser and 1d3 Greater Demonic Gifts, roll for them on the tables below.  This Outsider regards the world the same way a child with a sack full of quarters regards a candy shop.  Everything is interesting, everything is special and wonderful.  A cup of coffee is a treasure worth more than a pile of gold, a gentle stream is a masterpiece painted on the ground itself, and every single person they meet is the most interesting thing in the universe.  Most comparable to a God, though only someone who never met a God in person would say this.  Favored host: A worthy person.  The Outsider's definition of 'worthy' is likely to be odd, but it will make sense, in its own way. 

What protects it?

All Outsiders have an AC equal to 18-X, where X is equal to the Damage Threshold.

How does it fight?

The Damage an Outsider can do is Dependent on the Outsider's Damage Threshold.  First, roll for the method of attack, then secondly, roll on the second table for the damage a successful attack does.

It attacked with...

1- Massive claws and teeth!
2- It lit itself on fire and tried to hug me.
3- It spewed acid from (1d6) pulsating orifices.
4- It had dozens (1d10+1) of tentacles, each one tipped with a poisonous stinger
5- Electricity runs through its body.  Anything it touches was electricified.
6- It stole our weapons and utilized them against us.
7- It wielded strange, alien tools that cut, melted or disintegrated.
8- It fired strange rays from its eyes or hands.

Which it used to make..

Damage Threshold 3 = 3 attacks, each dealing 1d6 damage of an appropriate type.  The Outsider's attack bonus is +2.
Damage Threshold 4 = 2 attacks, each dealing 1d8 damage of an appropriate type.  The Outsider's attack bonus is +3.
Damage Threshold 5 = 1 attack, dealing 1d10 damage of an appropriate type.  The Outsider's attack bonus is +4.
Damage Threshold 6 = 2 attacks, each dealing 1d10 damage of an appropriate type.  The Outsider's attack bonus is +5.
Damage Threshold 7 = 3 attacks, each dealing 1d8 damage of an appropriate type.  The Outsider's attack bonus is +6.
Damage Threshold 8 = 4 attacks, each dealing 1d8 damage of an appropriate type.  The Outsider's attack bonus is +6.

It was a formidable opponent because of its...

1- Great strength!  The Outsider's STR is 18(+3). 
2- Impressive Speed!  The Outsider's DEX is 18(+3).  It moves frightfully fast, and adds double its DEX modifier to initiative rolls.
3- Terrible Resistance!  The Outsider's CON is 18(+3).  It can stand up to a terrific amount of punishment.
4- Amazing Technique!  The Outsider's skill in combat is legendary.  When rolling damage for attacks made with natural melee or ranged weapons, it can roll twice and take the higher result.
5- Superb Defense!  The Outsider can parry attacks and reduce them by its damage dice once per round.  It can only parry attacks that could be parried.
6- Ferocious Charge!  The Outsider, when it attacks, inspires fear in its opponents.  Every time the Outsider gives some a terrible wound, kills someone, or does an impressive amount of damage, all should save vs fear.  On a failed save, they take 1d6 CHA damage each round they are in combat with the Outsider.  If this CHA damage ever equals or exceeds someone's total CHA score, they must flee at the first opportunity, and gain the conviction, "I will never fight [The Outsider] ever again, unless I have ABSOLUTELY no other choice.  I will also avoid them.  Even their name makes me nervous." 

What Demonic Gifts (additional powers) did it have?

Lesser Demonic Gifts

1- Can't see me.  The Outsider, as an action, can turn invisible.  It may remain invisible for as long as it likes.
2- Dragonsoul.  As a full action, the Outsider may breathe fire from its mouth or orifices.  This does 3d6 fire damage, save for half, unless you have a shield, in which case save to avoid all damage.  The fire lights anything flammable it touches on fire.  The Outsider can only use this ability every 1d4 rounds.
3- Bright Eyes.  The Outsider, as a full action, can fire 1d4 lasers from its eyes.  Each laser does 1d10 damage, and requires an individual attack roll.  The Outsider can only use this ability every 1d4 rounds. 
4- Chemical Warfare.  As a full action, the Outsider may exhale a cloud of gas from its mouth or orifices.  This gas requires an immediate save. On a success, nothing happens.  On a failure, the effect takes place.  This Outsider's gas specifically does 1d6 [1= Causes you to start crying uncontrollably; 2= You take 1d6 damage a round exposed and go blind temporarily; 3= You start chuckling and can't do anything coordinated; 4= You mutate; 5= You start wildly hallucinating; 6= You and everything exposed starts getting heavier].
5- Wall-crawler.  This Outsider can climb walls like Spiderman. 
6- Hot-blooded.  This Outsider is Immune to fire damage and the negative effects of heat.
7- Hard to Kill.  This Outsider is Immune to either blunt OR sharp (cutting, piercing, slashing) damage.
8- Winter-proof.  This Outsider is Immune to cold damage and the negative effects of frigid temperatures.
9- On Heartburn Medication.  This Outsider is Immune to acid damage.
10- Fit as a Haunted Fiddle.  This Outsider is Immune to poisons, toxins or disease.
11- High Roller.  This Outsider is Immune to damage from falls.
12- Death can't keep me down.  The Outsider regenerates, recovering 1 SHP a round as it heals.
13- Muscle-bound.  Even for an Outsider, this one is super strong.  It has a STR of 19(+4).
14- Greased Lightning.  Even for an Outsider,, this one is super fast.  It has a DEX of 19(+4) and always go first in initiative order, unless surprised.
15- Made of Iron.  Even for an Outsider, this one is super tough, with a CON of 19(+4).
16- "Prick" goes the Demon's Tail.  The Outsider has stingers that it can use to inject people with venom.  This venom does 1d4 [1= 1d6 extra damage a round, until you pass a save or 3d6 damage is done; 2= paralyzes until you pass a saving throw; 3= Makes you take 1d6 damage a round as blood pours from every orifice; 4= save or die].
17- Acid Rain.  As a full action, the Outsider may spew acid from its mouth or orifices.  This does 3d6 acid damage, save for half, unless you have a shield, in which case save to avoid all damage.  The acid destroys everything but plastic and glass.  The Outsider can only use this ability every 1d4 rounds. 
18- Frogmouth.  The Outsider has a long and sticky tongue.  It can use its tongue to grab things and pull them toward it, tie people up, or swing from high places like Spiderman.
19- Pyromaniac.  The Outsider can, as a full action, light itself on fire.  These flames do not hurt it.  Anyone it touches takes 1d6 damage, and it does an additional +1d6 fire damage when making melee attacks.  It also sets anything around it on fire.
20- Cursed Blood.  Anyone who drinks, is injected with, or otherwise finds the Outsider's blood flowing through their veins goes temporarily insane, suffering from wild hallucinations for 1d10+4 minutes. 

