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OSR: Genies


                                                               by mabymin

HD Varies- See Below
Armor Masterwork Light Armor [10+1d4 Armor]
Atk Varies- See Below
Mor (8+HD)
Saves (7+HD)

Depends on the type of Genie- See Below

- Be arrogant, do not expect anyone can actually challenge you
- Stride up to the most powerful opponent and try to fight them in melee
- Only use spells if things get tricky

To customize a Genie, roll on the tables below:

How Strong is this Genie?

1- Pauper.  This Genie has 5 HD.  It can make 3 1d8 attacks on it's turn.  It is among the lower ranks of its kind.  It cannot grant wishes.  
2- Great.  This Genie has 6 HD.  It can make 3 1d10 attacks on it's turn.  It is a lower-ranked Genie, though it is still powerful.  It cannot grant wishes.  
3- Noble.  This Genie has 7 HD.  It can make 2 2d8 attacks on it's turn.  It is an aristocrat, more beautiful and powerful than other members of its kind.  This Genie can grant 1 wish* a year.  
4- Royal.  This Genie has 8 HD.  It can make 3 2d6 attacks on it's turn.  This Genie is one of the greatest of all creatures, high and glorious, rising above almost all other Genies.  This Genie can grant 3 wishes a year.  

What Element birthed this Genie?

1- Fire.  The Genie is better called Efreeti.  This Genie has skin the color of flame and the ravenous appetite of an inferno. It is immune to fire.  Roll on the Efreeti table to see what it looks like.  
2- Water.  The Genie is better called Marid.  This Genie takes on the physical traits of the creatures from the deep blue of the seas.  It can breathe underwater and can swim as fast as a shark.  Roll on the Marid  table to see what it looks like.
3- Earth.  This Genie is better called Deep Janeen.  It is made of stone and has the ability to pass through unworked earth and stone like it was air.  Consult the tables in Veins of the Earth for its appearance.
4- Air.  This Genie is better called Djinn.  It is made of clouds and vapors, and has the ability to possess living creatures. Roll on the Djinn table to see what it looks like.   

                                                           source unknown


This Efreeti...


1- Is tall and statuesque, with skin of super-heated metal that sears bare flesh at a touch.  The Efreeti is an absolute perfectionist and spends many hours every day having blacksmiths work on the metal of his body, to ensure it is a paragon of physical perfection.
2- Is made of bubbling lava, contained within a thin skin of hard stone.  The Efreeti's body is black basalt, but it has carved hair of pumice along with teeth and nails of glittering obsidian.  It leaves drops of molten stone wherever it goes, which gradually cool to small stones. 
3- It has a flesh body that is horribly burned, but these don't seem to hurt it.  It is hairless, but disguises this fact by wearing elaborate wigs made of hair.  The tips of its wigs are always smoldering, and burn to ashes when it is angered.
4- It is seemingly a construct, encased totally in armor that clicks and whirrs, occasionally releasing a blast of hot steam. This is just a shell however, as this Efreeti is actually composed of nothing but pure flame. 
5- The Efreeti is made of ash-encrusted wood, a man of oak and cedar.  Cutting him open will cause him to spill hot coals and embers, along with a blast of blistering heat, from within himself.  He constantly emits small amounts of smoke, his hair and body formed of solidified smoke.
6- Has a body of glass, containing a swirling cloud of smoke and embers.  The glass is hot to the touch, making the air around it ripple with heat.  The Efreeti's features are hard to make out, but it's eyes glow and when angered, smoke and fire pour from its mouth.   

All Efreeti have the following abilities...

Are Immune to Fire damage

Flyer: Efreeti can fly. They add +4 to their Initiative rolls and Armor if they are flying.  Efreeti cannot fly if they are wearing Medium or Heavy armor.  Efreeti can also hover in the air.

Innate Spellcasting: Efreeti have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At Will: Flame On, Smother Flames, Heat Metal

If this is a Great or higher Efreeti...

3/Day: Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray

If this is a Noble or higher Efreeti...

1/Day: Fireball, Wall of Fire

                                                                source unknown


This Marid...


1- Is counter-shaded, with a broad, sloping head and a mouth full of pointy teeth for catching fish. 
2- Is covered in green-blue scales with webbed fingers and toes.  It's face is very human looking, aristocratic and handsome, but for the scales.
3- Instead of arms, has 1d4 tentacles emerging from each side of its torso.
4- It resembles a human, but pale as milk, with jaws like an angler fish and eyes like a hatchet fish.
5- It is covered in thick plate like that of a crab, it has six legs and its lower body ends in a powerful tail. 
6- It is covered in glossy, opalescent scales that shimmer in the sunlight, with a clear fin-like crest on its head and fin-like wings that unfold from its back.  The clear membranes on its crest and "wings" refract the sunlight, casting rainbows across the surface of the water.   

