Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Biomancer: Chaos and Corruption

                                                                Biomancer, level 3

If you have a player who is a Biomancer and they roll either doubles or triples on their spell dice, have them roll 1d2 or 1d4 respectively, and then 1d20 on the appropriate table.  

Triggered whenever you roll doubles on your magic dice.  The Spell still goes through, but you get an additional effect. 
Additionally, whenever you roll on the Chaos Table, you get 1d2 Doom Points.

Chaos Table
1- The Wizard grows the functional genitalia of the opposite sex.  If they are a male, they also receive a functional uterus.
2- The Wizard grows 1d6 extra eyes. 
3- The Wizard grows 1d6 feet taller. 
4- The Wizard gains 1d100 pounds. 
5- The Wizard grows 1d4 extra limbs.  50% chance of being arms or legs. 
6- The Wizard loses 1d20 inches in height.
7- The Wizard starts glowing.  They develop a natural fluorescence.
8- The Wizard's bones all turn to cartilage.
9- The Wizard's lower body fuses into one great coil, like that of a huge serpent. 
10- The Wizard grows a pair of vestigial wings. 
11- The Wizard eyes become windows.  But not windows for them.  Those who stare into their eyes can see what lurks behind them. 
12- The Wizard consumes much more food then usual.  After 1d12 days, the party will run out of food, unless the Wizard can restrain themselves or is restrained.
13- The Wizard calls to plants.  Whenever he sits near one, they reach out toward him with roots, runners, and branches.  If they touch him, they pull him in and try to tell him something. 
14- The Wizard is loved by rats, and attracts them wherever he goes.  He is also loved by cats, who eat the rats. 
15- The Wizard believes that if anyone ever sees the back of his left hand, he will die.  If anyone sees it, save vs death as he has a massive heart attack. 
16- The Wizard believes that they can resurrect the dead.  The ritual they describe can work, but will most likely just allow a body to be reanimated with another soul in it.  It can work if the PC has already departed for the afterlife, but it won't be their soul in there. 
17- The Wizard starts secreting magnesium.  If they ever take fire damage, they burst into flame.  These flames cannot be extinguished with water. 
18- The Wizard's skin changes colour.  (1d8; 1= White 2= Black 3= Brown-Red 4= Translucent White 5= Crimson 6= Blue 7= Green 8=  Gold). 
19- Wizard Vision.
20- The Wizard becomes invisible and unhearable (unless the Wizard acts against them) to all people with an Wis of less then 10. 

                                          Biomancer, level 5

Occurs when you roll Triples.  If you roll Corruption, the Spell fails. 
Additionally, when you roll on the Corruption Table, you get 1d4 Doom Points.

Corruption Table
1- The Wizard ages by an amount of years equal to the amount of Doom Points they have.  If they are over 60, they must save or suffer the frailties of old age. 
2- The Wizard gets younger by a number of years equal to the number of Doom Points they have.  If they are under 7, they must save or suffer the loss of their memories (return to level 1). 
3- The Wizard's touch becomes charged with life energy.  Anytime they touch a female of the same species, that woman must save vs pregnancy.  If they are a woman, they must save or become pregnant.  If any children are born like this, they look like one of the Wizard's children. 
4- Every time the Wizard kills someone, they have a 10% + 10 for each HD the creature had over 1 of growing an additional head.
5- The Wizard becomes overcome with intense hunger for the next d100 days.  For each day, they must eat ten times their normal provisions.  If they don't, they will starve.  For each day they must eat so much, they grow an inch. 
6- The Wizard starts producing buoyant gases.  Whenever they are carrying less then 10 heavy items, they get -2 to all things relating to physicality. 
7- The Wizard grows a parasite in their guts.  Roll 1d8.  This will be the Parasite's full HD when it is done growing.  It will take 1d12 + HD days to grow, and for each HD, the Wizard will take that as a penalty each day, unless they eat more, or spend lots of time in warm water.  The Parasite will periodically emerge from the Wizard during the night and do something dastardly, once it is fully grown.
8- The Wizard develops leprosy.  Anyone affected by one of their spells must make a save or develop it as well. 
9- All of your spells become incarnated as homunculi.  They all have personalities equivalent to their spells, ie Fireball wants to melt people, Regenerate wants to heal people, Induce Mutation is a pervert, etc. 
10- The Wizard becomes astounding beautiful.  Increase their Cha, unless it already higher, to 16.  They become a paragon of physical beauty, and nothing can ever tarnish that.  All who see them must save or be unable to hit them.  This wears off if The Wizard attacks first.  Additionally, whenever a new person sees their beautiful form, they will want to be around the Wizard at all times.  Friends will insist they stay over, party members will insist its too dangerous to go alone, and enemies will try and kidnap the Wizard.  They petrify once dead, into a statue beautiful enough to make jaded war veterans weep. 
11- The Wizard becomes hideously ugly.  As above, but reversed.  -2 to all reaction rolls. 
12- The Wizard sees a Clown.  All people within 50' must save or see the Clown.  All who see the Clown agree it must be destroyed.  But if the Clown is not killed by the Wizard's hand, it will return. 
13- The Wizard grows 1d4 Breasts.  At night, they attract small monsters which come to suckle and drink their milk. 
14- The Wizard can, as an action, vomit up everything they ate as a high-pressure jet.  When they first roll this, that is what they do.  The vomiting continues for 1d2 Rounds.  While it is happening, they must save to do anything.   
15- The Wizard suddenly remembers that they are were supposed to rescue their friend, Garrett Barth from being roasted alive by a cruel Witch.  Garrett Barth is actually a bowl of cake batter, and the witch is a house-wife.  Letting her bake the cake will only result in bad things.  This is Barth's death curse. 
16- The Wizard develops the urge to hibernate during the winter.  They must begin their preparations now. 
17- The Wizard grows a pair of horns, can breath fire (1/Day), and leave footprints on stone.  Additionally, their real mother/father (equal chance of both) show up and tell them that they are actually half-Devil.  Their parent also wants them to come back to Hell, to join them in the family business. 
18- The Wizard's nerves become hyper-sensitive.  Take +1 damage per dice, and whenever they touch something soft or ribbed must save or be stunned by the sensation. 
19- The Wizard grows gills, fins and a tail.  Now can only breath water, and rapidly begins to suffocate. 
20- The Wizard grows additional organs, back-up hearts etc.  Whenever they roll on the D&D table, they can still operate at full capacity, unless one of their limbs is broken or they are instantly killed.  However, if they ever take enough damage to reduce their health from full to half or below, they must immediately save vs death. 

                                                   Biomancer, level ?


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