Greater Demonic Gifts

1- Star-Man.  The Outsider can fly.
2- Unfooled.  The Outsider has Sight Beyond Sight (true sight) that it can turn on or off as a free action. 
3- Electro-Lord.  The Outsider can make itself or another object or person magnetic.
4- Flame Drinker.  The Outsider can, as a free action, absorb fire, extinguishing it.
5- Higher Being.  The Outsider is Immune to non-magical weapon damage.
6- Great-Souled.  The Outsider can give its Demonic Gifts to others for a limited time.  While its Demonic Gifts are being used by others, it cannot use them itself, though it can revoke them at any time.
7- Friend to All.  The Outsider can charm people and get them to serve it.  It does this as per the Possession rules, though once someone has been charmed, they only remain that way for X hours, where X is equal to the Outsider's Damage Threshold.  If the Outsider cannot "refresh" this person before the time runs out, then they are no longer charmed, and will act exactly as if they had just awoken from being charmed.
8- Puppeteer.  The Outsider can make people fly into mindless rages, deep depressions, or have psychotic breaks.  This works as per the Possession rules, but instead of being mentally dominated in the end, the person affected becomes overcome with the emotion the Outsider desires them to be with.
9- Mindblade.  The Outsider has Telekinesis.  It can move things with its mind as if it had a STR of 10+X, where X is equal to the Outsider's Damage Threshold.
10- The First Vampire.  The Outsider can, as a full action, drain life energy from living things.  On a touch, the Outsider does 1d6 damage a round to the person it is touching.  It then can use this energy to heal itself.  8 normal HP equals 1 SHP.  It can also distribute this plundered life force to anyone else it touches.
11- Solemn Mother.  This Outsider can speak to and charm animals as a full action.  Animals charmed this way remain this way until the Outsider releases them or they get more than X miles away from the Outsider, where X is equal to the Damage Threshold of the Outsider.
12- All-Seer.  The Outsider can see a short period into the future.  At any point, once per encounter, the Outsider may call a "do-over", and you go back in time 1 round, as what just happened was just what the Outsider perceived in its third eye.
13- Father Time.  The Outsider can make objects decay, degrade and crumble with its touch.  Living creatures merely age 1d20 years upon it touching them.
14- Bombshell Blonde.  The Outsider can make its bodily fluids, execretions or any part of its body it wants into explosives.  These body parts explode with a force equal to their size.  An eyeball or a cup of blood explodes for 1d6 damage, but an organ or horn would explode for 2d6 damage, and something even larger would explode for 3d6 damage.
15- Keeper of the Sword of Hell.  The Outsider has a magical weapon that it can summon from anywhere to its hand.  The weapon is ghoulish, mired in tragedy or stolen.  Regardless of its origin, it is terribly strong.
16- Mother of Suns.  The Outsider can, as a full action, detonate itself and self-destruct, and then regenerate its body afterward.  This explosion does Xd10 damage to everything within X*100', where X is equal to the Outsider's Damage Threshold.  After the explosion, the Outsider regenerates at a rate of 1 SHP a round.  However, while it is regenerating, it is in great pain, and cannot use any of its Demonic gifts.
17- Iron Father.  The Outsider can, as a full action, make its skin as hard as steel.  While its skin is hardened, the Outsider cannot be hurt by anything that could not hurt a grizzly bear wrapped in chain mail.
18- Density-Governor.  The Outsider can, as a full action, make itself intangible for a round.  During this time, it cannot affect any physical objects, but it also cannot be affected by them either.
19- King of Space.  The Outsider can, as a full action, instantly warp through space to any location it can see or has been to in the past.
20- Chrono Hunter.  As a full action, the Outsider can Stop Time for 5 seconds.  It can take 1 action while no one else can.  The Outsider can only use this ability every 1d4 rounds.  This is what it looks like to be fighting someone who can stop Time.  Good luck.

Outsider Psychology

If you don't already have an idea on what the Outsider's personality, morality and ideology, consult this post here.

For reading on the general perspectives of Outsiders, consult: here, here or my own take here.

                                                                    by Keith Thompson

The Rogue's Gallery

Here are a list of all the unique Angels and Demons I've written up, along with a few honorable mentions.

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