All Marid have the following abilities...

Flyer: Marid can fly. They add +4 to their Initiative rolls and Armor if they are flying.  Marids cannot fly if they are wearing Medium or Heavy armor.  Marids can also hover in the air. 

Water Breather: Marid can breathe water as well as air. 

Strong Swimmer: Marid are powerful swimmers, easily faster in the water than any non-aquatic creature.  In water, they are just slightly slower than a horse's canter.

Innate Spellcasting: Marid have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At Will: Create or Destroy Water, Stone to Mud, Speak with Animals

If this is a Great or higher Marid...

3/Day: Deep Gift, Tentacle Swarm, Shape Water

If this is a Noble or higher Marid...

1/Day: Rogue Wave, Verdigris

                                                                by AlexeyZaporozhets


This Djinn...


1- Is a beautiful, muscular humanoid with blue skin and dark hair and eyes.  It is tattooed with clouds of various colors, and these clouds flow across its skin, changing shape, size and appearing to cause various types of weather depending on the Djinn's mood (thunder and lightning when angered, tornadoes when furious, light and fluffy when happy, rain when sad, etc).
2- Is ethereal, made of wispy white fog.  Flows like water and floats like a balloon.
3- Composed of ice, with sharp talons and claws of the same material.  Wears a cape of snowflakes trimmed in tiny storm-clouds, and leaves snow and slush wherever it goes.
4- Avian in appearance, with a hook-like beak and lustrous, colorful feathers.  The Djinn's feathers are [1= Brown and white; 2= Red and yellow; 3= Blue and Green; 4= Black and White; 5= Red and Blue; 6= Green and yellow.]
5- The Djinn appears human, but has elegant wings.  Resembles the common image of an Angel, but clearly is not one. 
6- A hairless creature with huge, liquid eyes and long translucent claws.  It's skin is a living starmap, displaying the current view of the heavens from below.  During the day, it's skin is blue and you can see the clouds passing across it.  At night, it is black and you can see the stars shining and nebulae swirling.  If it was naked, you could use it as a star chart.

All Djinn have the following abilities...     

Flyer: Djinn can fly. They add +4 to their Initiative rolls and Armor if they are flying.  Djinn cannot fly if they are wearing Medium or Heavy armor.  Djinn can also hover in the air.

Possession: Djinn can possess creatures.  As an action, they can force a creature to make a COG save.  On a failure, that creature is possessed.  On a success, that creature takes 1d6 COG damage instead.  If a creature's COG score is ever reduced to 0, the Djinn can possess that creature.

Innate Spellcasting: Djinn have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At Will: A Kiss in the Dark, April Showers, Levitate

If this is a Great or higher Djinn...

3/Day: Gust of Wind, It's only a Paper Moon, Two Black Crows

If this is a Noble or higher Djinn...

1/Day: Divine Retribution, Wind Wall

                                                              from D&D 4E

Deep Janeen:

More on the Deep Janeen can be found in Veins of the Earth...

All Deep Janeen have the following abilities:

Stone Walk: Deep Janeen can move or fly through unworked stone or earth like it was air.  They cannot pass through worked stone.

Flyer: Deep Janeen can fly. They add +4 to their Initiative rolls and Armor if they are flying.  Djinn cannot fly if they are wearing Medium or Heavy armor.  Deep Janeen can also hover in the air.

Innate Spellcasting: Deep Janeen have a number of Mana Dice equal to their HD.  They can cast the following spells as an action.  These spells do not trigger Chaos or Corruption, but their MD do burn out as normal.  Note that "At-Will" spells can be cast for free as Level 1 spells, or can have their power enhanced by spending more MD.  However, in the latter case, such MD will burn out as normal on a 5 or 6.
At Will: Spike Growth, Stone Shape, Steal

If this is a Great or higher Deep Janeen...

3/Day: Flesh Grenade, Shatter, Stone to Dust

If this is a Noble or higher Deep Janeen...

1/Day: Star Dust, Wall of Stone

                                                           from California Beaches dot kom

The Magnificence of the Genies:

Genies regard themselves as among the most powerful and important beings in the world.  As such, they build palaces for themselves and surround themselves with beautiful objects and people.  All Genies seek to acquire slaves, which are treated as an additional part of a Genie's wealth.  A Genie's power is measured largely by it's wealth, a wealthy Genie will be incalculably more wealthy than an impoverished one, and even an impoverished Genie will still possess great riches.

