Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Demon of Solitude

Some enemies require more set-up then others.  They require explanation and foreshadowing.  This is not one of them.  The Demon of Solitude is the Hunter of the outcast, the exile.  They are powerless before a concerted effort by a group, but a single person is little more than food to them.

The Demon of Solitude hunts in the Veins, and anywhere Mimes dwell in large numbers.  And while most loners do not have to fear, as they are few in number, the most pious Mimes try to never be alone.

Additionally, while the Demon of Solitude can attack anyone they want, they prefer to hunt those who are alone.  And not just those who are isolated in a temporal and locational sense, but those who are spiritually and socially isolated.  This is why Mimes fear exile more then death, because while death is only a moment of suffering followed by an ocean of peace, exile means looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life, which could either be a very, very long time, or it could only feel like a very long time.

Demons of Solitude are pale-skinned and long fingered, with cutting claws and needle teeth.  Their eyes glow, but only in the presence of one other person.  In the presence of a group, their eyes are dark and hollow.

Demon of Solitude
HD 5  AC 12  Needle Claws and Teeth 1d6/1d6/1d8/1d8
Mor 10     Saves 12+ 

Die Alone: The Demon of Solitude gains power the more isolated you are.  For every ally you have that is not here or not helping, the Demon gains +1 HD.  These HD are lost if the Ally arrives to support you.  For every Ally the Demon has killed, +1 HD.  These HD cannot be lost, unless the Demon is slain.

The Lone Wolf Starves: Any single attack that is made against the Demon of Solitude will miss.  Only two or more people attacking as a unit can hope to actually hurt this creature.  The minimum level of cooperation required is "You go low, I'll go high!"  Or something to that effect. 

Distributed Violence: The Demon of Solitude must attack every target available to it.  If it cannot, it must distribute its attacks to the maximum amount of targets possible.  The Angel of Solitude can make four attacks a round. 

- Attack when you are alone
- Discourage group cooperation
- Flee if faced with collective action


  1. Would such a Demon be adverse to dropping loot that is of detriment to ones allies? None come to mind at the moment, but I'm sure significant chaos could be sown in such a way

    1. No, it would not be averse to such a thing. That's actually an excellent idea.