Noble Genies, meaning those who have the power to grant wishes, are even greater than their common cousins, possessing not only the wonders of this world but also things plucked from their own imaginations or the imaginations of others.  Their palaces are dizzying wonderlands of impossible spectacles and unimaginable splendor. 

A Noble Genie is among the most powerful foes one can possess, and the most generous of all patrons.  Noble Genies are often willing to trade wishes for something it desires, though one should be careful when dealing with a Noble Genie, as they are clever and powerful.

Where should we find such a creature?

Genies make their palaces in places where they are not likely to be disturbed, except by those they invite.  Deep Janeen burrow deep into the earth, where they build elaborate labyrinths.  They squabble and compete amongst each other, consumed in an endless game of one-upsmanship with impossibly high stakes.  They are often mad and endlessly self-absorbed, mercurial and unreliable.  They rarely leave the Veins of the Earth, and as such have little contact with other types of Genies.

Djinn, by contrast, make their homes in the Upper Air, atop mountains or in other areas with easy access to the sky.  They sometimes take chunks of land and using magic, suspend them in the air.  Alternatively, they set up atop clouds, sculpting them into pleasing shapes and putting down proper floors so their guests and slaves don't end up falling through them.  Djinn are sensual, flightly creatures who despise being contained or limited in any way.  They revel in chaos and anarchy, meddling in the affairs of others just for their own amusment.  Djinn are very social, hob-knobbing and trying to outdo each other with displays of extravagence.  They are also very eager to meet new people, and will bring in strangers to show them all the wonders they have prepared. 

Efreeti make their homes in volcanoes, deep in the Earth on rivers of magma, or in floating structures that allow them to feel the rays of the sun without so much air getting in the way.  Efreeti are rapacious and self-centered, and occasionally cruel.  They are often greedy, and when they desire something, they will go to great lengths to obtain it.  However, Efreeti also often tire of things quickly, and will stash a trinket in a back room and promptly forget about it.  If you request a bauble and an Efreeti likes you, it may give it to you for free, if the Efreeti no longer desires a particular thing.  A better alternative, as the Efreeti might still refuse you, is to trade yesterday's new for something new and hot. 

Marid make their homes on islands, palatial ships or underwater, building elaborate buildings with coral gardens and plenty of architecture that is fun to swim through or around, such as arcades, arches and flying buttresses.  They also are known to fill parts of their palaces with air, to better accomodate dry-folk.  Marid are smug and self-satisfied.  They are calm creatures, endlessly self-assured.  Most Marid spend their time endlessly admiring themselves, or bringing in guests who will flatter and praise it.  Even more than other Genies, Marid love to be praised, and often commission artists and musicians to make works that glorify it.             

                                                        by Pushcart NY

Gaze upon my wonders, mortal!

Opulence of the Genie:


1- A table that could seat 100 people, each place set with fine, hand-painted china and gleaming silverware.  Each plate is painted with a scene.  Individually, good works of art.  Together, they tell a grand story in pictures and cryptic bits of text.
2- A vast diorama of a historical event or battle made of precious metals.  Tiny, beautifully painted soldiers of gold fight with iron swords atop a bridge of glass, over a river of tiny sapphires.
3- A silver chandelier made of silver mirrors and covered in candles, flooding the area with warm light.
4- A tiny model of a city in a glass box.  If you look closely, you will see that the city is inhabited by a group of creatures from a common race, magically shrunk down to the size of ants.
5- A room full of mirrors that display whoever enters at every angle.  However, closer inspection reveals that each mirror is just an empty box, with a doppleganger in each box, taking on the person's appearance. 
6- A large, muddy pit where concubines and prostitutes of various races are ordered to wrestle.  The first to strip the other of the other's clothing wins.  The pit also doubles as a hunting ground for the Genie's pet crocodiles, which are placed into the pit whenever the Genie wishes to dispose of someone who displeased it.   

Amusements of the Genie:


1- Groups of actors rambling through the palace, constantly engaged in a play that the Genie wrote, portraying an idealized version of what happened in the Genie's life.  The Genie regularly rewrites the play. 
2- A false church where the slaves of the Genie worship it, offering sacrifice and singing songs that praise it.
3- A vast garden where gangs of children fight a faux-war with very real swords.  The two groups of children despise each other for the many injuries and insults they have dealt to each other.
4- A gladiatorial arena where fighters battle to the death.  The lucky ones die after being fed to some horrible beast or being killed by a fellow fighter.  The unlucky ones, or the ones favored by the Genie, are treated by Sages with healing magic and sent out to fight again.
5- A chapel where the Genie gets married to a new spouse every day.  There is then a wedding feast, followed by a night of erotic delights.  Those who please the Genie are divorced the next day, those who are not are disposed of in some much more gruesome way.
6- An arena where kidnapped men are taken and made to choose between two doors.  Behind one door lies a ravenous beast, which will devour anyone before it.  Behind the other lies a beautiful woman.  If the door with the beast is opened, the man is killed and eaten.  If the door with the woman is opened, the man and the woman are whisked away to be married. 

Treasures of the Genie:


1- A decanter of Dragon's blood.  Drinking it will grant you the ability to see the future as if you were a prophet.  Pouring it on a part of your body will make that part hard as dragonscale.
2- A string of blue pearls.  Take a pearl off the string and smash it onto the ground and it will explode into 20' cubic feet of water.
3- Lysandar's Cannon.  A revolver that fires whistling bullets.  If an enemy makes their save to take no damage against one of these bullets, if you use your action to whistle the correct tune (CHA or COG check), the bullet will change course and fly back to try and hit them again. 
4- A hand of brass and coper, inlaid with red gold.  To use it, you must cut off your own hand and replace it.  The hand will then bond to its new wearer.  The wearer may use this hand to drain the life and vigour from anyone they touch, causing them to decrease in age if they drain enough.
5- A book of nickel pages, with a cover of iron.  It can be used as a shield and if the user allows themselves to be hit and damaged while using the shield, it can "learn" the attack used and as an action, replicate it as an action.  This only applies to physical attacks that do sharp or blunt damage, and the book cannot replicate an attack that does more than 15 damage (max of 2d6+3).  If asked to do so, it will replicate the attack but with a lower damage.   
6- A ring of invisibility.  Wearing it will make you and anything you are wearing or carrying invisible.  You remain invisible as long as you wear the ring.   

Wonders of the Noble Genie:

1- An Ooze that can copy the genetic information of anything it absorbs, and replicate it.  The first intelligent creature it absorbs can make a COG save.  On a success, that creature's soul takes over the Ooze, taking control of it.
2- A dry fountain that can fill itself with any non-magical liquid, from sparkling wine to nacho cheese. 
3- A potion derived from the peaches of Immortality.  A sip will restore someone to full HP (contains 1d8 sips), drinking half of it will de-age you back to your physical prime and downing the whole thing will stop you from aging for 1d100+20 years.  During this time, you are immune to any spells that might age you or force you to save vs death.   
4- A flying horse with four wings, needle teeth and the tail of a poisonous asp.  It can also breathe fire (3d6, save for half) 1/Day.  The horse is an obligate carnivore and a trained warhorse, using its powerful legs, snake tail and fire breath to aid its master in combat.  It is still a beast, and only loyal to a master who keeps it well-fed and never shows weakness. If a master seems weak, the horse will try to kill them and eat them. 
5- A strange writing implement that allows you to draw or write on any creature.  However, whatever you write on the creature becomes true.  For example, writing "Fat" on a man makes him fat.  The writing implement is delicate though, and cannot be used on someone unless that person is still, either by choice or because they are restrained.  The writing implement also cannot grant any powers beyond that which a Magic-User with 4 MD casting a spell on you at full power could grant.   
6- A brown-eyed woman who is a perpetual virgin.  If you lay with her, she will be a virgin by the same time the next night.  She also has a 1d10+[Your CON modifier]% chance of becoming pregnant.  If she does, she will give birth in the morning.  The child has a 50% chance of being a female and and equal chance of being male.  If the child is female she will rapidly age until she reaches the prime of her beauty and fertility at midday.  She will then stop aging permanently, and gain her mother's powers.  If the child is a male, he will reach the prime of his life by the end of the day, but he will continue aging at an accelerated rate.  Without magical intervention, he will die of old age in 1d10+1 days.  The woman and her children are 1 HD commoners, but her sons also possess the ability to almost instantaneously learn, gaining 1 class level per day.        

Bound Genies:

All this supposes, of course, a Genie that is free.  A Genie that is bound is an entirely different beast. 

Depending on the length of the time the Genie has been imprisoned or bound, the Genie may still be holding out for it's freedom to be restored, or it may seek to destroy its' would-be master as an act of petty revenge.  Genies will not necessarily twist your wishes, unless you have angered the Genie or it has no faith that you will release it.

To free a Genie from its' servitude is the greatest gift you can grant them, and if you do so, you will have a steadfast ally in that Genie, for such a debt can never truly be repaid.  But if you were cruel to a bound Genie and it has the opportunity to make you suffer, its' revenge will be apocalyptic.  

                                                 by Carrie Best  

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